Valentine’s Day Update

On January 1st, I looked at the amount of progress remaining to be done before I could release the game’s official demo, and calculated that there was less than 2 months of work remaining. I planned to release Osana on February 14th – Valentine’s Day. Today is the day that Osana was going to be released…but it’s not happening.

Over the past 25 days, I’ve been subjected to the largest avalanche of hate and harassment that I’ve ever experienced. It’s several orders of magnitude worse than what I was put through in 2018, which prompted the Hate and Shame video. Every day, I consider making an “I quit, I can’t do this anymore!” video, because absolutely nothing is worth the amount of abuse that I’m receiving.

I was already morbidly depressed before this happened, but recent events have pushed me down to the lowest point I’ve ever been at. The severity of what I’ve been put through has completely killed my enthusiasm for the project and robbed me of all motivation to work on the game. It’s impossible to be productive under these circumstances. The only thing more difficult than finding a reason to keep working on Yandere Simulator is finding a reason to keep living.

The longest-ever gap between two of my videos was 50 days, occurring between the Live-Action Trailer and Guidance Counselor video. In 7 days, on Feb 21th, we’re unfortunately going to break that record. I’ll try to release something on March 1st, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible to find the energy required to make a video, when it’s already hard enough just to convince myself to get out of bed in the morning.

I fixed some bugs over the past couple of weeks, so I’ve uploaded a new build that is more stable than the last one. I’ll include a changelog later in this blog post.

On the bright side, I did get some cool fan art recently, which makes me feel a lot better. Here’s a really outstanding illustration from milkiii.tea:

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I love how this artwork from toxic-potato makes Akademi High feel active, energetic, and like it’s full of distinct characters who are each living a unique life:

I simply can’t get enough of dreamcharlie‘s art style, and I love the way she draws Yandere-chan:

This illustration from PastelUnicornElise makes Yandere-chan look so cute and charming!

Orion’s Waifu drew a very scary Yandere-chan:

AbbsWithAbs drew the ever-popular delinquent Yandere-chan:

DigiAndromeda drew a super-cute tiny bride Yandere-chan in a box:

And a few days after Valentine’s Day, I received this beautiful artwork from a Chinese fan called Yiki-chan:

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If Yandere-chan is caught misbehaving by an authority figure (either a teacher or a student council member) and sent to the guidance counselor’s office while she is wearing a mask, she will be forced to remove the mask before speaking to the counselor.
  • One of the accessories (a mask) had special functionality that was activated by the spacebar key. Because the spacebar is now used to open the map, I’ve changed the mask so that its functionality is activated by the left Alt key, instead.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to freeze in place if she was a very long distance away from the player while she was supposed to be performing a “look at suspicious object on ground” animation.
  • The hill with the mythical cherry tree behind the school has been reshaped to have a flat surface for the Art Club to stand on, so that it doesn’t need an ugly wooden platform attached to it.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to make a student snap out of a “dying from poison” animation by aiming a camera at them while they were dying.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any dialogue from displaying when Yandere-chan apologized to a student who witnessed her stealing something.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to “walk up the wall” in the Martial Arts Club, using the blue practice baton as a ramp.
  • The canvases at the mythical tree hill will no longer appear if the Art Club is disbanded and isn’t going to use them.
  • Entering a boy’s bathroom is now considered to be suspicious behavior that will damage your reputation.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent collision detection from properly occuring in boys’ bathrooms.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan’s hair from appearing blonde while in her room.
  • Fixed a rendering error with the plants in the Headmaster’s office.
  • A new launcher is now available at – this one should be much more reliable than the previous one!

Why does everything suck so badly right now?

Some people have a sadistic desire to abuse and mistreat others. In order to do these things, they first need to feel like they are justified in doing so. Once they believe that they have found valid justification for treating someone like trash, they become unable to view that person as a human who deserves compassion or empathy, choosing instead to view their target as nothing more than a receptacle for abuse and harassment.

