March 10th Bug-Fixing Build

The next update I want to release requires a bunch of sweeping changes all throughout the game. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to prepare that update, so before I begin working on it, I want to make extra-sure that the latest build of the game is as bug-free as possible. That’s the purpose of today’s build!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please check out this beautiful artwork by OMGayano – if you’re a fan of Doki Doki Literature Club, you’ll instantly recognize the scene that this artwork is paying homage to!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is now possible to use the “Favor” dialogue option when talking to the bully girls as they are sunbathing. Befriending all of them and telling them to leave the area is now a valid alternative to performing Gema’s Task.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player’s mask/gloves/raincoat from being recognized as “bloody clothing” if those articles of clothing were worn while the player killed Osana using the rooftop fan.
  • If you shut down a club, then loaded an earlier save, the club that you shut down would still be closed, even though you had loaded a save from before it was shut down. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a limb to spawn infinite garbage bags if the player tried to put a limb into a garbage bag after putting at least 100 other limbs into garbage bags.
  • Fixed bugs that would occur if the player saved and loaded the game at the immediate start of the day, while Osana was still talking to Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Attack” icon from filling in on the Demo Checklist if Osana’s body was disposed of after she had been stabbed.
  • The textures on the exterior of the locker room got scrambled a long time ago, and I didn’t notice until today. Whoops! They’ve been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that made the “Revision A” text at the title screen look blurry if the game was being played at a resolution of 1080p or higher.
  • Gave another attempt to fix that bug that would cause students to get stuck on a cardboard box when walking down the school corridors.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player’s collected Senpai Shrine items from appearing in the Senpai Shrine during the Sunday cutscene.
  • Attempted once again to fix the bug that would make the school pool’s water turn pure white under several different circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause all weapons at school to disappear if the guidance counselor spoke to Osana in her office.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from picking up the key to the safe in the Headmaster’s office.
  • Fixed bug that would allow items to clip inside of the washing machine and become inaccessible.
  • The new hedge walls at the north end of the school no longer clip through the nearby walls.
  • Improved the “Info Points” icon.
  • Added a new easter egg to the game – “Hollow Mode”. I’m just letting you know right now, it doesn’t have much functionality. I simply wanted to see if I could achieve a specific aesthetic. Because the easter egg is very bare bones, I can’t guarantee that it’ll provide hours of fun…but I’m proud that I was able to hit the aesthetic target that I was aiming for!

156 thoughts on “March 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi Yandere Dev! I have a *question*
    For several mods containing the weeks for future rivals, they have unique title screens. I wanted to know if there’ll be something similar to that in the final version of the game.

    • Ikr? Hopefully Yandere Dev can work with these people. Their mods look amazing. But I wonder if those mods are hurting the game? As in, now, whatever Yandere Dev does it won’t feel as impactful. Or somebody can just imply he ripped it from there. I just hope things like that don’t happen. I really love those mods and I really love this game. 😰

    • AH! PERRY DA PLATYPUS! HOW UNEXPECTED! AND BY EXPECTED I MEAN….. unnexpected what are you doing here?

    • Most likely not, as most mods are circulated around a single rival, they put that rival on their title screens. If yandere dev were to make a unique title screen, it would be kinda hard to actually make one. It would most likely depend if or not the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

  2. I’ve noticed that in the new animated cutscene where Sempai meets Amai, she doesn’t have the shape of the eyes from her original artwork. It’s just a small detail, but are you going to fix it ?

    • That’ll come with the new models Yan-dev has planned for the final game. The current models are just placeholders so don expect them to look 100% accurate to the character designs.

  3. Hello Yandere Dev i have a sugestion:
    Have you considered updating the game to unity 2020,1? Like i mean it would greatly inscrease the fps of the game..Even of it took a lot of time it would make the game smoother

  4. Since there is now a place for the pool pipes could there be a way to sabotage the pool? If something of Osana’s got knocked to the bottom of the pool for her to try and retrieve, could there be a way for us to make the pool pump activate on high so her hair would get caught in the drain? It’s a different way to drown her and make it look like an accident.

  5. YandereDev, I have a complain:
    When the Teachers or Student Council catch Yan-Chan when she is holding a Weapon (like Syringe, Knife, Katana, etc), and send her to the Genka, and when Yan-Chan gets of scot-free, she still has the Weapon. Shouldn’t Genka or the Teachers take away the Weapon that Yan-Chan had? I am confused…..

    P.S You are not replying to my comments! Please reply to this one at least…

  6. Yanderedev i have question do you can add a new character? plis. Yandere simulator is cool but sometimes I have 0 fps and 1 more I don’t know how to fix it I have a good computer can you somehow make a guide for 100 or 60 fps?

    • In the “Settings” menu, you will find “Post-Processing Options” and “Detail Options”. When you are in the Post-Processing menu or the Detail menu, you can press the “F” key to change all settings to the bare minimum. This should improve the framerate.

