February 13th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve been fixing a lot of bugs lately, so I’ve decided to release a new build that resolves some issues that have been getting reported lately!

To see a list of everything that is fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this artwork of Ayano chasing Osana, drawn by Proxy Moron!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If the player frames a student for murder, kills that student, and then disposes of the framed student’s body, the police investigation sequence will now mention that the murder suspect is “missing” (previously, the sequence described the murder suspect was dead, even if the police had no way of knowing that the suspect was dead.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from correctly loading the state of school atmosphere and the state of security measures at school, if the player lowered school atmosphere and then attempted to load a save that was made at a point in time when school atmosphere was higher.
  • Fixed bug that caused all drinking fountains at school to activate simultaneously at the start of the day, which lowered the framerate and was very noticeable when reloading from a save.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Genka to remember excuses that Yandere-chan had used, even if the player loaded a save from before they were ever sent to the counselor.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Demo Checklist from acknowledging that the player had matchmade Osana if the player had skipped the confession cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana’s “talk with Senpai while walking to school” event to occur even if Osana was kidnapped or a mind-broken slave.
  • It is no longer possible to accept Gema’s Task after 8:00 AM, since the purpose of the Task is to affect events that occur at lunchtime.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from being able to successfully pathfind around the new tall hedges nearby the school pool.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana’s “talk with Musume” event to occur even if Osana was a mind-broken slave.
  • It is no longer possible to use the Alphabet Killer Challenge cloaking device while wearing a raincoat.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from being able to turn off a radio that was placed on a table.
  • Improved Ryuto’s hair texture – another asset that hasn’t been updated since 2015!
  • You should no longer get stuck on doorways while using Tall Mode.
  • It is now possible to reset your Demo Checklist progress.

34 thoughts on “February 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Not sure if this is a bug, but Osana and Raibaru won’t pose for the camera when you try taking a picture of them. I remember you said it’s only a thing if they’re on their way to an event, but it never happens. Even if they’re talking in the plaza, they won’t react and rather say things like “That’s obnoxious.” “That’s annoying.” “Stop.” etc. The stuff students in Mission Mode say when they walk into you, or when you try taking a picture of someone after the 2nd time they’ve posed.

  2. Good 🙂 I have a suggestion: its weird to see people automatacly assume that a dead body is dead, I think they sould go investagate that and tell the nurse that someone is in the floor sleeping

    • There’s a problem though. With the current corpses, there’s no wounds or injuries. You sorta have to assume that the corpse of a student who you’ve just bashed their skull in with a baseball bat, has their skull cracked. Or a stealthy pipe-wrench/fire extinguisher/dumbbell kill resulting in a their spine being snapped.

    • i get where you’re coming from but nobody lays on a highschool floor with blood on the floor and stab woulda on them out of nowhere

  3. Yandere dev I lack a problem and a bug
    Bug: Whenever I take a picture of the kitten and sent it to info Chan then take a sneak panty shot she says the same exact thing if I send a photo of the kitten please fix it.

    Problem: When I was aiming for the genocide ending I notice a problem, teachers can’t be killed unless your physical stat is rank 1 but in order to win the genocide ending there should be no debug commands, and this makes it a bit harder since we have to kill in the first day of gameplay, and ONLY one day, I lack this a lot and it had been in my mind for a long time do you have a solution?

  4. its weird to see people automatically assume that the person dead, I think they sould go and tell the nurse that someone is on the floor don’t know if there unconscious or dead

  5. I dont know if fixing the demo checklist part fixed this, but i had an issue where, when i matched Osana it said that she died as if i killed her. i skipped the cut scene cause Osana and Museme were stuck and not having their talk like they normally do, if it matters, i did use the “speed up time” part to get to the cutscene

  6. Hey yandere dev, you should make that when the dead bodies are dead they should have the injures, it’s not realistic if it doesn’t have any injuries.
    Please, do this it might do the game way more cool. Thanks.

    • Osana can’t be bullied if Raibaru is alive/still Osana’s friend since the bullies don’t want to get on her bad side.

  7. Wow, I’m very impressed with how many bug fixes and improvements have been added to the game. I have suggestions for things in the future having to do with mind-slaves. I’ve always felt there could be more to mind slaves, I’m just gonna separate each idea to make it easier.

    Being mind broken:
    Upon kidnapping a student, there should be multiple ways to break their mind and turn them into a mind-slave. Each action should have a higher or lower percentage that would effect what the kidnapped student says and tries to do. When they are kidnapped, they should try to break free from the chair or persuade Ayano into letting them go.

    Mind-slave killing a student:
    Upon a mind-slave being sent to kill a student, they should say something to the student before killing them.

    Student reaction to mind-slave:
    I’ve always been bugged at students just backing up and freaking out by witnessing murder by a mind-slave, if a student reacts to a mind slave, they should have a voiced line or a chat bubble at the bottom. Upon witnessing a mind-slave killing, they should say something like “Oh my god! What are you doing!?”, depending on their personality type is how they should react afterwards.

    Student Council reaction to mind-slave:
    If a student council sees a mind-slave killing a student, they should run up to the mind-slave and pepper spray them with a voiced line, upon the cops arriving, the mind-slave would be sent to a mental hospital or something of the sort, but the student would remain dead.

    Friend of the mind-slave reacting:
    If your mind-slave is friends with one or more students in the school and they react to their friend killing a student, they should say something like “Oh my god! _____ what are you doing!? Stop it!” and attempt to stop their friend from killing a student. Depending on their strength they would lose or win.

    Friend of the student being killed reacting:
    If a mind-slave is killing a student with one or more friends and they react to their friend being murdered, they should have say something like “What are you doing! Stop it!” and try to take action depending on their strength and personality.

    I know all this might be really time consuming to implement but they are just ideas I thought were cool and would impact the games atmosphere heavily. If anyone takes the time to read this, let me know what you think about these ideas and if there is any details that would improve any of these ideas.

  8. I went to the inventory thing to see what items I had and it said I had saki’s bra when I didn’t even pick it up & I had made a different save file before that and didn’t notice it until now, I did saki’s task to see if it would go away but it didn’t. (13/02/2021 build)

  9. YandereDev, you didn’t think that you where a Troll.
    You said CLEARLY that you Fixed the Bug of the Demo Checklist not recognizing the elimination for Matchmaking Osana. But, when I did that, the Image still did not show in Colour.

    P.S. Did not know you added new Background Music in the Game….

  10. Here’s a random idea I just thought up of. If 5 students see you dragging a dead corpse, but you framed that dead student for murder, the police should see this as retribution. Especially if the other victim (that you framed on the dead student) was friends with Aishi. Might sound more complicated than what it actually is.

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