Fixing Raibaru to make Yandere Simulator a better game

The Amai Challenge has been out for several months, but I never announced what I gained or learned from watching people play it! That’s what I’ve made a video about today.

In short, I observed that people had far more meaningful experiences with the Amai Challenge than with Osana’s week, and I could easily see the exact reasons why. It’s given me a sobering reminder of where my priorities should be, and it has inspired me to make some pretty meaningful changes to Raibaru and Osana’s week. I’ve made a video all about it – please check it out!

Oh, yeah, and I’d like to mention that it’s now possible to order Yandere Simulator plushies from Crowdmade!

You’re only able to order for the next 10 days, so if you want them, hop on it right away!

I’m also releasing a new build today. Click “Continue Reading” to read a list of the changes!

Raibaru-specific Changes

  • Budo’s “ask Raibru to visit the Martial Arts Club” task was WAY too overpowered, so it has been changed. Budo will now refuse to talk to you about his Task unless you’ve befriended all of the Martial Arts Club students. (I was planning to give each member of the Martial Arts Club a unique Task in this build, but it couldn’t happen. I lack voice actresses for the two female club members. So, all of the Martial Arts Club students will simply use the generic placeholder Task for now.)
  • Raibaru will now investigate distractions such as giggles, radios, and bang snaps. However, if Raibaru is in an event, she will ignore the distraction. When this happens, a notification will appear onscreen.
  • Raibaru now walks beside Osana instead of walking behind Osana (it’s a little glitchy right now. If it’s so glitchy that people say it’s actually a downgrade from how it was before, I’ll change it back.)
  • Raibaru’s reputation has been lowered to a number that will make it much easier to eliminate her with gossip. (Raibaru now has half the reputation of Osana.)
  • The player can now talk to Raibaru anytime. However, Osana will stop moving when the player speaks to Raibaru.
  • Raibaru now performs an animation when Yandere-chan and Osana talk about the stalker on the school rooftop.
  • Adjusted numerous student routines so that there are many more students located along Osana’s route through school, so that even if the player distracts Raibaru with an easy method such as a radio or a dropped object, the player still has to put forth some effort to distract (or kill) any other potential witnesses nearby Osana at the time.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Replaced the headmaster statue behind the school. This new statue is awesome, check it out! It depicts the headmaster when he was in is 20s, back when the school was originally founded in 1985.
  • Students no longer arrive at school in V-shaped formations; instead, they are evenly dispersed throughout the long walkway that leads up to the school entrance.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from remembering whether or not the player wanted motion blur enabled or disabled. (Please disable it if you don’t like it!)
  • Delinquents will now accept snacks from Yandere-chan in Mission Mode so that it is possible to electrocute them at a drinking fountain.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai to remain on the rooftop permanently if Osana never made it her to her Friday lunchtime rooftop event.
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong text to appear at the bottom of the screen after purchasing a student’s opinions from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from recognizing that Osana had been eliminated if Yandere-chan was suspended from school.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Friday morning “talk with Musume” event to happen even if Musume was a mind-broken slave.
  • It is now possible to dispose of concealed body parts (in garbage bags) using the vat of acid in the Science Club.
  • The game should now correctly remember whether or not you’ve enabled or disabled depth of field and motion blur.
  • Fixed bug that caused a framerate dip whenever the player dropped a weapon that they were holding.
  • It is no longer necessary to spend all of your study points in order to leave the class screen.
  • It is now possible to dispose of evidence and body parts by dumping them into the sewer.
  • The post-credits headmaster scene now uses the new headmaster office models.
  • From now on, you can’t poison a bento if a witness can see you.
  • Fixed bug that made the water in the sewer the wrong color.
  • Fixed bug that made the water disappear in Yanvania.

If you’re interested in a challenge, then try distracting Raibaru, eliminating Osana with a weapon, and disposing of Osana’s body without being witnessed, as though you were playing the Amai Challenge. If possible, do it in as many different ways as you can think of! I’ll definitely be able to learn something from watching you!

97 thoughts on “Fixing Raibaru to make Yandere Simulator a better game

  1. This update is really amazing ! You made a good work ! I’m happy the students are walking separated from their clubs and doesn’t arrive in a “band”, it makes the game feel way more realistic. Also, thank you for working that hard YanDev !

  2. Love this new update, YanDev! Thanks so much for all your hard work towards the game, and I cannot wait to play this new build. Keep it up!

