November 9th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I have a new build for you with a lot of changes in it!

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this short animation by C h E r r Y!

Socializing With Students

Previously, when talking to a student, you would automatically learn how they felt about two subjects: socializing and solitude. This immediately gave the player the information necessary to socialize and gossip with that student effectively, which defeated the entire purpose of implementing a system where the player is given 15 choices and is meant to manually learn how a student feels about each of those subjects.

So, as of now, the player will no longer automatically learn how a student feels about those two subjects just by talking to them. Instead, this is how it’s going to work:

  • The player will now learn how a student feels about socializing after socializing with them one time (successfully or unsuccessfully).
  • The player will now learn how a student feels about solitude after befriending that student.

(Think you’re going to be annoyed by this change? Here’s a hint: All Cooking Club members love Cooking, all Drama Club students love Drama, etc. This should give you some help.)

Fixes and Changes

  • Previously, the the “Gossip” option would only become unavailable after the player had performed a successful gossip interaction. This allowed the player to gossip repeatedly until they got it right. From now on, the “Gossip” option will become unavailable after the player has used it once, regardless of whether or not they failed or succeeded.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ritsuko (the “rich girl” rival who sleeps at the school pool) to spawn a steam cloud and change into a swimsuit when meeting with her suitor, if a meeting with her suitor was arranged before she had an opportunity to change into a swimsuit near the beginning of the day.
  • Teachers in 1980s Mode now make calls from retro-looking cell phones modeled after actual cell phones that really existed in 1989, instead of using modern-looking cell phones. (The headmaster requested the latest in portable telephone technology from Saikou Corp.)
  • Students who are distracted by a dropped object while eating will now set their bento down while investigating the dropped object, allowing you to poison their bento while they are investigating something suspicious.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to dispose of Sumire’s corpse with a woodchipper or vat of acid during the tutorial, breaking the intended sequence and softlocking the game.
  • It’s no longer possible to start the Alphabet Killer Challenge on any day other than Week 1 Day 1. Starting the challenge on any other day could lead to bugs.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any student in 1980s Mode from changing their animations or any aspect of their daily routine after being marked for bullying.
  • Fixed bug that caused the delinquent combat minigame to glitch out if it began while Yandere-chan was performing the “sneak panty shot” animation.
  • The amount of money that the player can earn from delivering certain kidnapped prisoners to the Yakuza was way too high, and it has been reduced.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to fail the Alphabet Killer Challenge if they disposed of the body of one of the Art Club members.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a rival from performing a “search for lost book” action after the player had stolen the book that she borrowed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to softlock if the player grabbed an item off of the ground before stabbing Sumire in the tutorial.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to pick up a garbage bag box if it was on the ground in a specific rotation.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to talk to the Newspaper Club President about his club on a day when School Atmosphere was low.
  • Fixed bug that allowed a student running to a toilet to vomit to be distracted by the player’s behavior.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to enter the delinquent combat minigame with Yandere Vision active.
  • Delinquents no longer react if they see a weapon dropped on the ground. They simply don’t care.
  • Fixed bug that made the wrong shopkeeper portrait display in the Hair Salon in 202X.
  • Fixed bug in the Alphabet Killer Challenge that put one student on the list twice.

61 thoughts on “November 9th Bug-Fixing Build

    • I feel theres a flaw with the clubs. When you kidnap a girl for ransom and she returns to school shouldn’t the clubs reopen that they were missing from? Since they return there’s enough of students to have a functioning club again

  1. “The amount of money that the player can earn from delivering certain kidnapped prisoners to the Yakuza was way too high, and it has been reduced” nooooooo blue-haired girl was my key to retirement T^T

    RIP the mechanic that let one kidnapping pay for everything I’d ever need u-u

    • LOL. Nice one.
      I still think that girl should have at least 2 or 3 stalkers to make it harder to kidnap her. Just an idea.

  2. hey yandere dev can you make it so that there are club accessories for students in the 1980s mode I am having a really hard time knowing what club a student is in

  3. Isn’t the socializing feature still a bit flawed though? For example, if someone’s in the cooking club, you could talk to them about cooking everyday since you have no reason to learn any of their other interests. It would make more sense if you couldn’t discuss the same topic twice with the same student.

