February 19th Quality-of-Life Improvement Build

Hi! I’ve got a larger-than-usual build for you today! My focus this time around was on implementing some “quality of life” improvements to make certain aspects of the game more convenient. If one of your biggest gripes with the game was waiting a long time for certain things to happen, you might be interested in checking out the changelog!

But first, here’s some absolutely gorgeous artwork by TheJennyPill! It’s a little gruesome, so I’ll censor it and include an uncensored version below:

Click here for the uncensored version! I know that most people can probably stomach it, but I decided to be better safe than sorry.



Quality of Life Improvements

There are scripted events in Yandere Simulator that take place late in the day (like Osana’s Thursday rooftop event). Something I learned while watching people play the game is that waiting around for a late-day event to occur is super boring! The “Pass Time” function on Yandere-chan’s phone exists so that the player can skip forward in the day, but it’s not an ideal solution; it doesn’t speed up time by a very significant factor, but unfortunately, speeding up time any faster would break student pathfinding and cause extreme lag, so there’s not much I can do about it.

Some games (like Elder Scrolls and Fallout) allow the player to skip directly to a specific time of day. This feature makes NPCs teleport to exactly where they should be at that point in time. I was always very hesitant to implement this kind of feature into the game, since I anticipated that players would exploit it to make students teleport past corpses. I knew that if I ever implemented this type of feature, I would have to design it in such a way that it can’t easily be exploited to completely bypass all challenge in the game.

Today, I decided that it was time to finally address the problem. Here’s the solution that I came up with: You can now go to the library and read a book to skip forward in time by 30 minutes. To prevent this feature from being easily exploited, you can’t use the feature if anything alarming (blood pools, bloody weapons, bloody clothing, severed limbs, corpses) is present at school. Hopefully, this should prevent the feature from being exploited too much. Remember, it’s a feature that primarily exists to allow you to skip forward in the day so that you don’t have to wait so long for certain scripted events to begin. (I anticipate that speedrunners will benefit from this feature!)

Oh, by the way! Using this feature will grant you 1 extra Study Point to use when class is in session. (Or 2 if you have the study-boosting panties on!)

The next addition is another “time-saver” feature. Sometimes, players *want* the police to arrive at school (usually when they are trying to get someone framed for murder). So, here’s what you can do now: If anything alarming (blood pools, bloody weapons, bloody clothing, severed limbs, corpses) is present at school, you now have the ability to walk into the faculty room and tell a teacher about it. This will instantly end the school day and summon the police. (Another useful trick for speedrunnners, probably!)

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum…many players attended class under the belief that they had disposed of all evidence of their crimes, only to see “The police arrive at school…” indicating that they had forgotten to dispose of something. Here’s what I’ve done to make things a little better:

If you try to attend class while murder evidence is present at school, you will now see a window warning you that the police will be called if you attend class. You are then given the option of either returning to gameplay or attending class to deliberately bring the police to school.

The rest of the additions are relatively minor, but will still have an impact on gameplay.

The pool area now has a “pump room” full of pipes. The idea is that the player will have to sabotage the pipes inside of this room in order to mess with the pool (drain it? pump sewage water into the pool?) It is not currently possible to interact with the pipes, but in the future, this room will facilitate at least one rival-specific elimination method.

A lot of players didn’t understand where to put the “Pool’s Closed” sign in order to close the pool. So, from now on, a little text notification will appear when they’ve placed it in the wrong spot.

From now on, every time a corpse is discovered on school grounds, a security camera will appear at school. One new camera per corpse discovered.

Changed the Xbox 360 button prompts to Xbox One button prompts. (Those 360 buttons were in the game since 2014!)

There are now a few placeholder props in the Home Ec room. These props will be replaced in the near future.

Students now have dialogue for reacting to seeing Yandere-chan carrying a piece of scrap metal.

And last, the counselor’s office now has some fancy new textures!