  3. Finally students spend more time socializing and walking to school randomly, instead of v shape, it’s so nice to see them more alive, I wish students had more than 1 thing to do in spare from classes time. It’d be really nice to see them have own relationships, based on their info and personality, improving amount of different actions will make them feel alive, also would make them obstacles, here’s an example: launch time, first 10 mins half of all students will have their launch, other – will walk around school or socializing with others, 10 min passes – and students, that were mopping around started to eat, while others, who ate their lunch already – would do some other stuff (walking around school, socializing, club activities), school feels alive and there are lots of witnesses walking around and it’d be fun to learn student’s routine to know, when poison them, when distract etc. It’s win win, but it’ll take some time. I think game really needs student update, not only routine, also advance their love interests and making little events. Right now school feels like bunch of robots with one destination, that’s why I really love to modify json file, making each student have relationships and fun routines. Also it’s really strange, that students don’t really interact with other clubs or clubless people, they only interact with their gang.

  4. Yandere dev, what do you think about adding difficulties? You don’t have to do anything with them, but maybe a ‘easy’ mode would have schemes but normal or hard wouldn’t. This would make the game much more challenging.

      • Well there is lovesick mode. You press ‘L’ on the calendar screen and you automatically set yourself to the most difficult difficulty

  5. FINALLY !!! Omfg i love u so much dev, it’s actually everything i wanted for the game (realism and using the core gameplay to kill ur target) !! With the new positions of students it adds so much challenge than before, the player now needs to think wich strategy they are going to use to disrupt the environnement.

  6. I like that Raibaru walks beside Osana now. I also like that the students don´t walk in V shape anymore. And I´m also happy about fixing the framerate dip. To further improve fps, try to have in update function only things you really need and reduce polygon count when not needed. 🙂 Good update overall.

  7. Dev, I have a bug already lol
    If I dont use all my study points during the morning, they don’t stack up for the afternoon.

  8. I love it! The place looks more lively than ever. Also, a suggestion, based upon the mention of an “off limits” sign a few videos ago. What if the empty or unfinished rooms in the school could be blocked off with those. Maybe you would hear a student positioned nearby talking about it? Saying that Mr Saikou or Megami didn’t like the layout of the room and had everything removed for remodelling. You could even have curtains drawn closed, so that way no one could look through a window to see an empty room.

    But I know how hard you work! So I understand if this wouldn’t happen. Keep up the awesome work! We believe in you!!

  9. What is the next step on yandere simulator’s development ? Are you going to change the clubs’benefits ? It’s something that needs to be fixed…By the way, the changes you made on the game are really cool. The school feels more alive and realistic now, keep the good work.

  10. I love the fact that he always listens to what the people have to say, and he never overlooks poor game designs. Great work, Yandere-dev!

  11. But Yanderedev, I guess the Game was more interesting when Raibaru was inmune to distractions (everything else seems great to me)

    • No, it is actually better this way to be honest, because, why would Raibaru just ignore giggles or anything else, of course events aren’t included but a real person would check, right?

  12. Hey, great update! I have a question though. What happens to all of the clubs now? Are they obsolete now because none of the club members do club routines anymore?

    • Some club members do the club routine and the others don’t. For example, Kokona and Ship don’t spend time with their club but Tokuko, Tsuruzo and Riku still do the club routine.

  13. Wow! This was amazing, plus I love when people socialize around the school it makes it a little more challenging and more lively! Plus I like that we can distract Raibaru more and get rid of Osana easily and I love how we can socialize with Raibaru instead! Plus I like the addition of the headmaster statue, its really cool, and its really detailed, good job!

  14. I like it that Raiberu has finally stopped snubbing you, and that Saki and Kokona have started talking and spending time together. But it feels a bit weird that students are running just to casually chat. I don’t think it was intended, but Kokona and Saki even run at lunchtime to their bench where they eat their meals.
    I also wanted to report a few more bugs/things, in addition to those I mentioned in the comment section of a previous build.
    You can still give Hokuto Furukizu a bloody knife, and he will still accept it, and gets framed for the murder.
    You aren’t looking suspicious with a bloody box cutter, screwdriver, or scissors.
    And finally, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but when you tranquilize someone, you can still use the product you used to poison someone’s food [it is said: “poison (sedative)”].
    If you use the tranquilizer you can find in the infirmary, it disappears from your inventory list after you’ve tranquilized someone, but you can still use it to poison someone’s food and make them drowsy.
    If you use the sedative you buy to info-chan, it doesn’t disappear from your inventory list (but you can still use it too).

