Osana Progress and Yakuza Thoughts

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Whenever I’m working on a video, I always worry about how it’s going to be received. “What if nobody likes it? What if everybody hates it?” I’m constantly imagining all the different reasons that somebody might dislike the video. Although I really enjoyed working on this video, I have a strong feeling that I know exactly what people are going to think while watching it –

“He spent over 10 minutes talking about…a yakuza? Why? What makes the yakuza so important? Is this his top priority? Does he think this is what we want?”

Before the comment section fills up with angry messages, I’d like to explain my reasoning.

Most of my videos are about game development; it’s probably safe for me to presume that most of my viewers come to my channel to see game dev stuff, and not to hear me talk about a yakuza character for over 10 minutes. I wish that all of my videos could be about exciting game development progress, but sometimes it’s not possible. When I’m unable to deliver a development video, I try my best to produce something fun and interesting instead. I really enjoy talking about the yakuza character, so that’s the direction I went in for this video. This doesn’t mean that the yakuza is my top priority, or that I’m going to shove the yakuza in your face all the time; it just means that it was time to make a video, so I chose a topic that I’d enjoy talking about. If you’re disappointed about this, I’m very sorry. Please wait for my next video, which is almost certainly guaranteed to be development-focused.

I’m not sure whether or not this is obvious, but I love making videos. I love writing scripts, I love recording narration, I love editing footage, I love creating effects, I love syncing sound effects, I love adding music – I absolutely love every aspect of making videos. Video editing is probably the only thing I enjoy more than game development. When I get to make a video, it’s like a mini-vacation from developing the game. Sometimes, when I’m creating a video, I tend to go a bit overboard – a video might become much longer than it needed to be, or it cover way too many subjects. It’s just so much fun to make videos that sometimes I just can’t stop myself! I think that’s what happened with this video…but I hope that it’s still possible to enjoy it anyway.

135 thoughts on “Osana Progress and Yakuza Thoughts

  1. All of it sounds very good; however, 1980’s mode I feel should be expanded upon; maybe a DLC, or even the basis of a sequel if so desired. Hints to the past in the characters page obviously alluded to the events of the 80’s being important; I would love a big expansion on it. Perhaps 80’s mode is more story-driven than 201X mode?

    • I would also like to hear more about 1980’s mode like, would there be anything new? Like teachers patrolling at lunch and lunch break because the school is more strict? This was the case at my primary school (The patrolling). On another case, I like the yakuza idea and his whole character. To me, a yakuza is a new idea I never came across before.

  2. I think the yakuza could totally fit in the modern setting. A decline in members and power could make the yakuza desperate enough to stoop to helping a school girl. Also, using the yakuza’s services could have a larger negative impact on yan-chans social standing at school than using info chan. You could make the yakuza’s benfits stronger this way while also balancing his services with info-chans in story and gameplay.

  3. I think this a really good idea Yandere dev! And congrats on the work with Osana! So happy you made it this far. I really do like the new development you’ve given to the Yakuza and how much depth he has involving his brother and family. As well as 80’s mode as a concept. However this does raise a few concerns. Other than objects that you can’t obtain due to time period, would most of the gameplay simply be “copy pasted” from the original game? Or would there be completely new and unique gameplay? Maybe 80’s mode would be better off as dlc or a sequal? I don’t dissmiss the idea entirely however I personally don’t think that it would be much different If students were just simply given a different coat of paint and if you switched Yandere-chan with her mother. Would 80’s mode would be added in much later in the development process of the game or as soon as Osana is finished? Maybe I’m just talking bs I’m unsure. I like the idea of the yakuza being in both time periods, but less or more powerful depending on the time period. Hopefully this wasn’t too harsh of a critique, I’m not in your shoes and in the position or how you view the game, but this was just my thought processes after watching the video. Also never be afraid to suggest ideas and talk about parts of the game that you’d like to, if anything I think people love hearing about new ideas and suggestions! But either way just my silly spin on the idea, thank you for your hard work!!

  4. Wait, I have two questions. First, does the game have to be in the same universe that we are in? Second, could the Yakuza still be in the present, but a smaller group or a “reborn” yakuza?

