February 14th Bug-Fixing Build

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t have a special Valentine-themed update for you today, but I do have a new build with a bunch of bug fixes in it!

On an unrelated note, I’d like to ask for your help with something. I’m struggling with a game design dilemma, and I’d like to ask the Yandere Simulator fanbase for feedback. Please click here for the details! If you want to provide feedback, but you don’t have a Reddit account, feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that every blog post I’ve made since Osana was released has featured fan-made artwork of Osana! At this point in time, I’ve posted so much Osana artwork that the only artwork remaining is stuff that I’ve been reluctant to post. Why? Because it’s gory, and might be disturbing for some people!

Here’s an example; this image by Spooky has got some gore that some viewers may find a little disturbing, so I’ve decided to censor it a little bit:

Click here if you’re interested in seeing the full, uncensored image…but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Anyway, with that out of the way, click Continue Reading for a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build!

Fixes and Changes

  • The vegetable plot in the gardening club is a valid way to dispose of corpses, but it’s not meant to be a valid way to dispose of clothing or weapons. From now on, if the player tries to drop something in the gardening club, a short message will display onscreen explaining to the player that what they’re trying to do is not a supported feature.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from accurately remembering which tapes/manga should still be present at school, if the player collected tapes/manga and then reset the day or reloaded a save.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s phone to turn invisible if she activated “Pass Time” from the pause menu immediately after exiting “Speed Up Time” from the Yandere Vision menu.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the delinquents from spawning at school if the player expelled the delinquents, then loaded a save where the delinquents had not been expelled.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to mention Musume during her Monday morning conversation with Osana if Musume had been turned into a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player’s save file at the title screen to inaccurately count the number of deaths that had occurred at school.
  • It is now possible to clean up the giant blood mess that appears after killing Osana with fan blades.
  • Fixed bug that caused the bullies’ nails to be brightly lit while in Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Osana now has a unique line of text if Yandere-chan tries to intimidate her as a delinquent.
  • Attempted to fix “Get teleported to roof and become unable to do anything” bug in SNAP Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to get stuck in the Science Club clothes-changing booth.
  • Fixed bug that caused a blue square to appear in the sky as part of the skybox.

102 thoughts on “February 14th Bug-Fixing Build

    • could you do a elimination method like sabotaging something that can explode :))))) like an oven or something. its alright if you don’t wanna do it I’m not forcing you :>

  1. yandere dev i just wanted to aware you of 2 bugs in the game that i found out about
    -if the player concealed a student saved and loaded the game will not remember the student is in trashbag, and will be bleeding if they were killed with a sharp weapon
    -the game dont reconize osana being killed by horuda (because of the bullying) as killed by mind broken slave elimination method

      • The difference between socialize and complement is that socialize requires you to know what the character likes and dislikes, same as with gossip, but the complement feature was removed because it was too easy to gain reputation.

  2. Hi YandereDev!
    I noticed that when I put kimono-like clothes in the washing machine, they become school uniforms at the end of the wash.
    Could you fix the bug?

  3. Ok here are my thoughts: You could strike a balance between having 1 and procedural generation by having, like, 3 methods for befriend/betray or 3 environments for stealth missioning. In the be B/B, you could either do the ransom bit you proposed, “save them” from the delinquents (see below), or help them with a media stunt (vague idea).
    The “saving method” might involve tricking the rival into offending or being near the delinquents, find a student council member (or be SC yourself) and tell them to be there to break up the ensuing fight. Afterwards, you/SC would tell them that Yan-chan was the one who saved them and they would come to your home to thank you. If unvoiced, only thing you would need might be one or two complex animations for the defenseless and everything would go smoothly.
    This idea is not well thought ot but maybe you could stand up to one of the social types with low rep, save them from the bullying and raise their rep. Dunno how it would work but might require minimum assets.
    One way you could make them be in hedge mazes might be interrupting a blackmailing attempt? Another sneaking environment could be an alley, or just have 3-5 house layouts.
    All this is very conceptual but it might be easier than all-out procedural generation.
    In Rejection, again, you could have 20 events instead of 5 and just shuffle them. Still, might be asset-heavy.
    Sorry for not using Reddit!

  4. Wow Yandere Dev this is awesome! I really like how you changed the burying of evidence, and it”s a coincidence that i was a delinquent in the game yesterday!

  5. Hi YandereDev!!! you are very good!
    I noticed that when I put clothes in the washing machine that are not a school uniform or a raincoat, for example, a kimono or a scientist’s uniform when the washing is finished they turn into school uniforms
    Can you fix a bug?

  6. hey yandere dev can you fix the extra
    when i type debug it activates but once i exit it i need to type the debug again pls fix it

  7. I think maby the rival and senpai are haveing an in school date maby they are painting or cooking or something and if it is painting you could trip the rival to get paint all over senpai, and if it is cooking maby trip her to drop a knife on senpai’s foot. idk if this is a good idea.

    Aslo in the martial arts club two students keep getting stuck behind the plant pots beside the changing booth.

  8. If all goes well in custom mode, can you make it so that when we choose Kokona as our rival, we will have her voice lines and her debt problems???

    I am so glad that you are making such great progress 👍 😊

  9. Well i I wanted to betray someone in RL (if I’m a crazy yandere ofc) I would call people to my home to work on a group project, but then asking the rival to arrive earlier so it would be easier for me to drug them or asking them to give up on senpai (that would require ayano to be friends the the target, previously doing favors for them or learning their likes and dislikes). Falling to request them to give up senpai (due to not enought friendship built) would automaticaly leads to ayano making the decsion to fight the target to drug her

    you could code something simple: ayano sending texts from her smartphone to each person

    That’s my setup suggestion:

    there’s a group chat. Each person say something but it can be about the group project or just chatting. Between the apparently useless chat, the target will give hints about her personality (friendly/eager to impress/helpful)

    for examlple:

    ayano: hi ____, Can you arrive at 3pm?
    target: but I thought you told in the group at 4pm?
    ayano: (the player chooses the answer)
    “well there is something I believe only you can help me with” (EAGER TO IMPRESS)
    “I would like to talk to you” (FRIENDLY)
    “I need your help with something” (HELPFUL)