Having justification to torment a victim is incredibly valuable to them. They receive intense pleasure from abusing and harassing a target, and they don’t want to lose that ability. Even if they were actually harassing an innocent person, they would refuse to acknowledge it. They would reject facts, truth, logic, reality, and counter-evidence, all in favor of continuing to believe in a false narrative that allows them justify cruelty and abuse.

There are people who have created a narrative that I’m a pedophile scam artist who can’t code and treats his fans badly. This narrative provides sadistic people with justification for treating me like garbage, so I’m an attractive target for anyone that enjoys acts of cruelty. I’m not actually a pedophile, I’m not actually a scam artist, I’m not actually a bad programmer, and I don’t actually treat my fans badly. I already debunked that stuff years ago.

However, the truth doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is a narrative that permits sadistic people to abuse and harass a target.

372 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Update

  1. Yandere Dev, I’ve been watching some Yansim let’s plays recently and people really like the Game.
    Like it enough to consider studying up and researching what to do.
    They get stuck from time to time and sometimes don’t know what to do but they always try playing it again and again to get better at it.

    I just recently came back from Watching a Man with whom you once spoke with stream your Game. And he recently learned how to engage into combat with the delinquents.

    What I’m saying is, even if 1000 people say the Game is trash there are still 10000 more people who will disagree and say it’s one of the best games they ever played.

    Along with Persona 4 and DDLC of course.
    You can do this Yandere Dev.
    We’re still here to support you no matter what happens.

    You’re our developer! Not the one we need but definitely the One we deserve.

    Best wishes from Bangladesh

  2. I absolutely love this game and realise it’s definitely a complex game to create. I don’t understand the hate, myself and my kids absolutely love to play it even with bugs. We know sometimes things don’t pan out in time, this game is absolutely impressive, creative, different and extremely fun already! I look forward to every update and don’t care how long it takes. Know your work and time is very appreciated and I am happy you aren’t going to stop because of the negativity. There’s a lot of us cheering for you. Sending good energy. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Dear Yandere Dev,

    This is my first time posting here, but I’d like to tell you that everything will be okay. Pretty sure that the fanbase is understanding and is willing to wait a bit longer.

    As for those uh… What did you call them again? Gremlins? Yeah, gremlins. I can safely say that karma exists and it will come back to bite them hard. Years ago when I was bullied and frankly it has hindered my ability to make friends and trust. It wasn’t until recently when I learned that karma has wrecked their lives in ways that I couldn’t even fathom. It’s only a matter of time for them. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose any further since I am not allowed to due to a certain contract I signed. Also as a matter of professional etiquette as well. However, please believe me when I say it did happen and it will happen to them too.

    Until then, please know that you do in fact have a loyal fanbase and we are understanding.


    A fan

  4. @azupetitpoulet Well, to be honest my life is not easy, but I do know that my perspective is disrupted by my highly developed society. I know it could be far more worse, for example take a look at the children in Bangladesh (living the whole live on flooded trash), or people who lost their families in war across the world. Anyway, I am not here because of my problems, they don’t really matter. I am here because of the will to develop my knwolege about the “postmarxist postmodern mental threats” in international society.The entire process is called “anticulture”, which means that since the middle of XX century western propagada downgreads culture to the barbrian, pogan level. By this I mean for example toilet in the museum, screaming lady as concert, silence as music and paintings painted in irrational way or painted by eggs thrown from somebody’s as-s. Yeah, that is anticulture. To be hoest I am not capable of descraibing you this phenomenon in rational way. I do not have time, nor knowlage in order to pretend to be an expert. I am here, because for the last few years this game had nothing to offer except of thoughtless murdering of students. No plot, nor the reason and targets to be killed. Nor the mechanic is even good. Yet, here we are and this man has managed to develop community around the person of psychotic killer.

  5. I’m so sorry you are going through this, NOTHING justifies the amount of harassment and hate you have received. People are disgusting, truly, I just really hope You can get through this, not the game, but YOU. You matter, you deserve happiness and joy, and you have all the right to defend yourself and live. Please don’t give up on your life, this project is just a game and just know you have truly tried your best, and that there is still people who love, support and believe in you. But, your mental health is way more important.