    • I also for got to explain a bit. If the game was to be in another universe where the yakuza hasn’t decreased, then it would still be in the while playing as Yandere-Chan and not just 80’s mode (if 80’s mode is in the final game). Or it can be in this universe and maybe the yakuza is a different group or there’s more members, but the police and most of Japan don’t know about it.

  5. Personally I think there’s a lot more potential for the Yakuza in the modern day one than in a 1980s mode – aside from the fact that it’d be a lot easier to get in contact with him with the existence of smart phones, I really like the idea of reforming the delinquents in order to get favours off the Yakuza, and he doesn’t have to be part of the Yakuza in order for people to call him ‘The Yakuza’.
    He could, for example, be part of a different criminal group such as the Japanese mafia or one of the Triads (if they’re present in Japan, I’m not sure), or even a different group entirely and have been given the nickname “Yakuza” because a member of his immediate family, like his father (likely deceased), was a member of the Yakuza in the 1980’s (which would link the mechanic to the 1980’s mode if there is one later down the line).
    If you’re going for historical accuracy then since the Yakuza are currently on the decline, and perhaps because The Yakuza’s father was killed for committing an offence like planning to defect to another group, or even for assisting Ryoba in the 1980’s mode and drawing attention to the yakuza operating in the area, possibly dying in the late 90’s or early 2000’s when the Yakuza character was about 10-12 years old and his brother had only recently been born (whichever would mean the age was right for the younger brother being at the academy).
    It would make sense that the Yakuza character joined a different criminal enterprise when he needed money to provide for his family (let’s say his mother suffered a serious mental breakdown after the death of her husband, maybe paranoia that the yakuza would come for her children, and has since been unable to work), since a criminal group that’s on the rise or at least stable would offer more opportunities and more work than one that’s on the way out, and would also be more likely to actively look for budding young criminals with promise.
    But if, say, his father was killed by the old Yakuza boss because he saw the way the wind was blowing and word got out that he had been secretly giving information to this other rival group (or maybe just because the rumour was spreading that he was), then that would mean that group would know about his family, and thus the modern day ‘Yakuza’ got given his nickname – mostly because the man who recruited him has a healthy sense of irony – and it’s sort of stuck ever since. That way nobody would necessarily know that his brother was related to someone in a criminal gang, because not even the delinquent brother would know that the brother he idolizes is that serious a criminal, even if he knows that he’s one at all and doesn’t think his big brother’s just a badass rebel with a cause. He helps Yan-chan the first time because his brother owes her a debt he couldn’t repay, and he helps her later on because she is providing a service to him and his gang without any attention being drawn to the gang themselves (hence why they also allow it), perhaps by reforming the brother, or pinpointing kidnapping targets (maybe leaving notes on their lockers telling them to meet someone outside the school – perhaps that could be something the forged letters in the language skill could be used for?) or by providing the yakuza with the habits of a student target (which could be interesting if a town is implemented into the game because it means more options for stalking) or even by providing them with items made in the chemistry lab like drugs and poisons (maybe they could use her when she has high enough chemistry skill to refine drugs that have been smuggled in? But she’d have to do it at a time when the chemistry lab was empty and if that’s further along in the game it could get increasingly difficult). That way you could integrate the Yakuza plot with more parts of the rest of the game, and even if people don’t want to have rivals being eliminated through the use of kidnapping for organ harvest or for sale on the slave market, they could still get favours from the yakuza that would help them with eliminating rivals (imagine reporting a student for having hard drugs or a firearm in their possession! It could be an easy way to expel a rival!).
    One way you could make it more different to info-chan is if… say… with the ‘drop off’ feature – Info-chan drops items out the window for you in exchange for favours like the bugs and the panty-shots, which can be sent over the phone, and maybe Yandere-chan could send the Yakuza details of when and where to pick up the victims for kidnapping or photos of their usual haunts and habits over the phone (and perhaps the name and details of their wealthy family), but for tangible objects like, say, drugs that have been refined in the chemistry lab or other chemicals (poisons and things, chemicals the Yakuza’s boss wants but that can’t easily be accessed outside of a laboratory setting, etc), you could use the ‘bury bodies’ mechanic and bury the drugs in one of the plots in the gardening club’s area, maybe planting a particular flower over the top for the Yakuza to identify when he collects it later (that conveniently also masks the fact that you’ve buried a load of illegal substances on the school grounds :P) and he could also replace the flower with a different one on top of your ‘payment’ if you’ve requested something to help with an expulsion method.
    To be fair you could also make the way info-chan and the yakuza provide their services slightly different – with info-chan, at least at the minute, she has a list of set prices for set favours and services. You could keep that option for info-chan and with the yakuza (especially if the price of his services goes up every week) have it so that you ask for a service and he tells you what his people will want in return (a potential kidnap victim or two, a certain number of chemicals from the science labs, X amount of drug to be refined etc.) a sort of “invoice” if you will – it’ll make info-chan and the Yakuza different enough that people are less likely to complain, and it could make for some very interesting gameplay!
    Sorry I got a bit carried away there – but can you see what I mean about the amount of potential the Yakuza character has as a ‘modern-day’ feature? I for one would be very sad to see the Yakuza relegated to just the 1980’s mode when there’s just so much more you could do with him in the modern day!
    The thing is that it’s your decision at the end of the day, YandereDev, and whatever you decide I’m sure you know what’s best for the game, but if you’re concerned about people thinking the Yakuza character is too ‘evil’ for the main game because of the human trafficking concept… there are work arounds, and they don’t necessarily have to use him when there’s so many other elimination methods to choose from, but many people wouldn’t mind having the option of something a little more sinister, and there’s so much you could do with the Yakuza – definitely more than I could ever come up with, though I’m sure you and your team have some ideas – that it would be a real shame to limit him to a very specific mode or extra setting when you could get so much more depth and gameplay out of him.
    I’m sure the kitten thing might be somewhat influencing this consideration a little bit (I do remember the outcry about killing a kitten to disguise a body) but it’s worth pointing out that the kitten murder was simply a potential mechanic that didn’t really have any additional feaatures, whereas the Yakuza is, or could be, a whole new way to play the game with almost infinite potential uses and features and wouldn’t take much effort to put in because most of the mechanics are already there, just waiting to be mixed in!

