Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator

It’s been quite a while since the last time I made a video entirely about a rival elimination method…but today, I can finally introduce you to a concept that I’ve had for a very long time!

After watching this video, you might have a few questions – “Is this a planned feature for the game?” “Why did you make a video about it instead of implementing it?” “Where’s the Osana cutscene?” I intend to answer all of these questions in my next video, which I plan to release on October 1st. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

If I watch my own video with a critical eye, I can identify a bunch of things that I wish I’d done differently. I think that Yandere-chan should have needed to spend more time convincing Kokona to agree to her plan. I think that Musume should have been gagged in addition to being blindfolded. I think that I should have made it more clear that Musume wasn’t afraid of her captors and was willing to taunt them because she saw Kokona as being “beneath” her.

Throughout the production of this video, I changed the dialogue repeatedly, and requested new artwork numerous times. At a certain point, I had to cut myself off and stop making changes, or else the video would have been in production forever. Although I was acutely aware of the parts of the video that would have benefited from adjustments, I decided to release it in its current state because I didn’t want it to remain locked in “development hell”.

115 thoughts on “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator

  1. What I like about this is the concept that Yandere-chan could use the information to either help or hurt Kokona. This particular scenario is risky, as it’s not easy to drive someone to murder. It would require Kokona’s character to be obviously violent, and the victim to be obviously relentlessly obnoxious, and/or an awful lot of knowledge, social intelligence, and manipulation on Yandere-chan’s part to make them act out this scenario. In general, if Kokona is a normal girl, and the loanshark girl is a pain, Yandere-chan could probably get better and more reliable results from goading the loanshark girl into destroying Kokona and feeding her information to help her do so.

    • Kokona obvious comes from a broken family. We have a lot of background information on her personal life
      *Family background is rather troubled
      *Sells her ass on the street
      that leads to the conclusion she’s already partial broken. It’s easier to snap someone like this out of a sane state and turn to violence or even murder. Come on if she doesn’t snap now she will another statistic future down her life.

    • Well to have her snap is actually easy by adding another scenario or scene.
      Let’s say when Kokona comes home from school the same day, she finds her dad bleeding to death in the tub.
      He obvious couldn’t handle the stress and anxiety so he gave up.

      Kokona snapped with the image of her dad half dead while fighting for his life in ICU and remembered everything Ayano said.
      Insert Masume goading her and you have an unstable mess.

  2. Yandere Dev would be better if you returned the city and freedom of action in the game, or simply put it back to the original idea of the game with the open world, well, and would add a firearm as a bonus to the game that would become available after the game was completely completed or additional bonuses were collected.

  3. I have a big question about that backstory from this video. I always see YandereDev put much effort into realistically emulating the japanese culture, specifically about japanese school life. But in Japan, it is common to adress people you aren’t particularly close with by their last names. If that is the case, wouldn’t Kokona be more familiar about Musume’s last name than her first name, and therefore know that she is the daughter of Mr. Ronshaku?
    I think the script still works, but I would change the part where she is surprised Musume being Ronshakus daughter, maybe into “Yes I know but what does it matter?” Maybe Kokona could even have like a small grudge against her but is holding back, that would make her decision to go along with Yandere-chans plan also a bit more relatable.

    What’s more, I think it would be even cooler if Yandere-chan sort of…instigated Musume to provoke Kokona, or at least learned about Musumes typical behavior beforehand, so that it really feels like Yandere-chan planned this outcome. This way, it feels more like a lucky coincidence for her.

  4. YEASSSSSS with those few adjustments this will be super great!

    I know this is totally backwards but I wish we could help the rival get away with murder… In return she would be eliminated by friendship AND would owe Yandere-chan big time… I’m sure we need all the help we can get for the last rivals, and at least this way there’s no way the police will be suspicious of Yandere-chan.

  5. My first thoughts seeing this was that it would be out of character for someone like Kokona to be driven to murder, but after seeing the video, I totally bought it. This was expertly made, you can really feel for Kokona and understand why she ended up doing it, so you never lose sympathy for her, which is essential for the game to work, since the rivals aren’t supposed to be bad people.

  6. I watched a drawing called mr.pickles, in this drawing had a killer dog (I think everyone knows). In one episode he killed a person, opened the corpse and entered the corpse. By chance actually yandere-chan is this dog inside a girl’s body ?? Is that why she kills? Sorry for that question, it sounds absurd but I was really worried about it. (respond sincerely)

  7. hay yandere dav i love the new update think you i love u my sisster and my bruther loves u and your work! keep up the good work!!!

    On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 2:01 PM, Yandere Simulator Development Blog wrote:

    > YandereDev posted: “It’s been quite a while since the last time I made a > video entirely about a rival elimination method…but today, I can finally > introduce you to a concept that I’ve had for a very long time! > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=908F0cP0j4c After watching thi” >

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