Manipulating Students in Yandere Simulator

Hi! New video! Check it out!


I absolutely love the thumbnail that MulberryArt created for me!!

For a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build (it’s a really long list!!) please click “Continue Reading”!

New Poisoning Method

  • A student who needs to vomit will now travel to the *nearest* toilet, instead of traveling to one specific toilet every time.
  • If a student sees you poisoning their food, you will lose reputation, and they will refuse to eat the food.
  • Students will no longer ignore murder or corpses if they are eating emetically-poisoned food.
  • If a student sees you poisoning somebody else’s food, you will lose reputation.
  • Students will now react to the sight of a student who is dying from poison.
  • It’s now possible to drown a student who is vomiting into a toilet.
  • Omitting students will now make vomiting sound effects.
  • Horuda now eats lunch in the school cafeteria, facing Toga. This is to give players a good location for testing how students react to seeing someone die from poison, testing a student’s reaction to murder during a poison animation, etc.
  • If you put a headache-inducing substance into a student’s bento, that student will visit the nurse and ask for medicine to numb the pain. This will cause the nurse to visit the medicine cabinet and retrieve some pills for the student. The student will eat the pills and then spend time resting on the couch in the infirmary until their headache goes away.
  • The tranquilizer that is used to kidnap students is now inside of the infirmary’s medicine cabinet. The only way to obtain the tranquilizer is to give a student a headache so that they go to the nurse and make the nurse open the medicine cabinet.

New Electrocution Method

  • Drinking fountains have been added to the school, and it is possible for Yandere-chan to use the water from these fountains to wash the blood off of weapons.
  • Yandere-chan can now find a large, heavy pipe wrench in one of the school’s storage rooms. This wrench can be used as a murder weapon, but can also be used to sabotage the pipes underneath drinking fountains, which creates water puddles.
  • Yandere-chan can now find a power strip in the A/V Room. This power strip can be plugged into any wall sockets that you might find. After plugging a power strip into a wall socket, Yandere-chan can use a screwdriver to expose the wiring of the power strip.
  • If Yandere-chan flips a switch that activates a wall socket while a sabotaged power strip is in a puddle of water, the puddle will become electrified and will electrocute anyone who stands in it.
  • There is now a new vending machine in school that allows Yandere-chan to purchase a bag of chips. Yandere-chan can offer the chips to any student in school. After eating the chips, the student will become thirsty, and will go to the nearest drinking fountain to drink water.
  • (The wrench’s current location is temporary. In the future, I’ll find a better place for it.)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Most Students’ lunchtime routines have been adjusted. They now sit and eat lunch together. (In the future, I may decide to change the locations where they eat food. It would be logical if they ate in the cafeteria, but this is a stealth game, so witnesses need to be spread out across the school.)
  • From now on, whenever the player attempts to attend class during circumstances when it’s not possible to do so (because the player is holding a bloody weapon or something like that) a notification will appear onscreen to inform the player of the reason why they currently cannot attend class.
  • Updated the layout of the infirmary; it needed more beds, because now it’s possible for numerous students to be resting in the infirmary simultaneously (Yandere-chan, the boy who naps in the infirmary, and two students who traveled to the infirmary after being drugged with a sedative).
  • Students now turn and look towards Yandere-chan if they hear her footsteps during Low School Atmosphere.
  • Changed Kyuji/Toga’s reaction to a camera being aimed at their face.
  • Added new idle/walk animations for Toga.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Added 1 new track to Mission Mode.
  • With the Easter Egg menu open, press the F1 key to enable rain. Open the easter egg menu a second time and press F1 again to put a raincoat on Yandere-chan. This is purely for fun, and is not intended to become an aspect of gameplay. The addition of weather would change the game’s design significantly, since it would effect many of the game’s features. Because it would extend the length of the game’s development considerably, it’s not something I am planning to put in the game. You’re welcome to look at it in case you’re curious to know what it’d be like, but you shouldn’t anticipate it becoming a feature of the game.
  • On a completely unrelated note, you can open the Easter Egg menu and press F2 to see an experiment that was inspired by the work of LuigiSake! (EDIT: It’s not working as intended. I’ll fix it in the next build.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong student to appear in Yandere-chan’s basement after eliminating Kokona with the Betray method.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to wear cooking club accessories in her living room cutscene with Kokona.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to send a mind-broken slave to kill a student who hadn’t actually spawned yet.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a female character to disappear if her hair was adjusted using Pose Mode.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan’s clothing from rendering properly during the KLK easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to pick up a tranquilizer provided by Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to activate the Shipgirl or Miyuki easter eggs.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to complete Musume’s task.