  6. I love every bit about the Yakuza, except the last part. I don’t want the Yakuza being restricted in 1980’s mode, because I don’t want to play it anyway. I don’t want to encourage Ryoba’s crimes; if anything, I want Ayano to somehow going back to the past to stop it. It could be a hard mode that can be unlocked at the end if you’ve found out about Ayano’s family history and what happened it 1989, where you can try to stop the first murder and kill Ryoba. You can make up some time travel shits with Info-chan and the ghost girl. Or create an easier but more boring way, just give the basement tapes to the police.

    Overall, I love the Yakuza. Can’t wait to use him in the game. And you can add a ‘Tap Dat Ass’ animation where you can tap anyone’s ass, including Senpai’s and Yakuza’s, ’cause I want sum. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I think your really missing the point of this game, yanchan is just as psychotic as her mother and will most likely do with senpai as her mother did to her father.
      You are not playing as the hero in yandere simulator, you should have really figured that out by now. -_-

    • But Yan-chan was begotten by Ryoba raping her Senpai… Anyone with a slightest sense concept of time traveling would knew better than attempting to stop their own parents from begetting themselves.

      And Yan-chan would gain nothing by exposing her mother, so don’t even think of it.

    • I don’t like the idea of Ayano going back in time to stop her mother. First, it’s unreal, and YanDev wants the game to be as realistic as possible because it’s more educational that way. Second, making her travel back in time would encourage people thinking that some pasts shouldn’t have happened. If those events hadn’t happened then there wouldn’t be good things that will happen in the future due to that past. Whatever happened even if it’s bad, it’s a part of life and you gotta accept it.
      And I LOVE the “Tap Dat Ass” button idea! XD It’s actually a good distraction for some characters and could raise your reputation with some other characters. Good thinking about fun thing to do! Thumbs up for that!

      • It’s not all bad, just underexplained. Instead of the straight “game over” scenario you’d get when you fail to sabotage the confession scene satisfactorily, the game hands you one last mission. As Ayano “can’t live” without Senpai – which in the current state of things would lead to suicide – (and I don’t like it, but TT is the only way of explaining it *) she looks for a way to erase herself from existence, thereby sparing herself a lifetime of pain and loss. Also, I don’t like suicide.
        * This could lead into the “Easter Egg” currently in place in the Occult Club. Making a deal with all three would grant her this chance. But she wouldn’t kill her mother. Rather, Ayano would sabotage Ryoba’s chances.
        Ayano would have to be careful to not be spotted by Ryoba as I believe the past Ryoba would kill her anyway as she doesn’t know who Ayano is, believing her to just be someone else vying for Senpai’s attention.

