March 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

I fixed some bugs related to Raibaru, and made some progress towards making the last remaining improvements that I wanted to make before we can move out of this “refine the demo” stage of the game’s development.

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous artwork by WhiteCat!

  • Fixes, Changes, Additions
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to always know Osana’s current location at school, even if the player had killed Osana and hidden her body while Raibaru wasn’t around. (When Osana dies while Raibaru is not present, Raibaru is supposed to travel to Osana’s “last known position” rather than her corpse’s current location.)
  • Fixed bug that prevented certain students from using the right animation when traveling to a drinking fountain to drink water.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some of Osana’s Monday events to break if the player spoke to Raibaru while an event was ongoing.
  • If you are playing the game with a gamepad, you will now see Xbox icons instead of keyboard icons in Yancord.
  • It is now possible to send a student to distract Raibaru (as long as she isn’t in a scripted event.)
  • Fixed bug that caused masks to transform into uniforms after being put into the washing machine.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to equip / de-equip weapons while in the middle of combat.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Osana from realizing when she wasn’t hanging out with Raibaru.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Go Away” feature from working with Raibaru.
  • This is an extremely minor detail that is probably imperceptible at this stage of the game, but from now on, every time you collect a Senpai Shrine item, the “lose control around Senpai” radius will get a little smaller. After 1 item it’ll be 90%, after 5 items it’ll be 50%, and after 10 items, Yandere-chan will no longer lose control of herself around Senpai. Every week, it becomes possible to obtain one new item for the Senpai Shrine, meaning that you’d need to collect all 10 Senpai Shrine items over the course of 10 weeks to become immune to Senpai’s aura in the final week of the game. There is currently only one playable week in the game, thus there is only one Senpai Shrine item in the game. So, it’s currently only possible to reduce the Senpai radius from 100% to 90%. But, I did want to mention that this feature is now in the game!

80 thoughts on “March 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. One question though, is there a logical exclamation for why when she collects items from Senpai and place them in the Senpai Shrine, she slowly takes full control of herself when being in the presence of him as if she’s training herself to not loss control of her mind when being in his presence?

    • Well she’s a Yandere. Yanderes collect things from their “love interest” much like stalkers. She believes this is making him closer to her. Symbols of her love. She is slowly getting more and more desensitized to the pressure of his presence. Kind of like how a stalker would go from admiring from afar to getting closer and closer to their “love”. To eventually trying to interact with them.

      So I find this very realistic.

  2. One thing, the ABC challenge is gonna remain with the new routines and students spawn at the entrance like it’s now, or you forgot to fix it?

      • Also YandereDev there is a problem: Ajia, Shozo, Kokona, and Saki. They run to change their shoes and then they just run back to the spot where they are supposed to talk its a bit weird to see that in real life right?

      • It’s deliberate. To make the school feel more lively and make each student feel different from the rest, some will run (always in a hurry) and others will walk (more calm and chill).

  3. I don’t know if this potential bug was already noticed/reported but: yesterday when I did the befriend elimination with Osana, Raibaru did her new animation for a while before she glitched and glided to the side. She started performing the ‘casual chatter’ animation where the chatter lines appear out of her head. I don’t know if it was only my device, but just in case. Also, when they stand at the tree together as usual, both girls performs the same chatter animation while standing a few feet away from one another, basically talking to themselves. Other than that, enjoying the build.

  4. Hello dev
    Please bring the Void Demon back, I miss this person madly!I will be incredibly grateful!
    And what about the new build: Why, after changing shoes, the women immediately run to their placeIt could be done so that they
    just walk.
    2. WANT TO DANGANRONPA in Yandere Simulator
    3. Hmm, I have been thinking about this for a long time so that for pose mod to include hairstyles like yandere chan I PLEASE add this to the game!
    4. I want new kobinets and weapons))
    5.How about adding a Fran Bov mod?
    5. add the function to change the form at home.And yes, Dev, thank you very much for creating my idea about a new routine for students!
    You are an insanely cool developerthank!
    Your fan from Russia)

    • Oh Gods! I’m a huge fan of Danganronpa too! it would be really great to see this desperate atmosphere in the game! yandere simulator is very similar in spirit to this game! especially in love sick mode! + in the first part there is a girl named Toka Fukawa who is a yandere in some sense (a form of genocide jack) she killed the guys who refused her. I would really like to feel the despair in the yandere simulator!