What’s Next?

More changes/additions to facilitate “emergent gameplay”, maybe a few of the general gameplay improvements that begin to appear in the video starting at the 9-minute, 34-second mark, and then it’s back to the pre-Osana checklist items!

74 thoughts on “Manipulating Students in Yandere Simulator

  1. Great job Yandere Dev.
    I started to follow your progress since the very beginning and I can barely say that is really strange this isn’t considered a real videogame, you always made an excellent job, not just for the game feature but also for the player’s experience.
    I’m sure the finally game will be worth the wait ( even if it already is )

  2. Im curious to know how the police or the school sports team react to Osanas body in the bottom of the pool and what consequence would it have, considering the pool. Would the sports team not be able to use it?

  3. Yan Dev, why don’t you make Yan Chan make little comments to herself when approaching something which could be used as an elimination method? What I mean is: When Yan Chan is approaching, let’s say, the drinking fountain, she could say something like “I could use this for something” or “What if I loosened it little…” Or maybe that would only happen if Yandere Vision was activated? Just an idea I had so new players would know what to do with some things.

  4. Yandere Dev 😀 I have a question.
    Will Yan Chan be able to kill someone with acid bottle ? Like, pouring acid on student, and student dies from acid burns

  5. I really like the idea about implementing a game over for killing over half of the school’s population. I really have been wondering about that, about what would happen if you kill too many people, and how that would obviously seriously screw up the gameplay as the story progressed.

  6. I guess my question is about the Announcement Room. I know it will be used for security in the future but what about when normal, who will it be used by? The Staff? Or students? Will there be announcements at different times of the day? Is this everyday or a weekly thing? If you were to implement weather would they talk about it? Upcoming exams? School field trips? Holidays? Special events like an upcoming play or special guest? A recycled introduction of motivation for students, and possibly an anthem (I am from Canada and we always stood and sang O Canada). Would they talk about mysteries activities or events, cation and warn others? Remind students of the rules and so forth? Saying they found unsuspicious missing items? Talk about missing students and ask for prayers for their safe return or students to report any information? I can see numerous opportunities that could be used. I remember in Persona 4 Golden how at the beginning on the intercom a staff member told the students to stay in their classes until they had further information from the police and giving the students orders to return home immediately. And that just created a new question, if a teacher has a teachers pet report a body and it’s still there and they call the police why don’t they call or inform the rest of the staff that there is a murderer on the loose? We’re one of them could warn the students in the Announcement Room to go to their home room or hide, or have some type of cautionary action like in school shootings. I know it would be time consuming and more hard but I think it would make it more challenging and difficult and make more consequences for the player for murder. And maybe to prevent this the player would have to tamper or break or mess things up in the Announcement Room to buy more time before the school is in panick. Or till the Staff member goes to the Head Master who may or may not have access to his own system to access the intercoms. I am very curious about this.

  7. Maybe the rain shouldn’t be a random thing, but it could rain on specific, scripted days. This could allow yandere chan to use a weapon like an umbrella without being considered suspicious, hide her face with a raincoat, or leave bloody weapons in a hidden place outside to wash them of blood when she went to class. It could also lead to more students staying inside making more potential witnesses to her nefarious deeds. It might not even stop at rain, maybe it could also be cloudy. Take the popular girls for example, on a normal day, they’d sit by the pool and tan, but on a cloudy day, they’d just go inside. Or maybe on a day of extreme heat, the athletic students wouldn’t go running. Maybe you could even cause the athletic rival (Forgot her name, sorry) to have a heat stroke if you stole her water bottle while she was off running, because she’d refuse to let the heat stop her from exercising. Maybe on a windy day you could open a classroom window and have a student’s papers go flying out, causing them to get in trouble.

  8. I have two questions

    1. Why do the students not have bags when walking to school?
    2. If there will be DLC rivals, then will there be more characters, new clubs, or a whole new place to explore?

    I love this game!!!

  9. Hey yanderedev!,I have a suggestion.
    I think that yandere chan could pour salt in a student’s bento an that would make them thirsty ,instead of giving snacks, because maybe some students wouldn’t accept snacks(like they are in a diet or they prefer healthy food or don’t trust yandere chan) and in those cases pouring salt would be useful

  10. i have an idea for yandere simulator.

    other than this game murder and other eliminated features, the player needs to take one exam in each week (eg 5th week of psychology, 9th week chemistry) in order to be a real school. and these exams should be like extreme simple space filling or matching.

