April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Wanted to fix some bugs and improve the design of Juku’s Task, so here’s a new build.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this video by Diamond Pro, who used Pose Mode to pose the entire cast of 202X Mode, as well as the entire cast of 1980s Mode! That takes a legendary amount of dedication!

Fixes and Changes

  • Adjusted Juku’s dialogue and Task description text to make it easier for the player to understand that the player is not intended to remove the dumbbell from the bucket after bringing it to Juku.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Juku to react to a dumbbell dropped on the ground as if it was a suspicious object, even though he had specifically requested the dumbbell to be brought to him.
  • Juku will no longer pick up dumbbells / return them to their proper location, since he canonically doesn’t know where they are and is too weak to lift them.
  • Fixed bug that caused Shima Shiya’s task subtitles to display for half the time they were intended to.
  • Ayano’s new ponytail hair model now collides with her body when she crouches and crawls.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ayano to appear bald during Osana’s Befriend/Betray cutscene.
  • Expanded the range that will cause Juku to consider a dumbbell to be “nearby” him.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ryoba to appear bald at the “Thanks For Playing” screen.
  • Fixed bug that caused Joze’s student council uniform to be pure white.
  • Updated a few student appearances and portraits.

31 thoughts on “April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me like that but Kuroko has some strange textured hair now that it is not completely black and clean but black and white and reflective light

  2. Yanderedev, I think I found a bug. When Otohiko arrives at school, he goes to infirmary. But when Its classtime, he doesnt get out of the bed but the animation is studying animation

  3. okay im sorry for spamming this blog post like crazy, but i found a bug – if you try and quit the drama club, it doesnt let you, it only lets you change your mind

  4. My game is stuck at 10-20 fps. Is it normal? And only if Ayano holds something, does the fps unlock. Is this only happening to me?

  5. I was wondering if in the final version of the game there will be an option to steal senpai’s bento off of Osana’s desk on monday to make her look like a fool. (And in 1980’s mode you can steal rival’s bentos, could we do that in 20XX to just spite them?)

  6. YandereDev I found a bug

    I matched up osana with her suitor and was wanting to watch the cutscene so at the end on Friday i went to the library and skipped ahead till 5:30

    when I went down to the lockers, osana put the note in at the same time that the suitor changed his shoes, so he didn’t read it, but went home. The cutscene didn’t happen, but it still said she was eliminated at 6 when it made me leave school

    sorry if I explained it badly

  7. I have a bug when I purchased blonde hair dye when I went to the stalkers house Ayano’s hair was blonde, but it was Monday night and when Osana came to Ayano house, her hair was black. Could you please get it fixed in the next build? BTW the game is on the top of the level board in my mind of favorite games.

  8. Juku still reacts badly to it in a bucket. He asked me why I was carrying it. Anyway, great update! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨

  9. I know, that now does not matter but, I would like more information on the mother of magami. he is a very interesting character especially for his beauty and his intelligence

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