  6. Greetings, YandereDev!

    Bob Bob is my name. A comical “Lets Play” introduced your game to me a few years ago and I have silently followed it ever since. I’m a few versions behind and I am eagerly anticipating the release of the next version for Osana to jump in to and see what is new for myself.

    As for the issues described on this update? Fuck those guys.
    There is no better way to say it. We now live in an age where shit-slinging from behind a keyboard is so easy and common a pastime for some truly sad and pathetic people. I myself suffer from stigma and abuse where I live from people who have nothing better to do than judge others due to stagnant-minded dogma here. I get it personally and behind my back. Been stabbed twice too. Online harassment isn’t something I have to deal with as I am not on a platform, but from my understanding it is sadly part and parcel with being an online identity as a more and more growing popular creator.

    The only advice I have to give you? Do not give in to it. Giving up gives naysayers, hate preachers and all other manner of pointless sadacts the win they are looking for. Defy it. Deny them the hollow victories they crave. Do not rise to their baiting or lower yourself to their level.

    I myself have had a miserable start to 2020. Almost in to March and there is little that has gone in my favour. I fell in to a really bad way a few weeks back and was ready to give up on everything. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Even as low as I was feeling, I couldn’t lose to the likes of them.

    So I’ll say it again. Do not give in to it. Giving up gives naysayers, hate preachers and all other manner of pointless sadacts the win they are looking for. Defy it. Deny them the hollow victories they crave. Do not rise to their baiting or lower yourself to their level.

    So yes. I am looking forward to the next big update. You’ve got plenty of time to do it. If you need to take a break then take a break, so long as that isn’t an excuse to run away from it.

    From a fan and wannabe writer/creator myself…you can do it. If you can get this far then you can go all the way!

    • Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go eliminate any potential competition…


      …he doesn’t have a choice…

  7. Take your time, if you feel like doing nothing one day then follow your instinc. I discovered this game a week ago and I really love it, but if ur communities is trash talking you then your right, don’t release the game and make them wait even more longer. Take care of yourself and f*ck those jerks. Do what you love and live your best life.

  8. Yandere Dev, a fan from Russia made this animation for you.
    Check it out if you want.

    You’re our developer, and we will never forget that

  9. Are people serious? Why would people hate on a person for creating a dream that doesn’t hurt anyone? Yandere Dev, don’t listen to the hate. They’re just hating cause someone is actually working there hardest to make something that just doesn’t serve content but influences a whole community. You are honestly one of the hardest workers I’ve ever came across. To the point where some days I would feel unmotivated to keep going with things I want to do, but then I would think about how hard you work to make your dream come true for half a decade! To me that’s insane! Knowing how a man with a passionate imagination can make his dreams come true honestly inspires a guy with a big imagination like me. I want to see you succeed and prove every one of those people wrong. You are also way better than half the game developers I’ve seen nowadays that probably deserve more hate than you do. So don’t give up, I know it’s sometimes hard to think positive, but try to focus on people like us who want you to succeed and move on to bigger things and projects after this one. Sorry for writing a whole paragraph but stay determined otherwise all those sadistic people will win. Stay strong 💪

  10. A German YouTuber named VIK (his old channel is called iBlali) was once against you because of all the accusations you’ve received but once he saw your “Hate and Shame” video he could instantly relate to you and understood your problem more thus stop being against you. That proves that there are people that also listen to the other side and people that understand what you are going through. We’re all human with imperfections, outbursts and or worst or best moments. The haters took you worst moments and tried to sell it as your full personality thus making you depressed. This depression can cause more bad moments for you which means that the haters will have more “proof” that you’re a “bad” person.

    We all got your back and are cheering for you. Show what you’re really made of because that’s what shuts the haters up. And even though I don’t agree all the time with what you do, I still think that you don’t deserve the hate and abuse you’re receiving.

