What if I had prioritized the rivals instead of the gameplay?

Whenever someone urges me to hurry up and quickly implement the remaining rivals into Yandere Simulator, I wonder if they really understand what they’re asking me to do. They’re telling me to put 10 characters into a game before the game has all of the mechanics necessary to make it fun to eliminate those characters. And that just seems silly to me.

Sometimes, I think about creating a build of Yandere Simulator that has 10 rivals – but no features – purely for the sake of making a statement: “It would be dumb to put the rivals into the game before building the systems that would make it fun to eliminate those rivals.”

So, today, for April 1st, a day reserved for silly jokes and pranks, I decided to do it: to create a build of the game that features 10 rivals…and nothing else. The purpose? To send a message. “This is what you asked for. A game with 10 rivals in it. But it’s missing something, isn’t it? That’s right – it’s missing the fun. Now do you finally understand why implementing fun mechanics is more important than implementing the rivals?”

Here, take a look. It’s a build where you can kill 10 rivals, see the conclusion of Ayano’s story, and watch the credits roll. But it sucks. Because it lacks all of the features necessary to make the experience fun.


“But, YandereDev!” you might say. “It shouldn’t take 8 years to make a game fun!”

According to what I hear on a daily basis from the fans, the game is already fun. It became fun years ago. There are people who have e-mailed me to say that they’ve played Yandere Simulator for 6 hours straight and had a great time. I already made a fun game, and it’s not even complete yet. I’m proud of that.

So why isn’t it done yet? Because my plans for the game are just so ambitious that I’m still not done adding fun things to the game, and I won’t put the remaining rivals in until I’ve finished preparing all of the systems and mechanics that the game needs. That, and I also need to raise the funding necessary to pay for the rivals’ voice acting / animations / events.

Actually, there are also a lot of other reasons why it’s taken 8 years. If you want to know them all, you can read about them here.

117 thoughts on “What if I had prioritized the rivals instead of the gameplay?

  1. at first I thought he was being serious but after I played this “endgame” I remembered that today is April 1st 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. OH HAHA VERY FUNNY, no but on a serious note I thought this was real, didn’t realise it was posted today, happy April fools! Anyway, before you finish the game I would like to make a suggestion, revamp the rainbow girls and guys and give them tasks! -not all just some- It would be interesting to see how you reintroduce these characters, aswell as how people would react! I hope you take this note into consideration, have a lovely day!

  3. Dude I had so much fun playing through the entire game! I got the fifth ending where you and senpai burn down the school and run off to live in the woods. Amazing experience!

  4. nice april fools prank and all but there is a bug. whenever i talk to anyone i cant move to any other options can you fix this

  5. Happy April Fools Day!

    However, that aside I have a character and story concept for Ayano (Definitely not an April Fool’s Joke).

    So, I thought and imagined my own concept of Ayano as a character, with some changes in the story and the lore accompanying it, and i think it’s much better than Ayano’s current character and aspects of the story and the lore accompanying it. First of all, my concept of Ayano’s character does take inspiration from Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan, who is a pretty deep character with his own motivations and his own goals. While Ayano does have her own motivations, she isn’t really as deep as Eren, largely in because of how her condition limits this value, and of course, Info-Chan. Why Info Chan? I’ll talk about her later in a different comment.

    First, for Ayano, I do think it be important for her to feel pity more often (and at specific times even sadness), than she currently does. I also think she should be more-self aware of her actions and what repercussions they could cause, and for her to think that what’s she doing is for her to feel emotions like normal people, and to be with Taro (this aspect was inspired by Eren Jaeger, who is starting the rumbling, solely for protecting his friends). However, depending on what elimination methods Ayano used, she will feel a greater need to justify her actions, and remind herself about what she is doing all this for, and in one of the endings, once Ayano has the full capacity to experience emotions, she will suddenly regret killing the first 5 rivals, and become mentally depressed, which will only be the case, if she killed the first 5 rivals first, but then spared the later 5 rivals, having the knowledge that she could’ve spared the first 5 rivals that she killed previously. If Ayano simply killed all the rivals, then she will have no regrets, what so ever, as she would “think” it was impossible to eliminate her rivals without bloodshed, and will again remind herself about what she committed those actions for.

    YandereDev, you be might wondering why she would be like this in the first place, especially with her mother being much more ruthless and merciless than her own daughter. Well the reason lies within the “Yandere-Chan’s childhood” video, which has to do with the way Ayano was raised in her childhood. Ayano’s earliest memory was a medical room with medical equipment, in a hospital. While she didn’t understand at the time, it later became a terrible, yet unforgettable memory. This is amplified, when her father, Jokichi, desperately tries to make Ayano feel emotions through other means, to no avail. This led to Ayano pitying her father, and not wanting her father to be sad, which led to Ayano pretending to be normal.

