The Photography Club and Sleuths in Yandere Simulator

I first pitched the idea of “Sleuths” way back in January of 2016…and now, they’re finally here!

This update is 95% Photography Club and Sleuths, and 5% bug-fixing – but if you want to see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, then click Continue Reading!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused a bucket of weights dropped off the school roof to bounce off of an invisible collider on its way down to a victim’s head.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the Mission Mode menu from picking from the entire available school population when picking a random student.
  • Added some props to one of the gym storage rooms (it’s not finished yet, though).
  • Fixed problem with the circular saw’s blood spray effect.

Photography Club and Sleuths

  • Added 5 new characters and two new Personas.
  • When School Atmosphere is over 90%, the members of the Photography Club use relaxed animations. As School Atmosphere drops, their animations become less relaxed.
  • When School Atmosphere is over 90%, they will react to the player’s camera with a friendly pose. Below 90%, they react to the player’s camera with suspicion.
  • When School Atmosphere is over 80%, they will only use their clubroom for chatting and goofing around. Below 80%, the appearance of the clubroom changes, and the clubmember perform more serious-looking talking animations.
  • When School Atmosphere is over 80%, the Photography Club’s leader has casual, carefree dialogue when you’re talking to him about joining his club. Below 80%, his dialogue will change and get more serious.
  • When School Atmosphere is over 80%, they will spend all of their spare time in their clubroom. Under 80%, they will briefly meet in their clubroom at the beginning of the day, and then they will spend the rest of their time hunting for the culprit who has been causing problems at school. Around 5:00 PM, they will reconvene at the club to discuss what they’ve learned.
  • They will hunt for the culprit by visiting each student in school individually, and checking each student one by one to look for danger or suspicious behavior. During this process, they will also visit the player to observe what you’re doing.
  • The advantage of joining the Photography Club is that if you’re part of their investigation team, they won’t consider the possibility that you might be the killer they’re looking for, so they won’t bother to investigate you while they are paying a visit to every student in school.
  • If the Photography Club is shut down, they will still walk through the school checking on each student individually, as long as School Atmosphere is under 80%.
  • When School Atmosphere is over 80%, they will react to a murder with the Social Butterfly reaction. Under 80%, they will react to a murder with the Phone Addict reaction.
  • When School Atmosphere is under 80%, they will react to a murder and snap a photo faster than Phone Addicts, because they were actually anticipating the sight of a murder. When reporting a murder on their phone, they text 25% slower than a Phone Addict, but 25% faster than a normal student.
  • If a member of the Photography Club sees you attack any other member of their club, they will use the Hero reaction and attempt to apprehend you. This happens regardless of School Atmosphere level.
  • The club leader is unique, because he uses the Hero reaction instead of the Social Butterfly reaction if he sees you commit murder while School Atmosphere is over 80%.
  • If a member of the Photography Club reports you for murder and you get away with it, they will inform the rest of the club. On every subsequent day, the entire Photography Club will follow you around school at almost all times so they can try to catch you doing something incriminating. If you approach them, they will run a safe distance away from you. If you try to outrun them, they will always track you down. The only time when they won’t stalk you is during classtime and cleaning time.

Just in case you’re wondering…the current names and appearances of the Photography Club members are not necessarily final. I may decide to give them different names and appearances in the future. For now, I’m more concerned with gameplay functionality, so names and appearances just aren’t a very high priority yet.

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

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