    ^ the answer matchs the target’s personality, he/she will arrve earlier, otherwise the anwer will be “sorry, I can’t.”
    the challenging here could be making it harder fot he player to figure it out which one of the three is the target personality, because it can be obvious during the group chat conversation or subtle

    for example:
    the target says: “I’m the only one who knows about the east asia geography! hahaha I’m just kidding” (eager to impress)
    “well I could help you with that subject. I really find it interesting. …no, but if you insist you could pick this subject. But I really do believe I may be helpful” (this is a “eager to impress” that could be misunderstood as “helpful”, because the target here is trying to hide their personality trait so it won’t be rude but the difference between a true “hepful” is the way the target keeps insisting)

    Well that would be easy to code; you could just pick one female voice actor to be generic for the girls; the challenge here is psychological and knowledge in social behaviour. It wouldn’t be hard to find volunteers to create the group conversations and the target’s traits would be random

  10. Maybe more of a school aspect could help with certain eliminations for 1980’s mode? I mean we don’t have all the technology we have today, so here are my suggestions:

    1.) Making tests a thing so it makes studying actually important. We should also have a way to make studying fun. Maybe a fun minigame like the Cafe Minigame, delinquent fights, or the Light Music Club?? This is so it makes sense and makes stealing test answers seem like a more valid method. Making a student fail a test for a school lifestyle you never see feels bland. It makes you immersed.

    2.) Building off the last one, that would also make homework another good way to eliminate a rival by ranking their grades. Either by proving they cheated off someone else’s work, plagiarized, or just flat out steal their homework.You may be able to even ruin it if the homework is for a specific class. You have class right after lunch time. Maybe that would be a good time to ruin their homework? Either in the fountain or dropping it in mud.

    3.) You can tank them academically and socially by making it seem like they’re a shady and untrustworthy person, but you would be their only supporter. Their only friend. You would ask them to meet you at a certain time and well.. you get the rest.

    Also, this has to do with the orientation day you proposed:

    1.) You know how in anime they have a sort of psuedo festival like environment? Clubs are setting up booths, trying to snag new members, the school is made to feel warm and inviting, and then there’s always that big assembly at the end of the day where the new students are welcomed?

    2.) Well that could be another great tutorial! It teaches you what each club would be about and how each club would benefit you as a player. Like a custom miniversion of a day? You walk around and it shows you your effects on people with said club. At the end it would ask you if you wanted to join. You say yes or no.

    • I also thought of a different method that’s useful in both the main story AND 1980’s mode:

      1.) Isolating the rival socially. You can pin the rival and their best friend against each other by taking advantage of a series of misunderstandings. Just like you do with Osana and Senpai, but this would be more of an example of Osana and Raiburu. But at the last misunderstanding you have an opportunity to frame the friend for murder.

      2.) They will end up pushing the rival, but you get to choose the location as you sent a note to both lockers to meet up. Depending on the environment it can offer a new method for things to go horribly wrong. The rival could end up accidentally pushing them over the railing, into something sharp, or fall in an angle that snaps their neck.

      3.) Or you can use the “Canon” mode for the bathroom elimination in 1980’s. If you eliminate her in the bathroom it’s Canon. No matter the elimination. In there you eliminate her, as she now doesn’t have a friend (bodyguard) anymore, as she is too busy crying to notice your approach.

  11. If you intend on making generic befriend/betray missions, you could randomly generate 2D mazes with an 8 bit version of Ayano and items that you need to collect, along with people roaming around that could catch you. If you don’t want it to look like a hedge maze, you could generate different floor designs in varied segments to make it look like you’re walking into different rooms.

  12. It’s good to see that your game is starting to get back on the good track! Keep it up and It’ll become a huge success!

  13. For the befriend / betray method, I have an idea. What if, after class, we could have access to a library where most of the students would go to study? Ayano could then steal something from their bag, like a textbook or a USB stick. She could then tell them that she found it by chance and offer to give it back the next day. So they would come to her house to find what they lost !

  14. the image isn’t so bad. and we have to remember yandere simulator is a 18+ game so if a kid sees it they have nobody to blame but themselves. and + the entire game is about gore murder & many other disturbing topics! if you can’t handle all that simply don’t play it.

  15. well I have an idea for something that could be found in a hedge maze for the befriend-betray quest.
    Point 1:
    The Bullies love their gossip and they’ll do and say anything to get it

    Point 2:
    The generic rival tells them of this real damaging secret about saikou corp that a former student found out but they didn’t want to tell anyone for fear of repercussions so they buried their findings somewhere around the hedge maze area. Yandere Chan’s job is to find this.

    Point 3:
    The bullies are very interested in finding out what this is so they threaten to ruin that students reputation and make them look like a complete joke on Hoshiko’s hate forum thus destroying their reputation at school and subjecting them to the same kind of ordeal as the delinquents had if they cannot find this thing they are claiming.

    Point 4:
    The generic rival approaches the bullies about this in the first place because the bullies know the rival’s been doing some very shady things to find out information on Senpai and that the rival wants to date Senpai so once again for a nice subject to gossip about they’re planning to let Senpai know this has been going on so it’s more an act of desperation on the rivals part.

    Point 5:
    Using the fact we’re saying this stuff is buried somewhere around the hedge maze area but not inside of the hedge maze itself would provide reason to make the hedge maze significantly larger by randomly generating more of it.

    Point 6:
    Sometime between this student leaving and the player joining Akademi the full hedge maze was blocked up and made much smaller because students kept getting lost and being late to class. There’s rumour one student even ended up being locked inside Akademi over night after losing their way.

    —More Stuff—

    Point 7:
    To achieve this restriction in size you could simply say the rest of the maze lies behind the outer walls of the current one where those large open spaces are currently but you would have to find some way of restricting people’s view because you can see these are empty from the rooftop. For the randomly generated maze to still make sense people should be unable to see these areas. To get to this other section of the maze you’d have to chop down some of the outer wall of the current maze. The player could do that using the Katana in the headmaster’s office which would allow you to use the whole school as the side mission if you really wanted to.

    Point 8:
    To add complexity to the situation you could make the player have to do something earlier on in the day so the headmaster doesn’t take the key to the display case with him or you have to find something heavy (a fire extinguisher or pipe wrench) to smash the case open. You could add further difficulty using the fact that all of the cameras that Megami implements when you kill a council member probably secure the school through the night any way so Yandere Chan has to avoid these.