    This is important, as I imagine Ayano thinking of how her father would think of the elimination methods she used on her rivals. In the pacifist ending she will prove to her mother that Aishis can indeed get their senpai without spilling blood of their rivals, perhaps to even greater effect if Ayano listened to the first basement tape and all of the Journalists tapes, and leading her to side with her father. However, whether Ayano decides if she should stand up to her mother and side with her father, after listening to the two basement tapes, or decides not to stand up to her, due to her being her mom, and the fact that she basically gave Ayano a reason to live, is all up for the player to decide, with two dialogue options that essentially determine the outcome of that scene. If Ayano did kill a rival, then she would think of her father being horrified, and becoming untrustworthy to her. However, despite the risks, she will still continue on with some doubt, but will reassure herself that what’s she’s doing is for her to feel emotions and find love in her life, which is also what her father wanted, albeit in a different way.

    There is more things I want to add.

    In this timeline, In a hypothetical tutorial for the game, set in the Aishi House, in the backyard (there will be a backyard in this timeline, if there isn’t one in the regular timeline), Ayano will practice killing someone with a dummy. However after stabbing the dummy with a knife, Ayano says “This is just in case, if I ever need to…..or want to…..”, with a weakened voice. This may show that Ayano is actually bluffing about killing Osana at first, but will think about it, once she sees Osana with Taro again. This would make her a more realistic character, who would initially resist killing (if the player decides to eliminate Rivals lethally) but overtime, will consider it to be necessary, in order to eliminate some or all of her rivals.

    To explain that, in this timeline, the Aishi condition is weaker, allowing Ayano to feel at least some degree of respect, and at specific times, even sadness, especially if an innocent being had to die, simply for her own personal gain and goals (including the cat she killed long before she enrolled at Akademi), but not happiness (unless she is in the presence of Taro), and will even have a innate resistance to killing (though it will decrease overtime if she keeps killing more rivals). However, the same does not apply to all Aishis as the severity of the condition differs between Aishis. However, they can still have their own distinct personality which would still determine how they view killing. For example, in the regular timeline, Ayano’s grandmother didn’t have to kill anyone to get close to her senpai. In this timeline, she opposed killing in general, as she wouldn’t aid Ryoba in committing crimes, like murder, if she was ever at home. Instead, it was likely that she was too obsessive to the point where her senpai rejected her, or if she was too afraid that her senpai would reject her anyway, which would lead to her kidnapping her senpai and mind-breaking him to fit her ideals.

    Ryoba due to mostly being raised by her mother (her father was mind-broken), her father didn’t have a lot of influence on her as Ayano’s father did, so she probably wasn’t as resentful of her condition as Ayano would be. This is because, Ryoba was encouraged by her mother that she wasn’t worried about her after all, which led to her developing her own distinct personality despite having the condition at the usual level, as she was not taken to any hospitals. Because of these influences, Ryoba in this timeline, like in the main timeline, would be more ruthless and merciless than her daughter, mainly due to being obsessed with Jokichi, and because of the dream she had, believing it to be fate, and later discovering that she feel emotions if she was near him, strengthening her obsession even more.

    Okay this is the last part.

    To explain this concept in the most simple way possible, is that it’s basically the game’s usual timeline, but with some alterations within the lore and story, and Ayano herself, in order to enhance them and make them more enjoyable and relatable.

    Finally, as I said before, I’ll explain why Info-Chan is a problem for Ayano’s character. Also, I think it’s best for you to improve Taro Yamada drastically, which would actually make him a more unique character with certain, special characters traits, while being handsome, with some charisma, and preferences for “certain rivals” which would give all the rivals a damn good reason to fall in love with Taro.

    Alright, that is all I wanted to say.

    Also, that was a nice anniversary yesterday!

    Another also, that was a good joke you made today!

    Finally, YandereDev, Don’t have a good day. Have a great day. 😉

    Shinzo wo Sasageyo! (Devote your hearts)!

  6. okay this is really frustrating (bug), in the game when u reset the week and then you skip the days, ayano’s uniform will change

  7. Lol that was funny too bad if that actually happend i wouldn’t be able to play it because im on a macbook

  8. Take your time, Dev! You deserve to be happy with your work. Some people don’t realize it’s a passion project and not a shitty EA game that comes out 60% finished. We’ll wait and have fun in the meantime!

  9. Yandev, please don’t let the haters discourage you. You know what they’re really doing, don’t you? They want you to stop development of YanSim so people will buy their crappy knock-offs of your game. If you want to create a path to the endgame in Yansim, and make it possible to eliminate all the rivals, then fine. Do that. But don’t stop development at that point! Make YanSim a great game!

  10. Now See,It’s sad how People Booed Yanderedev For Longtime Development But They Don’t Understand How REAL Development Works,I’m Not A Developer, But Working On A Game Like That Will Take More Effort And Time Hopefully This “Final Release” Make Their Slutty Ass Shut Up For Once And Understand.

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