  11. I’m really sorry to hear that stuff like that is happening to you, especially with all the time and effort that you are putting into this game and i’m glad that you haven’t done anything that’d put you at risk. And yeah I agree that it kind of sucks when people look towards fake news that is already debunked and still put you against it and think that you are a horrible person for it, but that’s the sad truth about the internet, not everyone is a bad person, but there is bound to be atleast 1 person out there that wants to destroy your image/make you seem like someone you aren’t. Hopefully your life gets a turn for the better and that the haters and bullies give you a break for once.
    I’d say i’d help in any way i can but i’m not sure if it’d help or not.

  12. That’s really bad!
    Don’t matter. I’m always be here to support you!

    We love your game and you YandereDev.
    Good luck


  13. We love you Yandere Dev, do what makes you happy and don’t listen to bullies with too much time on their hands. You rock!!!!

    • i love you yanderedev and i love yandere simulator, i will always support you, sorry if the english is bad, i played for goolge translator translate because in my country we don’t speak english

  14. Listen if people hate they just don’t like your game (which I don’t see why they would) so pay no attention to them

  15. im so sorry yandere dev, i get what your going through. you can take a break if you would like, please dont push yourself so hard. tons of people here love your content. i just dont want to lose you, your an amazing programmer and it would be a shame if you just left. whatever happens ill always be here to support you. just dont give up, i believe in you.

  16. Honestly, man, I say back out. Take a shitton of time to think about the path you want to take, and if the game doesn’t lie on that path, I say drop it. If making that game makes you happy, that’s fair. But making other people happy isn’t worth dying inside. I’d hate to see news online that something happened to you because you got dragged into the black hole that is the internet. I’ve been following since like 2014, but I would be fine losing this if the guy behind it says he’s hurting because of it.

  17. Don’t push too hard and please take care of yourself. If that means taking a break or handing the project over to another developer, then that’s okay. It doesn’t matter what others say, haters are saying those things about you to make themselves look good. Hang in there

  18. I am prepared to fight anyone who disrespects you! Like this bullshit is ridiculous and anyone who believes these rumors are dumber than a bag of rocks! People who do shit like this is are the absolute scum of the earth and im so sorry you have to go through such atrocities that lead to you losing interest in a project you worked so hard on! You should just take a mental health break ignore all social media if you want to work on the game during it you can or not its up to you. But you shouldn’t feel pressured or forced to work on it if it doesnt give you any satisfaction.

  19. Screw those people. Yanderedev, look at the last video you uploaded to youtube. You have 133,000 likes, and 8,500 dislikes. That’s how we feel about you. Don’t let that fragment of losers get to you. Keep working on the Demo, release it. Watch as you get a huge amount of support and backers, while their sad voices shrink more and more.

    If you quit now, if you delay now, they win. Don’t give them what they want. You have to win this one. Not for the sake of the game, but for your own sake. Just imagine it. They’ll have wasted so much time and energy harassing you, and they will walk away with absolutely nothing to show for it.

    Only you can make these decisions, yanderedev. But know whatever you decide you have our support, and you always will.

  20. Hi,
    I have been quietly keeping up with the development of this game for years. When I check back on the progress you’ve made, I feel so proud for you, because I know how far you’ve had to come as an independent developer creating a unique game. Don’t beat yourself up over deadlines and how many days have passed since you did this or that. There is not failure in simply taking a break.As a fellow artist (and yes, programmers are artists too) I have been so impressed by your commitment to this project. You will get it finished. This stuff happening now will pass… You are not alone- there have been many smear campaigns for genuinely good people in the past. Search for solace in others. Don’t isolate yourself. Treat yourself well my friend.

  21. I’ve seen some stuff online hating you, I don’t agree with it, but the biggest thing in these situations is transparency. Take everything they are saying and evaluate it, and decide if it belongs in harassment, hate, or constructive critisim.

    Please have a wonderful day/night.