  5. I’m guessing you only can get a “good” ending where Yanchan confesses to Senpai if you collect all the Senpai Shrine Items because only then will she not lose control around Senpai

    • There’s also the anonymous gifts you can buy and place on his desk, which I think is another way to get a good ending.

  6. Will it make week 10 easier or beatable? Becouse if you could win the game collecting none of the Senpai shrine items that would be cool (It would make week 10 harder if you callected none)

  7. YandereDev, I have a question.
    Why does Senpai’s love aura decrease after Ayano obtains more of his things? It’s not like Ayano is loving Senpai any less, so why does she squirm less when she has his things?

  8. I said this in the last build update but it was never seen and I feel like this is very important to the game. I love the game but I feel like Info-chan is a big problem. First, the town and anime option seems like it isn’t used very much due to the fact that Info-chan gives you schemes for killing rivals which makes the anime feature pretty useless and she gives the player most of their items and resources which makes the stores that sell weapons and such kinda pointless. The schemes tell you every step to eliminate rivals which makes the player do barely any work. It also doesn’t make sense how the main character is kinda like a puppet to something greater which is Info-chan. The game is about a yandere girl but it seems like she is more of a spy for Info-chan which I feel makes Info-chan the real main character of the game. I feel like Info-chan shouldn’t have such a big role in the game because it makes yan-chan seem like a spy for Info-chan and makes the game less interactive. It just seems like some features are useless because of Info-chan. I feel like Info-chan is a real problem in the game. This is not hate, just suggestions and some problems I have had with the demo. I love Yandere Simulator and I am always SOOO excited when I see updates. Keep up the good work! I already see great improvements!

  9. Hey Yandere Dev! I feel like it is kinda strange that the students run to their place to socialize because it feels kinda robotic. Also, at the beginning of the day, two students run to change their shoes and then run back to talk near Raibaru. Why would they run to change their shoes when they are talking outside first? I feel like they should change their shoes after talking and when they start going inside. It just makes a lot more sense.

  10. Yandere dev I have a question could you translate the game? i don’t really master english and it is very difficult for me to play i am writing this with the translator could you translate into brazilian portuguese? or at least for the Spanish that I am a little better? it’s really hard to play

  11. Hey Yan-dev I don’t know if you’re taking suggestions or if you already have a plan for what I’m suggesting, but I came up with a concept on what happens when you snap after losing your reputation, after you snapped your in a long black hallway with the laughing Ayanos and when you walk up to one you see a flash of Ayano killing a random student and once you reach the end of the hallway you see senpai and walk up to him, as the animation of her stabbing him plays the real world is shown with completely bloodstained walls and dozens of corpses, then Ayano would stab herself. If you don’t like the idea or have another one planned then that’s fine, I just wanted to share my concept, bye!

  12. hey yandere I was thinking will one elimination method not be used for each rival. for example Osoro will not work with bully elimination or the Suicide elimination. because Osoro dose not care about her reputation because she is a delinquent and people are scared to make fun or bully her because she is strong. you can replace that elimination method with a special elimination method. because I think each rival will have one elimination method that dose not work with them. And replace a elimination method with a special elimination method. I hope this will give a idea to make the game more logical for you.

    • It actually will be possible to eliminate Osoro by affecting her reputation. Osoro will use different reputation mechanics than other students. It won’t be a matter of gossiping about her to make people think less of her; it’ll be a different process.

      It’ll also be possible to drive her to suicide, but like before, it won’t be through the normal process.

  13. Love the aura shrinking idea. Maybe we can kill Senpai on week ten now. (Jkjkjk…although that would be a cool ending, of Ayano accidentally killed Senpai, like poisoning his bento instead of Osana’s.)

  14. Here is one thing that is a little off to me. So, every club member looks very similar besides maybe the cooking club or sports club which seems very weird to me. Especially since it is very obvious that a few of them are going to be suitors which makes them pass as siblings or gender-bent versions of the rival which is kinda weird. Maybe instead of the club members looking very similar with almost exactly the same hair, you can have them just have similar accessories like the drama club and their rose. Maybe a club member can look up to the club leader and try to replicate them like Kokona looking up to Kizana for example. The Kokona example can also lead to a Kizana task about Kokona copying her or something. These are just some suggestions but they don’t HAVE to be implemented. I just thought they should be said. I am very sorry for giving so many suggestions. I just keep playing the game over and over again and I keep noticing some things. The game is improving so much btw! Good work Yandere Dev!

