Happy Easter! (Also, a re-uploaded video.)

It’s very late in the day (and in most timezones, easter is already over) but I still wanted to say: Happy Easter, everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful day!

Check out this absolutely adorable illustration from Amyuune, featuring Yandere-chan and Amai dressed up as two super-cute bunnygirls!

On a completely unrelated note…

Unfortunately, yesterday’s video was age restricted. Why? The notification I got from YouTube was pretty vague, and didn’t describe the exact moment that crossed the line. I submitted an appeal, but my appeal was rejected. I’ve taken a guess about what content was considered inappropriate for a general audience, censored it, and uploaded a new version of the video. You can see it here:

56 thoughts on “Happy Easter! (Also, a re-uploaded video.)

  1. Panties were visible for a few frames, that’s what caused the age restrictions.

    Also an army of trolls organizing Flagging raids on your videos if my intuition is correct. I’ve seen some pretty vicious slander around you and this game from some ##Chan-aligned circles.

  2. I don’t understand how that was flagged. I guess since there was more blood. Either way, amazing elimination method and so excited for Osana. Hope you are doing well and thank you for reading my comment^·^

  3. So excited to see how all of Yandere Devs hard work pans out. Huge fan of this game and so excited to see what the game has for us in the future. 🙂

  4. As I would like, when I activate the yandere kun mode, all women become men and men are women until senpai because this mode seems yaoi because yandere kun is in love with senpai

  5. Hello. Today, this comment will explain my thoughts on how far the game development has come; let’s get started!

    The first thing I’m wanting to talk about is the character model (character appearance).
    The characters’ appearances used to be a girl with a blue ponytail, then this was changed to girls with different coloured ponytails, then it was changed to girls with unique hairstyles that are still being changed and reconsidered today! In the future, they added teachers and male students. I think there should be male teachers to add that little more variety to the game.

    The second think I would like to talk about it game play/graphics/animation depth.
    Game play at first was standard; kill someone, drag them to the incinerator and dispose of any evidence. Now, there are delinquents guarding the incinerator, making it more difficult to eliminate people. One thing you can do is dismember them and put them in the music cello case to dispose of them. In terms of graphics, there are graphical adjustments and a graphical setting to adjust the look of the game. Otherwise, graphics haven’t really changed. Animation depth has come so far, especially with the cutscenes and attack animations.

    The third thing I’d like to talk about is rivals.
    There are a wide variety of rivals. Some of them have thorough detailed back-storeys right now, but in the future, each rival will have a more detailed and not so thorough back-storey.

    The fourth thing I’d like to talk about is FPS (frame rate).
    I currently gain a maximum of 50 FPS while in certain bold spots of the map. I am getting a 1080p 60fps graphics card soon though, so of course, this will change my game play.

    The fifth thing I’d like to talk about is update frequency.
    YandereDev tries to post a new update/video every 1st/15th of every month. Because he is constantly working on Osana and working with tinyBuild, he can’t do it as frequent as he used to.

    Thank you for reading my comment!

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