April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There was a really bad bug in the previous version of the game. I didn’t want to upload a new build with only one change in it, so I fixed a number of other bugs that had been reported. Hopefully, that justifies this update!

To see a list of everything that is fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful illustration that CHArice made to celebrate Yandere Simulator’s 4-year anniversary!

I also received some similar illustrations from other fans; thank you all so much for the 4th anniversary fan art! It really warmed my heart!

Fixed, Changes, and Additions

  • I’m aware of a bizarre bug that prevents the Student Info screen from populating with student profile images if the player accesses that screen from Info-chan’s Services menu. Unfortunately, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding the solution to the bug. For now, I’ve simply updated the services menu text to warn the player of the bug and provide instructions for a work-around that forces the images to appear.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to reach Kuu Dere in her seat in the library (mind-broken slaves sent to kill her – or students sent to distract her – were unable to approach her).
  • Info-chan will now refuse to perform the “Send Student Home” service if a student is preoccupied with something that would logically prevent them from caring about checking their text messages.
  • Added a small amount of functionality to a model in the Science Club. It doesn’t do anything significant for now…but that might change in the future.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing a smartphone from appearing in a student’s hands when they were receiving a text message.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Kuudere’s new hair model from being affected by changes in lighting.
  • Fixed bug that could allow the player to use the “Send Home” service on a mind-broken student.
  • Fixed bug causing Nemesis to put a giant black rectangular bar onscreen in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was making it extremely difficult to punch anyone in One Punch Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing mind-broken students from having “broken eyes”.
  • Restored something that has been gone for a long time.

What’s next?

Now that this bug-fixing build is out of the way, I’m hoping to throw 100% of my attention at implementing the delinquents as soon as possible. Ideally, the next build will feature them…unless another game-breaking bug is discovered, haha! x_x

121 thoughts on “April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey yanderedev! I would like report one thing.I think that when the class has started,it would be better if the studient concuil members dont stand up during classes when you only enter in class,because it doesn’t seems preety and all the room is full of people: wht only they look at yandere and not to other people? Thanks 🙂

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