With those out of the way, let’s move on to the bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused club items (like the Light Music Club’s guitar) to be considered “suspicious” when they were initially grabbed by Yandere-chan, even if Yandere-chan was a member of the associated club.
  • Fixed bug that would make the top half of Senpai’s head during the Amai cutscene turn invisible if the player gave Senpai a bald hairstyle at the beginning of the game.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from recognizing that a corpse should be in a trash bag when loading a save file that was made while a corpse was in a trash bag.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to get arrested for having red paint on her clothing, if she put red paint on her uniform, changed clothing, and then ended the day.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the Headmaster’s tazing sequence from working properly if the player used the Pass Time feature while standing in front of the Headmaster.
  • Fixed bug on the Student Info screen that was preventing a panty icon from appearing on the portraits of students that you’ve already taken a panty shot of.
  • Fixed bug that caused Info-chan to fail to acknowledge “Sneak Panty Shot” photos if the player had taken a photo of a kitten earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the controller to vibrate permanently if the player failed a Mission Mode mission due to blowing their cover.
  • Removed the “get all manga with one button press” debug command, which was accidentally left in the game this whole time. Oops!
  • Fixed bug that would cause police to wrongfully describe a crime as a “murder-suicide” if the suspected murderer was missing.
  • Attempted to fix bug that caused the martial artists to get stuck while walking towards the changing booth in their clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up some of the manga in the Photography Clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that caused the guidance counselor to describe the “Pool’s Closed” sign as a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that made a delinquent accept a bloody knife from Yandere-chan as part of his task.

140 thoughts on “February 19th Quality-of-Life Improvement Build

      • Yandere dev Yandere dev!!
        i was thinking about 3 things you can add to yan sim…
        before i start i have something to say!
        if you notice that my English is quite horrible its because im not from usa ;w;
        hope you understand lol

        1- if the students that have a “Innocent” personality like the gardening club girls or the students with personality set as social butterfly and teacher pet, see the blood as red paint ???
        and say “is that red paint…???” or “why are you covered with red paint??” and probably damage less our reputation…???

        2-Could you put a crowbar somewhere in the school? maybe in the science club! because the only way to get one is with the dellinquents

        3- Its just for fun oki??
        sometimes i see the students with an bag…
        you can make the students leave the bag inside the classrooms??
        that will be cool!!!!

      • Interesting suggestions.

        1. I think that this would remove some of the challenge of the game.

        2. I’ve been considering it lately. I may add it soon.

        3. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this, too. I’m not ready to confirm or deny just yet.

      • Hey So YandereDev I play on a windows laptop and when I hold right click the camera doesn’t show up but when I click it it shows up for a second

  1. Hello YandereDev, I wrote you about this bug several times, but I will write again. The pool in your game does not cast any shade, which makes the pumping station sunny, and the pool only shows the shadow of the ladder, not the walls. Hope you fix it eventually.

    • I don’t think so :/
      I remember Yan Dev saying that adding a rain feature in the game could cause problems with student’s routine but Yan Dev also mentioned that rain could also become a feature for a specific day only.

  2. i just realised something ,would the circular saw be better placed if it was in the workshop room, i know it is empty, but adding this alone would give people a reason to go in there. also it would be more risky as koroku is constantly in that room

  3. Yandere Dev, there’s this bug where my screen spazzes and spins around after I take a picture of something. Can you fix it?

    • IKR that was what I was thinking when I was reading that part and it gives the “fake reaction” prompt more meaning (no offense to yan dev)

  4. Hi! I am Mark! I have question. When yandere simulator be completed, will it be on android? If it has very much gb so you can decompress it. Please tell if it will be.

  5. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! I currently am trying to beat the ABC Killer Challenge and while doing so I’ve noticed that the time changes from 7AM to 8AM which makes the students go to class and its hard to get them out of there. This has happened to me twice after I reached the 30th victim or so. You obviously don’t have to fix this but I just wanted to le you know.

  6. I have an idea which is when we numb the needle and put the person in front of the students, they carry it and take it to the nurse

  7. I don’t understand. I lower Osana’s reputation to -50 (after poisong Raibaru). And Osana suffers bullying, but Senpai don’t reject her. What is the use of using the gossip method with Osana if at the end we end up to senpai?

    • Senpai will only reject Osana if her Rep in -100 or more. If her rep is -150 or more she will commit Suicide. Its written in the Damage Rival Rep in Info-Chizzle’s services.

    • Osana’s reputation should be lowered to under -100 to make senpai reject her. If you lowered it to under -150, she will commit suicide. You don’t need to poison Raibaru for this method, so I suggest using those info points to lower rival’s reputation (in Info-Chan’s services) next time. Hope this helped!

