February 14th Bug-Fixing Build

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t have a special Valentine-themed update for you today, but I do have a new build with a bunch of bug fixes in it!

On an unrelated note, I’d like to ask for your help with something. I’m struggling with a game design dilemma, and I’d like to ask the Yandere Simulator fanbase for feedback. Please click here for the details! If you want to provide feedback, but you don’t have a Reddit account, feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that every blog post I’ve made since Osana was released has featured fan-made artwork of Osana! At this point in time, I’ve posted so much Osana artwork that the only artwork remaining is stuff that I’ve been reluctant to post. Why? Because it’s gory, and might be disturbing for some people!

Here’s an example; this image by Spooky has got some gore that some viewers may find a little disturbing, so I’ve decided to censor it a little bit:

Click here if you’re interested in seeing the full, uncensored image…but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Anyway, with that out of the way, click Continue Reading for a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build!

Fixes and Changes

  • The vegetable plot in the gardening club is a valid way to dispose of corpses, but it’s not meant to be a valid way to dispose of clothing or weapons. From now on, if the player tries to drop something in the gardening club, a short message will display onscreen explaining to the player that what they’re trying to do is not a supported feature.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from accurately remembering which tapes/manga should still be present at school, if the player collected tapes/manga and then reset the day or reloaded a save.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s phone to turn invisible if she activated “Pass Time” from the pause menu immediately after exiting “Speed Up Time” from the Yandere Vision menu.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the delinquents from spawning at school if the player expelled the delinquents, then loaded a save where the delinquents had not been expelled.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to mention Musume during her Monday morning conversation with Osana if Musume had been turned into a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player’s save file at the title screen to inaccurately count the number of deaths that had occurred at school.
  • It is now possible to clean up the giant blood mess that appears after killing Osana with fan blades.
  • Fixed bug that caused the bullies’ nails to be brightly lit while in Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Osana now has a unique line of text if Yandere-chan tries to intimidate her as a delinquent.
  • Attempted to fix “Get teleported to roof and become unable to do anything” bug in SNAP Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to get stuck in the Science Club clothes-changing booth.
  • Fixed bug that caused a blue square to appear in the sky as part of the skybox.

102 thoughts on “February 14th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey Yandere Dev!

    So I wanted to say something for all the new players of the game once the crowdfunding campaign launches. After they kill someone, other than the hint, they won’t know that the option of putting bodies into tarps and all of that new stuff is in the game, right?

    Point being: is the hint after you kill someone updated? Otherwise they won’t use it at all and just do it the usual way.

    Also, new players don’t know about Info Chan’s menu – like whenever I watch a new player or someone who hasn’t played the game in a while, they’ll pull up the menu, but then not bother to check everything in it since they don’t know what it’s about. Maybe there should be a cutscene with Ayano and Info chan after the beginning scene, with Info chan speaking to Ayano on how to use the menu, the player would be in Ayano perspective, where the phone would take up the screen as she goes through it.

    Anyways, good luck with everything you’re doing, because I know you’re working really hard, and with everything going on right now it must be hard to work on the game, also thank you for putting all of this stuff in!!!! They’re super cool!

    Ok good stuff

  2. Hello YandereDev!
    Here is some suggestions for you from the russian-speaking community. This one is by https://vk.com/kykymlya. I tried my best to translate it correctly, dbt I am sorry in advance if I made any mistakes.

    For Friendship / Betrayal, you can use the Yakuza, for example, which will almost certainly be fully put in the game. The Yakuza can do a lot in this regard: blackmail, threats, anonymous intimidation, planting fake evidence at the crime scene, etc.
    And Ayano, in turn, can provide services to Yakuza. Not necessarily the supply of bodies for the organs, but it could be something else: obtaining information through Info-chan, establishing wiretapping (only a bug is hung on the required student, which may already mean developing a new mini-game), finding out information about the same company Saikou through Megami (if she survived, and there are many metods here: winning the trust of the council members, friendship with the leader of the science club, who is in love with Megami and after matchmaking he will be able to tell Yan-chan a lot, since he will consider her his friend. Also Yakuza could receive from him new technical developments (he is a genius, after all), which can be useful in a criminal environment.

    Mission from the Yakuza in the style of the Hitman: a rather large location, but not very huge, where you need to sneak in stealthily and kill some NPC. Add many methods of elimination that are already in the game itself (poison, electricity, a knife in the back, and so on).
    Based on this, you can add a fighting game in case Yan-chan is found (and you once said that you wanted to add such a function earlier). And at the same time, you can use various techniques that would make the victory of a schoolgirl over men more justified: a stun gun, bombs that are already in the alphabet challenge, additional techniques like pepper spray, the same developments of the genius of the science club.


    Rival senpai’s interactions.