  15. Thank you for making Raibaru a better character, although now it is a little easier to eliminate Osana, it is the right thing to do for a “tutorial” character!

    Now, I would like to give some ideas of things that may not seem important, but I would like to share

    1) the members of the cooking club do not bother to talk to the player while distributing food, this becomes annoying many times, also it is strange that they never offer food to ayano while others do. offer food to yan-chan? If you make them see that you like their food, they will bother to stop their activities to talk to the player, reject it or make them see that you do not like it, they will say ” I’m sorry, I can’t talk now ”

    2) Many times it is annoying to go hide a weapon or throw it away to talk to a student (miyuki’s wand, bat, weights, guitar) even when you have permission to carry it, since it does not make sense, you should be able to talk with someone even while uploading something like that if you have permission to.

    3) club benefits (and downsides) ideas:; Besides being able to increase your reputation, what if being in the cooking club carrying a kitchen knife would not raise suspicion, as long as you are inside the cooking club or while you are at lunch, or maybe something like being able to non-lethally poison the food your clubmates give out to be displeased (which might work well with … well … a certain rival)

    2.occult; what if this club has the benefit that you lose less of your sanity when you kill someone? I know that there are panties with that benefit … but what if without the pantie on you go down 15% instead of 20% and with the pantie 5-7% instead of 10%?

    3.Drama; being able to act well, by pretending the fear reaction near a corpse, no one will be alerted, I mean, I know that no longer makes you suspicious in front of those who watch, but what if when you are not from the club of drama after 10 seconds they might realize that you are faking it, but while you are in the club can you pretend without them noticing that you are acting?

    4. art; Actually this one has me quite satisfied, but hey … there is something that bothers me and it is that it is the way in which you can be all day stained with blood without being noticed is … VERY too powerful for the player? students do not smell the blood? After an hour, if you stained at 1:30 p.m. at 2:30 p.m., should the blood smell and the students should tell you the dialogue they say when they see you with the other uniforms stained with blood?

    4) This is more of a question, in the final version will there be an option to join the group of bullies, or the student council? I see great potential in both ideas, because if you are a bullie and they spread rumors about you, they will probably not believe you and if you spread rumors, your colleagues will help you lower your reputation, in addition to being from their group, if someone accuses you of murder, they could say it’s a lie, so your reputation would go down less quickly? But if that’s a lot, to counteract it, can some boys fall in love with Ayano and follow her throughout the school day?

    5) What if to encourage people to finish the genocide ending, you add it to the demo checklist? or do you give a reward for finishing it?

  16. I noticed my comment with the link to my video did not get posted. So I will just tell you that my Youtube channel name is Lost Pine, and the video is titled “ELIMINATION RUN #2 | Yandere Simulator”.

  17. Hey Yandere Dev! I have a question. For elimination methods such as expelling your rival, matchmaking your rival, etc, are they all going to be done the same way and same difficulty. I am mostly talking about the matchmaking elimination method because I know you have to go to the fountain and give gifts and such. So, is it going to work the same way or be a bit harder for each rival?

    • I think that the gifts from the gift shop will be each week more expensive. Also, I believe that the gifts and the compliment options will be different for each rival ( at least some of the dialogues). This is what I think though

  18. hi yandev i have a suggestion what if we kill all rivals in same days for example you killed osana in tuesday and amai and kizana then oka heard about this she will think there is a curse make this peoples die in same days. when oka weeks come and you dont kill anyone in tuesday oka will feel more safe because she will think curse is broken and oka will be easier to kill after tuesday but megami will be harder to kill in her week because she will think that mostly killing his/her targets in tuesday and she will notice faster if we doing anything suspect (ik this suggestion is totally trash xD but maybe this suggest inspires u thx for reading)

    • I’m sorry. Every time I try to upload the game to Mediafire, the upload stops halfway. I don’t know how to fix it, so I can’t guarantee when there will be another Mediafire build.

