March 10th Bug-Fixing Build

The next update I want to release requires a bunch of sweeping changes all throughout the game. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to prepare that update, so before I begin working on it, I want to make extra-sure that the latest build of the game is as bug-free as possible. That’s the purpose of today’s build!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please check out this beautiful artwork by OMGayano – if you’re a fan of Doki Doki Literature Club, you’ll instantly recognize the scene that this artwork is paying homage to!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is now possible to use the “Favor” dialogue option when talking to the bully girls as they are sunbathing. Befriending all of them and telling them to leave the area is now a valid alternative to performing Gema’s Task.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player’s mask/gloves/raincoat from being recognized as “bloody clothing” if those articles of clothing were worn while the player killed Osana using the rooftop fan.
  • If you shut down a club, then loaded an earlier save, the club that you shut down would still be closed, even though you had loaded a save from before it was shut down. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a limb to spawn infinite garbage bags if the player tried to put a limb into a garbage bag after putting at least 100 other limbs into garbage bags.
  • Fixed bugs that would occur if the player saved and loaded the game at the immediate start of the day, while Osana was still talking to Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Attack” icon from filling in on the Demo Checklist if Osana’s body was disposed of after she had been stabbed.
  • The textures on the exterior of the locker room got scrambled a long time ago, and I didn’t notice until today. Whoops! They’ve been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that made the “Revision A” text at the title screen look blurry if the game was being played at a resolution of 1080p or higher.
  • Gave another attempt to fix that bug that would cause students to get stuck on a cardboard box when walking down the school corridors.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player’s collected Senpai Shrine items from appearing in the Senpai Shrine during the Sunday cutscene.
  • Attempted once again to fix the bug that would make the school pool’s water turn pure white under several different circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause all weapons at school to disappear if the guidance counselor spoke to Osana in her office.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from picking up the key to the safe in the Headmaster’s office.
  • Fixed bug that would allow items to clip inside of the washing machine and become inaccessible.
  • The new hedge walls at the north end of the school no longer clip through the nearby walls.
  • Improved the “Info Points” icon.
  • Added a new easter egg to the game – “Hollow Mode”. I’m just letting you know right now, it doesn’t have much functionality. I simply wanted to see if I could achieve a specific aesthetic. Because the easter egg is very bare bones, I can’t guarantee that it’ll provide hours of fun…but I’m proud that I was able to hit the aesthetic target that I was aiming for!

155 thoughts on “March 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yanderedev, a question. If Osana is senpai’s childhood friend… Shouldn’t she call him Taro instead Senpai?

  2. Awesome update, YanDev! I have a bug to report. When I get a student’s opinions through Info-Chan’s service(you can probably trigger it with any student, but I always did Osana) and then go into the screen to get student info, it’ll say “get opinions” at the bottom of the screen even though you’re not using that service. It doesn’t have an affect on gameplay(as you can still get the student’s info from her), so it’s not too high-priority.

  3. does anyone else find the debug menu doesnt work even after youve completed the demo and put in the code? i wanna see all da cool easter eggs 😦

  4. When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place, When you feel like it’s the end of the world, look back and see what you have accomplished. You can overcome any challenge that you set your mind too and for that, I’m extremely grateful and proud for what you have given to fans. I’m proud of your Fixes, Changes, Additions posts. Your attempt to solve and fix nearly everything in this game, as well as the new Easter Egg! Never stop believing in yourself because I never stop believing in you.

  5. saludos soy una jugadora de México y de algo que me percate fue que no puedo lograr el genocide ending porque no me deja hablar con los estudiantes no meja tomar armas o esconder los cuerpos eso es todo excelente actualización


    • You Have To Type “Debug” into the “Extras” Menu, Then you Press the “\|” key for debug and ” ?/” for easter eggs

  7. Ideas for yandere simulator

    Hello yandere devs, I am your old fan since the initial builds, I want to offer a couple of interesting ideas for this game
    1. How about making a better school canteen where anyone can eat!

    2. How about the fact that some students would stand, for example, on certain days of the week in the corridors, it would be interesting!