  8. Yandere Dev, maybe Amai’s secret obstacle could be the player themselves. You should utilize the Cooking Club’s function, when walking around the school Amai will always be surrounded by students. Although she will be alone sometimes, you could make it so a few students walk where Amai is going. So when Amai is alone, she really is surrounded. Of course, you should let Amai be alone a few times so the player can technically walk up and stab her, but the player has to judge if they can stab Amai and run away without being seen.

  9. when a student notices anything suspicious they will go tell the teacher .
    even after i killed the teacher they go to them and see the body.

    PS: great work YandereDev!!!!!!!!!

  10. something super weird happened to me when i was playing yandere sim i got osana mindslave form debug i got hwr to kill the sensei when i faked a reaction the teachers were like: *there is no doubt it was you* then i got apprehended for no reason (idk if this is a bug if this is wellll….)

      • Perhaps you could crowdsource translations: I know of quite a few projects that do this, and there are online platforms for automating these kinds of things. All that would be necessary is for the game to use translation keys and substitute those for the language-specific translation from some external data file

  11. i found a bug, i was in hunger mode and i ate a human, i went into the teachers area and i wanted to eat a teacher so i did and it had the “report blood/corpse” above her head instead of the eat button and i ate her instead of reporting the corpse, another teacher saw me and i got apprehended but the big red letters that say apprehended didnt show up and instead im pinned to the ground and i cant do anything. This might not make sense through the way i explained it

  12. a few things,,
    will there ever be more ways of disposing bodies? i hate having to walk all around school and only have the science lab tank and the incinerator outside as good options.
    also, for the incinerator, could there be a thing that says ‘are you sure you want to turn it on?’ because the amount of times i’ve clicked activate instead of dump is embarrassing 😩
    i would also love to be able to wear the maid costumes and other costumes in the drama room, maybe as a way to not get blood on yourself idk
    finally, last time i played i sped up time (7:59-8:34– so the delinquents had time to get to class too) and then it wouldn’t allow me to carry the corpses after that :/

  13. Because when I complete the assignment from a student with uneven breasts to Ayano does her bust become the size of Ayano’s?

  14. Hey YandereDev, will you expand the School in the Future? Like add environmental changes, more Tools and Weapons to kill people, change the school design, etc. kind of like the Mara Mod?

  15. So much work in this game and i love it!! You are a amazing and if you need any support thats what im here for!! The years of work youve spent has worked really good!! And its only gonna get better from what i see

  16. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important: can you create a rectangular box that says “lost items” that sticks out the umbrella that is used as a weapon in the lost and found items located in the closet near the raincoat on the ground floor?

  17. Yandere Dev I forgot to tell you that you have done great work on all the updates of Yandere Simulator as always. Beautiful works of art I mean the drawings on all your posts

  18. yanderedev i have a question, why when using pose mode and changing taro yamada’s hair her eyes turn gray they are not like the original texture

    Also that in a mode pose the long stockings are not the same as the ayano aishi, in a mode pose the accessories that are at stake are missing, now it looks very poor in itself. thank you I hope you read this

  19. Hey Yanderedev!
    I feel like there’s a little problem with the “pass 30 minutes” feature in the library. I was trying to matchmake Osana, like I did numerous times, but increasing the suitor’s wisdom doesn’t work anymore because of that feature.
    Was it supposed to work that way, or is it a bug?

      • Thank you very much! By the way, I was wondering how to open the hint when you get the notification from Info-chan. I tried pushing all buttons and nothing happened… could you help me with that..?

  20. YandereDev i was wondering, could you add more story to students who are not even like known to YTubers. E*G: Homu Kurusu will be making areplica of her dead sister or herself. in a week or so, she has completed her robot she made. By the way she is in the Science Club.

  21. Hi, YandereDev, I just wanted to say, that I can’t use the debug menu, after I compleated the week. I tried it several times and with none of the attempts it worked.

  22. I was playing at updating the garbage bags, and I tried to kill all the leaders of the clubs, but in order not to stain with blood I was going to use one of the large ones, and I had to carry the bags and the bat (I used the bat) everywhere I went, so I was thinking that in the game I could use a backpack, or a bag like the ones that the students sometimes carry, yandere could use one of those to store, and hide large weapons (it depends on the size) or different objects, that more than one can be put in. It would also make sense where Yandere hides the phones because it has no pockets :v
    or that in the barrels more things than weights can be hidden
    it would be a pretty cool progress, which would help the player. Thanks anyway if you don’t watch this ;3
    sorry if my englsh is horrible ;-;

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