    • I think it’s because the dev made it that way. And that box cutters and Scissors, and screw drivers don’t come off a suspicious in real life.

      • They mentioned the items in question were “bloody”. Which why would a character touch something with blood on it? I know I would be startled. Maybe it’s a bug and will be fixed next update? 🤔

      • Yep, the issue is that, even when these items are bloody, nobody reacts to them when you are holding them. I’m pretty sure it’s because of a previous bug that made you look suspicious, even if they weren’t bloody, and that by fixing that bug, it resulted in this one.

  15. I just saw your new build, it is amazing! The part I loved most was that the students don’t feel like they’re programmed and unnatural anymore. However, I noticed in your video that all the students are in pairs, standing on the sides. I think that you could change their interactions such that their groups would be more varied instead of in fixed pairs, and I hope they could be spread out more evenly and make use of all the wonderful facilities available in the school like they could sit in the cafeteria instead of standing at the side(because the cafeteria is basically deserted right now) It would be nice to see the students interact in threes or fours too. Also when one student in a group investigates a distraction their conversation would be cut off, so the other student(s) should be aware of it as well(more than 1 student could investigate). Adding conversations with topics for students(can be set in different places too, like the more secretive hedge maze) so that the player can eavesdrop on their conversation, gain information which could open up new possibilities(eg. selling info to info-chan for points, special bounty available only after info is gained, similar to old Kokona’s phone call and u can talk to her about it, and possibly threaten the affected students with the info u gained or befriend them like Kokona). I hope the game can be made such that the player can be free to decide what to do instead of focusing solely on eliminating rivals. Right now everyone is using the game to eliminate rivals, but apart from gossiping, there can be more eliminations that require interactions with students as players just ignore students and focus on the rivals. I think this “allow player to be free with what they want to do” direction will make gameplay more fun and interesting, and watching how players will play the game under the above direction will hopefully give u some more ideas on how to further improve the game. Even so, I just watched ur new Utube video. It is great to see the development of Yan Sim from simple to complicated, and we all appreciate your efforts to make this game wonderful for all of us!
    From a super fan of Yan Sim(:

  16. Hey, I have a question, when will you start to actually work on amai, and release the crowdfunding campaign? I know you have to research on how to do a good crowdfunding campaign but… I personally think it’s taking to much ( don’t take it as critism and sry for bad english)

    • I don’t personally think so. I mean logically would YOU trust someone you don’t know with an important and/or personal task? I know I wouldn’t. But if my friends, people whom I deeply trust, could vouch for you? Then I would be more inclined to trust you with a task that important and/or deeply personal.

      So when you think about it like that it makes sense for this to happen.

  17. Hello, YandereDev!

    I observed something, when you download the game by mediafire
    To enter the game, the recent update does not come out but the one from 03/21/10.
    The most very good!

  18. I think you should add a “sound meter” to the game so then you know how loud you are being if your trying to sneak something. That would add a lot to the stealth part of the game.😉

  19. May I ask something? Since now Raibaru is present when the player talks to Osana about her stalker, if Osana disappears because the player has locked her in the basement, can she follow the player around the school just like the photography club does when they visual the player comiting a crime?

  20. i think you just made the game more difficult and much more a challenge i love the updates to raibaru and the students but shouldn’t they have other routines like they just talk there until class start could some of them like walk and talk to other students? and just all of the students all arrive at school early then osana is quite odd i know that senpai waked up late shouldn’t like other students wake up late and arrive at school a different time and other students that are already best friends with some students should walk to school with them this is just my opinions theres alot of things in the game that is quite odd to me

    • Exactly what I thought, It doesn’t make sense that they don’t have their routines, I like the idea but it shouldn’t be changed that much. Maybe you could learn more about the other students, when you see who they are with. Every student shoud have some friends (or a friendgroup) they talk to (besides the club). That would be much more realistic.

    • Yes, now the students feel scripted, it doesn’t feel organic, they are just standing and talking in a specific place instead of doing the routine, which yea is making the kill of Osana more difficult but what about other students? If there are fewer people checking on the school I can just kill someone a lot easier. For example, the gardening club and the bullies are mostly talking in a static place, what will happen? The hallways are unmonitored, and it doesn’t only feel empty, but also it causes that players have an easier way to kill players if they are all gathered in one place.

  21. I don’t believe Raibaru’s Reputation should be 17+

    Will Megami’s reputation be 100?

