October 2017 Progress Report

If you haven’t watched the “Driving Your Rivals To Murder” video yet, please check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=908F0cP0j4c

My latest video answers some questions about the “Drive To Murder” video that was uploaded on September 30th, and also tells you what else I’ve accomplished over the past 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve also uploaded a new build today, too. For a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, please click “Continue Reading”:

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Moved cassette tapes in the plaza so they’re not stuck in the hedges, rotated trees in the plaza so that duplicated trees aren’t obvious, and shrank the size of the sakura petal spawner in the plaza so that the petals can’t float into the school corridors.
  • Coming to school at 8:00 will now cause students to stand where they would logically be standing at 8:00, rather than teleport directly to the destination they’re supposed to have at 8:00 (their classrooms).
  • Musume now has a different animation when waiting for Yandere-chan behind the school, and also has a “trying to light cigarette” animation after Yandere-chan gives her cigarettes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the draw distance to snap permanently to “10” if the player got a game over in Mission Mode after adjusting the draw distance in the Settings Menu.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Martial Arts students to carry their phones in their hands immediately after leaving the changing booth in their clubroom.
  • Made sanity-retaining panties functional again (the functionality broke when switching over to the new sanity-based animation system).
  • Fixed bug that could allow Yandere-chan to be apprehended by a Heroic Student and a group of 4 students at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the instrument case to fall through stairs if Yandere-chan took it off while on a staircase.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the button prompt on the infirmary’s cabinet from changing between “Open” and “Close”.
  • Carrying a bucket, a mop, or bleach is now considered suspicious outside of “Cleaning Time”, from 3:30 to 4:00.
  • Re-fixed bug that would cause radio button prompts to appear on a radio that was being held by Yandere-chan.
  • It is now possible to change the FPS cap in the Settings menu. The options are 30, 60, 120, and Unlimited.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause all students’ button prompts to disappear at the start of the day.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the Police timer from appearing if a student reported a poisoned corpse.
  • Changed which classes students attend so that every classroom has at least 5 students in it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the nurse to get stuck on the beds in the Infirmary sometimes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause bloody footprints to spawn in the air above the pool stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the ritual knife’s fire effect to be permanently disabled.
  • The player can now use Yandere Vision while crouching or crawling.
  • Students will now perform cleaning animations from 3:30 to 4:00.
  • It is now possible to make a student bloody in Pose Mode.
  • Implemented the Headmaster.

What’s next?

While I’m waiting for the animations I need to implement Osana’s confession cutscene, I’ll continue adding other content that has been waiting a very long time to be implemented.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

73 thoughts on “October 2017 Progress Report

  1. The drive to murder elimination sounds awesome, I really hope that it becomes a feature. I don’t see how this could work with most of the official rivals, but even if it just were for Kokona, I feel as though it would be worth adding into the game. You see, I hope that there will be a debug Easter Egg within the final game which features Kokona as the only rival, and it would be just as polished as the others.

    Kokona’s secret week could use re-used animations, locations, characters, etc: all from the main ten weeks of the game. This week may not even need to be secret, it could be an alternate universe unlocked after the completion of the main game, where all of the rivals are NPC’s and Kokona is a singular, tough rival. Because of all the stuff that could simply be re-used in her week, it would not take nearly as long to implement.

    I also feel like this week could give insight to the Lore of the game, maybe having the Loan shark business fit into some sort of conspiracy relating to many things and events in Yandere Simulator.

    • Personally, I don’t think the Kokona Week should be a hidden secret; it should be its own special mode, a tutorial or practice mode (perhaps alled Fantasy Mode or Preparation or something). Kokona’s schedule in this mode would be simplified and make it a bit easier to lead her to ideal elimination locations, and there might be fewer obstacles (e.g, student AI being a bit less curious/aggressive). Some advanced or long-term mechanics, such as school atmosphere and possibly skills/clubs, would be disabled. Not only would this fit Kokona’s traditional role as an elimination method test dummy better, it would also serve was a way for new players to get used to some of the intricacies of Yandere Simulator’s systems without getting overwhelmed by all of them. You know, like a tutorial is supposed to.