    1. For example, a rival wants to make a gift to senpai, Yan-chan promises to help her find out what he likes and gives her incorrect data. Or replaces the gift with something else (a dead mouse, a couple of live cockroaches or spiders)

    2. The rival herself loves a certain food (chips, chewing gum, sweets, etc.) and intends to share this with Senpai. Yan-chan replaces the packs with the same type of food, only with some disgusting taste or taste that Senpai himself does not like.
    Or he steals this pack of food, opens it, adds something there (a package of hot ground pepper, for example) and solders it (there are mini-devices for this in real life. You can buy it in the town or from Info-chan)

    3. Senpai is happy to buy something and shares his happiness with a rival. Ayano steals the item and then puts it in her rival’s bag so that senpai can see the item.

    4. A rival asks senpai to help her with a certain school subject. Yan-chan pours sleeping pills on her opponent, who falls asleep when senpai tries to explain the topic to her.

    5. The test happens in class in the morning, and at the end of the day or at lunch, Yan-chan sneaks into the teacher’s room and fakes the opponent’s answers to the wrong ones. Senpai is disappointed that his help explaining the topic on the previous day was a waste of time.

    6. A small change to the Osana event. Senpai goes to the shower room after swimming lesson, Yan-chan steals a rival’s phone, takes indecent photos of Senpai and returns the phone to the owner in her bag. In the evening, the rival wants to show Senpai photos, and he sees himself in the photos.

    7. The rival forgot her phone at home and asks Senpai to call her parents, and steps aside. Yandere uses a signal jammer (which exists in the challenge), because of which the opponent starts looking for a place where he catches the connection. This place is, for example, a cafeteria. After the conversation, the rival leaves the phone on the table, and she goes to buy soda. Ayano spoils the phone at this time (pours water on it or breaks the screen).

    • Using the Yakuza for the befriend/betray event is an interesting thought that I hadn’t considered.

      Some of the rival interaction suggestions were very clever. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey there, YandereDev. This is about few bugs I’ve encounter. 1. The magazines on the Photography club table didn’t collect it. I collect one, but the 4 on the table didn’t. I click and hold e on the other 4 magazine but, didn’t collect instead they’re still on the table despite I press the e button. & 2. I’ve taken panty shots of all the female students, but there’s few error. One is the pink panty is on some male students portraits, few are on one of the upcoming rivals after Osana & some aren’t on female student portrait despite I took panty shots of them. Oh I think i got something new for the game. What if there’s a way to skip time to 5:00pm if you want to do club activity now instead of waiting around till that time once you join the club? Figure that might be nice.

    • 1. I fixed the Photography club manga bug.

      2. Please check for this bug in the next build; it might be fixed now.

      3. I definitely need to put some time into thinking up a solution for this one…

      • Already did and got the next build and those bugs are fixed successfully ;D. Thanks, YandereDev. Keep up the good work

  4. Hey YandereDev, well, i found a bug that i can’t solve. In the ABC challenge, when i play and i am in the last 30 students to finsh the challenge, i can’t kill or talk to the students, cause the thing where you press “E” or “F” doesn’t appear, and the game don’t show it anymore. I don’t know if someone have this issue, but i wish if you could repear it

  5. I have an idea what if new changes (for example, if the incinerator is unusable) are seen on the school website. New players could take care of new things and it would even make sense.

  6. will yandere simulator have same elimination. for example Osana has a fan elimination and the pool elimination will all the rivals have the same thing as Osana elimination. it dose not make sense for each rival to tie a weight or put there hair on the fan. Because of there short hair. I heard that you what each rival to be different from each outer. So here a idea make each rival have a different elimination to make it more different from each rival. sorry if this idea is a waste of time for you. I just think it will be more better if you make the rival more different from each outer. please tell if think if this well make a good idea.

  7. I agree, I started playing the game without watching any YouTube videoes, it wasn’t until my friend that did watch YouTube videoes showed me the “drops menu” that i knew about it.

  8. I read your reddit post and saw the part about the elimination methods working on every FEMALE character and I realized the player isn’t able to kidnap male students so I was wondering, will it ever be possible to kidnap male students?

  9. Hello! , I would like to inform about something that happened to me, because everything normal do what I choose the update where they implemented various things such as being able to report bodies or blood, etc. Well, when I try to update it (Be clear that I had already downloaded it) the game gave up on its own and also did not allow me to download it (It should be noted that my competitor has too much space for any type of download, and I could also download the previous updates) And this Update failed … I was really too disappointed …, Please help Yanderedev.

    • Just so you know sometimes the launcher doesn’t let it download or update the game so you have to repeatly go to the download link until it downloads completely

  10. Yandere dev- the science club members still get stuck on the changing booth… I saw kaga and meka at it too meka was inside while kaga was outside waiting to change both of them were twirling too soooo…- idk how to screen record my screen unless it’s ok phone :/

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