  22. You still have a lot of supporters, Yandere-Dev. I don’t plan on abandoning this community or you anytime soon. Stay safe. That’s all we care about.

  23. Please don’t push yourself if you need to take a break feel free to you have been working on this game for quite some time we would understand if you need to take some time off that’s fine you deserve a break you’ve been working on Yandere Simulator since April of 2014 that’s 6 years and you haven’t failed to impress those that support the development of this game adding features that we didn’t think of in the first place then they ended up impressing us all. Take some time for yourself if you don’t want to work on the game anymore that’s fine, think of your future you are the only person that can control that don’t cut your life short if working on Yandere Simulator doesn’t make you happy then don’t. You said “The only thing more difficult than finding a reason to keep working on Yandere Simulator is finding a reason to keep living.” and when you think about it…
    A suicide means you’ve killed the most important existence of all: Yourself.
    Stay safe Yanderedev!

  24. I just saw the post and..I am with you and I will always support you, you are the best and I love your game keep going, look forward without ever looking back…WE LOVE YOU <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  25. This is not a comment that hates this game. In fact,
    I didn’t know YandereSimulator until July 2019.
    In August 2019, I’ve only been playing Overwatch for two years, and I’m looked for a new game.
    League of Legends? It was so hard and it didn’t suit me.
    Battleground? It was fun but gave up because of illegal users.
    I was depair because there were no more games for me other than Overwatch.
    After that day, I was interested in a video of a YouTuber who playing YandereSimulator on YouTube.
    This is not a lie. After watching that video I love the character of YandereSimulator, and I also like all the features of each character!
    I even saw the phrase under development and saw the game development progress.
    Played the 2014 blog and prototype and compared it to the latest version of YandereSimulator!
    As I was playing, I was in love with this game!
    Also, I hoped the game would be successful and worried that developer YandereDev was sick.
    It’s ok if you don’t read my comment. Please. You may have a hard time, but please do not stop development.
    Overcome it for your fans and donors. I’m sorry if it’s too annoy request.
    As I said earlier I really love this game. I hope this game succeeds. I am worried about you even now. YandereDev.

  26. I’ve been following the development of Yandere Simulator since i was in 7th grade. I’m now a sophomore in high school and i haven’t given up on the game. I genuinely love this game so much i love the time and effort that Yandere Dev has put in the game. I don’t mind waiting because i’m just happy you haven’t given up too! Keep up the good work Yander dev your doing awesome!!! ❤

  27. Hey. I’m pretty sure that you get comments like these about 24/7, but around this time, I feel like you could be using some encouragement. I know that if you keep working hard, Yandere Sim could become the game that we all want it to be, even if it takes a long time. I just wish that you weren’t getting so much hate. And I believe that if people could forgive pewdiepie for saying the n word, people can forgive you too for getting mad at others.

    Also, just a random question, do you happen to have any experience with Unreal Engine? I’m just curious.

    • Thank you very much for your support.

      I spent some time with the Unreal Engine around 10 years ago, but at this point in time, I’ve forgotten everything about it. I’d be interested in taking another look at it someday, but it’ll have to wait until Yandere Sim is finished.

      • Don’t give up and let the losers who have LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE TO DO win!!! You can do it!!

  28. Yea, there’s definitely been an uptick in Yandev hate videos recently. One thing to keep in mind is that a ton of these channels are small, and a fair chunk of them are trying to gain viewers and notoriety. Attention and notoriety may help their channels grow. They most likely wont go away regardless of what you do however. They may or may not believe that what they are doing is okay. They may or may not believe what they are saying is true.

    Telling people that you are losing motivation for developing Yandere Simulator, as well as the will to live due to the people sending you awful emails, messages, and tweets is only going to feed their motivation and sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, I think it’s pretty obvious that these people are looking for ammunition to shoot back at you.

    The biggest problem I see here is that you aren’t carefully managing what you put out there. Unfortunately, when you take a controversial stance or develop controversial art, there will always be people who oppose it somehow, and want to see you fail. Developing a game about a schoolgirl who sabotages someones love life by any means available, including murder, will garner negative attention and be controversial.