  7. Hello! Yanderedev!

    You see an error when starting the game.
    I put private so you can see the error 🙂

    The mistake is that when walking or running it goes very fast also when using the camera.

  8. Yandere dev, i have a two suggestions,
    1- maybe implementing different types of weather, for example rain so you could wear the raincoat and not seem suspicious.
    2- implementing background chatter while the character is near a big group of people so the school seems more lively

  9. YandereDev, I have some Elimination Methods for you! Some of them may be not that Good…but you might get some Ideas from them.

    There’s this YouTuber that has very good Rival Elimination Ideas! Check some of their Vids out:

    Mida Rana Elimination:
    Amai Elimination:
    Kizana Elimination:
    Mida Elimination: (Idea 2)
    Hanako Elimination:
    Megami Elimination:
    Osoro Eliminaton:

    Link to the Youtuber’s Channel!

  10. i don’t really think i can call this a bug but when you kill a student and then use the debug commands to change the day the student is there again and no police are called.

  11. In addition to the bugs I reported in your previous post, I have still some things left to say.
    1 I can still give a bloody knife to Hokuto Furukizu (the delinquent) as part of his task (which frames him for the murder).
    2 I’m not sure if this is a bug, but on the day I kidnap a student, after I’ve tranquilized her, I can still use the tranquilizer/sedative to poison someone’s meal. When I use the tranquilizer that can be found in the infirmary, it doesn’t appear anymore in my inventory list after I tranquilized the girl, but I can still poison someone’s meal with it. When I use the sedative to tranquilize someone, it still appears in my inventory list after I tranquilized the girl.
    3 It’s not a bug, just a suggestion. If a teacher realizes that you are a murderer, she will try to apprehend you. If you have enough strength and that you succeed in the minigame, you kill her. But if a teacher sees you bloody, or carrying a weapon, or visibly insane, but that she isn’t aware someone has been murdered, she will simply send you to the guidance counselor. But if there is evidence linking Yandere-chan to a crime, you get an instant game over. Shouldn’t Yandere-chan refuse to go to the guidance counselor in that case? She should instead try to kill the teacher. So I think when there is evidence that links Yandere-chan to a crime, she should refuse to go to the guidance counselor, and the teacher would understand Yandere-chan is dangerous and should try to apprehend you, just like when she realizes you’re a murderer.

    • 1. i think your playing an old build if so update it by using the yandere launcher not yandere.exe
      2. i think thats an old build i cant seem to get the bug?
      3.good suggestion!

  12. Hi YanDev.

    I have multiple suggestions for Yandere Simulator.
    1. I would like the characters have injuries/stabs around the body if Ayano killed them.
    2. I would like that the Yandere Vision would change depending on Ayano’s Sanity.
    Example :
    If Ayano is full sanity, she would have the normal buttons and have a pink vision for students are she befriended, and red for people that bullied her or noticed her and Fake Reaction will be available.
    If Ayano is medium sanity, she will see people screaming and she will slowly start losing sanity and Fake Reaction will be Unavailable.
    If Ayano has NO sanity, she will have the option to throw knifes at students, kick dead bodies, and more gory things.
    Also her run will change and she will look scary and Fake Reaction will be Unavailable.
    3. I would like you to add something cool to fix walls bug when Ayano kills someone. Example :
    If an student is close to an wall, Ayano would stab that student and rapidly get her into the floor.
    (I know, it’s stupid but it’s necessary so the bugs don’t happend again)
    Also if Ayano has NO sanity, she would grab the students head and crush that students head into an wall, door, floor, etc.
    That’s all I would like you to add.
    Thanks for reading.

  13. I kidnapped Musume, brought her as mindslave on Friday, she gets up for the reject Senpai event and talks to Osana. Also, killed Osana and Raibaru on the rooftop with mindslave on the same day, then during lunchtime Senpai is stuck in a loop of tapping his foot, and doesn’t stop even when classtime starts.

  14. Hi yandere dev I wanted to report a small bug with yandere simulator using the debug menu by doing 6 to teleport to ayano’s class and do the lessons 3:30 pm then by doing 7 in the computer room then 8 on the roof of the school and the time goes back to 7:07 am and the students continue to pretend it is 3:30 pm

  15. You know what’s another game that combines combat and Japanese school life sim? Persona. At least entries 3 through 5. Thing is, while those games took about 5 or so years to make each, it took an ENTIRE STUDIO to do that. One man trying to make a game with all of this stuff in it is definitely gonna take a lot longer, and at the very least, it won’t be like Duke Nukem Forever, AKA not worth the wait. Fucking haters went way too far hacking the subreddit…

  16. Gosh that’s a beautiful piece of art! I’ve been following the development of Yandere simulator for years and am really looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign. I really want to give a donation as a thanks for years of entertainment. I can’t see myself playing the game, since I’m a super skittish person, but I love to watch others play (especially “THAT DUDE”)!