    Point 9: You probably would not require any new assets for this, you could even take some out (most of the classrooms as well as club rooms and toilets are likely locked after everyone has left so you could just not render any of these. To get in the school to start with you could assume info chan just lives in her room on the third floor so the window is open like in the stalker side mission. Info Chan could either not care at all or you could use her as an obstacle Yandere Chan needs to sneak past

    Well that’s about it, if you get the chance to read this then thank you for your time.

  16. This is irrelevant to what you’re asking but here’s an idea for befriending rivals in the simple way by completing their tasks— I think it’s too simple for one task to exist to befriend them and that would probably change in development but I just want to share an idea I have. Since there’s 10 rivals, what if you up the amount of tasks the player has to do in order to be friends with the rival? 10 tasks for Megami is obsessive so instead, you +1 task ever two rivals? Ex. Osana & Amai: 1 task Kizana & (fourth rival, I forgot): 2 tasks and so on. I think this would help contribute to the difficulty of each rival as you progress.

  17. An idea I have had for yandere simulator is Ayano’s essential needs. Basically she doesn’t eat at lunch or have breakfast or anything. I have been thinking maybe there could be a mini fridge in Ayano’s room that you could open in the mornings and grab a quick snack & pack a lunch. At lunch time, Ayano would have to eat the lunch she packed in the morning which would take up a certain amount of time at lunch time, making it harder to murder someone during lunch time. The consequences of Ayano not eating could be slower running/walking, or less phsyical strength so it takes longer to pick up a body. Hope you have a great Valentines Day ❤

  18. Yknow, I think the sneaking mission doesn’t nearly have to take place at a house. Perhaps, one ‘life-saving favour’ could be that the guidance counsellor confiscated something very special to the player, and Ayano would have to sneak through the school at night, which means finding a way to get in, avoiding possible security cameras, finding the keys to the guidance counsellor’s room, etc. I also think it would add a nice horror effect to the game, because there could be, depending on how low the atmosphere is, teachers patrolling, and the school would be super dark and scary. The task could also have to be set up earlier in the day, for example, taking panty shots for them and reporting them so that their phone gets confiscated, and she/he say, have to use it tonight for an event for something.

  19. Idea for Befriend / Betrayal :

    The rival could have a randomly generated (minor) secret (E.g. the rival could go to a random place at random times during the day and talks about their random secret on their phone or to a friend or to themselves). The player would have to stalk them and unlock the rival’s dark secret. Once the dark secret is unlocked they would have to write a convincing letter about their secret (using the letter mechanic already in the game) and place the letter in their bag or locker. In the letter you could say to meet with them at school at night time, and to unlock the ability to go to school at night the player would have to take the keys from a teacher or from a room (This can involve the pickpocketing minigame or the mechanic involving stealing answer sheets). And once they obtain the keys they can unlock the gate to the school at night and meet with the rival.

    Once the rival arrives at school the player could wear the raincoat and a mask to disguise themselves and lock the gates behind them and chase them around school with a weapon (they could maybe buy one from the hardware store) this would involve a chase / hide and seek minigame where the rival would hide in random places. After they catch the rival 3 times they could drop something important to them and the player can steal it. Once they obtained the item they can unlock the gate and announce in the announcement room speakers that they can run free if they keep quiet. The rival would then run away and could see Ayano on the roof waving as they run out of the school.

    The next day they could talk to the rival somewhere in school (Like with Osana and Kokona on the roof) and say they in the letter that they saw them going into school at night. The rival would then say what they experienced and that they lost their item, Ayano would then say she would get the item back. Then Ayano could simply send a text with a picture of the item (and maybe the mask to look like they dealt with the “Chaser”). Then the rival would come to Ayano’s house like normal and then the player would have the option to let the rival go or betray them.

    It may seem like quite a lot but it would only require some random items and secrets since it would use features already in the game and deosn’t require a change of environment (only to change the school’s atmosphere)

  20. Something that would be really cool to add to the game is that after you eliminate a rival via matchmaking on Friday night or on Amai’s week/Amai’s challenge when you go to town you can see Osana and Kyuji in town outfits on the bench where Kokona and that man usually sit. Long story short after you eliminate a rival by matchmaking them they will appear after they’ve confessed in town on the bench until you matchmake another rival.

  21. I have been thinking.. what if the cooking club was disbanded? How will that affect the gameplay during Amai’s week?
    Also stop being so self conscious. Just give a conservative date of the campaign and that you’re not confident about it though

  22. I would love to give feedback but I don’t have private internet, therefore, cannot open Reddit so can someone please tell me what you wanted feedback for?

  23. Hey Yan Dev First off I’d like to say your doing a good job keep it up! The game will be awesome when its done and the idea’s are really coming together nicely and I normally don’t like gore or horror! I’ve seen a lot of your video’s as well as people play the game. I may even play the demo myself!

    I wonder what you’d think of my concept and personality ideas. Also if your interested I have some character ideas for the game. I think maybe adding my characters would add a bit of difference to the game idk how you would feel about it though so if anyone is interested let me know! Btw anyone can use these ideas or characters for videos I would love to see them come to life!

    Here are the ideas!

    Personality Ideas

    Calm- The calm persona never get angry and usually walk away from people being rude to them. They also drag their friends out of such situations. They are cool as a river and it shows in the way they carry themselves they also are hard to anger and unless really driven to it wont fight.

    Reaction to Murder= Uh oh better beat it !

    Reaction to a blood stain= That’s blood right ?

    Reaction to a weapon= Whoa better grab this and give it to a teacher before someone gets hurt.

    During a lockdown they try to help keep the other students safe and quiet.

    If a calm student is nearby when any students are fighting or arguing if the student council doesn’t step in they may step in to be a mediator to stop the fight listening to both sides of the argument trying to create a compromise.

    If they see Ayano acting suspicious or see her murder someone they wont hesitate to lower Ayano’s reputation. They will also say they witnessed it to the police.

    Protective- The protective persona will defend their friends from bullies or anything else. If a protective student sees their friend getting bullied they will step in and fight back against the bully or delinquent by mocking them and stuff like that. They are also more suspicious at low atmosphere watching over the other students to make sure no one gets hurt.