        As I said, I’m not a fan of the whole Time Travel idea, but I just felt like expanding on it nonetheless.

  7. I think the Yakuza taking care of corrupt people is the better idea, In a way it would give the delinquent a “reason” to want to be like his older brother. Throughout their entire lives the young delinquent might’ve notice the only way to get through life is to do what his brother does and so inspires to be like him. The Yakuza obviously hates that and would rather he get through life the more pleasant way, since he doesn’t want his brother to make the same mistakes that he’s making.

  8. I LOVED the idea of reforming the Yakuza’s brother and all delinquents! It’s both a thing I’d like to do on its own and a very good (and borderline ethical) way to undermine one of the most difficult rivals!

    Honestly like, I don’t think the boss threatening the Yakuza’s brother is necessary. I think following his boss’ orders is already enough explanation for what he does… I mean, it’s the Yakuza. You don’t just refuse jobs or get out of it. There’s no need for an actual threat when he would have to follow orders either way. I liked the third motive, the warped love, the most. I think it’s the one that makes the most sense, and as a bonus it even fits the game perfectly.

    I really liked the hostage idea! It’s indeed waaaaay better than human trafficking. As long as there’s an explanation as to how the hostages don’t identify Yandere-chan as a culprit once they’re back safely with their parents, I think it could be really great. I mean, just a “Yandere-chan was the last one I spoke to before being kidnapped” could already make people suspicious… But I trust YanDev has a good explanation in store!

    I’ll miss the Yakuza if he’s only added to 1980’s mode, but I know I’ll be happy with it either way. I didn’t think he was too similar to Info-chan but if the majority of players think he is, I’m fine with it changing. As a side note, I’ve known about 1980’s mode for a while and I’m really looking forward to it!

    By the way, talking more about the Yakuza was exactly what I’ve been wanting YanDev to do, so I’m glad this video was made!

  9. If you love making videos so much, why not do game analysis videos? You’ve done it before in the context of idea videos for YanSim.

  10. You can make videos as long as you want yanderedev no one gets bored of them in fact we love them as much as the game 🙂

  11. You could also add two more routes with The Yakuza, a harmful or harmless favor, I don’t exactly know how would you balance that there’s another way to do another things and if it’s either easier or harder. Also don’t forget that we already voted for dangerous tools to be bought cuz we now will be able to work.

    What if only if only we work for the first four days and do favors correctly the first four days, the final day we could eliminate the rival for having paying money and have done correctly the favors, also the favors should not be obvious/easy at first try. I could come up with more ideas but I’m sure you too

  12. I think the Yakuza can work in present day. Let’s say that the Yakuza brother’s boss was brought to power with the help of Ayano’s mom in the 80’s by kidnapping people. In the present day, since the Yakuza as a whole is in decline, the boss is frustrated that his organ harvesting/human smuggling ring he has run for almost 30 years is floundering. This leads him to black mail any of his employees that aren’t making their quota. The Yakuza brother is one such person. To get the “Yakuza ending” I think Ayano should both reform the delinquents and kidnap students to help with the quota. The rising price for his services could be because how far behind he is or that seeing him step up, the boss increases his work load. This would earn the brother’s trust to the point where he feels comfortable with killing his boss now that he has allies.

    I also think that helping with the kidnapping should be an unlockable option. It wouldn’t make sense for the Yakuza brother to ask a random school girl he just asked to reform his brother to kidnap people. But if Ayano kidnaps a student for a mind slave beforehand, the delinquent would tell his brother extra details that weren’t in the news, leading him to discover it was Ayano. Now knowing what she is capable of, he could ask her for help. Or, since Ronshaku is a shady loan shark, he could have underworld ties though not a full member. Kidnapping Musume for ransom could also unlock the option.

  13. the yakuza get better and better. having a caracter who is in the mafia but don’t wanna be in it is really intresting. also the idea of a choising if you help the delinquents becoming better people or kidnapping the rich students to help the yakusa.

    delinquent run confirmed (become a delinquent and help the mafia)
    friendly run confirmed (help the other, be good with rivals and reconvert the delinquents)

    I’m curious to see what comes next 😉
    keep good work yandere dev.

