July 1st Progress Report

EDIT: Uploaded a new build on July 2nd. Changelog below.

A bunch of miscellaneous things were fixed/changed while I was in the process of putting the final finishing touches on Osana, so I’ve decided to upload a new build that contains those fixes! However, I’m not ready to release the official demo just yet.

You might be thinking “Gosh darn it, YandereDev! How much longer is it going to take?” and I honestly don’t blame you. Scroll down past this artwork by glitterstqr to hear my candid thoughts on the matter.

Whenever I attempt to estimate the date when something will occur, I try to imagine the “best case scenario” and the “worst case scenario”. For example: “If everything goes smoothly, the Kickstarter will happen in August. However, if a bunch of unexpected obstacles appear, it could happen in September instead.” We are now in the 2nd half of 2020. This is troubling to me, because even in my most pessimistic “worst case scenario” predictions, I always estimated that Osana was going to be finished by now.

For the past few years, there was always something else that took priority over Osana; putting more students in the school, making the students react to blood, implementing a save/load feature, etc. It didn’t make any sense to put Osana into the game before adding every core feature necessary to create the intended experience, so I deliberately put Osana at the bottom of my priority list, and spent all of my time on everything else that the game needed, intentionally saving Osana for last.

During the past few months, we have been at the stage of development where there is nothing higher in priority than Osana; the stage where nothing is more deserving of my focus than Osana. Furthermore, I am in possession of all the assets required to implement her; nothing is standing in my way. As soon as we reached this stage of development, I felt extremely confident that Osana was going to be finished within the first half of 2020. But, here we are in July, with no Osana. Why? What’s going on?

It’s not a mystery, but it’s not easy to explain, either. It’s not a black-and-white situation; there is no single culprit. It’s a complex situation involving numerous complicated factors. There is a part of me that wants to write a giant “What’s taking so long? What went wrong?” blog post, and break down every single obstacle that slowed down my progress from January 2020 to June 2020…but it would be a massive wall of text that most people would have zero interest in reading. And attempting to break it down into a short bullet-point list would oversimplify a very nuanced situation, resulting in a wholly inadequate explanation.

Rather than writing a wall of text, I would much rather explain the problems I’ve been facing in my usual video format, since that’s the medium in which I’m most comfortable expressing myself…but right now, I feel like any video I upload is guaranteed to get a negative response unless the video is announcing the release of Osana, so I feel like I should just keep my head down and work on Osana exclusively, and save the “What went wrong?” video for later.

In my BITC crossover announcement video, I mentioned that after Osana is complete and her release date has been announced, I will be releasing a video about the history of Yandere Simulator’s development. This video will discuss a wide variety of subjects that I’ve rarely (or never) ever spoken about in my videos:

  1. The first few months of the game’s development; a “black hole” in the game’s history that I have rarely divulged any details about.
  2. The decisions I made early in the game’s life that created numerous obstacles that would impede me throughout the rest of the game’s development.
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of receiving attention from YouTubers while the game was still very young.
  4. The game’s original audience, and the audience that the game ultimately attracted.
  5. The reasons why some parts of game’s code were written in a certain way.
  6. The subjects of Patreon, funding, budget, etc.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to give an accurate account of the history of Yandere Simulator without discussing how development was impacted by the actions that other people chose to take, so that’s a subject I’ll have to cover, too.

I think that this “History of Yandere Simulator” video will dispel a large number of myths that have been allowed to exist for far too long, and will help a lot of people understand why Yandere Simulator has an unusually lengthy development cycle compared to most other indie games. In short, the situation is nowhere near as simple as people believe it to be, and I think it’s worth it to clear the air on the matter.

I don’t like saying, “I’ve been working on Osana! I’ve made a bunch of progress!” without actually  showing you tangible proof that I’ve really been doing things. However, everything that I’ve been working on recently is a spoiler, which means that I can’t actually show you exactly what I’ve accomplished recently. Whenever I’m in this situation, I fall back on an old, reliable compromise: Blurry Screenshots™. Click “Continue Reading” to see!

Hmm…who’s this?

What’s happening here?

Who’s that?

What is going on in this screenshot?

And what’s all this about?

Have fun speculating!