  17. yandere dev I have a question if you will change the character model can I change it to the old model because I don’t really like the new model if you don’t mind can you add at the setting that player can choose characters model i hope you reply my comment thank you

  18. Yandere dev! l have a very important and not important bug, soo when l try to kidnap someone, when police comes,when l try to expell osana the game stucks in the cutscene like l tried to expell osana but lt stuck where it shows the “Model student” thingies or when l burn bodies before police arrives they find it some how and sometimes it stucks in the scene where they say “Police arrives” and the unimportant one is about cooking club, they hold something like tray and when its cleaning time they still acting like they are holding trays. yeah thats all- lm sorry lm bad about explaining :,)

  19. Yandere Dev, I have a suggestion, you could add a wheelbarrow in the garden club and a canvas to cover the wheelbarrow with bodies inside, but you can put a maximum of two bodies in the library in the book to skip 30 minutes , you can make the player choose the time he wants to skip, and depending on the time the player wants to skip appear the events that will occur before the time desired by the player, make the fps of the weak computer improve, and give to play

  20. I just realized that yan chan if she gets hurt by one of the delinquents she can’t go to the nurse to treat her wounds and at lunchtime, she can’t eat food so she’s the only one walking the hallway without sitting with her club eating or on her own eating lunch.

  21. I found a bug. If Raibaru notices you doing something suspicious (crouching, crawling, holding a weapon, taking panty shots, etc.) while she’s spying on Osana’s morning conversation with Senpai, she will go to school, leaving Osana by herself when she finishes talking to Senpai.

  22. This is what I thought might happen if Senpai goes to a different school because Ayano killed too many people.

    Ayano realizes what she had done. Senpai is said to have to gone a faraway school, one that she isn’t able to go to. Heartbroken, she buys a fake gun lisense from Info Chan, and uses it to buy a gun (either from a store or a gang, where ever it is in the end, she buys a gun).

    Over the next few days, she will start stalking Senpai from the moment he walks out of his house all the way to his new school, so she knows where it is. If he needs to drive there because it’s super far away, (saying that they should be old enough to drive), then she too will drive over there. That’s assuming that her parents have two cars, one for each parent, and that they left to overseas with one car, so Ayano can still drive places. She could make herself look like one of the students, or just walk into the school, and find out what classroom Senpai is in.

    With all of this new info, Ayano would plan to enter the school the next day with the intention of killing every last person in it. This would give the player a time limit, since the cops will undoubtedly be called during that time.

    The next day, after she learns what classroom Senpai is in, she’ll enter the school during class time with a knife in her pocket and start killing everyone.

    The way that this would work is that when the school announces that they are on lockdown, the teachers will lock the classroom doors. With each other classroom, Ayano would have to smash the window on the door open to reach her hand in and unlock the door. That’s when she would kill everyone in the classroom. When she finally reachs Senpai’s classroom, she would break in, and kill everyone but Senpai. Senpai, screaming for her to stop, would be frozen on the floor from fear of being shot next. When everyone around him is dead, Ayano would force Senpai up and stab him, like how she does now, and say the iconic line, “If I can’t have you…(stab) no one can.”

    Then she would stab herself. The end.

    This would be the last week of Ayano’s life, meant to carry a sense of urgency. Instead of everything being red and black, it would be black and white, because it’s more sad for Ayano then angering. She also knows that her death will slowly get closer.

    The death sequence would happen as a mini game, and turn into red and black as soon as she enters school grounds. There would be a cutscene where she would open the door to the first classroom and kill everyone, and then show the speakers saying they’re on lockdown. From there, the mini game would consist of the player tapping buttons within a certain period of time to smash and break in the classroom, and then kill everyone with the gun. There would be a timer, and if the timer ran out, then the police would come after Ayano, and she would just immediately shoot herself in the head.

    I know this would take a lot of time to make, and that it’ll probably happen completely different in the final game, and that it’ll be made after the crowdfunding campaign, but I just wanted to share a cool idea I had.

  23. Yandere dev amai talking monday to friday event are done or not and,will amai will run around the school

  24. Hi Yandere Dev!

    I just have one question for you, are you ever going to implement the 6th student council member “Kiyoko Tatsuahara” / a hypothetical female student?

  25. Hi Yandere DEEV !!!
    I have a suggestion: when senpai sees Ayano kill someone while wearing a mask, he takes it off directly without caring a lot about the crime, so I think that it’ll be a cool thing to add some details on it.
    for example: Ayano could run a bit after killing Osana while senpai is in panic, senpai runs to Ayano and takes her mask off in disgust, then says ” so I-it was you!! “, Ayano says “n-no .. W-wait..”, “I could never face him again”, and then game over.
    I think that this is going to add another side of senpai’s personality,
    and I would love to hear new voice lines on situations like that.

    Thank you a lot for fixing and adding new stuff to this game DEVV it makes me feel so happy !!!

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