    • They could say “Um, yeah, I know, you’ve told me that already.” if the player socialized with a student about the same topic twice, though after some time it’d be difficult to check which topics are still valid (unless there was an icon next to or in one of the corners of a topic icon which would indicate that the topic was already used)

      • It would be a good idea to give the opportunity to talk as much as you want (as an option, you can lower your reputation regardless of the topic, if the character is tired of you), but further communication simply reveals what the character likes / dislikes. In general, I always wanted to make friends without completing tasks, for example, for 3 days in a row to tell the character only what he likes, avoiding repetition.

  4. Sorry. I feel like it’s a bit stupid to ask someone if something is right for them, they say no and you still don’t know what they think. I understand it as part of the gameplay, but I can’t help but think it’s too silly 😅. By the way, I appreciate the changes and fixes!

    • You answered your own question: If they say no, that means you DO know their opinion on it: they don’t like it.

    • Uhh, isn’t that how conversations work? Don’t mean to be rude or seem like I am coming at you. Really, I don’t.

      But that’s exactly how it works. If you socialize with anyone, you won’t know how they’ll react until after you say it. Therefore that’s how you know they like/dislike it.

      Sorry if this seems a tad abrasive.

      • That’s exactly what I meant. I’m very sorry, I’m not good at English and I misunderstood what Yandere Dev meant by “the player will no longer automatically learn how a student feels about those two subjects just by talking to them”. 😅

  5. Like the changes! This feels a bit more organic. I mean you’re never going to know what reaction you’re going to get from someone until after you speak with them.

    Although I suggest, as a way to keep it organic, that you can’t repeatedly bring up the same subject everyday in conversation. Because we all know that one person who always brings up the same story–it’s never fun.

    So maybe it’s better to learn a variety of likes/dislikes. To keep them from getting bored?

  6. Hey Dev, I think I encountered a bug. I successfully kidnapped Ritsuko, but when I tranquilized her, she acted alarmed like I killed another student, constantly damaging my reputation. I sold her to the Yakuza, and when she was released, she refused to speak to me and said she knows I killed someone. I didn’t kill anyone in front of her, I tranquilized her from behind, but she still thought I murdered someone else. Is this an error?

  7. Yes this is all good, but when are you gonna start working on finishing the main game in 202X? And making life improvements and such for that game?

  8. yanderedev:
    It’s no longer possible to start the Alphabet Killer Challenge on any day other than Week 1 Day 1. Starting the challenge on any other day could lead to bugs.
    exploratory testers (people who look for bugs):


  9. Would you consider making the player able to giggle with crouching or crawling? Preferably without having to stop moving…but that part isn’t my call.

    This wouldn’t need any new animations for it to work properly so It’d be very neat and useful to have it in the game soon.

  10. Hey YandereDev can you change the attitude of the mastermind in 1980s during the pass of the weeks that makes him more paranoid and to threat Ryoba with the electric gun

  11. Martial arts club members will have personalized task in the near future since they are necessary for distracting Raibaru (budos task)

  12. yandere dev i wanted to recommend u something to make the 9th rival chigusa a little more challenging. Since her male admirers dont follow her when shes changing in the locker room she completely vulrenable to a direct attack while shes in there. to fix this ive came up with two solution
    1. Make her male admirers follow her in the locker room
    2. Add a few female students in the locker room that can witness ryoba attacking chigusa.

  13. Yandere dev I found a bug, when I shut down a club Akane still trying to get in that club during her routine and she stuck in that ainmation. I found it while playing with the debug command btw.

  14. Hey yandere Dev when i trie to put a texture un a bookbag with pose mod dont work but i still use the same code this is only in this build

  15. I think you should make killing someone in bathroom little bit harder, I can just get them wet and kill them then burn their body and cloths.
    I killed every rival this way, so just make it harder on that.

  16. ugggghhh if it wasnt annoying enough that 1980s mode students cannot be distinguished by club appearances now the socialize and solitude smileys are gone , socializing w students which is quite important to win is becoming a big pain in the neck , please return the red and green smileys or update the students to have a badge or something to identify that they belong to a certain club , its too frustrating , thanks

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