Birthday Wishes

Despite the gloomy tone of the blog post up until this point, the past couple of days have been incredibly uplifting, because I was sent mountains of extremely heartwarming messages from people who wanted to wish me a happy birthday!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who sent me a sweet message or created birthday artwork for me! I appreciate it a whole lot!

As usual, the Russian Yandere Sim fanbase produced something amazing on my birthday – I’m always impressed by the incredible creations of the Russian fanbase! Please check out this incredible video with artwork from many, many artists!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • All 6 teachers and Shima Shita have been renamed. Some students’ names are now retconned to nicknames. You can see these students’ “real names” in their student profiles. Not every student has a nickname+real name. Real names were chosen by looking up real Japanese names/surnames that real people in the real world have actually had. Some of these names may change in the future.
  • If you are holding a mop and standing in front of a bucket full of bleached water, the bucket’s “Carry” prompt will change into a “Dip” prompt so that you can dip the mop into the bucket regardless of whether the mop’s prompt or bucket’s prompt is the dominant prompt.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to return a dropped fire extinguisher to its original position by walking outside of school and then walking to the nearest wall, instead of using the school’s hallways.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to hold a weapon in her hand in a very strange way during SNAP Mode if that weapon was obtained from a trash bin that it had been hidden inside of.
  • Fixed bug that caused glass cracks to render *over* Yandere-chan, when they were supposed to render *behind* her, as the player was mashing the button to activate SNAP Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a delinquent to completely ignore Yandere-chan and walk away from her if she tried to attack him while he was investigating a dropped weapon.
  • Students will no longer be alarmed by the sight of Yandere-chan picking up a dropped weapon, if that dropped weapon is a non-suspicious object (such as a screwdriver).
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to soft-lock if the player pressed the F key (or X button on controller) while at Info-chan’s “Favors” menu, during Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to believe that there was still bloody clothing at school if the player removed bloody clothing and incinerated it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to slide across the ground if the player used a stink bomb on them while they were solving a puzzle cube.
  • Added another background track to the school scene (9 variations in total, one for each possibly combination of sanity and atmosphere).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the combat minigame to break if a delinquent noticed a dropped weapon on the ground in the middle of combat.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from properly tracking whether or not Headmaster tapes had been collected when resetting save data.
  • Added “Tutorials” option to the pause screen so that the player can view any of the game’s tutorials anytime they want.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to walk in midair above the flowerbed in the center of the Gardening club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to enter a weird state if Senpai saw her attacking a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “SNAP” option to not shrink to its proper size at the Heartbroken screen.
  • Fixed bug that would make the Stats screen appear sideways if viewed within Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Replaced the 9th Schoolday track with an improved version of the track (provided by CameronF305).
  • Fixed bug that made the mouse cursor appear on the title screen when it wasn’t supposed to.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Kokona from running to her destination during her phone event.
  • Mai Waifu’s hair no longer clips through the wall behind her while she is eating food.
  • Added a collider to a tokonoma in the Calligraphy room that didn’t have a collider.
  • Adjusted intensity of drums in the Alphabet Killer Challenge background music.
  • Removed Raibaru from the courtyard (she wasn’t supposed to be there, whoops!)
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to see the seams of the skybox textures.
  • It is no longer possible to laugh and sweep a mop at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented long sharp weapons from spilling blood.
  • Added a collider to a trophy case that didn’t have a collider.
  • Added a blue outline to a locker that didn’t have one.
  • Retextured the models in Info-chan’s room.
  • Updated three character profiles on the Characters page of the official website. All are Saikou characters. Some of the information that was in Kencho’s profile has been ret-conned.

July 2nd Update

  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to perform the “push off rooftop and kill” animation on a student absolutely anywhere (even at ground level) if the time of day changed from “Cleaning Time” to “After Class” while the student was removing chalk from erasers on the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the incorrect tutorial messages to display when using the Tutorial menu accessed from Yandere-chan’s phone, but only if Yandere-chan was standing in specific places in the school.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from heading to a meeting spot if they were in an event during the point in time when they were supposed to head to that meeting spot (after their event ended).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong prompt to appear over a bucket if the player swapped from holding a mop to holding another object, while next to a bucket that they could dip a mop into.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to get stuck if the player attempted to use Yandere-chan’s phone to view tutorials while inside of Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Fixed the “hide object in backpack and retrieve it” feature of the Alphabet Killer Challenge, which was broken in the previous build.
  • Fixed bug that caused bloody clothing to be identified as a blood pool if it was picked up and then dropped.
  • Fixed the “hide object in trash can and retrieve it” feature, which was broken in the previous build.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to exit the “Task List” menu after entering it.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Tutorial menu to be labeled as “?????” when viewed from the Pause Screen.