    • Well I actually believe it’s a good thing. This is meant to be a starter rival and their protector shouldn’t be on a God tier level. Like Megami will be. So I think a 17+ reputation is fine for Raiburu. As it is just meant to ease a player into the game.

  22. I think Is a good update, but i think raibaru shoudn’t accept things like “go away” or “follow me” and also 17 of reputation is too low. Everything else Is perfect

  23. hello I have an idea for you! When all the students arrive at school instead of being all space without anything special, it would be good if friends like Kokona and Saki talk like bullies do when they come into school and other students either. on their phone (even if they don’t have the phone addict feature) and other students would work normally as they do now it would add realism

  24. I’m liking the game more and more! Lol I like how raibaru is much easier and challenging(if you want to have a challenge that is) at the same time to get rid of and I love how she walked beside osana now and also I love the club tasks for budo too… What else…? Well for mission mode I like how you can now give each of the delinquents a bag of chips to electrocuted them so I don’t have to bother having to get rid of each of them with the same method over and over again(using the radio and then stealth killing them), and finally the motion blur and depth of field is fixed I had to disable them everytime they would activate in the settings on the menu even when starting the game… I been wondering what chromatic aberration does and also if I should leave antialiasing on… Cause if I do it will cause the framerate to drop and with bloom on so I disable those… Also the witness seeing you thing is going to be challenging- also getting rid of evidence in the sewer thing is also exciting uwu and lastly I would honestly check that new headmaster statue once I have the update and viewed some of the new changes and additions

  25. G’day. I was hoping to report a possible bug(although not a major one).

    It seems as though each time I complete an elimination method(I’ve done most I believe), the demo checklist does not acknowledge it. It only acknowledged attack, burn, and expulsion. The other ones, even when the game say ‘Rival Eliminated,’ do not acknowledge that it has been completed.

    That’s pretty much it.

      • I went ahead and checked my demo checklist to double check what showed and what did not, for most of the fatal eliminations, I did not dispose of her body and I usually just leave her where she died(except maybe the burn elimination). With the suicide elimination, the school itself acknowledged it but the checklist didn’t. As for the matchmaker, reject, betray, and the framing where there were no corpses were not acknowledged either. As for the kidnapping elimination, I haven’t done that in quite a while so I can’t answer for that one in case it was fixed previously or something.

  26. Thank you for this update Yandev! It means a lot and is a huge improvement ^^ Raiburu always felt like a chore to get rid of, rather than a feature. Half the time I forgot she was op and could break my arm because it took so long to do things, this is much more entertaining!

  27. yanderedev you rebemer you says you going to the tutorial you need the tutorial or what they new players do? if they dont know own to use funciion of yandere sim for the camping

  28. I think that raibaru being invincible to direct attacks is kind of bad, because we could have the option of joining the martial arts club, becoming friends of all members and defeating budo, that would make us stronger than her, because budo destroyed his streak 100%, but if that doesn’t make sense then leave it the way it is yandev 🙂

  29. How about instead of making the students just ignore their routines while talking to someone else in specific places until class time is up, they do their routines for a couple of minutes and then go talk to someone after another couple of minutes, and so on? It would make the school feel more alive than just having the characters be in static places and not monitoring the school at all, is not as good of an experience. It’s difficult to kill Osana? yes; But is it difficult to kill any other students that aren’t talking with someone? Well, now not as difficult, because those who are talking, completely abandoned their routine, making it less of a difficulty to just get rid of Raibaru, make Osana follow the player and kill her somewhere the people talking aren’t looking.

    This new update is awesome and I love how you are laying it out, Raibaru totally needed a change, but I think the experience from the player could be improved if the routines are not so robotic, and this could also create some randomness in the game, it’s not predictable when someone will abandon their routine and go talk with someone else, so everything is not as easy to plan, it would make the game both more difficult and more realistic.

    • Well it’s something he said he was looking forward to. To see how people react and use this. This was actually the original intention of the game. To have someone always in view of the rival. So hopefully this suggestion of more organic people is seen.

      But I think it should work like someone is on their routine, but a friend of theirs walking by greets them. They start talking. If it’s someone with an important patrol route, they walk and talk together. Like friends do. Before classes it’s fine for them to be socializing in one spot though. Just to make sure you don’t get a free kill.

      Maybe, to avoid this problem, Yandere Dev should add this own school’s version of the “going home club” aka “no club students” so THEY can be the ones just standing around in he halls. Not the students with important routines.

