October 21st Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! There were a lot of weird bugs with the End-of-Day sequence in the previous build. I guess it’s to be expected, since I changed practically everything about it and couldn’t test every one of the numerous scenarios. If you played yesterday’s build, then you saw a buggy, half-functional version of the EoD sequence I wanted you to see. However, I feel confident that the latest version is fully operational and bug-free!

I also made a handful of minor improvements. For example, now you actually see the police discovering an unconscious girl in a box, instead of just seeing the box itself:

I’ll continue to tweak it and improve upon it over time.

The changelog for this build is longer than usual! For a full list of everything that I fixed in the new build, scroll down past this absolutely phenomenal artwork by COOLBOSS13!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that caused a shot of the guidance counselor’s office to appear during some parts of the “End of Day” sequence, even during situations that didn’t actually involve the counselor.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “stealing answer sheet” progress bar to remain onscreen after being caught stealing the answer sheet and then getting out of the counselor’s office.
  • Fixed bug that made “speech lines” emit from the head of a student that was being arrested if the End-of-Day sequence was called as the student was having a conversation.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Cooking Club students’ food trays to disappear permanently if the player attended class while the students were holding their food trays.
  • Fixed bug that caused the End-of-Day text window to clip into the guidance counselor’s door during End-of-Day events that involved the counselor.
  • Fixed bug that caused the End-of-Day sequence to fail to display relevant information when masks and security cameras were involved.
  • Added new visuals for the End-of-Day sequence for when the police find an unconscious student inside of the musical instrument case.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to wear a mask in the End-of-Day sequence if she was wearing a mask when the day ended.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to soft-lock if the player mashed buttons while loading into the counselor’s office.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Evidence Recorded” notification to appear dozens of times instead of only appearing one time.
  • Fixed bug that would cause broken rambling (“Kill…kill…kill…”) to come out of a mind-broken student’s corpse.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the proper visuals from appearing when sending a girl to the guidance counselor’s office.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the gardening club to not render properly in the End-of-Day sequence.
  • Added post-processing effects to the End-of-Day sequence to make it more fancy.
  • Inverted Beshi’s bass guitar, since I accidentally gave her a left-handed guitar, and she’s right-handed.

52 thoughts on “October 21st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I just spent over 4 hours reading drama about you and your development of the game. At the end, I just want to say I hope you are doing well, and I hope you can continue following your passion.

  2. Nice! The end-of-day graphics really add a lot of flair (though the old ones also gave a cool “Law & Order” vibe IMO =) )

    As for Beshi – maybe you should have flipped her animations instead of flipping the guitar? Does the game even support having characters left-handed? I know that Japan has a bias against left-handedness and left-handed children are often forced into learning skills with their weak hand, but there’s still about 3% lefties, so there should be a few in the school…

  3. Does anybody know that wierd feeling when you’ve seen something for a long time but you know it could be better and you wait until it finally does get better but you’ve spent so much time wiht the old one that you’ve grown atached to it? This is what I’m getting from the EOD sequence. It’s a wierd feeling but a nice one

  4. I remember watching kubz scouts video pointing it out and I love that yan dev is in touch with his fanbase creators! Keep the work going!

  5. Cool! I was so used to the old text version but now there’s a cutscene for the end and it’s amazing! 👏👍☺

  6. I just have one more question: Will you give Homu Kurusu (The one working on Robot-Chan) a Resting Bitchface too, since she is supposed to be emotionless, like Kuu Dere

  7. “Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to wear a mask in the End-of-Day sequence if she was wearing a mask when the day ended.” Hmm…I don’t know why, but I don’t get it…can someone help me? :sweatsmile:

    • what he means is if Yan-Chan is wearing a mask at the end of the day, the bug was that she would continue to wear it in the EoD cutscene, but he fixed it now

  8. Congratulations yandere Dev I like very much all the news you added in the game I’m amazed and happy at the same time this became my favorite game this of the police Then it’s my favorite the game as it goes along is getting better and better I recommend not to forget to rest because health matters to me ps I have a new bug to show you when the camera on the phone to a character its texture you see me bad and this happens to me with all the characters you could try to solve it thanks

  9. Will the old spacebar Blur effects return? And Will return the option to press 0 in the school to de-activate post-processing effects like back in July 7th 2015 build? That option improves for me a lot of FPS

  10. To be honest, those End-of-Day sequence animations doesnt look really nice. They looks really scruffy. I think that they aren’t so necessary and previously this sequence looked better. You had presented here a lot of amazing fanarts, dravings, graphics, portraits designed and created by really talented people. Maybe instaed of this ugly animations you should ask about some 2D graphics? Maybe some comic or manga designed? That really would be something 🙂

  11. So wait in the final game when we can kill the leader of the cooking club when she is our rival would the club disband if we kill her?

