End-of-Day Visuals

How many times have you seen these words?

When the player leaves school – or when the school day ends – there are several events that may need to transpire. Depending on the player’s actions, the police might arrive at school, someone might get called into the guidance counselor’s office, a club might get shut down, etc.

Instead of depicting these scenarios visually with 3D models and animations, I have been using pink words on a black background to describe what happens when the school day ends. I call this the “End-of-Day” sequence. Even though I almost never mention it in my videos or blog posts, it’s one of the most important (and complex!) aspects of the entire game!

From the beginning, I’ve always wanted the End-of-Day sequence to have visuals, instead of being text floating in an empty black void. As of now, I’m proud to say that the End-of-Day sequence finally has visuals! The visuals are very, very simple, but they’re still much better than plain text on a black background. Here’s an example of what the player will see if the police arrive at school and arrest Yandere-chan for murder:

Huge improvement, don’t you think?

I regard many of the current animations to be placeholders; I’m planning to have them replaced with improved versions in the future.

The End-of-Day sequence has visuals for all of the following circumstances:

  • The police arriving at school
  • Whether or not the police find any corpses
  • Whether or not the police find any murder weapons
  • Whether or not the police find any fingerprints on the murder weapons
  • Whether or not the police find anything helpful on the school’s security cameras
  • Whether or not the police find Yandere-chan guilty of a crime
  • Whether or not the police find an unconscious tranquilized student inside of a musical instrument case
  • Whether or not masks are banned from school, as a result of security cameras or eyewitnesses seeing a masked killer at school
  • The police leaving school
  • Yandere-chan stalking Senpai and returning home
  • A student (like Kokona) being sent to the guidance counselor
  • One of Info-chan’s “Schemes” failing (like failing to complete the Scheme that involves Sakyu Basu’s ring, or failing to complete the Scheme that involves stealing an answer sheet from the faculty room)
  • A club shutting down
  • Yandere-chan returning to school to retrieve a tranquilized victim
  • Whether or not the school erects a fence to prevent rooftop-related deaths in the future
  • Whether or not Megami orders the installation of security cameras and metal detectors in response to a student council member’s death
  • Whether or not Yandere-chan is arrested
  • Whether or not another student besides Yandere-chan is arrested
  • Whether or not the police investigate a corpse that fell from the school roof, was poisoned, was drowned, or was electrocuted

Because of the sheer number of different outcomes that can occur during the End-of-Day sequence, it’s possible that there are some bugs in the current build. I tried to bug-test it as much as possible, but something might have slipped past me. Rest assured that if there are any bugs, I’ll address them in the next build!

Speaking of fixing bugs, I also fixed a bunch of bugs in the latest build. Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that was fixed!


  • Fixed bug that would cause a club leader to speak as though they were in their club if they were in a clubroom located directly above or beneath their clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Miyuji to attempt to lean on nonexistent rooftop railing if the rooftop railing had been replaced with a chain link fence.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a martial artist’s corpse to be teleported to the martial arts room when performing the “practice combat” feature.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher’s animations to break if she noticed a corpse while simultaneously fighting with Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented outlines from appearing around the hairstyles of the newest students (Light Music Club).
  • Fixed bug that caused the LMC’s instrument cases to disappear during an Apprehended game over.
  • Returned “resting bitchface” to Kuu Dere, since it kinda makes sense for her to have it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to get stuck on the bench nearby the pool area.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Martial Arts Club to close if Miyuji Shan died.
  • Implemented visuals for the “End of Day” Sequence!

47 thoughts on “End-of-Day Visuals

  1. Awesome! I love to see small things such as this improved. It shows that you really care about improving the game’s features, both small and big.

  2. Hi YandereDev. I’ve been admiring your work so long since I was a kid. Eventhough you have a lot of haters, you didn’t give up. You continued to move on. I believe you deserved better and you will. I will always be a big fan of your game. Keep doing a great job. Love the new visuals too!

  3. this seems so cool! another thing i would love to see at some point in this game is the ability to have the hairs yandere chan can were able to be placed on the students via pose mode and the json files! i know you don’t really take suggestions so this is just kind of a thought 🙂 have a nice day dev and remember to take breaks when you need them!

  4. I have been waiting for this feature for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!!!!!!!! Btw, I’ve seen the text at the beginning of the post about 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times.

  5. This is really cool these last few updates have been awesome. I did wanna ask a question though if you kidnap the music club leader once comes to school she is different i don’t know if this is a bug but if it isn’t THAT IS AWESOME ON ANOTHER LEVEL. and I would love to see that on other chracters

  6. excelente trabajo¡ yandere dev. por cierto una pregunta , si ayano odia tanto a las rivales ¿que tanto bajara la sanidad al matarlas? es que yo creo que si se le bajara arto, le daria mas dificultad al jugador matarlas ( perdon por mi ingles soy de colombia )

  7. I Like The Fact That You Added Visuals To The End-Of-Day Sequence, And I Understand That It Needs To Be Improved, But, I Think It Would Be Easier To Have 2D Visuals Instead Of 3D Visuals.
    You Could Use Something Similar To The Minigame Options In The Other
    Clubs, Like The Rythm Minigame.

    Of Course, This Is Just A Suggestion That It’s Not Likely To Appear In The Game, Since You Have To Work In Other Features To Finally Have A Demo Including Osana.

  8. Great progress, I can’t wait until things such as the Calligraphy room, Wood work room, Home Ec room, the Biology lab, English room, etc. are complete!!! I can’t wait to see what they have in them!!!

  9. Hey, so something just crossed my mind: If Ayano gets repeatedly sent to Genka it should be harder to expel a rival, because Genka would lose trust in her so unless she has incriminating evidence it should be harder. I know it would be harder to code, but I just thought about it.

  10. Yandere Dev, I know what happened with Tiny Build. The guy you got saw your code, started changing it, and then you couldn’t understand it. How about this: you get him back, let him fix your messy ass code, and as you keep working, he can make everything more efficient EXCEPT for the things you feel will be replaced in the future.

  11. For some reason, whenever i try to bring a prisoner to school, they don’t show up. Or if they do, i don’t know where to find them. What do i do???

  12. idea: so if you have low reputation people will notice you faster and you have your talking topics time cut in half. If you have high reputation people will be friendlier and give you more time to figure out what to say. and if you have higher reputation or seduction the guidance counselor will be less harsh.

  13. Can anyone copy and paste the WHOLE JSON file (for students)? I messed up and removed Kuudere-Chan and now the game has a weird glitched girl moving extremely slowly and the game freezes forever once i finish class.

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