November 6th Bug-Fixing Build

Phew! Finally, I’ve reached the point where these builds can start to be more about “miscellaneous improvements I wanted to make to the game” rather than bug fixes. There are still a lot of bug fixes in this latest build, though.

To read a list of everything that is fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Ryoba by OMGayano!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bugs that would cause a sleuth’s smartphone/camera to disappear from their hands, leaving them posing as if they were holding a smartphone/camera even though their smartphone/camera was gone.
  • A lot of players were confused by the event that is triggered when entering the hair salon in 1980s Mode. I’ve adjusted the event slightly so that it’s a bit more apparent what is going on.
  • Fixed bug that caused the 1980s Headmaster/Counselor/Journalist portraits to appear in the Student Info menu of 202X, but only when viewed inside of Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Fixed bug that caused certain items to have weird names; for example, “MagicalGirlWand” instead of “Magical Girl Wand” or “Cigarettes (Clone)” instead of “Cigarettes”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to freeze in place if the player was attacked by a teacher while in the middle of an attack animation with another student.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the protagonist from successfully changing clothing if the player attempted to change clothing very rapidly.
  • The convenience store in 1980s Mode is a different chain than the one in 202X, so from now on, its appearance will be different in 1989.
  • Fixed bug that made Ayano’s hair appear on Ryoba if the cloaking device was activated and deactivated in 1980s Mode.
  • Adjusted height of the tall woman in the town, since I accidentally made her much taller than intended.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Newspaper Club President’s task to only be available in the morning.
  • Updated the voiced lines of the drug addicts in the asylum to reflect how I imagined them talking.
  • Fixed bug that made Ryoba’s face look kinda derpy during some of the game over sequences.
  • Updated the sprites and dialogue of the shopkeepers in the 1980s Mode shopping street.
  • Adjusted 1980s Mode rival portraits slightly.

66 thoughts on “November 6th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hello YanDev! When you are in the Alphabet Challenge in 202X, when the cooking members give the student council food, it freezes both of them. You have to have the student council members push you, for both of them to unfreeze. Could you try to fix this? This is quite annoying. Especially since two of the student council members are second and third to kill in order.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too but honestly it’s more of an exploit rather than a bug because it prevents the Student Council from going around and catching you. I suggest using a knife to distract Akane and Aoi because the moment they notice a knife, the UK wannabe and Shoku will go away.

  2. Hey YandereDev, I found a bug.

    Here’s I did it

    1. I made it to the last week of the 1980s mode via befriend all the rivals
    2. Then I did triggered the ABC challenge.
    When the challenge starts all the students who are investigating with cameras all have white uniforms this includes the Rainbow SIx.
    I’m pretty sure the same thing would happen if you caused students to investigate with low atmosphere at school.

    Also I’m also having trouble escaping the ABC challenge after leaving school and going home then going to school regularly, it acts like it I triggered the challenge again.

    Thanks, YandereDev, keep doing your great work

  3. I really like the new sprites of the shopkeepers!

    For the serial killer, that’s what I understood the first time, but I was not sure about it. Now it’s confirmed, thanks for that modification!

    I have a stupid question, it’s more like I need a confirmation: on the street, the tall girl of 2022 and the little girl with blue hair and red eyes of 1989 are the same character, right? Or maybe the same family? Because between 1989 and 2022, there are 33 years. If the little girl is about 10 years old, iy makes the tall girl 43 years old.
    Now trhat I think about it, if Ryoba is 18 in 1989, she is 51 in 2022. She really doesn’t look like it.

    • I thought about that too! I was looking at the lady in 202X like damn this lady is 40 years old?! And then a striking realization hit me, when Ryoba was 18, the lady was a child. RYOBA IS OLDER THAN HER?!

  4. I think that you should add back debug to 1970’s mode because when you’ve completed the game, it gets boring so it would be fun to use the easter egg menu and things like that! 🙂

      • no yanderedev not 1 month
        at the beginning in the first version of the 1980 mode there was a bug
        on the backup menu in the 1980 if there had been written osana and that we launched this backup we could have the debug menu without the easter eggs

  5. I think I found a bug. So I wanted to matchmake Ritsuko. I gave advice to the suitor and sent both of them to the fountain. However, I sent them before Ritsuko was going to go to the pool. So, the moment the suitor arrived to the fountain and started talking to Ritsuko, she changed into her swimsuit.