What’s Next?

Instead of using broad, general terms like “putting the finishing touches on Osana” and “polishing Osana”, I can spell out precisely what remains.

I’m currently working on a cutscene that has two branching paths. After both paths are complete, I’m going to implement some voiced lines for Osana/Raibaru dialogue that currently isn’t voiced. Then, I’m going to give a certain student a task (it’s relevant to Raibaru!). At that point, I will do a final “Does everything work?” check on all of Osana’s elimination methods. After that, there will be nothing left to do aside from updating the GUI, and the Osana build will be finished.

Until 2020, Osana was not my primary focus, so I didn’t feel embarrassed that she wasn’t released. “Of course she’s not done yet! She’s not a priority! It doesn’t make sense to work on Osana until all of the core mechanics are in place!” However, now that all of the core mechanics are in place, and Osana has become my only focus, I feel like she really should have been done by now. So, although I never felt ashamed before, it is now that I am finally starting to feel embarrassed that Osana is taking so long to complete. It’s a bad feeling, and it’s lighting a fire under me to hurry up and finish her.

I know in my mind how long it should take, but…as anyone who has worked on a game project knows, “plans burst into flames as soon as they come into contact with reality”. Because I really, really don’t like the feeling of Osana not being released yet, I’m going to try extra hard to get this done by my “best case” time estimate, rather than my “worst case” time estimate.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

335 thoughts on “July 1st Progress Report

  1. YandereDev, what will happen to the easter eggs in the final game. Are you going to create a mode for them?

    • I-In one of his v-videos he said that h-he might make it so y-you type in codes and t-that’s how you u-unlock them. U-Unfortunately if you do t-this you would get a g-game over at the end o-of the game where S-Senpai rejects you and c-calls you a d-dirty cheater. He might’ve ch-changed his mind but I d-don’t know

  2. I can already tell Osana is gonna be well worth the wait. I can’t wait to watch Jay, Razz and Mike share their thoughts on her once she comes out!

    Awesome going, YandereDev!

  3. Hey! I just wanna say that Yandere Simulator is (and has been) my favorite game since 2016! I know how much hate you get from the toxic people in this fanbase and wanted to leave something nice ;u; Take your time with the rivals. I also probably can’t donate a lot but I really want to support this game! Great job ;3

        IT’S A PLEASURE TO TALK WITH YOU. I admire you mery much. I admire the people have very imagination. I can’t wait for Osana. A question, Yanderdev. You have very progress in the video game. But you couldn’t continue making progress after Osana?

  4. Hey yandere dev is osana when do you think going to be released and also are you going to bring back the rainbow 9 back.

  5. I had an idea a while ago and thought about sharing it. Since Sempai does not have a bar that indicates his level of sanity in his information profile, I thought it would be very productive and realistic if his walking style reflected that level in the final game. For example, if his sanity level is high, Sempai uses his normal animation, if his level is medium, Sempai uses the same animation used by students who are victims of bullying, and if his level is very low, Sempai will use the same animation or a similar one to Yandere-Chan in SNAP mode

    • That’s an awesome idea! Maybe for low sanity, he could have Oka’s walking animation. When all his Sanity is gone, he could have it like Yan-Chan in SNAP mode, but maybe with his head propped a little higher. People may get confused seeing as Mindslave Senpai isnt a thing yet, unless I am very much mistaken. But awesome idea 😊

  6. Hello Yandere dev! First of all I want to say how grateful we all are for you hard work and all of your efforts when it seems like the world is against you, we all love u so much 🙂
    Second of all, how will the hair and accessory models work in the demo? I have a lot of speculations since some of the hairs clip while running or using different personas and it doesn’t bother me but it might bother other people. If you haven’t bothered with this then you can just include it after the demo, nobody will mind lol.
    Keep up the great work!! 😀

