September 5th Bug-Fixing Build

In case you haven’t heard, Yandere Simulator merchandise is now available!

Oops! There were a few embarrassing bugs in the previous build. I’ve prepared a new build that should be much more stable!

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down below this tiny model of Osana’s room, as imagined by a Chinese fan of Yandere Simulator!

I think it’s sooooo cute!!! You can see an entire gallery of images of “Miss Najimi’s Bedroom” in this image gallery:

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Previously, the player had to set a bucket of water above a doorway using the same button that opened and closed the doors, leading many players to accidentally set a bucket of water above a doorway when trying to open the door. In the latest build, the player will now use a different button to set a bucket of water above a doorway.
  • I believed that I had disabled the “Gentle Eyes for Mai Waifu” feature in the previous build. However, I didn’t actually manage to successfully disable it! Oops! It’s properly disabled in this new build.
  • Senpai will now consider it to be suspicious when Yandere-chan is aiming a camera at his face, and will react the same way he does when Yandere-chan is acting weird in his general vicinity.
  • Removed half-finished save file functionality that was accidentally included in the last build, since it wasn’t meant to be revealed until it was 100% ready.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to freeze permanently if the player tried to open the Photo Gallery while inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the props in the guidance counselor’s room to become bloody if the player brought a blood object into the room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause sparkles to appear in a bucket of bleached water even after the bucket had been emptied of water.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Restore Sanity” text to turn an appropriate color in Mission Mode or LoveSick Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Senpai to enter the “Loner” camera reaction if Yandere-chan aimed a camera at his face.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing students from performing their “socialization” animation while in LoveSick Mode.
  • It’s now possible to toggle “Rim Light Mode” on and off by pressing the “R” button in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the day of the week from being displayed onscreen while in LoveSick Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was causing accessories to appear on Yandere-chan in the Befriend/Betray cutscene.
  • Adjusted Musume’s student portrait (she was positioned very low in the image).
  • Added physics to two of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles that didn’t have physics.
  • Adjusted the appearance of “Rim Light Mode” again.

66 thoughts on “September 5th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Thanks for another great build! Just as a suggestion, I’d like to recommend expanding the power of student reactions, like Sempai does? Like it’s a lot harder to take panty shots because girls will run away and your reputation will drop significantly. Or if you trip and splash a bucket of water on a rival more than once, they’ll start to get suspicious. Or if someone’s friend (e.g. rainbow six) sees you heading to a location with one of their kind following you, and that person is killed/doesn’t return, they’ll suspect you of murder. I just think that these small things would improve the strategic element of the game and make it even more fun! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Yandere Dev says he’s not taking any suggestions unless he asks for them. This is something he’s brought up a few times before, and if you have a suggestion, wait until he makes a post or a video quering for one. Write them down in a notebook like I do and wait till then.

      -It’s hard as it is to take panty shots, it has to be perfectly centered, and your reputation does drop if you’re spotted by multiple people. Having them run away or move wouldn’t work at all, because you’d never get a panty-shot that way, and if your reputation drops too low then it game over. (Another thing he’s brought up before) so honestly, that idea isn’t going to fly.

      -He already said in another video that the trip and fall technique was overpowered and he was going to replace it with the door bucket. In a previous video he said that some rivals will have quicker reflexes than others, and that other students will be wary of Yandere chan if she’s constantly tripping and will always be on guard.

      -That is just ludicrous, you really need to think these ideas through. Just because you’re last seen with someone doesn’t mean you’re the murderer, plenty of things happen in the school day, if they go missing or are found dead, it’s still going to remain a mystery of who-dun-it, especially if the victim is a social butterfly, which wouldn’t be strange for them to be around other people.

      Two ideas are just plain bad for gameplay and in general with no way to work and one has already been discussed in a previous build.

      • I’ve seen YandereDev implement small features Reddit asked for, so, you can suggest things without him asking, and he may do it. (Obviously unlikely to happen, but it has before.)

  2. Hey I’ve been watching your game for a while and I remember that video saying this game was inspired by hitman 2016 and how you were not considering disguising as a thing for this game. If you could hear me out, I felt like the decision would close off a lot of opportunities in the sense it could allow for elaborate framing. I understand that you probably don’t want to implement this because you felt like it would be a rip off but I feel there would be a lot of missed opportunities with this and it would not be illogical for a typical yandere to go that far. But of course being close to another npc or something will get your cover blown etc. and if the person being disguised as can be knocked out rather than outright killed in order for this to occur it would allow for another layer of experience. Disguising without doing so would probably result in an investigation etc.

    • Yandere Dev says he’s not taking any suggestions unless he asks for them. A long, long long loooooong time ago he brought up the possibility of disguising yourself as a rival (the first few builds of when the game first came out actually) but the idea is ludicrous. It wouldn’t have worked .

      • You’re wrong. I’ve seen YandereDev implement small features Reddit asked for, so, you can suggest things without him asking, and he may do it. (Obviously unlikely to happen, but it has before.)

      • I’ve only ever heard him say he is not taking suggestions through email specifically. If he legitimately likes a suggestion he sees that not slowing game development through an insane amount of emails, he may consider it for the game if he finds a way for it to fit. He is not actively looking for suggestions, but that does not mean he won’t take ones he finds coincidentally.

  3. I still get “Mystery-Chan” when I add students. I dont know if its me, but it probably is. Can someone try it and see if they get “Mystery-Chan”? I need to see if someone else get it to know if its the game or me.

  4. In the future, will be possible Yandere-Chan interact with Senpai before confess her love for him?(Like a daily conversation or little tasks for being nearest of him, something that would make Senpai have some affection for Ayano before the love confession and will make him accept her)

  5. Guys I just noticed a bug:

    If you spawn mind-slave Saki, give her a knife and she kills Kokona, then after she suicides and you walk on the two corpses, you would become bloody as well and everyone will think that you murdered them and you get a game-over because of Senpai.

    Has this bug mentioned by YanDev before? Should I ask him?

  6. hey does anyone else have random bodies suddenly flying around when you kill someone in Ebola-chan mode? Seriously that happened to me a bunch and I’m wondering if it happens to anyone else.

    I will admit that glitch had a funny moment cus it caused one of the male students suddenly spend his final moments breakdancing XD

  7. Look at those photos of yandere chan in persona 5’s art style! I loved them…actually I heard that yandereDev decided that in this point in time he is intending to work on making the character models more apealing then replacing them …probebly because it is too popular now especially in devianart and others… but it will be so difficult but almist impossible to make powerfully expressive exagerated faces but if those eyes replaces the old ones which are not flexible
    …it will probebly open the possebiliy of making some expressive faces just like persona,catherine,danganronpa
    If he will keep them right niw, I want them to possede those persona eyes and apearence …it will change nothing from the current artstyle it remains almost identical
    But we would prefer to make there body more like this

    Or else …please see them

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