  14. i also posted this on youtube, but figured i’d post it here as well:

    really liked all of these ideas, but here’s another one: maybe link the modern-day yakuza guy with yanderechan’s mother, so they were classmates at the time? maybe even add the possibility that yandere-okaasan and her classmate… actually had… intimate moments…. (to spell it out: depending on the player’s actions as the mother, yanderechan either is, or isn’t yakuzakun’s daughter. if she is, that’s another reason he helps her. if she isn’t, then it’s because he remembers her mother and feels like he owes her for helping him as a young man.)

    as an extra idea: yandere-kaasan could also be a ‘flashback’ mode that the player plays through as part of the yakuza storyline. or unlocked by such.

  15. Here is a real long list of feedback on the Yakuza, left a reply on Youtube, but just want to maximize odds of it being read.

    Glad to hear you are elaborating more on the Yakuza, but there are still a few things I think should be addressed more fully. This video was a step forward with some of the problems the Yakuza introduces although I think the Yakuza would add a nice new dimension to the game and be very useful with careful handling.

    Starting things off, the Yakuza’s backstory seems like one that’s still really up in the air. Personally I think the hardship he went through and having to raise his brother is a good direction to take with the character and I fully support this direction. However, its when we get to the ethics section that I believe great care needs to be taken both to retain a sense that the Yakuza does horrible things, but he is also someone whose services are not easy to obtain.

    Naturally having the Yakuza as a side character with an optional service is good for replay value depending on the choices you make in the game, but his motivations and the price he asks for is a really important one. This video touches on the topic that most bothered me about the idea of the Yakuza when he was first discussed, how to pay for his services. I think you really are on to something helping the delinquent in order to earn a favor from his brother, I think that would be good for a 1-time favor you could redeem and opens the door for reaching out for additional services.

    While some people will object about the ethics of abducting and trafficking young girls, that isn’t the problem, the Yakuza are very sexist and happily do that sort of thing. The problem is the logic behind it and is something you just barely touched on in the video. If the school is prestigious and has the money to basically pay the police to look the other way, you are going to quickly hit some roadblocks both in suspension of disbelief and gameplay as well. For one, you already have to try and come up with a scenario wherein 9 rival girls turn up dead and discovered before Megami Saikou shows up, that is a massive feat to try and justify much less girls increasingly disappearing from this one school with the possibility of it happening on a weekly basis. There is no way that the missing girls’ parents would remain quiet, the complaints would roll in against the police and the school before the media gets in on it and the backlash would force a police investigation and the school would probably be shut down due to the string of killings and students that go missing.

    Furthermore, not only do you have a problem of how to justify the school remaining open for 9 dead/missing rivals, there is simply no way you could reasonably suspend disbelief with so many girls disappearing from this school. The other problem is that even if you put in place limits like the school shutting down with half the student body dead or missing, that isn’t enough, that is far too many dead/missing students even reducing the student body by a fraction in some ways hurts subsequent rivals who have less student witnesses to prevent you from just rushing and attacking them. I do have to say identifying and helping abduct girls for ransom for the Yakuza is better, but that won’t be a believable exchange of services more than once or twice at most.

    One other thing I absolutely can’t accept from your last take on the Yakuza and was not addressed is that you can pay a heavy sum to have the Yakuzua eliminate Megami Saikou. I think Megami should be totally immune to this means of elimination, if she is the heiress to the Saikou Corporation she comes from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the country and there is no way the Yakuza would risk going after such a high risk target. If Megami has surveillance cameras placed in the school and has bodyguards like any person from such a family I don’t see Yakuza able to take her, besides even someone the Yakuza were able to abduct her, her family would pose an existential crisis to that Yakuza group and Megami and her family know she is only valuable as a living unharmed hostage, if she is hurt in the slightest those Yakuza are basically forfeiting their lives.

    Moreover, seems kind of cheap to me that you can just pay to eliminate the final rival of the game, seems too convenient and cheap. It should be a task requiring all the skills you have obtained over your time with the game to eliminate her.

    I think the Yakuza should be present in both timelines, but under different conditions. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to consider the Yakuza presence in the present time though and I think it would be a waste to throw away the relationship with the delinquent, so I would just like to see implementation be carefully considered more appropriate for each period in time.