      On a side note, I think it would be kinda funny if Kokona’s “confession scene” at the end of a failed week was something mundane like “Do you want to join my club?” or “Can you sign this petition?” instead of an actual confession. Ayano, you freak out over everything!

      • I love the idea of the “confession” being super mundane. Actually, what about this: a Kokona tutorial of features and some of the non-lethal rival elimination methods. Ultimately, you get a scene at the end where Ayano is on the verge of flipping out in despair because she decided on a lethal method too late and Kokona “confesses” which results in an extremely relieved Ayano calmly deciding that she can never again afford to hesitate to go for blood if that’s what it takes to win Senpai’s heart. It would spare Kokona for later use in the game or as a DLC rival and set her up for that role, it would give the player a better sense of the stakes involved for Ayano, it gives Kokona fans something nice, and it helps to teach new players how the game works without forcing them to make any permanent choices about digital lives.

  2. wow I love the new version … I just played it a few moments ago and I was shocked with the director and what he does when you grow up … I love how the game progresses

  3. WTF DIRECTOR … wait … he knows. theory time:

    The director and the sayko corp have a deal about Ayano and they both know for her curse (if it’s a curse). Megamy knows as well. Info chan knows as well. And I suspect Oka to know too.

    info chan use the curse to her advantage (using an emotionless girl to do the bad job … good strategie) perhaps she want to incrimmate her (if she is the journalist’s daughter, it could be a reason)
    but what about the director and Mr Saiko. the director is clearly not for letting Ayano in her school and sayko corp seams to need her for something (I don’t know yet what it is about but I’dd like to) and Megami is clearly not for it. (“My father has a reason to let you in this school. I don’t” said megamy at her laptop)

    So what’s that deal? Is it aout Sayko corp investing in the school but the manage it until Ayano is out of course or the deal is finding a way to incriminate her and her mother without being trapped like the journalist but without arm her.

    All depend of the meaning of the expression “the deal is off”. I’m not a native English speaker so I need help hear. does it mean the deal is successfully completed or does it mean the director interupted the deal before it was completed?

    • I hope too ! Some people are speaking about she could be the nice sister Najima, instead of Osana, or simply, a other friend of childhood !
      Personnally, I loved if RivalChan was something like the first love of senpai, two are just friends now but if we complish a task for RivalChan and she became our friend.. Maybe she could accept speak us about the type of girl Taro appreciate ? And, the method of elimination where Senpai hate our rival could be more exacte ! We could make some sabotage in interactions and senpai and a rival for she doesnt correspond by the ideal crush of senpai and he not hate her but refuse her confession ?
      That maybe not fonction for all rivals (like Osoro for example who don’t look like a girl that Senpai appreciate normally)
      It’s just a idea like that but I hope Rival Chan could have a little role in the final game like Kokona. Even if I continue to think she’s Sakura of Burning Love..

  4. I don’t think carrying a bucket should be suspicious, especially not to a student. And 15 points decreased just for carrying a bucket? That’s absurd. Ayano be gossiping about Kokona sleeping with older men and her reputation points only decrease 5!

    • Ayano has no reason to be carrying a bucket around most of the day, which is by definition suspicious. On the other hand, everyone “knows” Kokona is sleeping with older men, and everyone expects teenaged girls to gossip.

  5. Osana progress went pretty much as expected. “I still don’t have all the assets I need.” Well, such is life. At least it’s given you time to tie up loose ends!

  6. I was trying to play this game but..
    this happened
    Any solution for this, I tried installing over and over again.

  7. What the hell pass through your mind when you do YanSim, I LOVE the concept of what the headmaster do, I’m inpatient to know all the side behind “she”…

  8. I love the current vision of the game, and I have fun imagining its future. Even though I know that I only joined this community in early 2016, I still research much about it. And everything I know is pushed out the window with every update. It blows my mind! Keep up the amazing work, Yan Dev, and we’re here to support ya!

  9. I like how YandereDev made the most satisfying thing the last one in the list.
    He was like “All those cool things you probably expected, you know, bugs, some details… Oh, yeah, the headmaster is now in the game. Have fun!”

