Let’s Examine Persona – Part 1

On July 1st 2015, I released a video titled “Let’s Examine Natsuiro High School“. This was intended to be the first video in a series that would examine numerous games that are comparable to Yandere Simulator, and examine features that could benefit Yandere Sim. I wanted to make tons of videos like that, but I decided to limit myself to just one “Let’s Examine” video per year. Last year’s “Let’s Examine” video was about the Hitman series…and this year’s is about the Persona series!

I actually have so much to say about Persona that I had to split the video into two parts. Part 2 will be available tomorrow, but Part 1 is already available right now:

This video clocks in at 13 minutes and 45 seconds. Part 2 is 15 minutes and 15 seconds long. That’s 29 minutes in total! Both videos combined required about 32 hours of work to be completed. This is definitely the longest video project that I’ve ever worked on! I really hope that you’re going to enjoy it.


I’ve got a lot to say about that subject. I’ll write out my thoughts in the same blog post where I release Part 2.

76 thoughts on “Let’s Examine Persona – Part 1

  1. This video took so much time to make and it’s basically just about how good persona 5 is 😦 . I was hyped because of the long delay and thought we were gonna get some big progress report but I guess not. The model at the end looked really good though.

      • Me too. I’m disappointed, but don’t worry, Osana progress is coming out today, so yay!

    • A large amount of progress was discussed on the front of game design. Not all progress can be measured in physical additions to the game, the design process is big too. I’m sorry you managed to disappoint yourself, but this is the result of people wanting to hear more what’s going on, even if progress hasn’t been made. I think it’s great to hear the design and research he’s been doing, seeing where big improvements to the game could be made in polish. This may also mark a transition to lead designer, since he’s focusing more heavily now on concept work. I’ve been suspecting for a while now that the game’s code is probably being learned by new team members, and probably getting a lot of revision. In this time, he likely can’t work too heavily on new code.

      Not trying to apologize for your disappointment, just hoping to give you some perspective on why I didn’t have the same expectations as you did.

      • Oh yes. Yandere Dev continues to make tons of progress towards Yan sim. No doubt about that. I just wasn’t expecting a two part video examining Persona. It kind of caught me off guard. But even if the videos aren’t what I was expecting, I will continue to watch, listen and support 🙂

      • What? Ripping random ideas from another game is not “design process”. If you’re making game, you should at least have sketch of the design at the very beginning. But hey, Yandev isn’t going to implement any of that anyway. He hasn’t made any progress in MONTHS. Osana was promised to be ready 4 months ago.

      • this is what yanderedev said about that subject

        Unfortunately, my first “Let’s Examine Persona” video wasn’t received as well as I hoped it would be. A lot of people commented that it seemed like the entire focus of the video was about stealing from Persona.

        In most cases, Persona 5 simply:

        Provided me with good reference footage of something I was already planning.
        Reminded me of things that I had already considered in the past.
        Gave me an excuse to talk about something that I’d always wanted to talk about, but never had a reason to mention in any of my previous videos.

        Just take a look at the things that were mentioned in the Part 2 video…

        Low-Detail Students – I pitched this idea last year.
        Morning Conversations – Gave me an excuse to talk about one of Yandere Sim’s potential game design flaws, and one potential solution.
        2D Backgrounds – A clever way to have story cut-scenes without modelling environments. (Persona wasn’t the first to do this, either.)
        Headphones – Seeing students wearing headphones in Persona gave me inspiration for students that couldn’t be distracted by noises. This is not an actual game mechanic in Persona, but is a game mechanic in another stealth game.
        Book Bags – Something I’ve considered for over a year, but never had a reason to mention.
        School Store – Something I’ve considered for over a year, but never had a reason to mention.
        Culture Festival – Something I’ve considered for over three years, but never had a reason to mention.
        Student Stalkers – Something I’ve discussed with fans for years, but never mentioned in a video.
        Streets and Stores – I pitched this idea months ago.
        Umbrella Technology – Obviously, this bit was a joke.

        In other words, this was a “Persona-themed” video where I discussed a bunch of concepts that Persona reminded me of, or provided reference footage of things I wanted to do in the future. This wasn’t a video about stealing features that Persona invented.

