February 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

The previous build was stable, but it did have a handful of issues that I wanted to correct, so here’s an update!

For a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Tokay-toky!

Fixes and Changes

  • Students in Yandere-chan’s class will now get out of their seats one-by-one instead of all standing up simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to give a snack to a student who was about to attend class.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Open/Locked/Lockpick” prompts to appear on the medicine cabinet.
  • Fixed bug that caused Phone Addicts to hold their phones in their hands while eating food.
  • The school’s sliding gate now makes sound effects as it opens / closes.
  • Fixed physics bug with Yandere-chan’s most recent new hairstyle.
  • Fixed bug that caused a wrench to be labeled as a dumbbell.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to poison Senpai.
  • Adjusted Gaming Club lunchtime seating positions.
  • Added props to the Sewing Room.
  • Fixed problems with the F2 easter egg. Now it will have the atmosphere that I intended for it to have. There is no objective – yet – but there is something roaming around that may spook you…

47 thoughts on “February 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. So.. I was playing yan sim rite? I distracted the delinquents by giggling in the incinerator area and put a headache medicine into one of their food.. he got up, then I ran into him, he ‘pushed’ me and then he froze in place. I tried to attack him, then I froze in place too XD

  2. I have got an idea.
    If Ayano joins a club,then she will gave to use a mahine to change her hair color so that she will look like the persons in the respective clu.Here are some exemples:
    When Ayano is in Drama club,by using that machine her hair will be purple and maybe will have a drill
    When she joins Scuence club her hair will be grey
    When she joins Occult club,by using thhat machine her hair will be bkue and maybe she will even have that things to her eyes,like the rest of the members
    I hope everyone who read this will enjoy my idea 😉
    Srry for my english

  3. hey, so i just went looking for the new wrench. i found it in the northwest (?) storage closet…. it said it was called Dumbbell, then i picked it up
    walked into the hallway
    forgot i was an idiot cus ppl were looking at me cus of the wrench
    dropped it
    then it was called PipeWrench

  4. I would like senpai to have the same genka game when trying to persuade because he carries a weapon, blood or other obvious thing would only work once and in low atmosphere will only be immediate rejection

    • If you read the Retribution comic/manga mission mode takes place in an alternate timeline. Ayano’s first target to kill is Senpai and Nemesis is his sister out for revenge, which means she could be Hanako.

  5. If AMZE or an another talented guy would like to do a kind of true “slender, man 8 pages” with the f2 mod it’s will makes this world a better place to live.^^

    Probably not though, but she was in the fog in a video called Osana progress, framerate improvement and Pose mode if anyone remembers AND he said “Running around Yandere chan’s high school with fog activated and the draw distance set to a low number is PRETTY SPOOKY, MAKES ME FEEL LIKE SOMETHING SCARY COULD POP OUT OF THE FOG AT ANY MOMENT” aka ROAM AROUND!
    But hey, it’s just a theory.

  7. I have an idea for the game! Rival-chan should be active, I get bored when she stands there… Just an Idea! But~ I am thinking of another thing, can you put in a place holder of Osana!

  8. I found a bug i was trying to read manga i think it was the first volume of the death note manga and before that i killed kuudere with the new elimination method the fountain so the next day i didnt go to school 1 hour later but instead the memorial happened and i it was 7:30 and i was stuck i one place and coudnt do anything i hope you can fix this bug with this comment

  9. Hey Yandere Dev! I really love the game you have made. But something that bothers me is the colors of the bench. Why does the Occult Club have pink and blue seats and not just sit in their occult seats in the club room.

  10. In the future, will students react differently to compliments? Like how the delinquents don’t care. Would coward or loner students react by saying something along the lines of “R-really? T-thanks!” Also, would there be a student like nemesis who wants to kill Yandere Chan in the normal game mode?

  11. I was really scared about the F2 thing but after I saw what it is it wasn’t that creepy anymore…

    • Ditto bro. I’m ten and I have single-handedly created my own email address, elsword account, WoT account, and reddit account. I have learned most things in my spare time when I’m not in class. I once tried the launcher. It failed. I am no going to try to get the game until I have my own laptop.

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