  7. I heard you have a goal like adding dlc to the game. early to ask but what exactly is this dlc? New rivals? new hair styles? new school clothes? New School design ?. New elemenation methods? Debug and Easter egg menu? (I don’t think this will be possible, but I also gave it a chance). Midori Gurin? or all?
    Thank you from now

    • lol give him some time to finish the actual game, in his vids where he actually mentioned dlc he said in a VERY long time, and when the first core aspect of the game out of 10 is not included then we and Yan dev prob shouldn’t even be mentioning it lol.

    • It’s too soon to start planning it in thorough detail, but it’s kinda fun to imagine. If I did do DLC, the main thing that comes to mind is adding more rivals to the game. I’d like to make a video about it one day.

  8. love you yandere dev i can wait for osana and im normally impatient if you go to boyunicorn101 my channle im making a gacha vid for u

  9. Yandere Dev I have got an idea. I think Yandere Chan get reaction or compliment when she changed her hair style or something like that. Wouldn’t it be nice?. I am waiting for your return Yandere Dev. By the way you are best. I think this game will be very successful . 🙂

  10. “Fixed bug that would allow the player to perform the “push off rooftop and kill” animation on a student absolutely anywhere (even at ground level) if the time of day changed from “Cleaning Time” to “After Class” while the student was removing chalk from erasers on the school rooftop.”

    Game development is so interesting. Just the extremely specific way all these things had to interact to result in that scenario fascinates me.

  11. Hi yandere Dev! (This will be the last question I ask i swear )
    I noticed that in your old builds of the game at the start there was your name and yandere chans head (I think it was your logo) to symbolize you as the creator of the game, you took this out but do you ever intend to put it back in? People NEED to know that it is you that made the game and put all your hard work in 🙂

  12. Remember how Osana had a conversation about blackmailing and has a stalker? Well I think in one of these pictures, Ayano tries to befriend Osana by getting her c- oh right, I can’t spoil the game sorry!

  13. Hello Yandere Dev ! Just curious, what’s your best case estimate ? I mean the date.
    Also, since you said “You’ll have Osana on Ju__ __th !” she WILL come before or on July 31st, right ? Is it your worst case estimate ? Because personally, I don’t mind waiting for the end of the month as long as you do progress reports…

  14. i kinda feel like raibaru is osana’s yandere,i mean she follows her,but i don’t think she’s the suitor. right?

  15. Students will no longer be alarmed by the sight of Yandere-chan picking up a dropped weapon, if that dropped weapon is a non-suspicious object (such as a screwdriver).

    “Oh god, she’s got a screwdriver!”
    “Huh? So what?”
    “She could take apart my locker or something! It’s terrifying!”

    It is no longer possible to laugh and sweep a mop at the same time.

    Speaking as someone who has cleaned restaurant floors, this is accurate to my experience.

    Fixed bug that would allow the player to perform the “push off rooftop and kill” animation on a student absolutely anywhere (even at ground level) if the time of day changed from “Cleaning Time” to “After Class” while the student was removing chalk from erasers on the school rooftop.

    I’m imagining Ayano grabbing Osana’s shoes and knocking them on their face, leaving her motionless in the courtyard…for a moment, before Osana rolls over and starts yelling at Ayano.

    • I called Osana “they” a couple of times because I switched from “someone’s shoes” to Osana in specific, and didn’t notice that I missed a couple pronouns until I his “Post Comment”.

  16. YandereDev, I really have to report these bugs here because they are important. Although Ayano is in an occult club, her sanity falls in the same way, although it should fall slower. The same thing, when she read the manga, mental health drops the same. Even when I join a martial arts club, Ayano should kill teachers without a mini-game, but it doesn’t work because they stop me immediately. Another bug I wrote to you here before: school points (biology, chemistry, etc.) reset after each day. Please fix it because it makes these clubs useless.

  17. Um… anyone else getting the students turning into the pink/blue model when they’re off the screen a bit, or at just the right camera angle, and having no face, just floating eyes when they see a body and they show up at the bottom of the screen? Its kinda annoying, but I’m sure its just my settings…. I’ll try restarting my game to see if it helps..

