March 1st Update

I’ll keep it brief. Here’s a bullet-point list of good news:

  • I finished polishing Osana’s matchmaking elimination, and now the only Osana-related feature that still requires any polish is her Befriend/Betray elimination.
  • A very skilled volunteer has recently returned to the project after a long period of absence. With his help, Osana’s animations and cutscenes can look much, much better!
  • Recently, a fellow programmer with access to Yandere Simulator’s project files has been investigating whether or not there are any issues that would prevent me from being able to upgrade the game’s engine from 2017.3 to 2019.3. So far, while running the game on Unity 2019.3, he has experienced faster loading times, higher FPS, and no crash bugs. It looks like we’ll be able to upgrade to Unity 2019.3 soon, and then Yandere Sim will run faster for everyone!

While working on Osana-related features (and the feature I hinted at near the end of my Jan 1st video) I fixed a lot of bugs along the way, so I’m releasing a new build. Check out the changelog; you might find something interesting in there…

To see a list of all the fixes/changes/additions in the latest build, please scroll down past this chilling artwork of Yandere Sim characters as button-eyed dolls, illustrated by Koumi Senpai!

Bonus fact: This is crossover fan art, combining Yandere Sim with a game called Identity V! I think Koumi captured the aesthetic perfectly!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is now possible to leave multiple notes in lockers throughout the day, instead of being limited to only one note-in-locker per day. (However, you cannot leave a note in someone’s locker if there is already a student who is currently attempting to meet the anonymous person who put a note in their locker.) (This means that previously impossible Multi Mission missions are now possible.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from being able to interact with an object that was being guarded by a teacher, *after* that teacher had been killed and was no longer guarding the object.
  • Re-balanced price of Info-chan’s sedative poison, since it should be much more expensive than the headache poison (which exists to give the player a way to obtain sedative poison).
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to carry a bloody weapon without being considered suspicious, if the weapon was club equipment, and the player was in that club.
  • Gave someone a makeover, in order to differentiate them from another character. Hint: They’re not a student or a faculty member, and they’re not found on the street.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a Teacher from investigating a report from a Teacher’s Pet if the report happened when the Teacher was outside of the faculty room.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council members to tilt at extreme angles when Yandere-chan attracted their attention from the top / bottom of a set of stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the police from discovering the corpses of dead students if more than one student had died by drowning.
  • The text that a student uses when responding to a compliment is now dependent on their Persona and your current reputation.
  • The Delinquents’ weapon cases will no longer clip through the wall behind them when they sit down at a bench.
  • Corpses will no longer leave a trail of blood pools in the air when they are dropped off the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher’s voice to echo when discovering a dismembered limb on the ground.
  • Yandere-chan should no longer be able to attack students through doors when at low sanity.
  • Various code optimizations that should improve the game’s performance on some computers.
  • The background music for the “Near” easter egg now has vocals from the amazing Diwidly!
  • Inkyu’s hair will no longer have weird shading glitches.

By the way, I’ve got a bit of news that might please some easter egg enthusiasts:

Up until now, it has been impossible to activate two easter eggs simultaneously; the easter egg menu would disable itself after an easter egg had been activated. From now on, if you activate an easter egg and then mash the key that opens the easter egg menu 10 times, it will be possible to restore the easter egg menu and activate multiple easter eggs simultaneously. (However, the eggs were never designed to work this way, so I can’t promise that everything will go smoothly!)

On the subject of easter eggs, there’s also something else to mention. An upcoming feature requires some visual effects to achieve a specific look and feel. To achieve these visual effects, I purchased a set of camera filters from the Unity Asset Store. Many of these filters are super cool, so I added an easter egg command that lets you cycle through all of them. With the easter egg active, the controls are:

  • X – Forward
  • Z – Backward
  • Shift + X: Forward by 10
  • Shift + Z: Backward by 10

Mission Mode Update

  • It is now possible to activate Nemesis in Multi-Mission Mode.
  • Nemesis has an additional difficulty level in Multi-Mission Mode; you can decide if she will run at you if she sees you.
  • Nemesis can now spot you from farther away.
  • From now on, upon completing a Mission Mode mission, you will receive a code that grants you a special role in the Yandere Simulator Discord server.

What’s Next?

My current goal is to implement the feature I hinted at near the end of my Jan 1st video. It won’t take 2 full weeks to implement, but it might be released around March 15th, along with an accompanying video about the feature.

In Closing

I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who sent me words of support and encouragement over the past 2 weeks. I’m extremely lucky to have so many patient and understanding fans. I’m going to do my very best to hang in there, and make you proud.

