Yandere Simulator Merchandise!

Back in June, I showed off some Yandere Simulator t-shirts that I wore to Anime Expo. I explained that the shirts weren’t for sale because I felt like I should make further progress with the game before selling any merchandise. I made a poll asking whether or not fans would disapprove if I started selling merch. The majority of people voted that they would be okay with it, and the people I met at Anime Expo expressed a lot of interest in buying the shirts I was wearing, too!

However, I remained committed to my decision to not sell merchandise until I felt like I had hit an important milestone with the game’s progress. After the Unity 5 conversion, a rapid-fire string of updates in July and August, and the first truly significant update in a long time, I feel like I’ve finally made enough progress to justify selling some merch…and that leads us to this video!

You can check out the merchandise right here: https://crowdmade.com/yandere I hope you like it!

30 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Merchandise!

    • Memes never die. They may seep into obscurity or grow so popular that they become ascended cultural forces but they never die.

  1. Yandere-Dev has the best sense of humor. If only today’s comedians were half as funny. Seriously, I love Yandere-Dev’s jokes. His videos are always informative, often hilarious too, and yes, yes I have wanted a yandere girl to crawl on my chest!

  2. Oh God, that opening with Midori made me laugh! I needed that. I’ll check out the website. Don’t know if I’ll buy anything (or if I do, if I’ll do it anytime soon), but it’s definitely something I’d like to do.

  3. Merchandises are cool but these T-shirts ain’t original. You should sell a set of kitchen knives with Aishi name on it, red Info-chan glass frame, Saiko’s trademark phone case, Midori phone case, Ayano’s panties, Senpai body pillow, SenPAI FUCKING SHRINE, etc.

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