October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! There was a new critical bug in the previous build. I’ve released an update that solves the problem, along with a bunch of other assorted bugs.

To read a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this beautiful illustration by Kaizo Bear!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the player’s reputation to increase after failing the LMC minigame, if they had positive pending reputation at the time they entered the minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the Cooking Club members from using their “walking while carrying tray” animation, after the player had entered and exited the rhythm minigame.
  • Moved the LMC chairs around slightly so that the girls’ hair won’t clip through the walls behind them when they practice with their instruments.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some students’ facial expressions to change, after the player had entered and exited the rhythm minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would cause to stand instead of sit, after the player had entered and exited the rhythm minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused a police investigation to take place every time Yandere-chan was expelled or suspended.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to become unable to aim her camera after exiting the LMC rhythm minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused the LMC’s drummer to hold drumsticks in her hands even when she wasn’t supposed to.
  • Fixed bug that caused Nemesis-chan to slide across the ground instead of performing a walk animation.
  • Updated the LMC’s student portraits to include their makeup.

60 thoughts on “October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Thank you so much for fixing that camera glitch is was really annoying. I know so many games that I like, but none of them are like this one. I am proud to say that this game is my favorite game! I am also proud of myself for getting 3rd comment…..

    • No, it says “Continue Reading ->.” The text just got messed up (probably due to the picture). The word “Continue” can be found near the bottom right corner of the picture, while the word “Reading” wound up on the following line.


  3. I hope you add a background to senpai, it is the main character and it is super boring to think that he is a normal person, with normal notes he should have something deep

    • You can’t expect Osana until all of the next things are done:
      -The five clubless students (and one of them is Osana’s Mysterious Obstacle)
      -Imrpoved framerate
      -Students reacting to blood puddles
      -SNAP Mode
      And i think that’s pretty much it
      The next update will probably be one of these things, so when YandereDev releases the newest update we will see which things are implemented (the next update will probably be those 5 clubless students because they would be easier to implement unless YandereDev plans something special for them)

  4. I think that the Spar minigame should be played only if you join the club, like the LMC’s Practice minigame. Also, I think that’s unfair to fight with someone who has a weapon when you haven’t one…I think It should have a martial arts-themed minigame.
    By the way, this game is AMAZIIING!!!! I would like to play it but I don’t have a computer. I hope the Mac/Android/iOS Version’ll be released soon! ❤️

    • Did you update your game so it is from 17 October? And if you tried to fight with a delinquent in front of the teachers don’t do that because i think it’s the apprehending animation (or try to attack people with weapons in front of anybody)

  5. The 4 students that are missing one of them could be Sota Yuki, I miss him in the game.
    The other 3 could help to choose the fans, together the 4 could be the typical group of friends

  6. I think that if the city has a Police Department, It can be used Genka’s cutscene when YanChan gets in trouble outside her school. If she fails, she may go to jail or she just stay in her house for some days without going out…Also, I was thinking that it can be implemented a library too. Here you can buy every type of book you search, that will boost or increase your stats (f.e. if you read a thriller book you can find multiple ways to hide a murder…). If you try to steal a book you can be arrested. If you buy a book, you can read it completely (that means that if you read it in the library without buying It, you’ll read only half bc the librarian will tell you ti buy the book if you want to read it, so your chosen stat will boost only half).

  7. Thanks much for fixing these things!! This game is the best/most innovative game I’ve played sense No More Heroes 2 for Wii. Yeah I don’y play games often at all, ha..but when I find one I really love; I become obsessed!!
    – @deadpopstar

    • YandereDev could be working on them now, or on something completely different, when the next update comes we will see…
      (Basically no one knows, and if YandereDev answered this question it would be ‘when they’re ready’)

  8. The game looks cool so far (just saw the update vid lol) but i have a question. What would be the difference between the Light Music Club and Cooking Club? Atm the LMC’s mechanic looks like the Cooking Club’s on steroids they’re too similar

  9. Sorry to bother you Yandere Dev but, I was using pose mode today and whenever I go to the guidance counselor the characters don’t stay in place and start moving around like normal again

  10. The next update should give Ayano the ability to join Delinquents/Student Council/Bullies. Talking about them, why when I snap a photo of them It says “Club:None”??? They should be a club. They gossip during cleaning time and sunbathe (only on tuesday). These could be their activities..

    • He already said he might allow YanChan to join the delinquents and student council, but joining the bullies wouldn’t really help with gameplay. Besides, I wouldn’t really call the delinquents and bullies clubs though.

    • The bullies and delinquents aren’t clubs because they aren’t approved by the school’s faculty (like the Gaming Club)

  11. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev!! I have a question.
    WIth 15 students in the game, the FPS go to 10-15. Now, like you said, you’re trying to the game have a good framerate. Do you think that maybe, in the future, i’ll going to have at least 25 FPS even there are 100 students? 25 FPS is the minimum for me. What do you think?

  12. Keep it up Yandere Dev your doing a great job i can’t wait till you add osana love what your doing take your time Dev.😊

  13. YandereDev I am hoping that you’re working on the Saving Loading system beacause I when I go on a new game I do some much things but then in another day the progress I made begone

  14. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! (not Strangesaurus, not Strangesaurus!):
    1. Are you still considering allowing Yandere Chan to reform the deliquents?
    2.If you DO implement a small town/street, and it had it’s own atmosphere, how would it go down?
    Non-gameplay related questions:
    1. If you had to replace a club, which would you replace?
    2. If you had to redesign a club leader, which one?
    3. Will students have diverse eye shapes? (like Rival-Chan shaped, current)
    4. Which is your favourite club?
    5. How fun is it to design characters?

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