  10. Alright, has anyone noticed in the new build that if you dress as one of the Crush Crush girls, then get undressed it glitches terribly? The body gets distorted and some parts (mainly the arms) turn all black. I already e-mailed YandereDev, but I am posting it here too just in case. 🙂

  11. So I can’t talk to anyone? I don’t have mods or anything, I play it just how I downloaded it. Not sure what’s happening but like, anyone else having this problem? Also, I AM GLAD YOU DIDN’T SAY WHAT HAPPENS WITH HIM. I WAS BAFFLED.

  12. WHOA WHOA WHOA. Hold the phone. Yan-dev, did you just… hint at… cannibalism? I am so thrilled. I was hoping there’d be SOME kind of cannibalism route for Amai Odayaka. Though I always imagined Ayano would be the one to somehow implement cannibalism. Either way, as long as cannibalism is somehow involved, I am a happy lunatic.

  13. One of the Crush Crush girls is a sort of humanized version of a My Little Pony character.
    Which means you can now dress Yandere-chan up like a pony.
    #TheMoreYouKnow (actually I don’t think there’s any point in knowing this)

  14. I’m sorry but honestly I’m really not a fan of the principal. Yeah Yan-chan might not be right in the head but all I friggin did was walk into his office and he pulls a taser out on me!? For all he knew I could have just been stopping by to say good morning! Seriously isn’t pulling a taser on a student a bit too extreme?? And his lines kiinda pissed me off. He’s threatening a student with a taser for absolutely no reason aside from the fact she merely walked into his office and then sounds like a smug prick when she has the sense of mind to get the hell out before she gets tased? Ooooh I wish it was possible to kill him because that honestly would be sooooo satisfying after hearing those lines -.-

    I love everything else you added to the build though! It’s pretty cool! Though the Crush thing does get pretty glitchy if you change into one of the characters then try changing into the school swimsuit or PE uniform

    • The principal KNOWS you are Ryoba’s daughter, and he knows what Ryoba is like and capable of. Plus, if you don’t back away at the sight of a taser pointed directly right at you, then you must be touched in the head XD))

  15. Random ramble: Personally I think that just walking into the Headmasters office and being shocked with his taser right off the bat is annoying. Shouldn’t he be smarter than just shocking a student who looks like/is Ryoba’s daughter? I feel like since he works in a school he’s suppose to love children and like helping them out and such. What if instead of shocking her and fearing her, he thinks that he can help her. Like he isn’t afraid of her, but he wants to make sure she doesn’t turn out like her mother. He treats her like a normal student with a little extra care. When Megami will be introduced and starts suspecting Ayano, the headmaster may step in and talk to Megami being all like “Kids are not their parents” and such. Maybe Ayano can use the headmaster by winning points with him, so he’ll forgive her for MINOR mistakes. And make sure that Megami won’t “bully” or “stalk” Ayano. Because he believes that Ayano has the chance to be different than her mother. But if Ayano doesn’t really befriend the headmaster, then none of those things will happen. I think that befriending the headmaster should be a VERY HARD task so that most people won’t be able to get those benefits.

  16. A “driving rivals to murder” elimination is a good idea, but I really can’t see it being realistically applied to every single rival, especially not Amai, Oka, Muja, Mida, or Hanako–and Asu and Osana just kind of push it. Perhaps it’s best left as a unique elimination method for one rival. Osoro seems like an obvious pick.

    • Well, Kokona is a kind character but she still got driven to murder! So that means that Muja, Amai, Oka, Mida, Hanako, Asu and Osana could all be driven to murder

  17. Related to the balancing act of the “drive your rivals to murder”: I note that Kokona, in the “Driving Your Rivals to Murder” video, has been claiming that Yandere-chan was heavily involved in her act of murder. If you were so inclined, this could be made into a way to balance the mechanic; namely, 1) could make it either that you can only drive one rival to murder, because anyone else Yandere-chan approaches with a plan to kill someone will realize that this sounds exactly like what happened with that other girl who was arrested for murder… or 2) if you’re looking for a more than one-time use, Yandere-chan would have to set up the next rival much more subtly (constantly bombarding the rival with bad things the target said about them/did, leaving weapons within reach, setting up convenient chance meetings…?)

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