    Reaction to Murder= Knock it off scumbag or face the consequences!

    Reaction to a blood stain= Blood ? Oh that’s not good there’s someone injured !

    Reaction to a weapon= How dumb why would someone leave this laying around ?

    During a lockdown they try to help keep the other students protected and they also guard the door if something suspicious happens they are usually one of the first to react next to the hero persona.

    If a protective student is nearby when any students are fighting or arguing if the student council doesn’t step in they may step in. If only to keep the fighting students from injuring themselves. If their friend is involved in a fight will step between the bully and their friend taking the hits for their friend.

    If they see Ayano acting suspicious or see her murder someone they will apprehend her. However they may even sacrifice themselves for the other student. If this happens and the other student gets away the other student will say that the protective student sacrificed themselves. They will also say they witnessed it to the police.

    Loyal- The loyal persona will defend their friends from bullies or anything else they will also stick close to their friends. If a loyal student sees their friend getting bullied they will step in and fight back against the bully by mocking them and stuff like that as this easily infuriates them. They may even pull a prank, get revenge or worse or even tell the teachers on the bullies or delinquents. They are also more suspicious at low atmosphere watching over and sticking close to their friends to make sure no one can touch their friends without going through them first. Will take hits for their friends no matter the cost.

    Reaction to Murder= Touch them and you wont make it out of this !

    Reaction to a blood stain= Blood ! Why is their blood here ? Was it a student !

    Reaction to a weapon= Better put this away before someone injures themselves.

    During a lockdown they try to keep close to their friends usually guarding them. If they notice something suspicious will take a hit before their friend does. Will also watch over the one guarding the door to keep an eye on them as well. They will also ruin Ayano’s reputation if she gets away with it.

    If a loyal student is nearby when their friend and any other students are fighting or arguing if the student council doesn’t step in they may step in on their friend’s side joining the fight. They make the fight last longer and usually don’t back down unless their friend gets them to calm down.

    If they see Ayano acting suspicious or see her murder someone they wont hesitate to lower Ayano’s reputation. They will also say they witnessed it to the police. However if Ayano attacks their friends they will attempt to apprehend her.

    Confrontational- The confrontational persona are quick to anger and even quicker to fight and hard to get forgiveness out of. If someone talks bad about them or someone they are close too they will go confront the bad mouthing student. Which may start a fight depending on the other students’ persona. They may even prank the bad mouthing student at some point after the fight or confrontation.

    Reaction to Murder= I’m so getting out of here !

    Reaction to a blood stain= Why is there blood?

    Reaction to a weapon= Ok this is stupid who leaves this stuff here?

    During a lockdown they act like loners hiding

    If a confrontational student is nearby when their friend and any other students are fighting or arguing. If the student council doesn’t step in they may step in on their friend’s side joining the fight. They make the fight last longer and usually don’t back down no matter what, That is unless the student council sends them to the councilors.

    If they see Ayano acting suspicious or see her murder someone they wont hesitate to lower Ayano’s reputation. They will also say they witnessed it to the police.


    Starting a Fight

    This is a distraction technique where if Ayano approaches a confrontational or loyal student and tells them someone is bad mouthing them. For confrontational or their friends for both once Ayano has done this then both personas will sit rigid and shaky for several moments in surprise and anger. After a while both will confront the bad mouthing student.

    Later on a fight will occur if the bad mouthing student or students don’t apologize. Every student in the immediate vicinity will watch the fight which gives Ayano no witnesses for whatever she wants to do. She can even cause multiple fights at once which causes major disruptions. Several things can break the fight up however. The calm and protective persona’s as well as the student council girls can stop the fights.

    Lockdown- Lockdowns happen if something really bad happens and can be initiated by several things. ( It is also a bad thing and can cost Ayano a game over if she is not careful! )

    1- Finding any kind of blood, bloody weapons or corpses on school grounds either by staff or by student.

    2- After finding anything suspicious an alert and loud siren and message over the school speakers by the headmaster will go out around the school. This causes the police timer to start. Students and staff will also take to hiding in classrooms waiting for police to arrive.

    3- Students will act differently based on their persona’s

    Bad things for Ayano for lockdowns

    1- If Ayano doesn’t go to a classroom during a lockdown she will get detention or sent to the councilor after the lockdown is over.

    2- If Ayano shows up to a lockdown acting suspicious she will be apprehended by certain personas or the teacher.

    3- If too many lockdowns occur during the course of a week the school will shut down for safety reasons which causes a game over.

    Detention- Is well detention instead of always getting sent to the councilor the teachers may give Ayano or any other student detention. However this depends on what the situation was. Even if sent to the counselor they may choose detention over expelling Ayano depending on what choices you make.-

    Examples are

    If the bullies are caught bullying someone or not performing their cleaning duties. A student council girl may report them to a teacher who then will give them detention.

    Fighting students may also receive a detention.

    A Student or Ayano may also receive detention for being late to class.

    Student interactions/Relationships

    For one thing during the day students should be all over hanging out with each other and not just with their clubs in their club rooms.

    Students can be friends either randomly for the save file or for similar hobbies or become friends over the course of the game or just be friends in general.

    Friends may talk to each other when not in class among other things.

    Students may also randomly start dating or be dating at the start of the save file and this can be randomized; they will mostly hang out with each other and each other’s friends.

    If students are siblings, friends or dating they will be ultra protective of each other.

    Examples are

    1- If a sibling, friend or partner doesn’t show up to school, or meet up when they have free time they will go searching for them. If the corpse of who they are looking for is found by them they will be devastated.

    2- If a sibling, friend or partner is attacked in front of them they will use the hero response and try to apprehend Ayano.

    3- If they see a sibling, friend or partner being messed with by either the delinquents, the bullies or any other student they will defend them and then talk to the sibling, friend or partner later.

    4- they will also eat lunch together or during lunch will sit and talk or do other things like draw or do other hobbies. They will also work together during cleaning time as well as walk home and to school together.

    Also I liked your idea where before and after classes the students at Akademi would talk about the news about whats going on. It’ll help tell how the students are doing with everything. It will also let Ayano know whose onto her. They could also share unintoresting stuff if nothings really happening.