        Now, let’s examine the previous video:

        Chatter Effects – The idea was pitched by Furipasart last year. It was a good idea, but I forgot about it until I saw something similar in Persona 5.
        Student Reactions – An original concept from Persona 5 that might benefit Yandere Simulator.
        Memorial Services – An aspect of real life that would be an appropriate addition to Yandere Simulator.
        Better Transition Screen – “My screen is boring, Persona 5’s screen is exciting, I should also try to be more exciting” is not an idea I should have to defend.
        School Props – “My corridors are empty, Persona 5’s corridors are not empty, I should try to decorate my corridors” is not an idea I should have to defend.
        Third Eye – “Yandere Vision lacks polish, Persona 5’s equivalent has a lot of polish, I should also try to have a lot of polish” is not an idea I should have to defend.
        Uniform Variety – Something I’ve wanted for over three years, but never had a reason to mention.
        Opening Animation – Something I’ve discussed with fans for years, but never mentioned in a video.
        Student Comments – An original concept from Persona 5 that might benefit Yandere Simulator.
        Art Style – I never said that I wanted to directly copy the Persona art style, I said that I was considering something similar. The reason why I’ve taken an interest in the Persona art style is because it’s very difficult to find an anime art style that translates well into 3D models. Persona 5 has proven that its art style works in 3D, which is why I feel confident that a similar art style would work out for me.

        Most of the things I discussed in my previous video were features that I was already considering, or aspects of Yandere Simulator that currently lack polish. Only two of the things I discussed in my previous video were actually original concepts from Persona 5 that I think would be very beneficial if directly transplanted into Yandere Sim.

        Obviously, I’m aware that what makes a game special is how unique it is, and that if a game copies too many elements from other games, it’s no longer unique, and thus it’s no longer special. I know that it would be stupid to take another game and start copying all of its features until I’ve made a replica of it. However, if you look at the list of everything that I discussed in this video and the previous video, you’ll see that there were extremely few times when I actually discussed the idea of taking any original concepts from Persona 5.

  2. I think a few of these changes and ideas could be cool – the new animations for students are awesome and i’ve wanted uniform varaity since the beginning –
    however i think the hallways are fine as is, too many props in them will make the school feel cluttered especially when the rest of the students are implimented

    and the week/progress screen is perfect as is, this is an indie game – simple is okay. maybe change the background, have a shot of the school or sky or something but nothing too fancy; persona is a big game from a big game company that has a lot of money and a huge team working on it, they can afford to get fancy

    i’m on the fence about the funeral thing – i think the punishment/idea is okay, but it also kinda hinders people playing the game they want to, maybe they wanna lower the school atmosphere and be the ruthless serial killer who never leaves behind the murder weapon but will gladly let you see the body; with a funeral taking up all morning i can see them getting annoyed and quitting the game because this basically forces them to clean up everything

    also i think seeing text box conversations of the other students should have an on/off option in settings – i think that’d be fun to play around with, but not everyone would

    if yandev keeps putting in all these little things the game doesn’t need, we will never get to the big stuff – he still has an entire check list of things to impliment/fix and quite frankly i’m getting bored with the wait; i don’t care about osana, i can be patient for her because even of she /was/ done all the things requred for her to be added to the official demo aren’t even close to being completed so we’d be waiting even longer

    look i understand playing video games is a way to better your own game, folks in the film industry do that with scripts/movies, authors do that with books, artists with paintings, etc. but this is getting rediculous

  3. Look it’s fine to have inspiration and try to do what Persona is going in some accpects but I don’t think u should entirely use the character artsyle for the game. When I see yander simulatior I think of a style of cute and girly or some bits of it. and yes I understand it’s a stealth game and there’s a lot of gore but I think you should try to make ur own style nothing wrong with persona just does not fit the game well in my opinion. Yandere simulator my favorite and I really am excited to see what you show us in the game.

