Valentine’s Day Update

On January 1st, I looked at the amount of progress remaining to be done before I could release the game’s official demo, and calculated that there was less than 2 months of work remaining. I planned to release Osana on February 14th – Valentine’s Day. Today is the day that Osana was going to be released…but it’s not happening.

Over the past 25 days, I’ve been subjected to the largest avalanche of hate and harassment that I’ve ever experienced. It’s several orders of magnitude worse than what I was put through in 2018, which prompted the Hate and Shame video. Every day, I consider making an “I quit, I can’t do this anymore!” video, because absolutely nothing is worth the amount of abuse that I’m receiving.

I was already morbidly depressed before this happened, but recent events have pushed me down to the lowest point I’ve ever been at. The severity of what I’ve been put through has completely killed my enthusiasm for the project and robbed me of all motivation to work on the game. It’s impossible to be productive under these circumstances. The only thing more difficult than finding a reason to keep working on Yandere Simulator is finding a reason to keep living.

The longest-ever gap between two of my videos was 50 days, occurring between the Live-Action Trailer and Guidance Counselor video. In 7 days, on Feb 21th, we’re unfortunately going to break that record. I’ll try to release something on March 1st, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible to find the energy required to make a video, when it’s already hard enough just to convince myself to get out of bed in the morning.

I fixed some bugs over the past couple of weeks, so I’ve uploaded a new build that is more stable than the last one. I’ll include a changelog later in this blog post.

On the bright side, I did get some cool fan art recently, which makes me feel a lot better. Here’s a really outstanding illustration from milkiii.tea:

Click “Continue Reading” for more.

I love how this artwork from toxic-potato makes Akademi High feel active, energetic, and like it’s full of distinct characters who are each living a unique life:

I simply can’t get enough of dreamcharlie‘s art style, and I love the way she draws Yandere-chan:

This illustration from PastelUnicornElise makes Yandere-chan look so cute and charming!

Orion’s Waifu drew a very scary Yandere-chan:

AbbsWithAbs drew the ever-popular delinquent Yandere-chan:

DigiAndromeda drew a super-cute tiny bride Yandere-chan in a box:

And a few days after Valentine’s Day, I received this beautiful artwork from a Chinese fan called Yiki-chan:

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If Yandere-chan is caught misbehaving by an authority figure (either a teacher or a student council member) and sent to the guidance counselor’s office while she is wearing a mask, she will be forced to remove the mask before speaking to the counselor.
  • One of the accessories (a mask) had special functionality that was activated by the spacebar key. Because the spacebar is now used to open the map, I’ve changed the mask so that its functionality is activated by the left Alt key, instead.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to freeze in place if she was a very long distance away from the player while she was supposed to be performing a “look at suspicious object on ground” animation.
  • The hill with the mythical cherry tree behind the school has been reshaped to have a flat surface for the Art Club to stand on, so that it doesn’t need an ugly wooden platform attached to it.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to make a student snap out of a “dying from poison” animation by aiming a camera at them while they were dying.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any dialogue from displaying when Yandere-chan apologized to a student who witnessed her stealing something.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to “walk up the wall” in the Martial Arts Club, using the blue practice baton as a ramp.
  • The canvases at the mythical tree hill will no longer appear if the Art Club is disbanded and isn’t going to use them.
  • Entering a boy’s bathroom is now considered to be suspicious behavior that will damage your reputation.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent collision detection from properly occuring in boys’ bathrooms.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan’s hair from appearing blonde while in her room.
  • Fixed a rendering error with the plants in the Headmaster’s office.
  • A new launcher is now available at – this one should be much more reliable than the previous one!

Why does everything suck so badly right now?

Some people have a sadistic desire to abuse and mistreat others. In order to do these things, they first need to feel like they are justified in doing so. Once they believe that they have found valid justification for treating someone like trash, they become unable to view that person as a human who deserves compassion or empathy, choosing instead to view their target as nothing more than a receptacle for abuse and harassment.

Having justification to torment a victim is incredibly valuable to them. They receive intense pleasure from abusing and harassing a target, and they don’t want to lose that ability. Even if they were actually harassing an innocent person, they would refuse to acknowledge it. They would reject facts, truth, logic, reality, and counter-evidence, all in favor of continuing to believe in a false narrative that allows them justify cruelty and abuse.

There are people who have created a narrative that I’m a pedophile scam artist who can’t code and treats his fans badly. This narrative provides sadistic people with justification for treating me like garbage, so I’m an attractive target for anyone that enjoys acts of cruelty. I’m not actually a pedophile, I’m not actually a scam artist, I’m not actually a bad programmer, and I don’t actually treat my fans badly. I already debunked that stuff years ago.

However, the truth doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is a narrative that permits sadistic people to abuse and harass a target.

364 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Update

  1. I’m not like those toxic and hateful fans. I personally think that the game slowly being updated is really exciting.

  2. YandereDev is not a bad person, I don’t understand why so many people hate him, other than rumors and lies. These haters are just straight up pissing me off with their bullshit.

    YandereDev deserves better treatment than all this hate.

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  4. I’ve seen people straight up make calls to action to kidnap, kill, or even rape Yanderedev. The hatewagon is truly disgusting and it pisses me off how little compassion these people have.

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