Three New Videos

I hope you’re prepared for an unforgettable luncheon.

Of course, just one wasn’t enough for me:

If you have absolutely no clue what the hell any of that was about, you might understand this one a bit better:

And, of course, If you don’t care about silly April Fool’s videos and you just want to see actual development progress, please check out this blog post I made yesterday:

33 thoughts on “Three New Videos

  1. Oh well there is no Kuudere Simulator 4 the most beautiful game of all… but those videos are still very funny 😂.

  2. An excellent game development demonstration on how getting out of trouble with the guidance counselor will work! It’s perfect.

  3. I’ve been following the yandere simulator since it came out, the downloads and another simulator is so amazing that it’s the best game in simulators. I hope you never stop having updates because every update is as if it had arrived, a new version to play and have fun. yandere dev on this anniversary, I feel very good having followed this wonderful game 🙂

  4. if you look in snake eat schoolboy looks fun, do it in yandere simulato, is simpsons can you can too, if do news of yandere simulator you put video of simpsons have the better idea to yandere simulato, it is to be funny and no to news invented that is real, do feast surprise

  5. Hello Yandere Dev I wanted to talk to you about a bug on the camera not to be confused with that of the phone.So then this camera runs without arèndonc I can no longer play the game meme with the mane or meme.Thank you answer me.

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