  12. Hi yanderedev I found a bug made thanks to the counsellor when we enter the teacher’s room with a bucket, he sends us to the advisor is the bug starts. (sorry translation made by Google translation)

  13. Omg. I just had a brilliant idea. Use it or not, but it would be AMAZING if you used this to ruin a rival’s reputation. Plant a fake positive pregnancy test somewhere that someone can see it. Like maybe someone asks to borrow a pencil from the rival’s desk but finds the pregnancy test instead. Or perhaps a fake doctor report stating that the rival is indeed pregnant. If you use this idea, though, I would avoid the topic of abortion. I personally think that this would lead to bullying that would eventually cause the rival to leave school once their rep is low enough. Tbh this happened to someone I knew, so it’s not far fetched.

    • I’ve used to be a tshirt designing employee to someone else popular on tumblr. Feel free to hit me up for t shirt ideas. Though I will admit that the artist you have has more skill than I, but my ideas are sound..I stopped designing for them a while ago because I felt taken advantage of. Feel free to ask me who, I am professional enough not to reveal that info to the public.I just want to feel useful again for a small fee enough to buy my son a basketball jersey which is pretty damn cheap. Not exactly a volunteer but I ain’t asking for hundreds. Again, I’m drunk, I won’t lie and I feel like that is a starting point. We can discuss anything further when I’m more coherent. Just know I’m loyal. I haven’t called this tumblr user out despite the rage I feel. It isn’t professional of me to do that despite feeling the way that I do. If I want to cut ties then that would be that, I won’t say or do anything against you.. Think about it.

    • I really like your idea, however it needs more animation, consuming time.
      Even though i’m not Yandere dev, i just wanted to give an answer.

  14. Every month we get an update, the further and further on the game is progressing. It’s looking so amazing so far! I love that you got rid of the irrelevant characters and replaced them with more important ones (i.e. club members etc).

    Sorry I have to mention the stupid drama, but it feels like whenever I look up anything about you, usually it’s in regards to checking your blog, I manage to find some drama. I’m even getting recommendations for drama videos and it annoys me so much. It’s all just so so stupid! This is a very complicated game. It’s gonna take a long time to make. And even after you apologised, idiots are still going after you. Oh well, at least the comments on your videos and blog posts are nice and wholesome for the most part.

    I just wanna say that you have a lot of support from me. I am loving how this game is looking! There is a really massive difference between the old 2016 build to the current 2018 ones. The progress is what we should all be focusing on.

  15. It would be good if there is a probability of death system, that is, if you have biology and low strength there is a 50% chance that the person is alive because they do not injure vital organs that would give jugabilidad to the unconscious state and the nurse would function better .

    This would be affected by strength and sanity

    If the strength is high and the biology is low you have 80% of the student to die

    If biology is at its maximum, death will be 100%

    The average sanity of 75% and the toltamente low 100% to die

    To know if the student is alive you will have to wait five minutes of play can get up call the police and flee or maybe flee depending on the personality, if it arrives at the nursing will call the faculty and all the teachers will go immediately to the infirmary that it would be impossible to kill also could go the counselor only so that if it goes bloody it will be an instant game over

    If you manage to get away with it, the student will come back in four weeks

    I thought that if you threatened the counselor and you had a bad reputation and several witnesses to murder (no more than the maximum) I could fear you and let you go and investigate a two-day police investigation in which you will have to get rid of the evidence and improve your reputation and get favors .. You’ll lose time to be sabotaging rivals but will add more gameplay

  16. Dear Yandere Developer.
    I really like this game and I just love watching it progress.
    The walking animation, Fighting, Killing, Speaking, e.t.c
    But I also have a few questions.

    1) In the finished game, will it ever be possible to add looking around to walking animations?
    2) Could there be an animation, where they either bump into you and say sorry, Or they avoid you when walking in the same path.
    3) Can she switch off and on the computer?
    4) Did you delete the smarties profile from the computer?
    5) Can she go to a phone store to get a cover of fix her phone.
    6) janitors? more people walking around.
    7) I know you talked about student council, but they go to class and don’t secure hallways
    8) Can Yandere chan get a hallpass before leaving class?

  17. full version
    1)It will be good if while walking the protagonist and other characters look around. I can hardly walk straight without looking at the scenery around me. Will this ever happen?

    2) When I’m playing the game, I sometimes bump into people, whenever i’m close to doors, walls, etc. The characters get can get cornered by the door and still progress with the walking animation. Could there be an animation, where they either bump into you and say sorry, Or they avoid you when walking in the same path.

    3) The COMPUTER AT NIGHT! I’m sorry, but why is her computer on at night, but off at day? Can the computer be off, she stands next to it and switches it on, to use it, and when done, she switches it off. Is that possible, or am I asking to much?

    4) Ever since you deleted the smarties ( Rainbow girls and boys) from the game, I think you forgot to delete their profiles, from the computer.

    5) In the completed game, when there us a street, can she go to a phone store, to get a phone cover, or fix her phone?

    6) JANITORS??? Could there be janitors, so there are more people walking around outside, cleaning.

    7) Hall monitors. Graduates of highschool. There on internship.

    8) Hall pass, Bathroom class, Clinic pass.

  18. Okay,so,i’ve gotten one of the delinquents arrested,got in trouble to get sent to the counselor to blame the delinquents but she said they weren’t at school?

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