    One of the easier ways to defeat somebody whom holds controversial views is to discredit them or try to get them to discredit themselves. I hate to say it, but you might want to cut down your communication to what is strictly necessary to keep the project going until your kick-starter is completed. Asses the risk before posting jokes and meme tweets. Try to avoid controversy that sort of thing.

  29. Yandere dev, I know that nobody could understand your state you are going through. but believe me :Sometimes, life will kick you around, but sooner or later, but sooner or later, you realize you’re not just a survivor. you are a WARRIOR and you’re stronger than anything life throws your way. We love you Yandere Dev and remember, there are MANY GREAT FANS of yours also to always Support you. Take Care!

  30. We’re here for you, YandereDev. There will be bad people, but remember that there’s good, too! These haters are ignorant, and they’re too closed-minded to try and do actual research, and would rather be assholes on the internet, rather than make smarter decisions.
    Don’t feel bad for being depressed, it’s okay to not be okay. Take as much time on the game as you need, your true fans will be patient. It’s hard to make a game, and you’ve done an incredible job so far! When I got back into the game last year, I was shocked at how amazing it was, and how hard you must have worked on it. You are loved, and it’s okay to take some time to yourself ❤

  31. “You cannot now believe that you will ever feel better. But this is not true. You are sure to be happy again. Knowing this, truly believing it will make you less miserable now.” -Abraham Lincoln.

  32. I been follow Yandere Simulator since December 2017 when the student council were introduced into the game and since that day I have been apart of the fan base. I enjoy seeing your progress and love being poured into the game. Please take care of yourself and take as many breaks needed, I’ve waited for Osana for a little while… I can wait 6,000 while doing a hand stand.

  33. I have been following Yandere Simulator since 2015, and I have seen so much progress in the game. Humans tend to oversee the good when evil and troubles arise. There are way more people who are rooting for you and Yandere Simulator!

  34. Y’all impatient motherfuckers piss me off. No matter how close we get to the finish line, y’all let your entitlement cloud your senses and act absolutely out of pocket because of it. If Ian dev was to quit working on this game, y’all would deserve for all the shit you guys talk. You don’t deserve shit else. As for you, Yan Dev, mental health comes first and foremost 100% of the time, and if your health is struggling, bench the game. There will always be that feeling of responsibility to your followers, but it’s also important to remember that do not know you, and are demanding, rude and impatient.

  35. I’m sorry you feel this way, and even if you weren’t the best person in the past, that shouldn’t affect who you are now. I know it’s not easy to ignore all the hate and still listen to the support when you go through this stuff. But remember us when you see a hate comment, remember how many people care about you and want you here. If you’re happiness relies on a break, or even stopping the development, then do so. You can’t care about how others feel about you quitting the project when you yourself are suffering because of it… Don’t let the hate affect you too much, and try focusing on yourself for now! We call care about you and support you and we hope you get better

  36. Take all the time you need yandev. There are fans out there who are ready to sit and watch the development of an amazing game. Who cares what a bunch of idiots on the internet say. All your fans love you and want you to be happy and make a masterpiece. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 1 years or a hundred years I know for a fact that I will be here cheering you on and I’m a hundred percent sure there are others who feel the same! We all respect and care about you yanderedev! I know that it feels pointless now and I know depressions got you down but in the end we know that your only human, and you can only do so much. Don’t listen to the haters or the bullies cause you have us. We’re not just your fans, we’re an big happy gaming family!!

    • Over the past 2 weeks, I made a bunch of progress, but most of I was related to Osana/spoilers, so there isn’t much I can show off. However, there will be:

      1. A piece of good news

      2. A new build with fifteen changes/fixes/improvements

      3. A “just for fun” feature that you might enjoy

      4. Some changes to Mission Mode to make it a bit more interesting / challenging.

      • *Gasp* YAY you’re able to get more things done!!! Again, don’t let idiots ruin your day!! That’s my motto at least.