    Ayano if they have a lot of friends should have more of a safety net. Because maybe the friends will defend Ayano against the accusations of other students if they didn’t see it which could save her reputation loss slightly. Or save her from being arrested by the cops. They also may not damage her reputation at all when she gossips to them. But the downside is they may start showing up to talk to her making it harder to get away with anything. The rivals if befriended may even help convince the next rival in line to let Ayano confess to Taro.

    Ayano should also be able to claim self defense against the other students

    The way this happens is if Ayano does the frame another student by making them pull out the box cutter. What she could do is injure herself somewhere and then do something else. Once she does this and the police come the other student will go to jail.

    I also like the idea of another student being an informant for Megami that isn’t in the council. Keeping an eye on Ayano and following her around the school occasionally texting Megami. If the informant catches Ayano in the act the informant will immediately call the police and Megami.

    I also think if a rival wins Taro we should see what happened with them. As well as what Taro’s life becomes and what he turns too. Also in the after game if Ayano wins Taro it should show their life after the game them being a couple and everything and what he turns into.

    I also think over time with rivals being befriended that eventually maybe Ayano and Taro should start talking. Maybe near the end of the game they start hanging out and getting closer. While he’s still getting close with, say Megami also in the after game if Ayano wins Taro it should show their life after the game them being a couple and everything and what he turns into.

    Also maybe someone like Budo would try and win Ayano’s heart during the course of the game and if they succeed it’s also a win. Maybe even see them in the after game cuddling and stuff acting like a coupe if Ayano accepts their feelings.

    Maybe a Rival like say Osoro or Megami could try and take out Ayano as another way for Ayano to die like maybe if Osoro figures out Ayano’s in love with Taro before Ayano befriends her she tries to take down Ayano. Megami knowing Ayano’s true nature doesn’t want Ayano alive so pretty much she won’t want to let Ayano be around unless Ayano gains her trust.

    Maybe Osoro also knows Ayano from when they were younger and they are slightly friends but are at odds so you need to befriend her.

    • Also guys here’s my character ideas which I need ideas for so feel free to give any feedback on routines or anything and what you think of them! Also again feel free to use them to make videos and let me know if you do I’d love to see these ideas and characters come to life I’d also love to see design ideas for the characters!

      Yan Sim Characters

      Kaiser ( Kai ) Darth Reagan ( Male )

      Looks= Black hair with light azure bangs/steaks and forest green eyes with a scar over his left eye. He has slightly tan skin and a normal build but is stronger then he looks.

      When at Akademi he wears the typical school uniform and shoes with white socks, a dark blue light azure and white beanie, a black eye patch with a light azure soul symbol on it over his left eye and a wolf fang necklace around his neck.

      Outside school he wears a red jacket, light azure t-shirt with a dark blue soul symbol on it, a black eye patch with a light azure soul symbol on it over his left eye, gray cargo pants, white socks and blue and white tennis shoes and his wolf fang necklace. Also near the end of the game he starts wearing Shiloh Niel’s flame charm as well as the wolf fang.

      Important information

      He doesn’t let anyone know his full first name, preferring to be called Kai in order to hide his full name which the teachers and other staff agree to do. So far in school only The teachers and other staff, Ayano and the student council girls know his full name but if Ayano needs him she only uses his nickname unless he’s where no one will hear them.

      He is childhood friends with Ayano Aishi.

      His oldest brother Hunter Reagan went missing after being in the military. His older brother Austin Reagan who is adopted goes to school with him and Ayano and keeps close with both. has two little half siblings the twins named Sullivan Regan-Blackthorn his younger brother and Victoria Reagan-Blackthorn his younger and only sister. His Step fathers name is Mathew Blackthorn. His Mothers name is Laurel Reagan-Blackthorn. His blood fathers name is Yamato Ichigo. Kai and Hunters along with Laurel’s last names were Ichigo before Laurel went back to her maiden name after divorcing Yamato she changed Hunter and Kais last names to her maiden name which it seemed they appreciated.

      He also has been contacted by Info-chan and is unsure how he feels about it as he doesn’t know Info-chans motives. He also asked Ayano if she had gotten any messages from Info-chan when he got to school the morning after. They found out each other had been contacted and Kaiser told Ayano to be careful with what she did.

      He knows Ayano and unless he sees it or she tells him herself he wont believe she’d take the same path as her mother. He feels like she’d prefer a method that wont hurt anyone. However he has been keeping his distance lately. He waits for updates if Ayano tells him anything.

      He is assumed to be a supernatural being called a wolfblood he has neither confirmed nor denied these claims. He is also stated to have some kind of elemental ability he has also neither denied nor confirmed this either. This has Oka Ruko trying to find out what he really is but Oka is more focused on the Basu sisters than him.

      There are other rumors spreading about him that people either believe or not and he is not very well liked due to it.


      Kaiser’s father when he was really little was a very mean man and did some bad stuff and even ran a gang called the dark ravens. Kaiser’s father was also aggressive towards Kaiser and his oldest brother at times. When Kaiser’s mother found out his dad was sent to jail. After someone found out rumors started spreading. Kaiser had always been afraid that he was like his father but hid his fears from his family. Kaiser began to have trust issues but got close to Ayano. Yes he knows Ayano’s real nature but he doesn’t care and instead is trying to help her find a better way. He also became a target for Brandon along with Musume’s group and the delinquents. More often than not ending up in the nurse’s office almost every day due to the fact he most times doesn’t fight back. Sometimes you can even find him unconscious.

      He also hides his left eye under an eye patch due to a scar on his eye. It also made him slightly lose vision in his left eye. He has always feared being like his father but little does he know he’s the exact opposite of his father whose corrupted soul and evilness didnt transfer to Kaiser. He was contacted by Info-chan the same night Ayano was and was slightly confused and distrustful. He doesn’t know why Info-chan would contact him other than his crush on Shiloh Neil.

      Kaiser and Brandon were also friends before Kaiser’s father got arrested and they had a falling out. It didnt help that before the game Kaiser and Brandon had fallen for the same girl and Kaiser won the girls heart till the girl died from some undiagnosed health issues and a chest infection/pneumonia. Brandon has always thought Kaiser was like his father after finding out about Kaiser’s father. So Brandon Blames Kaiser for the girl’s death.

      On the Monday of week one Kaiser gets an alarming phone call from a police officer saying his father had escaped from jail. This has caused him to become distant and not very out there.

