November 12th Bug-Fixing Build

There is a frustrating bug within the Unity editor that really slows down my progress a lot. I want to try upgrading the game from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020 to see if the bug has been fixed in the latest version of Unity. However, this would be pretty risky, because if there is anything in the game’s code that is incompatible with Unity 2020, I’ll have to spend a lot of time refactoring scripts and fixing bugs until the game is finally able to run again.

Upgrading to Unity 2020 might take a few hours, or it might take a few days…but, either way, before attempting the upgrade, I wanted to finish the stuff I was working on, and upload a new build. So, here it is!

To see a list of everything that is fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll past this video of Yandere Simulator running on a 1974 television set by Per Mateo!

Before I uploaded the 1980s Mode announcement trailer to YouTube, I wanted to put the trailer onto a VHS tape, put it into a VCR, film the trailer playing on an 1980s TV set, and then upload my recording of the trailer playing on the TV.

It would have been a time-consuming process, so I ultimately decided against doing it…that’s why I think it’s really cool to see Yandere Sim playing on a 1974 TV; it’s pretty close to the idea I had for the 1980s Mode trailer!

Fixes and Changes

  • Previously, the police would be called if the player attended class while a corpse concealed inside of a garbage bag was at school. This has been adjusted; now the player can attend class with a corpse present at school, as long as that corpse is inside of a garbage bag.
  • In a previous build, I updated the amount of money that the Yakuza pays you for kidnapped victims, but I didn’t update the price labels in his menu. The price labels have now been updated to reflect how much money you actually get from him.
  • From now on, whenever a suitor attempts to approach a rival but her corpse has been concealed / disposed of, the suitor will look around in a confused fashion, leave, and not look for the rival for the rest of the day.
  • You can now use Persona Mirrors to restore Ryoba’s original “swaying from side to side” idle animation, in case you prefer it over her new idle animation.
  • The player is no longer allowed to pick up the radio in 1980s Mode, because using the radio in certain ways during the tutorial could result in bugs.
  • Fixed bug that would cause male students in 1980s Mode to use the incorrect indoor/outdoor shoes.
  • Fixed bug that caused hairstyle #13 to be invisible in the Senpai Creation screen.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Senpai Creation screen to display outdated hairstyles.
  • The NPCs in the town are now different between 1989 and 202X.
  • Updated the 1980s Mode rival portraits.

36 thoughts on “November 12th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. for once the suitors wont be a pain up my ass when im doing things-it’s like they had hound noses, im just out there trying to dispose of a corpse and the suitor keeps walking up every 5 minutes to look at a garbage bag like “omg…i can smell her!! garbage bag-chan..”

  2. This update is great! Do you plan to add more Persona Mirrors? For example the one that Meoko or Miyuji Shan has? Or 202x students council?

  3. Can I make a request? Can u add the short red, short yellow, short green (Koharu), short blue, short black, and short green (Midori) to the pose mod stockings. Cause it’s annoying if u play around with Yui, Yuna, Koharu, Mei, Horuda, and Midori stockings and not being able to revert it. Also can u add the student council and any rival stockings that u currently have? Sorry if the request seems like an inconvenience or stupid. Also I like the new npc models.

  4. yandere dev, years ago when the old delinquents and female delinquents were in the ayano period they had voice acting,
    but when they came back in 1980 mode they don’t have it.

    why don’t you reuse the voice clips? did you lose them or something?

  5. Hey, yandere dev can you make it easier to recognize what club a student is in in the 80s mode? I am having a very hard time recognizing which club a student in the 80s is in

  6. “Players are no longer allowed to use the radio in 1980s mode”

    What?! YandereDev, I respect you trying to fix any bugs but this could leave a loophole. The radio is a crucial thing to use when trying to expel a rival, to get the answer sheet. By leaving out that option, it basically eliminates doing one of the elimination methods. You could say that you can craft bang snaps or something like that, but not every player knows how to craft everything in the game. Hopefully this isn’t perminant because this is a real shot in the foot.

  7. Hello yanderedev, in 202X mode while opening “Student Info” in Menu the game become too heavy, though it is pretty light in 1980s mode. Could you fix this…?
    (Of course I tried it in the newest build)

  8. I hope martial art club members will get unique task.(202X) because kind of tedious to get a book 4 times

  9. hey yandev, i think i found a bug. i tried to get the genocide ending and it happened to me that one of my weapons (scissors that i took to school from home) became invisible, and that another weapon (occult club knife) became unable to get rid of. both were used and stained with blood, but the occult club knife didn’t show the option to incinerate it. i also burned my clothing in the incinerator, but apparently the police found clothing with my dna on it and arrested me. i don’t exactly know the circumstances.

  10. Hey YandereDev!, Something hapenned, basically the track “schoolday 11” is now the one that was “schoolday 12” and “schoolday 11” is now gone, this might me a bug

  11. Hey YandereDev, can you make it possible to do multiple assignments and then complete multiple tasks, rather than tediously running back and forth for each one?

  12. “whenever a suitor attempts to approach a rival but her corpse has been concealed / disposed of, the suitor will look around in a confused fashion, leave, and not look for the rival for the rest of the day”

    I’m glad to see this has been fixed, it was pretty odd to see the students walk all the way over to the trash compactor just to look around and leave. One particularly funny instance I had was with the 9th rival, who has a large line of male students. When I dumped her body in the trash compactor, the line of male students ended up getting stuck in a corner of one of the stairways in the school, and caused the game to crash soon after.

  13. Hi Yandere Dev !!! I wanted to ask you something about the dolls of the content creators. Do you take people from other countries ? For example , there is a French youtuber named “Frite 2.0” that does Yandere Simulator videos and I wonder if you could add him to the dolls…..

  14. Impressive how that viewer managed to play the game using a 70s TV. Another thing I’ve also discovered is by watching the trailer for 1980s Mode in low quality settings on YouTube, it actually makes it look like old footage.

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