    3. and the long-standing problem of the fact that all the students are pressed against the wall on the way somewhere and it does not look very good how about making sure that they do not crowd against the wall but walk in the middle and keep a distance from each other?

    4.I think it would be an interesting idea to make a playing field and not just a stadium

    5.Yandere chan also wants to eat it would be wonderful to see the animation of how it is and thus skips time at lunch

    6.animation of torture of the victim in the basement

    7.How to add staff to the school, let’s say the owner or the cleaning lady who will wash the floors anywhere can make a dining room with a chef where the students will eat
    because in the corridors it does not look very good!

    9.hmm sounds very strange but how about adding a lover to our yandere chan

    10. wants to sneak into the school at night to eliminate someone for the same to do some business!

    Thanks for reading this message
    we are your fans from russia and we love you I think there are some interesting ideas here!

    • Hello!

      1. I’m sorry…at lunchtime, I need to position students around school as obstacles. I can’t put them all into one room.

      2. I agree, and this will probably happen in the next update.

      3. I understand, but I cannot program this.

      4. I wish, but this would increase the size of the environment too much.

      5. I’m sorry, this is not a high priority to me.

      6. I’m sorry, I do not wish to include this in the game.

      7. I’m sorry, this is not an aspect of Japanese schools.

      8. No…

      9. I may consider it sometime in the near future.

      10. This is an interesting idea, it may happen one day.

  8. I see that you have improved the game a lot and I love the new mechanics, but there are things that keep bothering me, so I want to share some of my experience playing yandere simulator

    The issue of Raibaru is what I want to focus on, there is something in Raibaru that is extremely annoying, as is normal while you play, you lose, I have lost a couple (many) times
    Against the teachers? the student council? no, raibaru
    While characters like teachers can be defeated if you enter the martial arts club or if you increase your level of physical education you can defeat them without problem.
    the council can be defeated with a stealth attack, using the radio or distracting them with a weapon. . . . . . . while they’re supposed to be on high alert for someone dangerous at school …
    but raibaru … the radio doesn’t work with her, you can’t distract her with a weapon, your strength doesn’t matter because you can’t defeat her, your stealth doesn’t matter because curiously she is more alert than the student council, isn’t it strange? … maybe you don’t want the game to be a ” run to osana and stick a knife ” but you sure don’t want it to be a ” normal student with a high school girl mary sue as her bodyguard or maybe it’s not It is fair to kill Raibaru on the first day without so much effort … but, in that case it is not fair for teachers with a long training, the mere fact of joining a club gives you the strength to kill them effortlessly. ? … not very fair to them (or to the nurse) … but joining a club gives you more strength than a teacher with a long time training … but a high school girl your age is stronger than you and can fight even with the strength level of a long-trained adult … well …

    the other issue is my annoyance with some characters that still do not contribute anything …. kuudere, otohiko, kashibuchi …. I do not know the purpose of kuudere (it is the first time that I enter the yandere simulator after almost a year and medium, medium)
    but I know enough to know her routine and that of the other two … Kuudere spends most of the morning in the library, Kashibuchi sewing and Otohiko is late for class and spends most of the day in the infirmary … they are completely useless unlike other characters AND they don’t add anything, isn’t that exactly why all six rainbows were removed? … I could say that Otohiko is justified by its function of eliminating the entrance door but it has no other function than that … while horuda is a useful tool, Otohiko is a character that could be replaced by some other character without problem ( could include Horuda in “does not contribute anything” but has a justification for his problems with bullies)

    I want to say that yandere simulator is one of my favorite games and that I have followed the development from the beginning … and these are just my opinions on things that can ruin the game mechanics a bit.
    you’re still doing great, keep up the good work!

    • I will make numerous changes to Raibaru in the next build. I will also move some of the characters you mentioned into better positions at school.

      Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot!

    • You’re thinking too much a gamer when you know it’s kinda supposed to reflect real life and real reactions too

      • Yeah, I figure that out later from my response. But it would be nice, though. Like, cutting the bushes and adding windows. And also adding windows to the wall next to the bathrooms.