      He had a bit before this started falling for Shiloh Niel though she doesn’t know him very well. He throughout the weeks tries to be subtle and try and get closer to her until he reaches the courage to do so but he is competing with Brandon and often has to stay away and avoid her. He also fears about what his father is planning and more often than not avoids people. He just doesn’t want anyone hurt; he’d rather it be him. Throughout the weeks he begins to suspect some suspicious happenings around him are the work of his father and the dark ravens. After this he gets more protective of the students of Akademi. Info-chan keeps in contact but he doesn’t know what services would help him so instead she just keeps trying to keep an eye on him.

      Then on the tenth and last week a confrontation between him and his father reveals the truth. Yes Kaiser is a wolfblood with aura abilities which he knew. But his family’s history from his father was that after his great grandfather had something happen to him the man turned and was exactly like Yamato the great grandfather even made the Aishi family the way they are with some kind of serum as the man was a mad scientist. Kai has vowed to help Ayano’s family even if it ends his life. He also ends up with Shiloh in the end. Also during week ten Shiloh gives Kaiser her pendant for luck. The pendant is shaped like a flame.

      The Confrontation starts one night when Kaiser is video Chatting with Shiloh. Shiloh gets a call from Kaiser’s father and is slightly upset with him. Kaiser asks if it was a male or female voice when Shiloh responds with male Kaiser gets immediately mad. Kaiser promises to explain later and tells Shiloh to make sure her house is secure as he goes to face Yamato.

      On another note Megami the student council president had the Student council keeping an eye on Kaiser and Ayano. With Kaiser Megami was more concerned about his tendency to be so silent and unfriendly Megami knew it wasn’t like him to avoid everyone and Megami knows his history but doesn’t blame him. A lot of times Kaiser would end up at the councilors for his unsocial behavior and for the fights his bullies start. but Kaiser was too scared to talk to the councilor about anything which worried Genka especially when Kaiser would be found beat up from the encounters with his bullies or the delinquents. It’s gotten to the point Budo has also noticed this. Budo has been trying to get Kaiser to open up about what was happening. As well as to not be afraid to need help. Budo has also been offering to train Kaiser to defend himself. Kaiser didn’t say yes until week 4 as he began to fear he may have to face his father and took up Budo’s offer of practicing with the martial artists during the day.

      Personality- Loner/Calm/Loyal/Protective

      Self Defense= Very good Will fight back if he has too

      Crush- Shiloh Niel

      Club- None

      Respected- 0

      Feared- 80

      Other- 50

      Class- 2-1



      Art- Likes

      Cats- Likes

      Cooking- Neutral

      Cosplay- Dislikes

      Drama- Dislikes

      Family- Likes

      Friends- Likes

      Gardening- Neutral

      Gossip- Dislikes

      Justice- Likes

      Martial Arts- Neutral

      Memes- Neutral

      Money- Neutral

      Music- Likes

      Nature- Likes

      Occult- Dislikes

      Photography- Neutral

      Reading- Likes

      School- Neutral

      Science- Neutral

      Sports- Neutral

      Solitude- Dislikes

      Video Games- Likes

      Violence- Dislikes

      Major info

      He is childhood friends with Ayano Aishi knows her real nature but doesn’t care and wants to help her find a better solution.

      He is assumed to be a supernatural being called a wolfblood he has neither confirmed nor denied these claims. He is also stated to have some kind of elemental ability he has also neither denied nor confirmed this either.

      Other Rumors have made him very distrustful and lonely though he doesn’t tell anyone.

      Dark Secrets

      Kaiser’s father being in jail and dangerous as well as his family history.

      Kaiser had a girlfriend who passed away prior to the game and never thought he’d love again.

      Kaiser is infact a wolfblood as well as having aura abilities.

      Bounty- Kaiser has told his family not to worry about him and that he can handle what’s happening during school. Take a picture of him being unconscious after being attacked by one of the delinquants, bullies, or Brandon.

      Also even outside his major events you most times can find him either with Austin. Trying to get closer to Shiloh or being unconscious or injured from the delinquents or being bullied by Museme’s crew. This is rare but you may also see him walk up to Ayano.

      First Week Major events

      Monday 7:30- Police phone him to tell him his father has escaped from jail.

      With Kaiser, Austin and Ayano Right after changing Shoes Kaiser’s phone starts going off and Kaiser pulls it out of his pocket.

      Kaiser- Hey Yan-chan, Bro i gotta take this.

      Ayano- Of course take your time.

      Austin- Tell me what happens Lil bro ?

      Kaiser- Sure Big bro.

      Kaiser walks away to a spot no one will overhear his phone call and he answers it leaning against a wall after a while he starts pacing. He starts getting spooked near the middle of the call.

      Kaiser- Hello? ( Leaning against the wall with the phone to his ear )

      Police Officer- Is this Kaiser Reagan ?

      Kaiser- This is him and please call me Kai. ( Still leaning against the wall )

      Police Officer- ok Kai.

      Kaiser- Now is there a problem? ( Getting a bit nervous starting to push himself off the wall worried. )

      Police Officer- Yes i’m calling with some bad news and we have already informed your mother of this.

      Kaiser- What the issue ? Is Someone from my family hurt! ( Starts pacing beginning to get scared and has a bad feeling he knows what the officer is about to stay. )

      Police Officer- In unfortunate news your father Yamato Ichigo has escaped from jail.

      Kaiser- No NO! This can’t be happening! ( Begins to shiver in fear and stops pacing sliding down the wall. )

      Police Officer- Don’t worry we will do what we can to capture him again.

      Kaiser- O-ok i’ll do my best to stay calm and hope he doesn’t find me but i’ll defend myself if i have to! ( He gets up nervously )

      Police Officer- Fair enough.

      After hanging up

      Kaiser- w why did he have to come back? ( he is sad and scared as seen in his animations )

      Kaiser walks to where Austin is and tells Austin everything the two are nervous.

      Kaiser at this point begins to withdraw knowing if his dad was running around how dangerous it would be to show friendship to anyone.

      Tuesday- Lunch Time

      Kaiser is eating his lunch alone while Austin is chatting with some of the students nearby eating his own lunch.