151 thoughts on “March 1st Update

  1. good to know you’re still doing well! i know times can get rough, so good to know you’re getting better. your fans are here to support you unconditionally

  2. Yandere Dev, I know this is probably getting repetitive and I’m potentially spamming your blog page and basically being a Midori Gurin.
    But I found another stream of your Game where a person who is slightly familiar with the Game but is visiting it after years of development and changes.
    This streamer experienced alot of the Good things about your Game.
    The tapes related to the Game’s lore, Killing and disposing of a corpse by using a shovel for once, solving tasks and asking for favours, checked out the town, accessories, hairstyles, maid Cafe minigame, and well other things.

    This stream is from someone who last played the game years ago (probably, not sure but she did watch let’s plays of it).

    If you want anymore proof that you’re making a Great Game then listen to the perspective of someone who revisited the Game after Years. I’ll Try not to bother you anymore. Keep up the good job.

  3. Fixed bug that would allow the player to carry a bloody weapon without being considered suspicious, if the weapon was club equipment, and the player was in that club.
    “Hey, Ayano! Why’re you carrying that shovel around?”
    “I’m a member of the gardening club.”
    “Oh, alright. Why is there blood on it?”
    “…I hit a mole while digging?”

    Fixed bug that would prevent the police from discovering the corpses of dead students if more than one student had died by drowning.
    “Sorry, Headmaster Shuyona, we couldn’t find any bodies.”
    “Have you checked the pool?”
    “No, none of the officers are willing to check that area for some reason.”

  4. I hope to see Fanart of Yandere Simulation and Mystic Messenger crossing over! I LOVE THOSE 2 GAMES!!! ❤

  5. I love this game, every chance i get im streaming it in my FB page.. I want the new character already.. I just figure out yesterday where was the chainsaw to dissemble a corpse and i was blown away..

    Please keep up with this game, my followers love the game when im streaming it and there i say i want more Yandere in my life

    Keep up the good work

    • A livestream on facebook? Damn, I haven’t been on that app for awhile now. You sound so excited playing yandere simulator n I’m going to check it out 💕

  6. and one more question… Does ayano’s parents will appear on the demo??(especially her father because i’m curious)

  7. 1. After the first rival is finished, he’ll easily make the other rivals, the hardest time is the first time. After Osana, he’ll probably make minor tweaks to other rivals to make them more difficult to eliminate.
    2. Bendy was a game that isn’t like Yandere Simulator. I liked it and it’s horror factors, but it’s an original game with original models and stuff. Sure, Yandere simulator has assets that are purchased off the asset store, but Bendy and Yandere Sim are not the same thing. Different games require different devolopment times.
    3. Have you played the Debug builds lately? Lots of bugs can ruin the experience. Imagine going through the game, you kill someone on the roof, then you drop them, blood trails appear in the air. People would think “Shit, how am I supposed to clean that? This is impossible! I guess I’m done with this game!” He’s trying to fix every bug so the game can come out looking as polished as possible. Every game that is made comes out with a series of bugs, glitches or janky stuff before release. The dev teams need to fix every obvious bug before releasing it or else the game would be unplayable.

    I hope this sheds some light on the situation 😀

  8. Yandev said he could re-use Osana’s code for other rivals. Besides, Bendy and The Ink Machine in nothing like Yandere sim. I don’t know much about it, but I know it has nothing to do with eliminating rivals to get your senpai. Yanderedev is a PROGRAMMER and has many responsabilities other than using code, so the art style doesn’t count. And he made it clear you can’t sell a game made with stuff you don’t own the rights to, so everything will be replaced with original assets. Maybe Bendy was made like this, too ?
    There are less characters, I think, so less models (only the characters, I have no clue about the envirronment).
    Yandere Simulator was not always popular, and Yandev didn’t work like “Okay, this is a real game which I will later sell !” at first he didn’t know people would like it. It may be “WAAAAY more unique and in depth than this game” but that’s what YOU think. Not everyone likes Bendy… Sounds kind of boring and violent.
    Oh and if you’ve been following the game since the start, you should know that this has been answered in some videos. I only found YS in 2018.

  9. Happy 14th March Yandere Dev, it’s currently Whites day and help yourself to a few chocolates.

    I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s update and the video that comes with it.
    SNAP mode is going to be lit, Because you’re the one that’s giving it to us.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Hello Yandere Dev! I love this game, but i love you more because you’re doing your best for us ❤ Good work

  11. Ok I’m stumped! Who is getting the makeover? No staff nor students and not yakuza LOL Then WHO?! 🧐🤔

  12. ¡Hey!, encontré un pequeño bug y quería saber si a alguien mas le sucede.
    A la hora de asesinar a alguien, cuando el uniforme queda manchado de sangre, voy a cambiarlo; pero todos los personajes reaccionan como si aun tuviera sangre.

  13. My game keeps crashing and all it takes is to walk around. Within a few seconds of walking my game just freezes and closes out soon after.

  14. I think when yan chan is caught on camera(when one of the student council dies Megami put security cam and metal detectors)The deleting scene should be like identy V hacking the code.

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