  37. You are just a impressionant developper Yandere dev, you are so brave and your game is beautiful. Big Up from France
    I support you.

  38. Dear Yandere Dev,

    I’ve been following this game ever since PewDiePie first made his video on it. At first I followed it just for the goofs since the game had a rather funny premise in my opinion. But over time and with progress I was truly blown away by the potential of this game. It is everything that one wants in game. Challenging, entertaining, and above all else fun. It is incredible the works done by just one developer. You are an excellent developer though you have had your ups and down you have still persisted with this project. Take a break, please you have been going hard on this for years. The project has so much value to you and your fans don’t let a couple of selfish impatient stuck up idiots online get to you. Prove them wrong.
    I have recently been going through an incredibly tough time with the death of my girlfriend but it is important to remember that life will not always exist as this dark horrible place. One day there will be light, and hope and happiness. Just don’t let the shitty days and times end your enthusiasm. Look at everything you’ve already done and tell me that’s not the product of one talented developer. Don’t give up you have come too far to give up. I pray that you get better and I will always support you.

    Yours Truly

    – A Yandere Simulator fan

  39. Yandere Dev I know I’m late and my comment itself you probably won’t care about but I think I speak for your whole fanbase when I say you are amazing and inspiring and no one can do what you do! So please, please, please keep working at it! If you really need motivation then you can put out the finished game for a good price. So you will make a bunch of money from it. No matter what you do just please keep at it. Take as long a break or breaks as you need but never give up! And remember we all love you!

  40. I’m glad that the comments have more people trying to give Yandere-Dev support than people who think he’s complaining about nothing to justify being lazy (indicating that they either know nothing about depression or assume Yandev is lying about having it, despite his behavior matching depression pretty well).
    Here’s hoping that other social media platforms are treating him as well…as much of a pipe dream as that is.

  41. Its really bad that you get bullies, your my idol (i make code) and those bullies ór they just dont have a life ór they’re jealous of you, your game and your fame. But always remember the thousand and thousand of people that support you, help and make beautiful art for you. If you get hatred again just say: i dont care, i have tons of people who support me.
    Hope it stops,

  42. Also, isn’t it nice that Yandere Dev even replyed to some of us? That’s so nice! I don’t know what the heck the haters are talking about

  43. Dear YandereDev! English isn’t my native language, so I am sorry for any mistakes that in my message. But I just couldn’t ignore this post. Some people on the Internet are unjustifiably cruel… I am very sad to realize that you work so hard, and you are accused of such crazy things. I just want you to know, that there are tons of fans that love your game and ready to humbly wait as long as it is necessary. Not only ’cause your game is really dope and worth waiting for, (btw I assure you it is) for all these years of following the development of YS from the very beginning and watching your videos I feel like YOU became very special to us, not only the game that you’re making.
    So please, don’t let them harm your feelings or belief in yourself, and take good care.

  44. First, I know this comment is quite late but I haven’t really gotten around to checking your wordpress blog in a while.

    People are so impatient, it’s unbelievable… I will be honest and admit that I can see this game taking a very long time to make. But does that bother me? No, it doesn’t. And from the looks of it a huge majority of your followers don’t mind waiting either.

    I think the people who are spreading hate are a large minority compared to all of your supporters, but the sad thing is haters are often the most vocal. If anyone reading this is harassing this man, reevaluate your life. You must have a pretty pathetic life if you’re spending so much of it picking on someone and tearing them down.

    The minute you give up on developing Yan Sim, the harassers will automatically win. Don’t let those scum bags beat you. Self care is also important though. Take time to speak to a therapist or someone if it’s really getting to you. Take a break if you like. Ignore the scum. I know ignoring them is much easier said than done, but at least try.

    I think uploading less extravagant unlisted videos is definitely a good idea though because less chance of nasty people commenting on your videos.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. I think you really need as much positive support as you can get. Stay safe, and please take care of yourself!

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