        Also, could there be an elimination method involving a flag stick? Like, for example, the rival is sent to rise the flag but the player can attach the flag’s hook to the rival’s clothe, rise the flag and making her choke to death.
        Too much rude, ah? xd

  9. I have an idea and Im very sorry I hope its okay so the idea is a elimination method so you know the scaffolding that you talked about well for one of the rivals the hang out there so there is a pipe next to the player so the player can throw it and impale them in the shoulder so you have two choices one finish them off and two help them then you are trusted from the rival so kinda like befriend betry
    method hope you like the idea

  10. I have a lot of friends that want to play yandere simulator, but they can’t since they don’t speak english, do you know when you can translate basic text in spanish like the voiced lines and menu’s settings?

  11. i hope the bug where you load the game from a save and then you spawn at the beginning(at the entrance where you walk in) with osana like… still alive and stuff is fixed :/ also i hope the water is fixed during mission mode…

  12. Unsure if anyone else has this issue but no matter what I do I just can’t open the debug menu. I have tried to restart the game, redownload it, switch save files, etc. I have most of the debug menu done and was wanting to mess around with the debugs but it wont open for me no matter what I do. Is it a bug or is something wrong with my game? Any advice?

    • have you retyped it in the extras menu again? and if so then i have a small hack to get the debug commands. so basically go to the tree raibaru spys on osana on monday morning, then walk down and go to the very last tree until the screen gets all staticy press z 10 times and then a little e option should appear. hold down on it and your commands should be there

  13. Hello, Yandere dev!
    I have noticed a bug in the game.
    when you enter the game, the execution speed is fast also when taking a photo.
    and in the rest good work yandere dev :).

  14. Yay. I can finally get them to leave the area without making him over. Gema was too good for them anyway. You should never change your entire appearance and persona to be with someone Gema. Be a nerdy gamer and liiive!!😭

    Keep up the good work Yandere Dev! We believe in you! ☺️🎶

  15. There’s a bug in the game where the art club outfit turns into a regular school uniform if you put it in the washing machine, not sure if you were aware of that.

    I also think that the Martial Arts club could use a buff. Like, maybe gaining the ability to struggle without a small sharp weapon or do the quicktime fighting against any kind of student or something. Afterall, a martial artist should be able to defend emself without a weapon. That’s just my personal opinion though.

    • actually it’s not a bug, yandere dev stated that whatever clothing other then the raincoat and gloves that are put into the washing mashine will get turned into a regular uniform

  16. “ The new hedge walls at the north end of the school no longer clip through the nearby walls” – I was wondering why the hedges where clipping though the walls like that. 😅 thanks for the fix yandere dev. Keep up the great work! 🤗

  17. Idk if this is just me but when I was on the roof, I’ve been randomly seeing shoes just fall from the sky. This is hilarious but you probably want to look into this.

  18. Hey i want to share my idea. Maybe you can make a canteen to school. So with that some of people from clubs or loners can visit there and get something or talk with others at the same time. So maybe it should make game more challenging in lunch time too if students go to the school canteen (i just thinked about these canteen shouldve in the place where is vending machines are or between gym and pool)

  19. Yandere Dev I have to report this bug would be: Raibaru starts guarding “the abduction chest” because Osana is asleep inside. On Monday afternoon I used the method of how to kidnap Osana and I attended classes and followed Raibaru during lunchtime and she ran to the gym and started surveying “the abduction box”

  20. Hey, I found two bugs: Depth of field randomly gets turned on whenever I use pass time or speed up time.
    When I killed several students and hid them in garbage bags (not dismembered), did not dispose of them, then saved and loaded, the game did not recognize them as dead. I then tried disposing of one of the garbage bag corpses in the incinerator, activated it, then checked my student info and they were still considered alive.

  21. Hey Yandev!

    This new build seems pretty exciting and I’ll be looking forward to when things are progressing in the future. I’d like to say that whenever I eliminate someone using the sewer method and then join the Light Music Club, as soon as I finish playing the practice option (Panther) it immediately just shows a still image of the sewers and its sound. You can faintly hear Yan sim in the background but you have to go into cinematic mode to be able to walk around and do things. This is the only bug I’ve encountered so far.