      Kaiser- What do you want Brandon? ( Kaiser looks a little scared as he sees Brandon walking towards him )

      Brandon- I know you like Shiloh back off she’s mine! ( Brandons stance is aggressive as he stares at Kaiser ready for a fight. )

      Kaiser- She’s not a trophy and you shouldn’t treat her like that! She chooses who she chooses and a girl like her deserves a gentleman! So what’ll happen if i say no ? ( Kaiser rebukes Brandon but is also a bit nervous especially near the end. )

      Brandon- I’ll ruin you and beat you up till you concede you won’t even be able to get close to her! ( Brandon punches Kaiser in the eye to emphasize his point. )

      Kaiser- Try me! ( Kaiser shoves Brandon away from him startled )

      Brandon- I will from now on your life will be a living nightmare! ( Brandon beats Kaiser up and then Brandon walks away. )

      Wednesday- Cleaning time Kaiser doesn’t notice a trap that lays in wait for him after he is near Shiloh with Austin cleaning. Kaiser is just trying to see if Shiloh would react to him being near her he just doesn’t have the courage to say hi yet. Brandon seeing this sets a puddle of water near the stairs sending Kaiser falling down them. This is also the day his Bounty can be taken.

      Thursday- Before Classes

      Kaiser is at the front of the school when Brandon makes a bunch of threats against him and then later on once again beats Kaiser up.

      Later at lunch Kaiser once again tries to get near Shiloh but to no Avail because Brandon is talking to her.

      Friday- Before classes

      Kaiser hangs with Austin before walking off and once again dealing with Brandon.

      Week 2

      Week 3

      Week 4

      Week 5

      Week 6

      Week 7

      Week 8

      Week 9

      Week 10

      Austin Maximous Reagan

      Description- Brown and tan haired with teal eyes tan skin and normal body structure.

      Typically wears the school uniform with a lightning bolt shaped necklace.

      Outside school he wears a leather jacket, a green t-shirt and black jeans with white socks and gray sneakers along with the lightning bolt necklace.

      Personality- Calm

      Self Defense= Very good Will fight back if he has too

      Crush- none

      Club- Sports

      Respected- 100

      Feared- 0

      Other- 100

      Major Info

      Childhood friends with Ayano.

      Likes to be their for his brother

      Class- 3-1



      Art- Likes

      Cats- Likes

      Cooking- Likes

      Cosplay- Dislikes

      Drama- Dislikes

      Family- Likes

      Friends- Likes

      Gardening- Likes

      Gossip- Dislikes

      Justice- Likes

      Martial Arts- Likes

      Memes- Neutral

      Money- Neutral

      Music- Likes

      Nature- Likes

      Occult- Dislikes

      Photography- Likes

      Reading- Neutral

      School- Likes

      Science- Neutral

      Sports- Likes

      Solitude- Dislikes

      Video Games- Likes

      Violence- Dislikes

      Brandon Lucas Bennete

      Looks- Dark brown haired with black streaks and one white streak. He has slightly tanned skin and orange eyes with a normal body build.

      Normally wears the school uniform with spiked wristbands.

      Outside school wears a black jacket, a red shirt and gray jeans with white socks and black boots with spiked wristbands.

      Personality- Confrontational

      Self Defense= Very good always fights back

      Crush- Shiloh Hatch

      Club- none

      Class- 3-2


      Anime- Likes

      Art- Likes

      Cats- Dislikes

      Cooking- Neutral

      Cosplay- Neutral

      Drama- Neutral

      Family- Likes

      Friends- Likes

      Gardening- Dislikes

      Gossip- Dislikes

      Justice- Likes

      Martial Arts- dislikes

      Memes- Likes

      Money- Neutral

      Music- Likes

      Nature- Likes

      Occult- Neutral

      Photography- Dislikes

      Reading- Neutral

      School- Likes

      Science- Neutral

      Sports- Likes

      Solitude- Dislikes

      Video Games- dislikes

      Violence- Likes

      Shiloh Lucile Reagan

      Looks- Blond Haired with bright blue eyes. Has normal body build and a normal skin tone.

      Normally wears the school uniform with a flame shaped locket.

      Outside school wears a purple t-shirt tan skinny jeans and blue sneakers.

      Personality- Calm

      Self Defense= Very good always fights back

      Crush- None- Kaiser Reagan near end of game

      Club- none

      Class- 3-2


      Anime- Neutral

      Art- Neutral

      Cats- Likes

      Cooking- Neutral

      Cosplay- Neutral

      Drama- Neutral

      Family- Likes

      Friends- Likes

      Gardening- Dislikes

      Gossip- Dislikes

      Justice- Likes

      Martial Arts- dislikes

      Memes- Likes

      Money- Neutral

      Music- Likes

      Nature- Likes

      Occult- Dislikes

      Photography- Likes

      Reading- Neutral

      School- Likes

      Science- Neutral

      Sports- Likes

      Solitude- Dislikes

      Video Games- Neutral

      Violence- Neutral

  24. I appreciate this new build man, but please, take some time to breathe. Everyone is spreading such…useless nonsense, and I really do not like it. Please, take a bit of time to gather your bearings man. You’re still developing this game to us, no matter how long it takes. We’re all gonna be here. Also, thanks for the bug fixes. I encountered a LOAD of them when I played lol. Take care.

  25. Your so talented, but maybe you could add a new club, something like a ‘Cosplay Club’, similar to the drama club where you can design some costumes, masks etc. as a type of a disguise but it won’t fool certain characters.
    Just a suggestion 😀

  26. I have never been a fan of secondary gameplay modes unless you can earn an achievement or it unlocks something cool. So why can’t we use the vegetable plots to hide weapons or bloody clothes? If a body can go there then why not our evidence? To get closer to a random student just steal something important of theirs, claim to have found it, and give it back.

  27. To be honest. I don’t understand why you have to censor the pictures like that. Yandere Simulator is an horror game where you play as the monster, murder, blood and violence are topics really comun in it, and i guess that the people who play the game are 18 years old or more…..
    Anyway…. the progress you’re doing is amazing, you never disipoint us, keep the good work, we apreciate you a lot!!! 👍✌

  28. Why are you censoring it? Yandere Sim is about killing, kidnapping, etc. People who play this are already used to the drastic content. Rather, no one would be scared to see this picture

  29. how does senpai notice ayano when hes reading a book? and i think you should add an animation on when students get up to investigate a giggle and an animation on where they put their bento on there chair cause when they get up the bento just gets teleported on the bench and when their sitting back i think they should get their bento first and sit

  30. you could use a function to hack the cell phones of other characters, to use as blackmail, or to cheat by sending a message posing as someone else.

    don’t forget your brazilian fans, we love you is your work of art.