  4. While we’re on the subject of taking inspiration from Persona, I feel like I should mention something from a while back. You had discussed replacing the town with a single street, but that will get old fast. Why not take a page from the Persona 3 playbook and have several different areas, each with their own flavor and atmosphere? This way you could expand upon it as needed in the future, and it’s a lot less rote than one single street.

  5. I’ve actually never played any of the Persona games before, but this video made me want to hahahha aside from that I love the look of the 3D model and I think studying other games for new features is a great way to improve your own! I find that my favorite games are the ones that have a bunch of tiny details and extras in them. Like you said- It makes the whole thing seem more alive.

  6. I think the last game is undertale.
    like frisk, you start neutral and like him, you’ll have to show you are good or bad. people won’t forget.
    I know yandere simulator’s protagonist is a yandere, but yandere come from dere-dere and yanderu. so is she more yanderu or more dere-dere?

    • I doubt it. I won’t discount the possibility that Undertale has influenced Yandere Simulator, but all those elements you mention are INCREDIBLY vague and were in the planning stages for YS well before Undertale was released.

    • I thought that the Danganronpa series was the last game, as the game focuses on murder and despair (such as the components in Yan Sim).

      • I wish but I feel the gameplay of the games in so different. In danganronpa you’re solving murders and in Yandere sim your committing murders. Although i’m hoping that it is Danganronpa because I love that game so much.

    • The two games share a setting and some peripheral mechanics, but that’s really it. They’re different on a fundamental level, too; basically all of Yandere Simulator is real-time, while Persona always gives you as long as you need to consider your actions.

  7. Let this be a lesson to those who think YandereDev needs to work on Yandere Simulator constantly. Not only did Persona 5 help him not go crazy (not-craziness is an important characteristic for any artist, regardless of medium), it also gave him a bunch of ideas on how to improve the game.

    • especially since persona5 and 4 have been so popular (i loved 3 the most, though!! ;~;), atlus is gonna have a ride with this :/

      persona5 took years to make
      don’t expect the game to be to such a high standard, yandev, if you’re not going to spend as long on it as p5!!!

  8. I agree with putting windows in the corridor, but not more than that.
    I agree with the smaill changes in uniform, like open blazers etc.
    The day transition is fine… it’s said that the simpler, the better.
    I like the conversation dialog thing about reputation; but make it optional when Yan-chan is walking and appears the dialog box.

    • I agree with the transition of days, it’s clean and easy to see. But I think small things like bulletin boards, some small tables, chairs, lockers or extinguishers wouldn’t block the hallways if they’re close to the wall. There are already those hide behind tables in the game and they’re not troublesome. Worse comes to worse the halls could be expanded slightly.

  9. Btw if anyone is confused about what inspiration means, here’s a definition:

    Inspiration: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone. : a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something. : a good idea.

    Kinda silly that a lot of commenters on this video didn’t understand this.

  10. Guys, he literally made two videos examining games like Natsuiro High school and Hitman. None of you threw a fit. However, but because Persona is a more popular franchise, and Persona 5 came out in NA recently, you’re wielding pitch forks. Look. It’s perfectly fine for #YandereDev to look at successful games and draw inspiration from them in the hopes of improving his own game. Dev’s do it all the time. They look at their games, see what doesn’t work, and search for ways to improve it by looking towards great franchises for inspiration (ex: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Fall Out, Last of US) So get off your high horse. Yandere Dev, if you’re reading this, please know that the loudest voices in the room are actually indeed the smallest. The majority of us are perfectly fine with your decision, and we’re in fact excited for you to use this as a way to improve Yandere Simulator, because Persona is a successful series with a lot of wonderful game mechanics to it. Please know, that the ones throwing a fit ARE the minority, and they are unfortunately either:
    1. Too young to play this game
    2. Too immature to think for themselves
    3. Didn’t watch the video and only read the comments
    Or 4. All of the above. Or else they wouldn’t believe you were trying to steal. That’s beneath you.

    If Yandere Dev wanted to steal, he would have saved himself the psychotic breakdowns MONTHS ago and actually imitated something by now.