  30. I feel like Raibaru should change her shoes like the rest of the students because right from the start of the day she already has her inside shoes even though she is still outside the school (sorry for my bad spelling english is not my first language)

  31. Why do Kokona, Saki, Ajia and Shozo running to change their shoes when you spawn? Wrong question. They do that because they have to stand at the entrance as witnesses for when Osana and Raibaru talk. The REAL question is this – Why make them change their shoes to begin with?

    The purpose of changing from your outdoor to indoor shoes is to prevent getting the school floor OR your indoor shoes dirty. However, Kokona, Saki Shozo and Ajia are going to walk outdoors in their indoor shoes, immediately after going to their locker, JUST to talk at one specific location.

    As for Shozo and Ajia, PLEASE make them walk-talk or just walk to their new destination. Having them run seems unnatural and scripted. “Hey, let’s run to this ONE specific location in school – a boring old Staircase – and talk there for the next hour!”

    Back on the main problem…the Indoor-Outdoor shoe problem has been bugging me a lot, but it’s even worse now that more characters are doing it. Here are all the examples of students breaking the Indoor-Outdoor shoe rules.


    The Basu Sisters (their new routine consists of them mainly patrolling the exterior of school). Although they DO check out the garden once, their “outdoor patrolling” routine loops after that.

    Uekiya (the Gardening Club Leader), who changes her shoes but spends all morning in an outdoor garden anyway. She’s the worst contender on this list. After all, preeetty sure she’ll get her indoor shoes dirty after walking around in dirt patches.

    Shiromi, like the Basu sisters, mainly patrols outdoors but DOES spend a few minutes indoors. She starts out at the Council room, quickly checks out the Plaza, and begins the “outdoor” part of her routine. She could definitely change her shoes when she’s about to go outside, since she walks by the lockers around 7:06 (the time where she’s about to check out the school entrance/gate.)

    The, Cooking, Drama and Occult clubs. The Drama Club HEAVILY violates the shoe rule. Once they change their shoes, they spend a few minutes in their clubroom before WALKING OUTDOORS towards the School Gym. Then the same route on the way back to class. The cooking club is the same, but each member spends a good amount of time walking outdoors. The Occult club walks outdoors to the Gym, and walks back to the school building.

    The whole school violates the shoe rule when there’s a memorial service. They’re all in their indoor shoes when they spawn at the Gym, and walking back to the school building makes them get their indoor shoes dirty as they walk back.


    Horuda and Kuu Dere. They change their shoes but walk back out to a specific spot (near the Gym Teacher) to talk.

    The Photography Club(?) They’re…okay. But technically they still break the shoe rule as they’re situated at the OUTSIDE of the door (the one closest to the Storage Room and incinerator.)

    • Well I can agree with that. It bugs me they don’t follow the rules. But as for the ones who just stay on the cement pathway I don’t see the point of that. They’re not going in the grass. So I wouldn’t see a point of them changing their shoes if they don’t get them dirty. But for ones who actively go on the grass and dirt I would wish they’d change their shoes to outdoor ones. Just to keep the Japanese theme.

      Maybe Yandere Dev could add that to the game as a core gameplay function? Like we would have to clean our shoes if we get them dirty. Or a teacher would reprimand us for not wearing the correct ones inside the classroom. It could be a buff to wear the outdoor shoes, like allowing the player to run faster outside. But if you wear them inside and was spotted a certain number of times by the student council, it would work like the current penalty system. You’re sent to the Counselor’s Office.

      But I think as far as changes go the shoe thing may take longer for Yandere Dev to get to. I mean there’s so much to do. 😰

  32. OMG I want these plushies so much!!! But….is there any other option to buy it instead of a credit card? Bcs I don´t have one 😦

  33. Yandere dev, you can let the people in the clubs walk together at the beginning of the school, I feel uncomfortable they walking apart

  34. yandere dev I think that an excellent way to locate students without following them and having to restart the day and learn their routines is social networks, that students (with social butterfly personalities or phone addicts) take photos and say where they are I would get closer to where other students can be

  35. Hey so when im behind osana when their talking to each other senpai doesnt say anything like he doesnt notice u

  36. wow, i’m impressed yandere dev, in just one update you changed the atmosphere a lot from a social simulation game to a stealth one, it really shows that you use feedback, and that you have improved, maybe a lot of things you have said They have not been well, but a change is noticeable, it shows that you are improving as a person and developer, seriously, incredible, I will continue to support this project, congratulations!

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