  31. I think to demo tutorial should be about killing midori since many videos of yours is killing midori. You as Yandere Chan will begin waking up in your bedroom , god or developer (Yandere dev) will tell you how to move around, then you try too tell the player how the player will go to the computer seat to go to these online stores then suddenly… Midori interrupted the tutorial… and you Yandere dev decided to use your god powers to summon a knife a tell the player to kill midori! After that you will magically summon a broom ,bucket and sink in yan chan room to clean the mess. Then he magically summon a shower and new uniform. After that was finished he will summon a incinerator to get rid of evidence.

  32. So I have 3 things to suggest:

    1. I feel as though when the students spawn they shouldn’t be with their clubs because it’s not really realistic. For example, Saki and Kokona are friends so they should walk with each other instead of walking with their club

    2. The same idea like number one but with lunch. Ofc some people will have friends in their clubs and they should still hangout with each other. But Instead of EVERYONE being with their clubs at lunch they’re with their friends or doing something else. Some people should have different lunches based on their person (Like Saki likes sweets so she should eat sweet things at lunch).The delinquents would have pizza or some type of junk food. Some people would be sleeping(pink hair guy) others would be sketching(art club) and the people with no club would either be eating or attending make up classes because of their grades during lunch with Yan Chan can attend but only has 2 study points.

    3. The lockers that the students change their shoes in should be customized since it’s their locker. (Bullies would have the most decorated and scribble on mean things on Horuda’s locker or anyone that has low reputation)

    4. If 3 people are killed the police will bring in dogs to sniff out evidence and that would result in the player getting a game over if they buried a weapon, clothing, or body on school grounds. That way Instead of having The feature removed it will be in the game but have risks. The police would also stay at school and patrol for a couple of days to make sure no one is doing anything. (Not the first week but later on in the game)

    Well that’s alll I hoped you all liked my ideas 🙂

    • 1. I agree. I’ve wanted to change this for a long time, and I’ll probably change it in the future.

      2. I understand your suggestion, but the primary thing I think of is, “Every student is a pair of eyes and ears; an obstacle to the player if they are trying to get away with a crime.” Student placement at lunchtime (and any other time) has to be designed specifically to present a challenge to the player, rather than “Oh, these two students are friends, so they’d eat lunch together, so cute…”

      3. It’s a fun suggestion, and it would probably be a lot of fun to add this to the game, but if you watch anime, this just isn’t an aspect of Japanese high schools…

      4. Yeah, I’ve considered this. I mentioned it in a video one time. I’m not prepared to implement it in the game yet, though…I’d want to consider the potential game design consequences first.

  33. For the befriend/betray method, perhaps you can make a forest that always changes with a shed that changes locations with traps or creatures that yan chan has to evade.

  34. Dear Yandere Dev. Please add the rainbow six girls back to the school. Or atleast make it so that if you change a student’s apperance with the JSON files and give that student any colored hair like “Red” or “Green” their hair won’t turn gray or back to it’s original color when Ayano loses sanity.

  35. I’ve been wondering about the frame for murder elimination and I’ve noticed the only way to use it is with the drama clubs gloves. Without it you can’t use the method. So if you wanna eliminate Osana by framing her you would have to join the club but, if you wanna eliminate Amai by crushing her you would have to quit the drama club to join either the sports or gaming club. But if you wanna frame Kizana you can’t do it because you can’t rejoin a club. What happens then?

    • I think that this shouldn’t be changed. I think that the point of the game is to face the consequences of your actions. If you already did the framing method and left the club, you will have to work around that or reset your save. It’s a learning experience if you get what I mean.

  36. Dear yandere dev,I hade got the crowbar and opened the thing(I forgot what to call it -w-) but what is its purpose and what will be its purpose?

  37. For the Life-Saving-Favor: If breaking into houses does apply for any student, perhaps it depends on that character for the “house” you break into. Maybe some students live with their parents and in an average house, or in a small apartment (as some Japanese high school students do live on their own and in apartments). Maybe as a placeholder, have one map of a small house/apartment, that’ll only apply to all other characters, so perhaps the rivals are the only ones with larger and nicer houses, IF allowing the player to break in anyone’s house becomes a thing and if that’s something that could be interesting(?).
    As for the hedge mazes, maybe there’s a small group of students from another school, that hangs out in hedges for some reason (or to purposely scare others), or even some kind of animal or object that frightened that student, but maybe when the player goes to the hedge, it’s actually a stray cat or just a branch that spooked them. So, there could be other characters that pose as a possible threat, or something non-threatening that scared the student away.
    But, I do wonder if it’s been considered that the player could steal something so important from any student while at school or in town. Maybe there’s a student that brings her diary with her everywhere she goes, but it “suddenly goes missing”, opening an opportunity for the player to “find it and return” the diary to that student. So in following days afterwords, that student may not bring their diary to school again, because what if they lost it again? Or even find out who in school stole that student’s diary and take it back from the actual thief to return it. Although, that scenario is more specific to someone’s personal property, like a diary, but I do wonder if such a thing as that has been considered. Maybe not just stolen property, but also someone is being bullied by someone and you go to find out why. I don’t honestly know if what I’ve said here was even a good idea.

    For Sabotage Generic Interactions: Simple interactions that can/could apply to ANY student… Asking for help on an assignment, where you could possibly “replace” the assignment paper or a book (that’s being used to help for the assignment), or just simply take the book and the student would have no idea where it is. Going back to the other person and say, “I don’t know what happened. I must have misplaced it”. OR If one student is entrusted with holding someone else’s property, like a phone or book, and they “somehow lost it”, after being trusted to keep a hold of it. And if that one student goes to the guidance counselor to report a missing/stolen item, the player could plant it in the bag of the student, who was trusted to hold on to it.
    (I could only come up with one. All others I thought of didn’t really seem to apply to any student. And I don’t know if this helps at all.)

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