    Maybe adding new features to the game is time consuming but worth the review

    • Yandere Dev that game that you gave to Jay the senpai fighting game you should use that for the sparring option in the martial art club what do you think

  11. I been really liking these videos alot but I want the game a bit harder, which I meaning by eliminating some random students. When I saw Toga die in front of me and that girl from the gardening club just walking past him like “Nothing here to plant, bye!”, some things should cause sound, like ruffling in paper. Not trying to argue, but just to make the game a bit harder or give ideas. I know when you attack someone, being notice by the victim will let out a scream, usually when they die they should fall onto the ground they should make a thump or some sort of noise depending what surface or floor you kill the student on, this will attract a student’s attention depending on what floor you kill them on. And now since the atmosphere attracts students to footsteps(player’s footsteps), this shouldn’t have to only be limited to student council, low atmosphere, and other. About stealth kills they can be changed to where the student’s hearing ranged can hear the thump or something . If you’re reading this please sincerely know I mean no bad harm for anything, keep up the great work and make your reality come true.

  12. Can I make a recommendation? I do my schools announcements in the morning, and they take like 3 minuets, but it let’s people know what clubs will be meeting after school, how a sports team did, what to expect for lunch, etc. Do you think that could be implemented in the game? I just though it’d be an interesting 2-3 minuets where maybe a teacher isnt in class and you’re able to call a student, or if Ayano asks to do announcements on whatever day (friday), that gives her an extra 5 minuets late to class so she can tamper with stuff and have a valid excuse to me late to class. She could also get ahold of some equipment in the announcement room like a screwdriver or something like that. Idk I thought it would be cool.
    Also the cafe minigame, shouldn’t it also be used to buy other things at like a store like laxatives to use on a student while in the cooking club, to make them sick? Or a card to use as a fake love letter for a student. Or, something like that?

  13. Ideas for in-game tips, because I was told to say it on your blog rather than in the YouTube comment section;
    1: during loading screens
    2: through subtle posters on the walls
    3: mumbling from a student that hates another student

    Just a few ideas. As well as info-chan of course.

  14. Yandere Dev that game that you gave to Jay the senpai fighting game you should use that for the sparring option in the martial art club what do you think

  15. Regarding: “It would be logical if they ate in the cafeteria, but this is a stealth game, so witnesses need to be spread out across the school.” I’ve taught at 5 different Japanese High Schools. Of those, three didn’t have a cafeteria at all. In those with a cafeteria, eating at the cafeteria was completely optional, and the majority of people would bring a bento and eat elsewhere anyway, or just buy some junk food and eat elsewhere anyway. You’re fine.

  16. ayy i want to know since you add some easter egg i guess?that when you press the easter egg menu and press f2 and it was like a mission mode but idk what it is and nemesis is there. i try to kill her but there no F to attack so it means we cant kill nemesis in that mode?

  17. 3 things to maybe add:

    1)Maybe in the miscellaneous picture, there should be different poses. And if you take pictures with certain people they’ll react a certain way like the social butterflies will do a happy posing pose.

    2)I also think that maybe you should add more things for the LGBT+ community like make a club from one of empty rooms or make a gay or lesbian couple! It would be so cute 😎
    Also I noticed that when you choose which gender interested in it turns into oppisite gender. So I think maybe you can choose you’re lover and your gender.

    3) I wish there was a way to customize what you want yourself to what you wanna look like (plz 🤠

    4) I have a new elimination method! Maybe you learn a dirty secret about someone and you get them to kill for you, then you can call the police and frame them for it to eliminate them! >=3

    But that’s all for today 🤠

    • I mean try to implement all 4 if you can ☺️ I’d love to see them all in the game it’ll be so awesome! But the ones I’m most excited for is 4 and 2!
      Also, clarification on no.1 I mean like, if you press a certain button on your keyboard the pose that you make will change, and when you point the camera at a certain persona their poses will be different from yours, but match the concept.
      (Ex. Throw up peace signs, social butterfly will stick out their tongue and put up the peace sign too)

  18. Omg guys. If you change a girl students persona to persona number 7 (lovestruck) and go to the game and make them see a body. They will say: “oh my god is that a dead body!!?? I need to find senpai and get out of here!!” Then, She will tell Senpai that theres a killer at school and the need to go to the police to report it! I really liked it lol,it gives you a glimpse of what Osana will be like. I’m serious try it I swear its true. Btw try it in the latest February 3rd build.

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