  6. dear yandere dev why dont you make the rivals first day they meet give senpai a book or anything like that no new models or animations just a box model and we are done!

  7. Hello Yandere Dev!

    I Found A Bug Where If The Player Was Holding The Magical Girl Wand (In 202X) then went up to the delinquents and sneaked a shot in front of them then the fighting thing starts but the delinquent cant move and the player can move but the delinquents are just stuck

    Sorry If I Make Any Grammar Or Spelling Mistakes English Isn’t my Native Language

  8. Whenever a girl is performing a science club specific, sports specific, or delinquent specific animation, they become abnormally tall.

  9. I found a bug, in 1980’s mode alphabet killer challenge using the “cloaking device” Ryoba Aishi will have her daughters hair in a weird texture.

  10. i think the feature with the student council pepperspraying you really has its problems. i can understand the mechanics of them pepperspraying you when they feel threatened, but it doesn’t really make sense that you immediately get expelled for bumping into them 5 times or something? first, what even would make you expelled at that? is it illegal to bump into people now? xD or why do they immediately need to pepperspray and handcuff me because they walked too slow? if it’s possible without changing much at it, it would make much more sense if you would be sent to the counselor or something instead of getting peppersprayed (when bumping into them, not when witnessed murdering or carrying a weapon) or at least make it harder to bump into someone, because you actually have to come a little bit closer than usual and it immediately counts as bumping into them, student council being a little bit sensitive here xD

    • I would like to fix the first bug, but I was unable to replicate it. You need to describe the steps very clearly.

      The 2nd bug cannot be fixed without assistance from a modeler.

      Any bug that only occurs through the use of an ABC “cheat object” is too insignificant to fix.

      The majority of the other bugs were too insignificant to waste time fixing.

  11. Hey, I found a bug!
    While I was playing the game I accidently killed someone. When I reset the day with the debug menu I all of a sudden had the 1980s uniform and was unable to remove it. I reset the day multiple times and it was still there. Please fix this bug!

  12. Am I the only one who thought that Ryoba’s face on the street (she has the face of Ayano) was a bug? Will it stay like that? It’s a little weird for me.

  13. Today I finally finished 80s mode for the first time because due to frequent updates I lost my progress several times (another plus from less frequent updates haha).
    Liked: The abundance of elimination mechanics makes you feel like an “architect” and the number of rivals encourages you to try everything.
    Despite the same schedule, the nature of the rivals is really different (For example, I liked that a pyromaniac rival believed that the wrong notes were her fault, because she considers herself stupid)
    I really like the mechanics of fingerprints and the ability to frame someone. The only thing lacking is the ability to fabricate a murder weapon by staining it in blood, even if the victim is not killed by that.
    Did not like.
    The fact that one cannot run away from teachers is logical, because this will not make them forget the Player’s crimes. Delinquents are a completely different matter, it looks especially strange when you have to fight them one by one, which can last indefinitely, because they attack again after a few seconds. Perhaps if you make them AI like Nemesis, but with the ability to run but without superhear and instant kill.
    Garbage bags. More precisely, how much they facilitate the gameplay, making failure impossible. The solution is to make them visible, but only from close range, to avoid situations where the teacher says “Is this prank?” standing on the body.
    Electrocute method. The only method that I have not used even once in 10 weeks. For this, the player needs: a little money for a snack, a snack, a wrench, a screwdriver, an extension cord, knowledge of which drinking fountain the target will go to (NPCs choose by distance and not by the length of the path, this is not so obvious), and has only one attempt, to take the connected an extension cord is not allowed. I understand that oversimplification can turn a shock puddle into a weapon of mass destruction. The solution is to allow the extension cord to be lifted, but only if the trap has not been triggered. Optional – remove the need for damage with a screwdriver.
    I apologize for this wall of text, I just think it is necessary for you to know that I am delighted with your project. I hope that my review did not at least take too long.

  14. Ouh I’ve got an idea. What if we limit the number of garbage bags (like only 5-10 bags in use) to make the game more challenging and we only have the asset to buy more from the convenience store in the main game and 1980s mode.

  15. Hey yandere dev i cant finish the ABC killer challenge because the cooking club students make other students freeze when they feed them. it only happens sometimes but it makes it practically impossible.

