First Unity 2020 Build


I just finished upgrading the game from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020!

Unity 2019 had a really annoying bug – if I updated any scripts while the game was running, the editor would crash. This meant that I had to shut off the game every time I wanted to update a script. God, that was insufferable! Fortunately, I’ve been able to confirm that the crash bug is indeed fixed in Unity 2020, which means that it’ll be much more convenient to work on the game from now on.

Whenever updating the game engine, there is always a possibility that some new bugs may be created. I played through the game twice (once in 1989 and once in 202X) and didn’t find any new bugs, but maybe if you search thoroughly, you might find something that I missed. Please report any new bugs that popped up in this build!

There is a possibility that Unity 2020 may contain numerous optimizations that result in better performance than Unity 2019. In other words, I’m saying that you might get a better framerate now that the game is running on Unity 2020! I’m really curious to know if this is the case!

If you’d like to confirm whether or not the framerate has improved, I’ll provide a link to the previous build of the game so that you can compare the current framerate with yesterday’s framerate:

Nothing changed in the latest build except for the jump to 2020, so you don’t need to feel pressured to download the latest build unless you’re curious to check for framerate improvements or any new bugs that may have appeared.

That’s all now for now! Thank you for following the development of…

…ugh! It just doesn’t feel right to end a blog post without showing off a cool fan creation. Here’s one for today – a really cool music video by Eisjon Noaj!

Okay! With that out of the way, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

33 thoughts on “First Unity 2020 Build

  1. Hey, YanDev!
    I’m very proud of your recently work you’ve done!
    I just saw a video concept about graphic improvements in the Day Transition Screen. What you think?

      • hey yandere dev, i was wondering if you can turn the game slow motion at any time, no debugs and without killing rivals, i was just wondering, can you make the game slow motion by pressing B on the controller and N on the keyboard? please I want you to add it

      • Nada XD, you can slow down the game when you hold down Ctrl (Yandere Vision). It slows the game down as long as you hold it. 😀

      • Yandere Dev you made. Mistake you know how there were no cell phones but the teachers use a cell phone to call the police btw I’m talking about 1980’s mode

    • Like the idea about senpai sanity and way it restore. But it’s not him who should go to the tree, it’s not him in search of a partner. There is a rival coming through the week and she must be stopped.

      • Maybe make it so the rival thing changes and stops at the date? For example: if you burned osana on Tuesday, On tuesday a burnt osana would stay, till the end of the week. Same goes for Amai and the others.

    • That is such a great idea! Another way that shows that the rival is eliminated would be to show her hanging from the cherry tree if Senpai is aware of her death and for her to disappear at once if Senpai isn’t aware of her death and she is just considered as “mysteriously vanished”. I really hope YanDev would have the time to implement this into the game.

  2. hey yandev, it’s a little trivial but it’s always been a little weird that we aren’t allowed to pick up tranquilized students and we have to drag them, would it be an easy fix to change it?

    • Ryoba’s story is prequel, and broken confession indirectly connected with the fact the Ayano temporary lives alone.
      Ayano is another matter, successful confession is the one of possible endings.

  3. Hello, I’ve just noticed whilst playing the original game after playing the 1980s mode that the newspaper club is kind of glitched in the info club, you also can no longer speed up time with the – or + keys with debug. just thought I’d share my discoveries here

  4. YandereDev I want yandere simulator can change weather (sunny,rainy,snowy,windy,foggy,cloudy AND if it rainy floor outdoor will wet,if it snowy everything outside school will cover with snow ) add this feature plssssss.

  5. Yandere dev I would like to report a bug. While doing the 1980’s tutorial I used yandere vision in the bathroom stall. (When Sumire came it was still in yandere vision). Before I killed her I laughed (until the final stage not just the giggle). Instead of Sumire’s dead body, Yui Rio spawned and was noticing me covered in blood. I couldn’t do anything and I had to skip the tutorial. Hope I helped.

  6. Unfortunately, the 2020 version of the engine is working somehow incorrectly. I got 3 freezes in an hour.
    1) At the start of a new game, when I pressed skip the starting cutscene. The cutscene sound continued, but the screen was black.
    2) When caught by the consul. Instead of the Game over, a black screen appeared, the HUD showing sanity remained on the screen, the M button switches the music.
    3) Black screen when trying to go home. As before, M still works.
    So far I have not been able to get frozen in the same place twice.
    And little things – the reset of the week caused the uniform to be changed to the standard one. Haven’t met such an error before.
    Speaking of performance – if I’m not mistaken, frame drops have become less noticeable – where before the game froze for a moment, now it’s just a decrease the number of frames.

    • I downloaded the game again – it didn’t help. I got another hang-up at the end of the conversation with the adviser. Am I the only one with problems?

  7. Yandere Dev, will you add more special events for 1980s rivals in the future? I really like those characters and I wanna see their character development. It would be nice to see just scripted conversations with Senpie and other students without new animations and voice lines.

    Also thank you for development of this game. I really appreciate your hard job ^^

  8. Awsome!! Actually I just got a new taking PC and 20XX was running really choppy, with the new update the performance and frame rate is really good! I’m running on default settings with highest graphics and I’m not seeing any performance issues! Great work as always dev!

  9. Yandere dev, my pc is 4gb ram before i cant play this game long time, but now i can!!!! TYSM!!!

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