November 10th Bug-Fixing Build

I uploaded a bug-fixing build yesterday; I just never wrote a blog post about it! So, here it is!

Today is the 1-month anniversary of 1980s Mode! The past month has been extremely educational; I learned a lot about how the game needs to improve before the 10 main rivals are implemented, and making those improvements will be my next priority. I still have a list of bugs to fix, though, so you’ll see me release a few more bug-fixing builds before I begin focusing exclusively on improvements.

Before I start telling you about the fixes and changes in the latest build, I’d like to mention that I’ve updated the Characters page of the official website. Twelve new characters from 1980s Mode have been added to the site – the 10 rivals of 1980s Mode, the Senpai of 1980s Mode, and the counselor of 1980s Mode. Also, the Yakuza’s artwork has been updated, new artwork has been added to Sumire’s profile, and Sumire’s profile has been re-written. (If you don’t see all the new additions when you visit the page, wait an hour and then return. The cache doesn’t update instantly.)

Okay! With all of that news out of the way, it’s time to list all of the fixes and changes in the latest build. To see that, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Ryoba by yikichan!

Fixes and Changes

  • There was a bug that would cause students to pretend Yandere-chan didn’t exist if the student was hiding in a classroom after discovering a blood stain somewhere at school. This bug had been fixed; students will now react properly to Yandere-chan while they are hiding in their classrooms. (Does this invalidate some Genocide Ending strategies?)
  • Now 1980s Mode has been out for a month and everyone has had a chance to play it “properly”, I have now enabled the Extras menu at the 1980s Mode title screen, allowing people to access debug commands and easter eggs while playing 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Cooking Club members to only consider Student Council members as valid targets to give food to, which was causing them to freeze in place and interfere with the completion of the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Ryoba from being able to return to her default idle animation after changing her Persona using a mirror.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to incorrectly identify some “ARRESTED” game overs as “HEARTBROKEN” game overs.
  • Replaced textures for certain posters on walls that contained corny 4th-wall-breaking jokes.
  • Fixed bug that caused cell phones in 1980s Mode and 202X to be the wrong size.
  • Ryoba now uses the correct idle animation and walk animation when in the town.
  • Ryoba now uses the correct idle animation when inside of her room.
  • It is now possible to giggle while crouching or crawling.

59 thoughts on “November 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. yanderedev:I’ve updated the Characters page of the official website.

  2. Yoooooo, the game is updating and improving at such a fast pace now!!!
    You have worked so hard this last month with 1980s mode, it’s amazing to watch Yan Sim grow and evolve

  3. here is the definition of kyoshi tachikawa

    Kyoshi Taiso
    Kyoshi Taiso is a retired competitive swimmer. From age 15 to age 31, she competed in the Olympics 4 times, winning a total of 23 gold medals. She became internationally famous after winning 8 gold medals in a single year.

    Akademi High routinely hires world-famous athletes to coach their sports teams, and recently hired Kyoshi as their latest “celebrity coach”. Despite being hired for the sake of publicity, Kyoshi is a very competent coach who is serious about her job.

    Kyoshi would always rather be outdoors than indoors, and becomes restless if she has to sit still for a long time. She often gets out of her seat to do stretching exercises or simply stroll around the school grounds.

    Despite her numerous accomplishments and worldwide fame, Kyoshi is a humble and friendly woman who is very easy to get along with. However, a few people have observed that she is noticeably awkward around one particular student…

    you need to update the name

  4. This is really random, but since I checked the rivals page I was wondering in regards to Mina/Teacher Rival in the 202X mode, since you’ve stated that a possible elimination would be to matchmake, and she’d then stop showing up at school. Would it be possible for us to report her for being in a relationship with a student after matchmaking? Since (I assume) it’s still illegal, regardless of age due to the power-dynamic, I feel like that’d be a pretty neat way to get her out of the way- Just theorizing tho ig

    • Mida is a substitute teacher who is only present for 5 days and then leaves Akademi. She only confesses after 5:00 PM on Friday, which is when she stops being employed at Akademi.

      Muja is a student nurse who is only present at Akademi for 5 days to receive training. She only confesses after 5:00 PM on Friday, which is when she stops receiving her training at Akademi.

  5. yanderedev by reading the text of mae and genka I noticed something
    in genka’s description it says that mae worked at akademi for 30 years
    but at mae it is said that she has worked a little more than 20 years

  6. Asking IGN to make a review + gameplay and trailer. This would really push the game’s popularity and give the community a clear image of the game which will give them more enthusiasm to fund the game.

  7. Wait, about the thing where people witness you murder and stuff and the you get an -10 reputation thing and can we get a item or a function that allows you to make that student who witnessed you murder, forget all about you murdering a person, because just killing that person will make harm to the atmosphere right?

