New Build Now, New Video Soon (UPDATED)

5/4 12:15 AM PST EDIT: Wow, my latest video project took a looooot longer than expected! It’s almost finished, though. I’ll upload the first part later today, and the second part tomorrow. I’m very sorry for the long wait!

5/2 7:10 PM PST EDIT: Part 1 is finished. It’s 13 minutes and 45 seconds long! I could upload it right now…but I feel like I shouldn’t upload Part 1 unless I can guarantee that Part 2 will be ready within 24 hours of Part 1’s release. So, I’m going to work on Part 2 and release Part 1 once I feel certain that Part 2 is almost finished. I’m sorry for the wait!

5/1 9:15 PM PST EDIT: Sorry, the video definitely won’t be coming out tonight. It’s now pretty much guaranteed to be a two-part video. Part 1 will either be released on May 2nd or May 3rd.

4/30 11:15 PM PST EDIT: I forgot to mention something! I updated this blog post as soon as I remembered. If the game has been crashing for you when trying to load the school environment, please scroll down to the bottom of this post to read some important information that should help solve the problem.

Hi! My next YouTube video isn’t quite ready yet. It’ll take another 24~48 hours to prepare. It’s turning out to be a really long video…it might actually be split into two parts.

I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer for an update, so I’m going to upload a new build now and upload the new video(s) later.

To see a list of everything that is new, fixed, or changed in the latest build of the game, scroll down beneath this breath-takingly beautiful artwork by Haokkui!

Wow – that is such a gorgeous illustration! I really love it! Click here for a full-size, 23 megabyte version. The artist also produced another drawing that is just as beautiful, if not even more so; you can check it out here!

This build actually contains around 32 differences from the previous build. This might actually be the longest changelog I’ve ever written! Click “Continue Reading” if you’d like to see it.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to quit the Drama Club if the player joined the club, destroyed one of the masks, and then attempted to quit the club.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from being able to interact with a corpse that had been dragged into the flowerbed in the center of the gardening club.
  • Students have new “social interaction” animations, and will no longer perform weird saluting/winking/kissing animations when interacting with other students.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from being able to interact with a corpse or object that had been dropped into an invisible pathfinding collider.
  • Replaced the old credits theme with a new, original theme that was composed with Yandere Simulator in mind. (I’ll talk about it more in a future blog post!)
  • Fixed bug that would make Pippi’s hair appear on Yandere-chan’s head in the Befriend/Betray cutscene. (This bug should never occur again.)
  • Added a few new accessories for Yandere-chan. (Some of them have slight functionality if you press the spacebar while they are active.)
  • Fixed bug that would make the woodchipper and some doors in the gardening club area become bloody if a bloody weapon was nearby.
  • Added a new easter egg; open the debug menu and press the “I” key to disable gravity for corpses (and dismembered limbs).
  • Removed the flowers around the mythical tree. They were negatively impacting the performance / framerate too much.
  • Students and teachers now have “chatter” visual effects coming out of their heads when socializing/teaching.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing blood splashes from spawning when Yandere-chan stepped into a blood pool.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the school from hiring a new gym teacher after the old one had died.
  • Added new sound effects for the axe so that it doesn’t use the exact same sounds as the baseball bat.
  • Added new crouching, crouch-walking, prone, and crawling animations for Yandere-chan.
  • Teachers now perform a “teaching class” animation when they are teaching class.
  • Removed / compressed a lot of files that were increasing the game’s file size.
  • Replaced a hairstyle that had an unacceptably large file size and poly count.
  • Students now take out pens and write on paper when they are in class.
  • Fixed a couple of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles that had physics problems.
  • A girl’s eyes will now slowly close when she is being tranquilized.
  • Added some new props to the Drama Club. (It’s not finished yet.)
  • Added sound effects when Yandere-chan steps in a blood pool.
  • Updated the environment that is visible from the title screen.
  • Added a tiny easter egg to one of the school storage rooms.
  • Replaced Sora Sosuke’s old hair model with a new one.
  • Added a few more new props to the Martial Arts Club.
  • Added ambience when peeking into the Info Club.
  • Updated the “Huntress” easter egg music.
  • Fixed a typo on the katana texture.
  • Added new quality settings.
  • Removed the town.

Osana Progress?

You’d probably like to hear an update on Osana. Actually, I’d like to write an entire blog post about that exact subject. I think it’s important to do it soon, but I think that getting a new video out in a timely fashion is even higher in priority. So I’ll work on the video now, and write up an Osana-focused blog post sometime afterwards.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

EDIT: Oops! I forgot to mention something really important…

Potential Fix for Crashing Problems

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of reports that the game will sometimes crash when leaving or entering the school map. The crash logs all say the same thing; the game is taking up too much RAM, causing the user’s computer to run out of available memory. The game’s models, animations, and audio don’t take up very much memory…but all of the textures in the school scene take up more than a gigabyte of RAM.

In short, the problem is that the game contains a very high number of high-resolution images, which eats up all of your computer’s available memory. The solution is to lower the file size of these images by lowering their resolution. Unfortunately, shrinking the textures would have a strong negative impact on the visual quality of the game.

Each player’s computer is different; some players have a lot of RAM in their computers, and aren’t encountering any crashes at all. Shrinking the textures would help out the users who are experiencing crashes, but this would be unfair for the users who are NOT experiencing crashes. So, I’ve decided to give players the option of lowering the texture resolutions. The users who are experiencing crashes will have a fix, and the users who don’t experience crashes won’t have to look at low-res textures.