      • If the rainbow 9 do go back to school (or maybe just some of them) could you make it so that they talk since more people (like in the persona games) just need to talk in school, for example just 2 of them in the corridors so its not like all the students have to be doing an activity , they can just be chatting all over the school! Could they also eat in the outside and inside cafateria since they are deserted and loads of people are already on the rorftop?

    • oceangreen2004, The rainbow 9 are Yui Rio, Yuna Hina, Mei Mio, Koharu Hinata, Haruto Yuto, Sota Yuki, Ryusei Koki, Hayato Haruki and Sora Sosuke.

  18. Bah. It sickens me how moronic a lot of these haters are, or just outright lying. Even when the Dev releases Osana and such, they’ll still keep spewing the fecal mater from their mouths. But, I’m looking forward to you coming through with your stuff!

  19. Hi, yanderedev. I have question. Could you make to Ayano has a voice more cute? Is just a question. If you have any problem with that so foget this

    • she is supposed to be emotionless, so making her sound cute wouldn’t be the best fit, Michela Laws ( the voice actress) does a terrific job of portraying Ayano’s character

      • The state of mind and the lack of emotions has nothing to do with the sound of the voice. Beside Ayano is 16 years old girl. I’m not saying that she has the voice more cute, I’m just saying that she can has a voice a little less deep. The voice’s Michela Laws seems to me very deep. Anyway, it’s just a question that I aksed just in case. I’m not demanding anything

      • ooo or maybe if ayanos voice was deep when shes alone or thinking and is cute when talking to others? that would be so cool like yumemi from kakegurui!

  20. I think that you should just go with releasing Osana and the Kickstarter. The demo shouldn’t be an exact copy of what the game is gonna be but rather a little taste of it and I get the feeling it has too many features for what a demo is supposed to be. Also, if it’s a little bit buggy or unbalanced, that can be fixed with a dedicated team of programmers after the Kickstarter, speeding up development time. I doubt many fans will care for just a few bugs in a demo that was made by just one person; that’s to be expected really.
    Just my two cents.

    That being said it makes me curious to know if there are going to be features/elimination methods in subsequent weeks that will not be present in Osana’s week (excluding rival-only elimination methods and the metal detectors in the last week).

  21. it’s not ‘revamped’, he called it his own game and when people pointed out that it looked like yandere simulator he changed it to a fan-game. the guy took the models, assets, and animations. Now people are hating on yandere dev because he took 6 years and the guy took 2 weeks. childish.

  22. Hey, Yandere Dev. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it or not, but there are some people revamping or “remaking” your game. They’re saying that it took about two weeks, that it’s unrealistic for one student to have a bodyguard, and they don’t need money to finish it. Again, I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not. It just seems unfair and childish to claim “I can make this game better” without anything to back it up. What’s gonna happen to the “revamped version” if something bad happens in the coding?
    Anyways, I hope you’re doing well while the world… isn’t.

    • Over the course of Yandere Simulator’s development, countless people have said “I can do better than YandereDev!” and started developing similar projects. All of these projects lasted a few months, sometimes weeks, sometimes only days, before collapsing.

      It is extremely easy to use the Unity engine to quickly produce a simple game prototype that superficially resembles Yandere Simulator; to quickly replicate the surface-level aspects of Yandere Sim, such as “Schoolgirl walking around a school” and “Student turns into ragdoll after being stabbed.” These are beginner-level tasks that anyone with access to the Unity engine can do without any effort.

      When someone says “I re-created Yandere Simulator in two weeks!” what they are really saying is that they copy-pasted a bunch of my game’s assets into a Unity project and then made a character walk around a school environment, creating the flimsy illusion that they are developing a game. And, sadly, there are actually people who are gullible enough to fall for that illusion. The situation is actually pretty ridiculous.

      The problem is that hundreds of thousands of people have been misled and tricked into believing that it’s possible to re-create all of Yandere Sim in 2 weeks, even though that game doesn’t even have 10% of Yandere Sim’s functionality.