    I will still thoroughly disagree with you that Yandere-chan could possibly intimidate or manipulate someone from the Yakuza like that especially someone like the discussed who has people working under him. Doing the kind of work he does I don’t buy him being tricked so easily. i think a more mutually beneficial relationship works better, and you still have to consider he is an adult and Yandere-chan is a school girl, he has the upperhand, she just needs access to some of his services that Info-chan can’t provide like weapons, poisons, and other things too extreme for Info-chan to reasonably have access to providing.

    The aforementioned thought is the primary reason I can’t agree with Yandere-chan abducting and handing over classmates for organ harvesting or sex trafficking, I just can’t suspend disbelief in that situation. Its not a reliable way of doing business with the Yakuza either, are you going to have to give him a student just to buy a couple vials of poison or some weapons? I think actual money earned from the mini-game could be traded to the Yakuza for some low level stuff like that and maybe for a 1-time special elimination you could make a deal for the Yakuza to abduct your rival, that way its a special shocking ending and something you can’t do again and in exchange for the huge trade off you get reduced rates when buying from the Yakuza or like you noted in the video its possible he could have his own side quests where you help steer his brother in the right direction and he will offer you some of his wares in exchange.

    TLDR: -Yakuza having hard early life raising his brother = Good – Yakuza’s ethics based on his love for his brother, but is disturbed by his work = Best of the proposed ideas -Must be possible to kill 9 consecutive rivals by murder and their bodies being discovered in the final game = can’t justify missing girls given to Yakuza without a suspension of disbelief as its impossible to explain away logically -Half the school populace dying before closing is unrealistic no matter how corrupt the institution, the public outcry would boil over way before then -Helping abduct 1-2 girls for ransom for the Yakuza = Good idea, just has to be a rare occurrence -Yakuza works fine in both 1980s mode and present day just need to implement with consideration of the time period, its a waste to lose the interaction with the delinquent brother by putting the Yakuza in 1980s mode only -Megami Saikou shouldn’t be allowed to be eliminated by the Yakuza, its illogical that they could pull off an abduction of someone of her status and even if they did the price they would pay nullifies any potential gain, the Saikou Corporation is smart enough to know they have all the power and the Yakuza just made the worst enemy possible and are never going to get a ransom from her abduction -Eliminating a rival by handing her to the Yakuza should be a 1-time elimination method, but in exchange you also get a reduced price on Yakuza wares -Yakuza side quests would be a great addition both as an optional side story for replayability and giving you different gameplay opportunities depending on how you want to approach the game -Yakuza should provide services for a variety of currencies: money from the 2D mini-game, assisting his brother, abduction (very rare), etc. depending on the service or good

  16. I think that so long as you enjoy making the content, it should be a justifiable part of your work. I don’t know how your situation is currently, but I remember you were very overworked before you changed your schedule to try and accommodate stress. So I think that if you can highlight a part of your job that you really enjoy, definitely allow yourself to make time for that! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I, personally, love watching your videos. I love your narrations (honestly I feel you’d make a great voice actor since you have a very pleasant voice to listen to) and your videos effects and transitions and general content always give me something to look forward to in the next video. In response to the Yakuza, I’m still very enthusiastic about the idea although I’m a bit more hesitant to support you making it exclusive to a 1980s mode. My favorite part of the yakuza is his relationship with his brother and possible story elements with Ayano helping reform the delinquents similarly to how you can choose a more pacifist elimination method like the matchmaking elimination method. I also like how there is a violent rote available for the yakuza. I think both sides will be able to smoothly add a ton of plot and content to Yandere simulator and I’m excited to see how this character could progress and develop with the game. Thank you for your time to make this game and every video you post- I love following how a game is created and I feel like I learn so much from you.

  17. The yakuza would make more sense in the 80¨s mode but, It would make more sense in the modern days that the yakuza are declining to get to the extents to make favors to a schoolgirl.

  18. Not sure whether this warrants reporting or what can be done about it, but in the last few days I’ve spotted an add on DeviantArt for a game called “Blade of Queen” that seems to be using a screencap from an older build of Yandere Simulator as artwork.