  19. yandere dev, I have an interesting idea for you to put in the game, when kokoro momoiro becomes one that doesn’t have a club, as well as sakyu basu and inkyu etc, she could be talking to the horuda, at lunch time eating with the horuda, it would be very cool, because if not kokoro will be without friends, ah and love challange kokoro, horuda and kuu dere would stay as a group, but just one opinion I think it would be really cool 😀

  20. I need help with something that happens in my game, for some reason the game won’t restart and Raibaru always appears dead. I don’t know what’s the problem, I can’t fix it

  21. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but imma tell you anyway.
    If you finish an elimination method while having the debug menu enabled, it doesn’t show that you’ve finished it on the demo checklist. Was this intentional?

    • It’s not a bug. Eliminating Osana with the debug menu enabled is considered cheating. Yandere Dev even said that if the player eliminates all rivals using debug commands, they will get an ending where Senpai rejects Ayano for being a cheater

  22. I have a question. Some clubrooms are closed by walls but still have Windows (like drama, occult, science,ecc..). Shoudn’t the windows be removed? It could improve the framerate

  23. I’ve been following yandere simulator for a almost a year now but i’ve never gotten the chance to play it since i only own a mac, will it be coming on other devices soon? if not i understand, your working so hard on the game already its incredibly admirable.

    • I only have a Windows PC. I don’t own any computers using the Mac or Linux operating systems. If I exported a Mac / Linux build, I’d have no way to test it. I’d just be throwing a build onto the Internet and praying that people can run it, with no real way to debug it if it doesn’t work. 😦

      • Maybe it could work if you had volunteers who could test the mac version for you? Then you’d maybe fix any bugs and release it?
        I know it would probably take more of your time but then new people might play the game for the first time!

    • Getting volunteers to test MacBuilds can go wrong real fast.
      for example: Osana is about to release and she have to release on august 31 2020, at 12:00 PST
      and if, no volunteer was active. so that’s an bad idea.

  24. I love the new commotion going on with students having conversations everywhere. I’ve been asking for a more alive school since forever.
    I wish some students ate their lunch in the cafeteria instead of their clubs, and talked to a student around them while they ate.
    I would also love to be able to listen in to some actual mundane or funny conversations when you go near talking students. Just text is fine, no voice acting is required.

  25. Hi, I have a question. If all rivals can be eliminated using a suicide method, will each rivial commit suicide in a different way? Example: Amai Odayaka would do something like cut herself instead of hanging herself like Osana?

      • Hey Yanderedev, do you think the player can costumize yandere chan?(uniform,hairstyle, hair color and eye color)

      • Those kind of things are already planned to happen in the future. Some of those things can already be done, like how at the start of the game you get to choose the school’s uniform.

  26. Hey, in the morning, right when school starts and students go to change their shoes (those having lockers in the middle) you can see their shoes sticking out from the other side.

  27. Yandere Dev, my favorite way to dispose of corpses is the sewer in the outdoor cafeteria because you need to put in some effort and get something else to be able to use it. I would love for more disposing methods like this.

  28. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! When do you think the English script will be complete? When Megami is released or sooner?

  29. Hello YandereDev!
    I take a while doing this because I had to use translator (I speak Spanish)
    I found an error that happened to me several times since the last update.
    -When he killed a student very close to the wall, he bugs himself with his bug body.
    -Same sometimes the body is left in another room! He goes through the walls when he killed him and just someone sees him.
    -Maybe the field of view of the girls of the student council is too wide, yesterday one could see me from the statue and Yandere was in the space of the men’s showers and the pool, was hidden and sees it through the wall!
    -also, after dismembering a student, this one is bald LMAO! But not all of them, just a specific one, I pass.
    Best regards! Nya!

  30. I would like to bring something to your attention. You didn’t fix the “Raibaru runs to osana’s corpse instead of last known location” bug, you made it way worse. Now she literally teleports to osana’s corpse as soon as you kill osana.

    I asked Raibaru to distract Horuda (a rooftop girl) while Raibaru and Osana were hanging out in the morning, and got osana to follow me to the tranq room. I then killed her with a dumbbell. Lo and behold, who was there to give me a game over? Raibaru. Barely a minute after I asked her to distract somebody ON THE ROOFTOP. Tried it again, but this time I tranquilized Osana. Same result.

    Might wanna give that bug fix another try 😐

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