  23. It’s quite ironic if you have watched the latest apology video, if you even consider that a sincere apology.

    Apparently, “his” gaem will be changed—name and assets. If you ask me, it sounded like he was creating some sort of hype for his own game :3

  24. The state of mind and the lack of emotions has nothing to do with the sound of the voice. Beside Ayano is 16 years old girl. I’m not saying that she has the voice more cute, I’m just saying that she can has a voice a little less deep. The voice’s Michela Laws seems to me very deep. Anyway, it’s just a question that I aksed just in case. I’m not demanding anything

  25. HEY YANDERE DEV ! first, i love your work.
    i hope the game finished will cost money, because you work so well ! i will buy this game for sure ! as if it will cost 60 dollars !!!!

    • You are very sweet, thank you!

      When I put the game on Steam, it will still be in a debug sandbox state, so I want it to be relatively inexpensive. It will probably be $5 when it first appears on Steam, and when it becomes a complete game, the price will change to something more like $20. Anyone who bought it when it was $5 should be allowed to upgrade to the final game without paying the new price.

      • I have heard that you game will be in Steam. When Amai is in the game. Is that true?

  26. Yandere dev why didnt you made a video explaining why the haters are just saying lies?
    When I see a video that tries to defame you I can always think of arguments that you could use in your defense.

  27. hi yanderedev! ive been a fan of this game for a long time and im so happy with everything you’ve done with the game 😀 i was wondering if you’d ever think of bringing the female delinquents back? they were rlly cute and i miss them 😦

  28. I’ve seen quite a few videos lately on you just by looking up yandere dev in the search bar, as well as youtube channels dedicated to just making videos on you. Hope they aren’t too much of a botherment as I know a lot of what the videos contain are normally the same stuff over and over again already been spoken about or things taken out of context, So I hope a lot of the things that are popping up aren’t as big as a problem as they seem. As well as the new “Fan game” that recently popped up, and honestly just looks like they took Yandere simulator and went “made it in 2 weeks” Which even if so, there’s not much of a point, and there’s much better ways to make a fan game rather than take the building blocks of another game. Anyway, hopefully you’re in a good stance right now even with all of the talk on you and even hate.

    • As I forgot to state as well, if the harrassment does take a huge toll on you, don’t feel bad to try and get some help for it, as I can tell it may cause some heavy depression and stress. Stay safe & ok.

  29. Gamedev here. Tried the build and I gotta say, I was impressed by the attention to detail in the presentation and the copious amount of game mechanics and elements. It’s pretty obvious you put immense effort into building the game up to this point, and into realizing your vision. It’s looking like one of the best indie games I’ve seen.

    I enjoyed your progress videos for a long time thou, but never tried it before, not until I saw the insane hatred you are getting. As a game developer myself, I could easily see through all the odd claims people are making, but it’s chilling to think how thousands upon thousands of people are buying into it and attacking you relentlessly based on them. I would call it extremely childish if it wasn’t for the fact that this sheer volume of harassment would make anyone’s mental health to decline. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, just for wanting to make a game and the project eventually getting popular. Stay strong until the kickstarter, it will be worth it in the end! Try to make great memories with your future team, and have fun developing the full game!

    And, if the harassment gets too overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek professional help, what you are going through is not normal, healthy or easy to overcome alone. It can help you to leave this awful experience behind before full development, too. Take care!

  30. Well Yandere dev thanks. You made a game that makes me think alot in a way i find fun. So thank you alot.😃 hope you never give up and dont listen to what people say.

      • Also you describe our society today. Anyways, hope you know ive followed your progress since the beginning. Hope i can help you more someday, not just by watching your videos and play your game but to support you more. In way im not able to right now. But hey keep your head up. Also every great person who has done something great or incredible against all odds has some kind of haters. But they pulled threw it all. I hope you pull threw it and continue. You have my support 100%.

  31. since students now have nicknames and real names , and some students get called by their nicknames only behind their backs . if , hypothetically , the player was having a conversation with mesume , if the player calls her by roanshaku (loan shark) will she get upset ?

    if yes what will the consequences be ?

    i think bcuz shes a bully , she spread rumors about the player amd damage their reputation each day , the only difference is that our reputation wont decrease as much as it does when a student witnesses us committing murder .

    also, i heard that u want to redesign the delinquent fighting mini-game, is this true ?