  19. I think that the Yakuza angle still has promise in the modern day. They may be on the decline – but they’re not gone yet. And even if you don’t go the way of Yakuza specifically, it’d be ludicrous to say that organized crime in general doesn’t exist in Japan. I’m also not thrilled with the idea of the Yakuza being secretly a decent guy, or overwhelmed with guilt. That said, it’s okay for him to love his brother, but in a Breaking Bad kind of way; aside from his brother, he has no regard for other human beings at all.

    I don’t have any issue with both the Yakuza and Info-chan being in the game at once. I think it’s nice to have more than one avenue to look to for resources.

    As for 1980’s mode, it sounds like a fascinating idea – but I’d like to see it reserved for exploring the events of the past that are hinted at by Ayane’s mother’s tapes, and the other hints in the game. I think it’d be kind of a waste for 1980’s mode just to be old-time-flavored Yandere Simulator – especially if the primary purpose of it was to enable you to continue your dream of adding Yakuza. That said, it wouldn’t be out of line to have Yakuza in the past, and some other organized criminal element in the present, serving the same function.

  20. I get why you’re worried about posting videos – you have a fanbase to please – but honestly: relax. A few dislikes isn’t worth fretting over, as most of us I’m sure have a view but won’t go out of their way to force their opinions on your game.

  21. wait… the girl in the first thumbnail… she looks like the spirit that haunts the 3rd floor girls bathroom… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  22. You mentioned that a number of people said they wouldn’t use the Yakuza.

    Who cares?. You have many ways to solve every problem (rival). In the end, the method of elimination is up to the player.

    I have no doubt there will be some people who just want to befriend everyone.

    Your task isn’t to make every path palatable to everyone. it’s to offer many different ways of doing things so that the player has the freedom to choose for themselves. To that end, I feel the Yakuza is hit and miss. I honestly can’t see it as worse than joining the occult club and basically going on murder rampages.

    One problem is, given the resources needed to abduct someone, the rewards had better be worthwhile. It has to compete with mind broken assassination, befriending, and outright killing your target.

    In other words, why abduct say, four or five people, when you can abduct one and mind break them?. Perhaps some of the later rivals would be to tough for a mind slave to take on, or something along those lines.

    In other words, Rivals that can be killed with mind slaves probably shouldn’t take more than one abduction, unless there is some other reason mind broken slaves are un-palatable. Perhaps have a minimum psych skill requirement to mind break people?, that way you could encourage people who don’t specialize to use the yakuza to make up for a skill deficit.

    Of course, rampant disappearances should really lower school atmosphere.

    TBH though, not a big fan of a vigilante Yakuza. You have given us more than a few options to “nicely” eliminate rivals. Right now, eliminating rival through violence boils down to killing them directly or making a mind broken slave. Having the option of just paying someone to do it for you is kind of nice. Also, would mean that Yan-chan is the only monster in the game.

    I do sometimes worry that you are trying to put to much into the game though, I’ll just have to trust that you have a realistic idea of what can be accomplished in a reasonable time frame. the game does need to be completed eventually.

  23. Now I know that everyone is up and arms over the whole Yakuza thing and I know why people love it, honestly I do but I guess I’m just one of the people that just do not. Now I’m not going to bash on it and say it’s a bad thing outright without consideration for others who like it but I just find the whole concept redundant. It’s nice that he’s trying to change the moral and story of the Yakuza man but the fact of the matter is no one will care.

    Hear me out now.

    The Yakuza can be seen in any sort of light you want but us as players should be able to make that call. It’s what breeds imagination and gives us a means to bring depth to a random NPC. Look at Nemisis-chan, she has no story yet we all see her as the hit woman of the Saiko Corporation. Now giving us a possible background for him is fine, in fact it’s nice to know about him. However, that limits the imagination of what the fans had of him, although to be honest there will still be a lot of fanfiction about the idea. Now it’s not my call or my right to judge a man and the thing he works so passionately about but as a fan I can give my opinion even though I have a lot of respect for him.

    Through all the complains people have against him, I can’t hate him for what his character is. For me, it’s not about the character placement or the action he does or the reasons for his actions. It’s the purpose of the character that I disagree with. To put it simply, he’s just unneeded. There is no other factor to have him except to be brutal. Even though they added a reason why you COULD use him, it still leaves the fact that going along with him at all is pointless. Info-chan gives more options, everything Ayano needs she can find on campus, and the fact that you have to CONTINUOUSLY befriend someone, do favors for them, steal or buy the shot to knock them out, put them in a box, and bring them to the Yakuza. Now the benefits from him are good, but limited while info-chan are easy and unlimited. It might be more satisfying to torture them if people still want that evil factor.

    Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t like to see it in game but I have a more simple solution. Now everyone knows that replaying a game relies on several factors. Whether achievements or added bonuses or whatever, something is needed to reward the player for their efforts. So how about instead of adding the game as it is, have the player beat the game and then once beaten have more options and routes opened to them. It guarantees that players will come back and play again and if Ayano is given new items for use then it may be more fun for the players to use their new toys for fun. Maybe something humorous, like a bomb in a present or a accidentally run into traffic and get hit, or maybe have them choke on a ham sandwich.

    The point is the more things are opened up to them, the more the players will go back for round 2. At least present the knowledge there for people who have never followed the game and need a way to figure out what other options they missed. That would be fun at least.

    Anyways that is simply my humble opinion. Feel free to disagree and comment on it if you want.

  24. sorta late on my opinion but i think yanderedev should pick the path that he envisions to. of course the audience’s opinion matters, but as you can see, there’s a shit ton of theeeeeem and almost everyone demands it to be THEIR way which is probably annoying. some opinions and ideas were really really good though *-* as for me, I’d say the yakuza should stay in the normal mod since many of us want to play him in that mod…of course it’s just my opinion 🙂

  25. I truly don’t understand when most ‘fans’ of the game get really upset about very dark themes that are introduced as a choice in the game. It’s like they fail to understand that this game is about a high school girl would with readily ruin a boys love life by any mean necessary just to be with him. Things like the yakuza and murdering a kitten are defiantly choices that should be allowed in the game just like the choice of hooking girls up instead of brutally murdering them. From what I understand Yandere-chan is a character whose actions are dictated by the player and from those actions the story takes form. If we were to limit the darker side of the stories to just killing people then that doesn’t really give the players or the developer the freedom to just create the story. But what would I know I’m just a person behind a monitor.

    • I know right! Let us do messed up stuff! It’s a yandere, what the hell did you expect?! Killing a kitten (which isn’t a big deal btw) should be the tip of the iceberg not the limit!

      • Alexane Rose, while I agree with the nature of your comment, let’s be clear: killing a kitten is a big deal. Murder, itself, is a big deal. The entire premise of this game is a big deal, and that’s what makes this game so interesting. A human being killing beyond just survival (i.e. food, defense) suggests strong evidence of a psychological problem, especially if it’s done for pleasure. In fact, most murderers start off by killing small animals, as children. I hope, truly, that you don’t consider it a big deal JUST in the game. If you truly believe that taking another life (be it a human, or non-human animal) is something to make light of, then I encourage you to seek help.

  26. I know i’m late to this but… Why are people saying that the Yakuza is going “too far”? This is a game about a Lovesick girl who will do ANYTHING to get her crush like her. This game is supposed to be dark. So complaining about the Yakuza being “too messed up” doesn’t make any sence.

  27. Wayyyyyy late on my opinion, but I love this idea,
    I truly love this game, and I’m certian that no matter what you add,
    It will be amazing.
    Thanks Dev- Senpai

  28. I liked the idea of the student population decreasing to a certain point. I thought it would increase the difficulty of providing victims to the Yakuza. Making the player have to choose between doing a series of small kidnappings at the beginning of the game to eliminate several rivals (providing more resources for the ending), or doing a big kidnapping spree at the end of the game to end the final rival. As far as the yakuza extorting money from the parents…so he’s going to extort several parents at once? Wouldn’t this mean that it would take weeks for the students to return back to school? Would the parents even return their children back to a school from which they were all kidnapped? And their personalities would be altered, right? It seems a bit complexed to carry out, given it’s purpose. I strongly am in support of the original plan. The idea that the children are shipped off for nefarious purposes adds a level of depth to the game, and makes the consequences of the players actions more meaningful, which this kind of game needs. I think, so far, there has been a casualness to the murders. This eliminates that, and makes the game more serious for those who want to play it that way.

  29. so if the yakuza is only implemented in 1980s mode but theres no delinquents in 1980s mode would the backstory be changed to the yakuza being the delinquents father or the like?

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