This option is available here, in the game’s launch window:

  • Max Quality – The maximum possible graphics quality for the game. If you have a powerful computer, you should be able to play the game at this graphics setting with no problem. But, if you have a weak computer, you may experience a low framerate at this graphics setting.
  • Max (No Shadows) – Identical to Max Quality, but with one change: no shadows. This drastically increase the framerate. Use this graphics setting if you encounter a low framerate at Max Quality.
  • Max (1/2 Res Textures) – Identical to Max (No Shadows), but with all textures at 1/2 resolution. Use this graphics setting if you encounter crashes with either of the above two graphics settings.
  • Low Quality – The lowest possible graphics quality for the game (but with full-resolution textures). Use this graphics setting if you can’t get a good framerate with any of the above graphics settings.
  • Low (1/2 Res Textures) – Identical to Low Quality, but with all textures at 1/2 resolution. Use this graphics setting if you encounter crashes with any of the above graphics settings.
  • Low (1/4) Res Textures – If the game is still crashing at 1/2 Res Textures, use this setting.
  • Low (1/8) Res Textures – If the game is still crashing at 1/4 Res Textures, use this setting.

135 thoughts on “New Build Now, New Video Soon (UPDATED)

  1. It’s totally fine if the video takes even a lot longer than expected! It’s so worth the wait every time we get to hear about the progress you’ve made. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yesssss I’d watch an hour video from you devpai. Although that’s why I watch your streams lol. I can’t wait!

  3. Yandere dev is like when spongebob makes a krabby patty with videos and they obviosly want devpai to release

    • I know what to take the time out!
      *searches cute pugs images*
      *1 hour later*
      Time to go bash midori GURINUUU
      with a baseball bat ^.^

  4. see yandev, this is how you keep your fandom happy by informing them that you’ll be late and doing multiple updates when the wait time gets larger and larger

    i’m glad you learned your lesson because last month’s stunt was bullshit

    anyway, looking forward to the videos, it’s been months since we’ve gotten any big progress and i can’t wait to see what’s been done

    • Oh f*ck you you dont work 10 hours a day and i bet he stayed up all night to finish the video HECK! He might be sleeping!

      • Stop being so freaking rude nodomana, sosha20 haven’t used any vulgar words and just wrote his/hers opinion.
        Beside, there are people who work more than 10 hours a day and stay up all nights, don’t treat him like a god, you’re not his lawyer.
        You seriously need to shut up and learn how to speak to people with respect.

      • He doesn’t work 10 hours a day? He streams videogames almost every day, I doubt he works even 4 hours a day? Tops?
        And he still is late. He said we’d have the video yesterday, but we don’t. And that’s even after he extended his deadline. It’s dumb.

      • He starts work around 12, and stops working at 12 am, then plays video games to unwind because we said it was fine for him to take breaks. So he works around 10-12 hours a day. And even when he plays video games he does think about yandere simulator. Give him a break Lydiar.

      • also i was referring to the bullshit from last month, when he went a literal week without telling us anything and then got angry when our emotions were running high

        the freguent edits to a post to inform his fanbase (which is what’s keeping his game in the limelight and therefore deserves respect) is what he’s supposed to be doing

        i’m expressing my thanks that he learned his fucking lesson

    • When you’re a creator sometimes things don’t go as planned. It should be expected that since he doesn’t have much help his deadlines could run over or under. Him having fans doesn’t change the fact that sometimes things don’t go smoothly for him, just as things don’t always work out for us. At least he’s keeping us updated you guys. That’s a very responsible thing to do on his part.

      • then you plan your outline better; i’m a film major and we have very strict deadlines – for our scripts, for our movies – and if we miss those deadlines we get an F (in the real world we’d be fired)

        authors also have deadlines; comic book artists have deadlines; hell food companies have deadlines! all this coddling because “he’s a creator” is just bullshit

        if he didn’t want his fanbase to expect updates, he shouldn’t have come up with the original deadline but he did and therefore informing us when he misses one (or changes said deadline) is not only responsable but mandatory

        the original purpose for his 2wk update system was to keep up hype – everything loses momentum when it loses hype (why do you think movie trailers come out months in advance and then take over the media when their release dates are closing in)

        so he absolutely needs to keep the update system – one big update/video a month is fine, but the 15th of every month should be a little progress report, something as simple as a picture or graph of what’s being worked on is perfectly acceptable

        now i know shit happens, i know things get delayed, but i’m not going to pat him on the back and give him a cookie when he deigns let us know – again, letting your viewers know you’re running late is mandatory because if this wasn’t an indie game he’d get in trouble; if he wants the game to be taken seriously, then he needs to take it seriously

  5. YandereDev YandereDev! I’m so happy your keeping is updated, so people don’t go into another random frenzy!

  6. I am starting to kinda get mad and impatient but I know the video is Looooooongggg. BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN TO STALL US!!! I STAYED UP LATE AND ONLY GOT 5 HOURS OF SLEEP TO SEE IF YOU HAD POSTED YANDERE DEVVV WHERE ARE YOU DON’T BE A CASPER

    • YandereDev, don’t waste your time on shitty videos or blog posts that take hours to write. Just focus on the game. The more you focus on the game, the sooner the game will be complete. The game-updates are the only thing I care about. I am not watching these bullshit videos.

  7. first time i’ve ever decided to read comments and i can say i’m disappointed, i guess there’ll always be stupid and immature people everywhere on the net, even here

  8. Lots of mean and impatient fans. Just remember, Dev, they are a loud minority. Most of us don’t mind waiting because we know you’re on top of things.

  9. Don’t mind me, just patiently waiting for for the video =3…..even if it takes all night(⌐■_■)~□ (Me with ma hot chocolate xD)

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