Character Model Discussion and a Minor Game Update

I’ve made progress on Osana, but not enough progress to make a whole video about her just yet. During these periods of time when I’m not yet ready to show you the next big feature, I will instead be making videos about various subjects related to the game’s development. That’s the kind of video you’re about to see!

Hopefully, the next video will be all about Osana’s interaction events and confession cutscene – but if it proves to be impossible to implement all of that stuff within a 2-week time frame, then the next video will be another video about general game development stuff, similar to the video above.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

The changes in this build are relatively minor – just a few bug fixes and a few updated models/textures:

  • Added a new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Updated some outdated student portraits.
  • Replaced more copyrighted music with original music.
  • Fixed bug that would make Pippi appear bald when kidnapped.
  • Updated the large backdrop image displayed behind the school’s neighborhood.
  • Fixed bug that could allow the radio distraction to interfere with scripted events, resulting in weird bugs.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to appear bald if she got a Game Over while wearing certain hairstyles.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to fall through the floor if more than 3 of them witnessed murder simultaneously.
  • Updated more models in the Martial Arts Club as part of the process of removing all temporary placeholder art assets from the game.
  • Added a new easter egg. It’s not accessed from the Debug Menu. It involves the delinquents. I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out how to activate it…

Remember that you can hold down the Shift key when changing Yandere-chan’s accessory to jump ahead 10 accessories, to minimize the number of times you need to mash the button to see the newest accessory. This works with hairstyles, too. (Of course, one day, there should actually be a genuine graphic user interface for selecting these things…)

What’s Next?

There’s a video that has been in the works for a really long time that is almost finished. I’m REALLY looking forward to sharing it with you! Hopefully, it will be fully completed sometime within the next two weeks. If not, then you’ll get to see it sometime in early May. Aside from that, I’m going to keep working on Osana.

Thank you for your patience!

111 thoughts on “Character Model Discussion and a Minor Game Update

  1. YandereDev, if you’re seeing this, this is about that fan elimination method on Osana. Pickachuck, a talented modder, has creative a AsemblyUnityScript.dll link. This allows players to see Osana’s morning interactions with Senpay and you can access the fan elimination. I mean, we all know what it is, but it might spoil the game for people who don’t watch your videos; I recommend you request this being taken down just like you requested that Osana mod to be taken down last year.

  2. Personally speaking,fixing the body propotions,adding the new morph system of various visual characteristics as well as the addition of improvised,more expressive faces is a step to the right direction in terms of making the cast of characters more diverse while also making the game look more realistic.

    What I disagree with are plans to change the game’s artstyle. I think the problem with the models isn’t the artstyle which they possess,but rather the weird proportions and the immobility of the face. Yandere Simulator’s artstyle has become iconic amongst the fanbase. If changes were made in the style people are familiar with,that would be an unwelcome change to a lot of them. Therefore,I believe more emphasis should be given on the former,as that’s what is truly holding the game back from being more fluent with animations and achiving a more realistic look.

    As for the hairstyles,I believe the new system should be implemented because it gives players more freedom to create their own personas,which will make players feel more closely acquainted with the game. They’ll be able to give their own stigma to their character in an efficient way. Not only that,but the system’s implementation would also make it easier to create new,original students.

    Keep it up,Yandere Dev. I believe that by taking everything the fans say on this subject into consideration,you’ll make the right desicions to improvise the game to great levels.

  3. I think you should get new character models. I like the ones we have now, it just makes the game look very unprofessional and unfinished, and that’s not the look you are going for. I think having traditional, stylized anime models would make the game a lot better. I think you should scrap all the current hairstyles and make the three-part system as you explained. It would be easy to implement, update, and allow for a wide variety of unique character creations. People could put themselves or other people into the game, making it a fun experience for every fan. I don’t think it should be too realistic because it doesn’t fit the plot or style of the game, not to mention the difficulty it would cause you to let them have expressive faces.

    Allowing us to vote on things has been really fun, and I think you should do more polls with these kinds of decisions AS LONG AS YOU ARE ENJOYING YOURSELF.

    Thank you for working so hard on this for all of us. Please don’t overwork yourself though. If you work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and give yourself more time to relax, it’ll make everyone involved feel better, especially you.

  4. I’m sorry to ask this, but if at all possible, can you save a version of Yandere Simulator before the model change (whenever it comes) so that dedicated fans can see what a huuuge leap the game took? Not asking you to keep the old version updated.. more like a time capsule for people who learn about Yandere Sim after it is fully finished? The wiki is fantastic, but having a playable old version will be super fun.

  5. Dear YandereDev,
    I found out about your game on CreepyPasta, on an obscure deleted story thread saying something about “Fun Girl.” I thought, “Eh, I’ll have to check it out. Two weeks later, I found my abandoned sticky note with the game’s name on it and, bored to tears, I typed in “Yandere Simulator” into Google and clicked on the main site. Somewhat put off by the site’s initial feel, I checked to see if it was a scam, and was gratified to see it was not. So I clicked “Download.”
    Yes, the download took a sinfully long time. I nearly gouged my eyes out waiting for it. I briefly even considered stopping it, and was about to do so when I was called away from the computer. I am glad I was. I have not had much experience with video games, but it is obvious a lot of time and effort has been put into the game. I’m not going to mail you about every little bug. I’m not going to pester you to update faster. This is your project. We have no grounds to complain to you about anything, because if it weren’t for you, we’d be playing something else that wasn’t as entertaining. If you ever need to feel better about the game when you are down, I will be there offering a supporting word. If you need an anti-troller or hater basher, I’ll be there ASAP. I salute your brilliant efforts on the game, and I will continue to be an ardent supporter of Yandere Simulator.
    (P.S: Perhaps you might want to consider adding a “Trump Mode” in light of the recent political situations, where every student looks like Trump. I would think it might attract more than just the age range that usually plays Yandere Simulator and thus increase your marketing base when the game is finished – meaning more profit!)

    Thank you,
    A Yandere Fan

  6. There is something that bothers me a little bit to much about this game. I don’t know if I’m just imagine things but…Senpai seems to be rather doll in personality. He acts like someone who is little bit to dull in character and acting. He always make me feel that he’s just a poor, sorry milkdrinker. It should be a more enthusiastic and cute character who doesn’t notice the feelings from the girls for him.

    • That is supposed to be the joke, he is WAY too uninteresting, too mundane, too boring to EVER get the amount of affection he gets in the game, especially from Ayano.

  7. เมื่อ อา. 16 เม.ย. 2560 เวลา 09:44 Yandere Simulator Development Blog เขียนว่า:

    > yanderedev posted: “I’ve made progress on Osana, but not enough progress > to make a whole video about her just yet. During these periods of time when > I’m not yet ready to show you the next big feature, I will instead be > making videos about various subjects related to the game” >

  8. Doesn’t YanDev already know that there are already MMD models of the Yandere Simulator cast? He could easily port those into the game and they have all the anime features and expressions he’s looking for.

  9. I think that not only should the character models update but i think that the students should have traits and ambitions instead of one personality. so the game can be more complex and interesting. also i think there should be different friend groups and relationships like in real life

  10. on 7:10 can we also make anime charecters like that if we can pls can u tell me the website or software
    sorry if my english is not good…

  11. Not sure if YandereDev has played Second Life, but if he has, I’d recommend he check out Utilizator’s avatars (Kemono, 2.0, and Rikugou) and also try out both the Venus head and Anime head also from Utilizator. They are really popular in the SL anime community and definitely have a good style and are fairly expressive (though the eyebrows will still have a bit of the same issue Yandere-Chan has)

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