    • I’m sorry, but I can’t fix a bug with, “It only happens sometimes.” I need to hear, “Here’s a bullet-point list of exactly what you need to do in order to experience the bug.”

  16. you know yandere dev i have a feeling where in the final game in Ayano’s storyline i think that the saikou family is gonna play a huge role of plot twist

    ( also i think you should update the 1980’s school girl uniform because i think back then in japan some of the school girl uniforms had Knee length skirts instead of down to the thighs) at least that is my suggestion

    P.S. good job keep it up i believe in you Baiiiiiii

    • The uniform of 202x also does not correspond to reality. Just keep in mind that the game is more in line with anime cliches than with reality.

      • YanDev has known this for several years already, while the aspect of stealth and killing is meant to be somewhat realistic, the overall setting is not, it’s just the usual anime universe, with weird uniforms and colorful haired girls

  17. Hi Yandere Dev!

    I have found some bugs in the game
    -When I put the swimming uniform in the washing machine, for example, after the washing machine finishes, the texture of the yandere uniform is put on
    -In ABC Challenge when the cooking club gives food to the student council they freeze
    -The teachers of 1980s mode call the police with a mobile phone

    • 1. I know. It would be pretty time-consuming to change the way that this system works, so it’s remaining this way for now because it’s a low-priority bug that does not negatively interfere with gameplay.

      2. People have reported this bug, but I’ve never been able to encounter it.

      3. I know. I requested a replacement, but the modeler is taking forever to make it.

      • After the cooking club finishes cooking the student council is the first to receive their food, then after they eat it they freeze

      • The bug in ABC challenge I encountered too. Here’s the way to replicate;

        I think the cause of this bug is that the target whom the cooking club feeds is mistakenly confined only to the student council members.
        (Outside ABC challenge, their target is all students except for delinquents and they feed them in Student ID order.)

    • Challenge mode not the reason of this bug, i saw it in 80s mode too. The NPCs in this state are twitching, trying to perform the animation of taking a snack, but immediately cancels it. So there are 2 actions with the same priority. Maybe the NPC is late on his schedule, which makes him interrupt the animation with a snack.

  18. Yandere Dev, there’s a few questions that I have
    I. Is the Hairdresser in 202X Ryoba’s sister, since she knows Ayano’s name? And will we get to play as her if a stretch goal is met when the crowdfunding campaign launches?
    II. A photograph of a bully’s panties are worth more than that of a normal girl’s panties because they’re popular, so when Kokoro (the bully with pink shoulder drills) changes her appearance, does she become less popular as her panty shots drop in value?
    III. Now that 1980s mode is implemented, is there any other reason as to why Ryoba is still in the Thanks for Playing screen at the end of the 202X demo?

    • Here’s a better description for II.
      When Kokoro (the bully with pink drills on her shoulders) changes her appearance, her panty shots decrease in value. Does this mean that she’s less popular now since the bully’s panty shots are only higher because of their popularity?

  19. I have a bug about ABC challenge. I put on the cloaking device and drop a weapon then pick it up, everyone will see me even I am invisible. Is it suppose to be like that?

  20. I found it quite weird that when yan-chan carried/held a weapon (maybe a screwdriver?) Everyone around her instantly suspects her of doing strange things but not with the student who found that object and brought it back. Why can’t they recognize yan-chan like that? I know that afterward we can go back and apologize to the students who saw yan-chan, but isn’t it a bit unfair? Because some of the students who bring the stuff back would walk across other students and the student council, they didn’t get sent to the counselor or pepper spray or their reputation damaged.

    • Well, yeah, it’s a bit unfair that other students can bring weapons such a baseball bat but… They dont carry weapons in a way which yandere does. Maybe she loooks more threatening? I don’t know. Anyway, carrying a screwdriver isn’t considered suspicious

      • I get it, It just feel sad that only yan-chan got noticed :<<< the screwdriver is just one example, because students also bring the pipe wrench back to the room and did not get suspicious \(ỌAỌ)/

  21. i found a game breaking bug in the 1980’s abc challenge.. when killing and disposing the body of Jisuko Furusawa, it results in a game over!! no idea why or if in doing something wrong, but it game overs me no matter what..

  22. Im new to playing yandere sim. but i just wanna say i love ur game! i cant download the new build for some reason by the way!

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