    • Some nicknames being derogatory is an interesting concept, but to prevent the game’s development from lasting too long, I don’t think I should plan to incorporate any game mechanics related to this.

      I think that the delinquent minigame will probably remain as it is, too.

  32. I like how he fixed the dumbell sanity animations btw what was up with that in the august 15th build? also I don’t really like the fact that u cant just have unlimited chances to spawn a victim from the turtle anymore. also in the archive builds the august 16th 2016 (onward through 2018 archives) builds from the one drive didn’t have the sanity animations as an option, not even from the turtle so I think those builds were from earlier

  33. Hello Yandere Dev! I just wanted to point out a few things that I find troubling:

    – Recently I’ve seen a lot; and I mean a LOT of comments saying super mean things about you and saying stuff that isn’t true, and I want to say to not listen to them. Most of the comments they make can be fake.

    – Many people who say rude things about you can be false, however, some things they say are true and you should listen to. A lot of the hate I’m seeing currently is about how rude you are (supposedly) and so on. I have seen quite a few things that you have said in the past that do make me question if you’re the nice person I thought you were or not. In the end, you should probably say sorry for things you have said that can be hurtful.
    – Some ways you can do this is after Osana is completely done, you could make a video about apologizing for the things you’ve said in the past, even if they’re super old or you don’t want to apologize for it. Lemme be straight with you: I get it. I always think that I’m a super nice person and people shouldn’t hate me, but sometimes my sisters will say that I’m being rude or mean. Sometimes I think what I say or do are fine, but when I think about it, I know how it can be hurtful. And when they say for me to be sorry, I really don’t want to because I feel I didn’t do anything that bad. But over the years I’ve learned that saying sorry for something to the people who want to hear it can be extremely nice and could show that you’re a nice person and all of that. I would suggest you would do that to, as a lot of the haters are people who didn’t like what you said.

    – I’ve heard a lot of people start talking about a person making a game called lovesick that is supposedly a better version of the game you have created. Do I think this? No, I don’t. The reason why is because I feel that they just copy and pasted a lot of things from your game in different places.
    – Some things I think are better in their game, however, is the character models. I know that you want to replace the models you have right now after Osana, so I won’t get into that to much. I guess you just have to make sure you do that afterwards.

    – Another reason you get a lot of hate is because of how long it has taken for Osana you come. To show those people who’s boss, try to release her this month. If there’s a few things you left out, just add them in later with later builds. It’ll just be better for everyone, especially the people who have waited for her to be here sice 2015.

    – With everything going on right now, I hope you listen to a few of these points I have made. I think this’ll make many of the haters stop, because as I said before, they hate you and things you make because you were pretty rude in the past. That doesn’t mean that I hate you or anything, just keep your online identity a bit more nicer.

    Again, I hope this helps you out a bit! This comment is not against you in any way, just constructive criticism. I still love your game and will continue following whatever you may do in the future!

  34. I think you should really just focus on the game. Take a break from social media and just work on the game and your mental health(exercise often,take breaks, therapy). And you should come back with Osana. Because these little builds and false promises are only causing people to distrust you more.

    • The only problem is that he has to 1: Check his Emails, which sometimes terrible people Email him hate, it’s pretty hard to avoid that. 2: Go onto Discord to interact with other developers, but he still would receive hate though Discord, wouldn’t he? It’s a shame and disappointment that people want to ridicule him after he works so hard to create a thrilling game that millions could enjoy.

  35. I have a question when osana gets released in the game what if you didn’t want to play yandere simulator with osana in the game would there be a feature so you could play yandere simulator without her in the game?

  36. oh okay, i have one more question though is the 1980s mode going to be released when osana is or is it just going to be released some other time or is it released now? By the way i love your game keep up the good work don’t let the haters get in the way

  37. Hello yandere dev !!, I have a question, if the game later costs money and I have it already downloaded, do I have to pay it?

  38. Ok
    I even believe that you’re the bad guy
    And what? Even if you’re bad i don’t like you for who you are but for what you made
    I believe in you
    Please never stop making yandere simulator
    Thank you, for reading this comment
    On yandere simulator development blog

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