    Hope to hear more updates in the future 🙂

    • amai isnt fully in the game yet so i don’t think he’s gonna update kizana or add her into the game anytime soon

  22. Will you make updates to the school stats in the future? Like allowing the player to construct different kinds of poisons each level of chemistry. Such as like level 1 – sedative level 2 – benzene level 3 – emetic level 4 – lethal and level 5 – allow multiple poisons throughout the week but like keep it balanced being able to construct one position until they hit level 5

  23. i found a bug for the abc killer challenge. If your changing your graphics while using the invisiblity cloak you suddenly turn gray and i normally freeze but it may just happen to me.

  24. 1. Earlier today I took a picture of all the delinquents faces and when I got to the purple one I took the photo, sent the image to info chan, Then I pressed q, like usual, and I still saw the prompts that appear on the top of the screen in camera mode. It had happened to me before so I didn’t stress it until 3 minutes later when it still hadn’t fixed itself. I could still hear the music and when I tried to move I heard the delinquents pushing me. Eventually I heard the noises that signaled to me that a fight had started. Please try to fix it.

    2. I think one of the 7 wonders of acedemi *cough Toilet Bound Hanako Kun cough* is that punching dummy, if I showed that to my 7 year old sister she would cry and have nightmares.

    3. I think that if you try to give the purple delinquent a bloody knife, he should say something like “Why the hell is this bloody?! I’m not touching that!” and then you fail the task altogether because he wouldn’t trust you anymore

    4. I think that if you read the adult manga the councilor should give you less harsh punishments for flirting. Like if you flirt with her she will send you out of the office with a warning then if you do it again she will send you home and then again she will send you home for 2 days and it would take her one more time to actually expel you.

    8. I don’t think I ever saw the circular saw circling around you when at the ending cutscene when it shows all the weapons in the game (that was a fun sentence)

    6. I feel like on Muja’s model you should see a little bit of the pink shirt that is required for the nurses uniform, I know it would kind of contradict the fact that she is supposed to look really sexullized but I feel like just a little bit of the pink under dress would like nice, it wouldn’t look like if you took her coat off she would be naked

    7. Why can’t we use the teachers ID as a fake ID for the town? I know it is so you can disable cameras but you should also be able to use it at town

    8. I found a bug in ABC mode. So I alarmed a student council member while holding the rubix cube, and I wanted to give it to them but I couldn’t while they were staring at me. I held down on the E prompt for giving the rubix cuge to them, and when the finished they automatically pushed me no matter how far away I was.

    9. The cleaning robot can’t access the grass where the delinquents are when a delinquent is dead there.

    Great work! I am so excited to see the future of Yandere Simulator! I hope you read this and take some of my considerations to heart, and am so excited to see the new update to Raibaru!

  25. For number 7, I don’t think that’d be possible just because the teachers look nothing like Ayano, you’d have to sabotage the ID card by maybe giving it to Info-chan, but other than that, I think these ideas are great and YandereDev should take these into consideration!

    • Yeah, fair point, and the only way I’d imagine getting info chan to sabotage it would be sliding it under her door, but I feel like you’d need to pay her for it and that would be super complicated, and thanks!

  26. Whatever i can’t play you game! whyyyyy

    Pada Kha, 11 Mac 2021, 01:48 Yandere Simulator Development Blog YandereDev posted: ” The next update I want to release requires a bunch of > sweeping changes all throughout the game. I’m not sure how long it’ll take > me to prepare that update, so before I begin working on it, want to make > extra-sure that the latest build of the game is as b” >

  27. I’d like to report a bug:
    When you kill Raiburu using the Lethal Poison, and save the game when she is fully killed and load that save, Raiburu will create a blood pool and you can’t pick her up. This is really annoys me, because I am trying to complete the Genocide challenge.

    Also, you can’t kill Hoshiko Mizedori (Green Haired Bully) when she is on the Rooftop. You can kill the others, but not Hoshiko.

    You did not see this comment on the last blog post, so I am re-writing it again.

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