  8. I Was Looking At All The Sprites/Dialogues Of The Town Store Workers In 1980’s Mode And I Noticed There Are Two Different Convenience Store Workers. They Switch Every Time I Leave And Come Back. I’m Not Sure If This Is A Bug Or Not But Either Way I’m Really Excited For The Full Release Of Yandere Simulator! Thank You For Making Such A Wonderful Game Yandere Dev ^^

  9. Hey YanDev! I can’t believe is already one month, it’s such a funny mode, I love it.
    I don’t know if this is a bug but when i return to the 202X mode Kokona isn’t sitting in the street as before and the black haired girl still there
    Sorry about gramatical mistakes, still learning

  10. Yanderedev did make some videos about Yanderechan several years ago. “A childhood Lesson” and ” Yanderechan’s childhood”. I wonder if someday he will make the same, but with Yanderekun

  11. Hello YandereDev, I found that the new feature of students who are hiding in their classroom after seeing a blood stain is pretty buggy;

    -Yandere-chan can talk to the students hiding in their classroom, which was impossible in the former builds. After talking to them, they return to the last place they were and resume their own behavioral routine, as if they had seen nothing, or like amnesia.

    -If Yandere-chan alarm the hiding student, by crouching in front of them for example, then they return to the place they found the blood stain, where they begin to spin around and get stuck.

  12. hey yandev! when do you think youll be able to getting around to fixing the bugs in the 2022 ver? while playing ive noticed bugs that make it so i cant do the placeholder task, info can cant drop things out of her window anymore, info chans room and places like the science clubroom still have the 1980s maps, and that akane and the science club member’s get stuck in the science room and will spin in place. this makes it really hard for me to play the 2022 ver, i hope they can be fixed soon!

  13. Yandere Dev! Mission mode is outdated and needs a lot of reworking!

    -Miyuji doesn’t eat during lunch so it’s impossible to poison her (Making killing her with poison impossible)

    -The vad of acid in the science club can’t be selected as a way to dispose of bodies in the mission mode edit screen

    -The lab coats don’t count as one of the wearable outfits in the mission mode edit screen

    -Weapons like the manhole tool, fire extinguisher, makeshift knife, scrap metal, and the weapons the delinquents carry can’t be selected as usable weapons in the mission mode edit screen

    -You can’t activate nemesis aggression in the design mission section

    -Ayano doesn’t use the right uniform when playing, it uses the default one

    -This one might be on purpose but you can’t make teachers your targets

    Also side notes:
    You should be able to go to class if bodies present at school are in trash bags
    The Yakuza’s description is outdated in the official website

    Keep up the good work!

    • I could create a Mac build, but I don’t own a Mac computer, so I wouldn’t be able to test the build. I don’t want to upload a build without knowing if it even works, so I can’t provide Mac builds at this point in time.

  14. Hey Yandere Dev! Maybe you could add new personas like the student council ones? (I really love them but its sad that I have to use pose mod to have them)

  15. Hello Yandere Dev, I found a bug: the police come to school because I pushed all the rivals down on the roof, I cleaned all the blood, I put the corpses in the garbage bags, I burned all corpses on the incinerator. The incinerator does not properly burn all rivals and students with this method.This bug is found in 1980 mode

  16. Hey Yandev! Im wondering if in the future could we kidnap male students & have more than just 1 prisoner in are basement? Maybe after the rivals are in! Also keep up the good work!!!!

  17. – The clubs in Ayano mode have been the one 1980 mode since the first update whatever you play Mode Ryoba or not , a Club like Newspaper that should have been changed to Info-chan room are still there , Gaming club is empty with only club leader stuck there , neither dance machines or the computer exist anymore , the Science club that should have futuristic themes all around it has stuck to be the same as the Ryoba version (old school and all brown) , as for the Photography club the table where the members sit around disappeared from earth
    – Student Councils members Kuroko and Akane often get stuck in Gaming club and Science club respectfully , they just stay there forever turning around like dogs chasing their tails, sure you can make them go away with giggling or using radio but they come back to the same place they stuck in again, it goes on forever
    – I am not sure why but normally when you use the debug mod you get a function with a lot of anime themes in it like for exemple the Attack on titan one ect , but they disappeared of late, is that intentional or it’s an other bug ?
    – Info-chan doesn’t exist anymore , since newspaper club from Ryoba mode still exist , and info room supposed to take it place in Ayano mode , we can’t get her special functions anymore , like for exemple lets say I want a rat poison from her , she won’t give it to me despite me buying it with the info points, it become useless basically , please correct this bug
    ___/ This is not a bug but a personal wish of mine , I really hope the game get more clothes and hairstyle options And last but not least I hope the game collab with more games/animes in general

      • The thing is that the main link to download the game didn’t want to work since the 1980 update and i had to go to look into the various links provided in the official website , half of them didn’t work and the one that wanted to work is the one i currently have (that is said to be an old build true) , it’s werid when things used to work well before , it’s hard to play as of late

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