New Build Now, New Video Tomorrow (?)

I’ve finished recording the narration for my next video. It’s 17 minutes and 44 seconds in total! Because I have to do about 1 hour of work for every minute of video, that’s a lot of work I’ve created for myself. I’m considering chopping the video down to about 10 minutes so that the video can be released in a reasonable amount of time…but it’s hard to decide which parts of the video are least important. There might be a lot of still images in this video; I’d like to blaze through it and quickly get back to work on the game.

My power company informed me that there will be a power outage in my area for over 7 hours tomorrow. That’s a huge chunk of the day when I won’t be able to work on the video (or the game)! As a result, the video might be postponed to the 16th. I hate it when that happens!

Because you could potentially be waiting until the 16th to see the next video, I decided to release a new build now, rather than keep you waiting. To read a list of everything that is new and fixed in the latest build, scroll down beneath this super-badass illustration by Koumaz:

That’s such an awesome drawing! I love it!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • 2D interfaces (such as the pause screen, the tape player menu, the note-leaving menu, etc) should now move and rotate around the screen much more smoothly than before.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to ignore giggles for the rest of the day if Yandere-chan spoke to them while they were investigating a giggle.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would cause the game to crash at the end of a schoolday, before returning to Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the radio’s button prompts to appear at the wrong time (when Yandere-chan was holding it).
  • The user can now press “B” at the Settings menu to toggle an experimental background environment around the school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Set Trap” prompt from going away after the player had set a trap above a door.
  • Changed the animation that Senpai would perform when the player got a game over for creeping Senpai out.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent some Social Butterfly students from being able to react to murder.
  • Saki will now attack you if she sees you attacking Kokona (and vice versa).
  • Improved the stand / walk / run animations for the “Bad Time” easter egg.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the computer lab slightly.
  • Fiddled with the appearance of Rim Light Mode again.
  • Improved three of the “react to camera” animations.
  • Removed the Jojo easter egg from LoveSick Mode.
  • Added hair physics to Yuna Hina’s hairstyle.

You might think, “There’s nothing cool in this update…” and I wouldn’t blame you. But please remember that I’m not usually adding huge new features into the game because I’m spending the majority of my time making progress on Osana – which will be one of the topics I discuss in my next video!

40 thoughts on “New Build Now, New Video Tomorrow (?)

  1. I follow the progress of the game since 2014 and I wanted to leave a message to encourage you because, since the beginning, you do a fantastic work ^^
    I am going to make my Midori but I always wondered if the hairstyle of Budo and Haruto are going to change because it’s the same ?
    (I hope that there isn’t too much fault because I am French ^^)

    • Probably because he’d still have to do just as much work, and then he might add another hour of work for every minute in the video he adds to explain that there’s a second part coming, or that the second video has a first part. You get it? 😜

      • At that rate 1 min of video = 1 hour so 1 sec = 1 min. So he need just to say very fast HERECOMESTHESECONDPART and that makes him only one minute of work! Problem solved! =D

    • It’s not a very fun vacation when your fans and air cond are inoperable, though.
      Especially in the place where I live, it’s hot all day, all year.

  2. Next up to get hair physics:
    Yui Rio
    Mei Mio

    and rim light looks like its gonna be adjusted every time…
    (or not?)

    Anyways keep up the good work YandereDev

    PS: if someone sees a user named amaiodayakablog and harrases me telling me 123 bitch can someone defend me?

  3. hey YandereDev! I’m just download YanSim 2 days ago, but game always crash when loading to play
    like this: I click “New Game” and I see Yan-chan on her house, I can move her ordinary, but when I want her to go to school, game still load and crash
    Can you explain my bug (or anything else)? How to fix? Thanks

  4. It not like I want you to work even more but I think it might be a nice detail that if kokona reputation is lowered to the point that nobody wants to be around her then saki wouldnt mind about protecting her anymore.
    (Kokona would still protect saki because she doesnt care if she doesnt like, until of course she hates her and kokona would stop going to school)

  5. Hey Yandere Dev, I was just wondering about the tapes… I found 2,3,4,5,10, and the basement ones, but I cant seem to find the rest. I’m really confused. Hope It’s not to much trouble to help? Thanks!! Also, Great work! I appreciate everything your doing for the game. Don’t push yourself to hard.

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