    As someone who has played every game in the Persona franchise, I’m psyched for you. It’s successful for a reason, and you can learn a lot from it.
    Now, everyone complaining about Yandere wanting to change the art style. If it wasn’t evident from his previous videos, he’s wanted to change the art style to something more serious AGES AGO. This also, isn’t new. Yandere chan was never supposed to look like this, as her and the characters in this are models used for testing, not for actual game-play. Yandere dev explicitly stated months ago that he wanted to make things more serious looking, he wanted it to look more mature. And if he draws inspiration from Persona? So be it. It’s an aesthetically pleasing series with great visuals. I’m sure that whatever Yandere dev creates art wise, will be soley and uniquely his own.

    Sorry for this lengthy post, but people’s ignorance sometimes REALLY grinds my gears.
    Yandere Dev, keep doing what you do.


    • I very much agree with this, I don’t know if being 13 is too young? But I am, yet I am perfectly comfortable with this.
      Yandere Dev isn’t required to do ALL that his followers want him to do, we’re here to help with idea’s, give opinions when he asks, and support him.
      He has already had a WHOLE plan set out, and already mentioned in past video’s that he has stuff that he hasn’t implemented yet.
      Even so, people complain he isn’t making progress. Games take up to years, Maybe he didn’t calculate perfectly? This is his first game that he is making as the director. He used to help develop games with bigger companies and probably calculated from that perspective at the time, but since this is his first sole made game and he doesn’t have a big team like when he worked with a big company, it is helping him learn how the real deal is, and honestly, he’ll become faster. You have to wait to see, like me an artist, making a good piece that I like would have taken me 10 hours to do if I was still 11, but now I’m faster at drawing things I like, at the age of 13.
      Also bear in mind that the people who are complaining are not seeing the big picture, and even if you are, this picture is what Yandere Dev is dreaming for his game to be:

      A serious stealth game, featuring in a high school of young adults. All seems fine and normal, but there is something weird about one girl, she always looks a bit dead in the eye’s and very mysterious, no one know anything about her…
      But that’s when things start to become more active.
      Murders are happening, people are going missing, and the only one who doesn’t seemed frightened is her…

      Okay, short and simple, but hear me out. He wants a serious polished game, Not a Moe or cute style, even though it’s popular with the yandere types, he wants something more serious since this is stealth, murder, kidnapping, abuse, and sabotage. He wants something that isn’t one of those many and not very talked about hentai games… And I know those sell good, but no one really talks about them.
      He wants something that will be popular and liked by many. I think that what he’s doing is great. He’s being smart and learning from those who have succeeded. We also look up to people who have succeeded, but he is not a copier, if he was, he would have just straight up stole textures, models, character’s, and other stuff to save him the agony of developing his own idea’s for them.

      So like I said, I think he’s doing perfectly fine.

  11. add adachi’s cabbages if you’re going the persona-style :p

    i love that model!!
    i’m a bit worried about how similar it looks to the persona style (in case you get any charges or something idek), but if it was tweaked a bit, they could really liven up the game c:

  12. Hmm, why not make an animation for the past day based on what the player did that day? Like if the player stabs someone, the box is stabbed and folds, or if the player tosses someone off the roof, the box could stumble and drop below the screen, etc.
    And then subsequent days leave the box with a knife in it, or squished with blood, or something to remind of what happened.
    That way you could add some flare, while keeping it simple… perhaps?

    • I think that’s a awesome idea, very unique and special to the game. The more abuse it takes will also show that player how much of horrible stuff they’re doing.

  13. I don’t know why, but I feel like the third game he wants to make a video about in the future, is the Resident Evil series. It makes sense if you think about it. It could be a lot of other things, but I do believe it’s Resident Evil.

    • Adding to my last thing, It could be the Yakuza series, but If I don’t believe it is. He’s talked about that game before, so a whole video or two about it seems unlikely.

  14. How lame is it that Yandere Dev has to explain the simple concept of inspiration/influence to the people whose immediate reaction is to accuse their Dev of wanting to steal ideas? A Yandere in itself is a highly specific and detailed trope that comes from somewhere else. This is exactly what professionals do. The creators of Persona scour like material (games, anime, movies, tv dramas etc.) in order to find new inspiration just like every other creator in the world.

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