July Progress Report

I’ve got a new build to share with you! Click here to download it!

Curious what’s new in this build? This video will help you out:

Sending a girl into depression over the death of her sister…a 37-second long murder-suicide animation…and even dead kittens! Wow, this might be the darkest video I’ve ever made!

Here’s a very long list of all the changes in this build:

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to halt their daily routine after having a conversation with Yandere-chan, if the student was investigating a sound before Yandere-chan began speaking to them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students’ textures to turn white when they changed their shoes, if the player had attended class extremely early in the morning (before all students had finished spawning).
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to move around while in the middle of a conversation with Yandere-chan, if the student was investigating a sound before Yandere-chan began speaking to them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause giggling nearby a student to interfere with that student’s “change shoes” animation, if the student heard the giggle before they entered school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s “talking on phone” event to behave improperly if the player took out their phone and snapped a picture of Kokona during the event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to stand in front of their locker indefinitely if they were interrupted on their way to their locker before entering the school.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to drop 10 FPS every time the player moved the protagonist or the camera.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to fail to investigate giggles before walking through the school entrance.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers’ pets to perform a running animation even when they were not moving.
  • Fixed bug that would make the laptop girl’s speech audible even outside of the Student Council room.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to gossip with a specific student more than once per day.
  • Fixed the two fire extinguisher signs in the school that were pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the prompt bar to appear on screenshots taken with the cell phone.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause students’ eyes to point in opposite directions.

Additions / Changes / Improvements

  • If you kill one Basu sister but let the other live, the surviving sister will perform a mourning animation on the school rooftop instead of performing the normal “social butterfly” animation set.
  • If two NPCs have a special relationship (lovers, family members) and you kill one of those NPCs in front of the other, the surviving NPC will attack you like a Heroic student would.
  • Mind-broken slaves will now spawn to the right of the school gate, behind some bushes, to provide an explanation as to why the gym teacher and other students don’t notice them.
  • Optimized numerous scripts in an attempt to improve the framerate. (Does anyone feel like doing a comparison with the last build?)
  • Now, whenever the player walks by a room, the name of the room will display in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Students now have lockers at different heights, instead of all having their lockers at the exact same height.
  • Gave the player the ability to use a shovel to dig a hole in any of the 9 plots in the Gardening Club.
  • Oka Ruto will no longer go to the rooftop to spy on the Basu sisters if the Basu sisters are dead.
  • Replaced the old Senpai Shrine model with a new one, and added more items to the Senpai Shrine.
  • Gave the player the ability to fill up a hole that has been dug in the Gardening Club.
  • Replaced the voiced lines in Saki and Kokona’s Monday rooftop conversation.
  • Implemented a much better “peek around corner” animation for Oka Ruto.
  • Gave the player the ability to bury a corpse in the Gardening Club.
  • Implemented a better walk animation for mind-broken slaves.
  • Added 1 new accessory and 1 new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Implemented 9 garden plots inside of the Gardening Club.
  • Implemented a new murder-suicide animation.
  • Updated the nurse’s character model.
  • Improved Ebola-chan’s face texture.

What’s next?

There are several things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Adding the Matchmaking elimination method.
  2. Implement sanity-based killing animations, now that I have all the animations I need.
  3. Allow the player to fight back against teachers, and kill them.
  4. Work on the “Rival Introduction” video so I can introduce all of rival girls who will be trying to steal Senpai’s heart,
  5. Take a day off to create a short, humorous video just for fun.

Realistically, I’ll probably create the short video first, then release a “combat” update that revolves around sanity-based killing animations and fighting back against teachers. The next thing I’ll do after that will be the rival introduction video, and then I’ll get to work on the Matchmaking elimination method.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

452 thoughts on “July Progress Report

    • This update is… intresting.

      Personally, I’m a cat lover, so I probably won’t be using that disposal method, but at least you did your research. And as you said, Yandere-chan wouldn’t have a problem with killing a small animal, if it helped her to gain her senpai. Although I do think you should make the disposal method smarter and more, you know, logical, because as many people have pointed out, 1. The dog would keep digging even after the kitten is found, and 2. The smell.
      Although, a lot of people have suggested using other animals. I think that’s a good idea. And someone also suggested dismembering a body and THEN burying it. This would be a good idea, because while it does have some flaws, it’s logical, because really… You wouldn’t need a suspiciously human-sized hole to bury a small animal.
      And on note of using other animals, that is also intresting. Perhaps a slightly bigger animal like a dog or full grown-cat, etc. could be used to cover up a buried human torso, while smaller animals like kittens, turtles, bunnies, etc. could be used to bury limbs. Maybe multiple dead animals could cover up a full human corpse.
      I heard someone suggest mixing framing with this disposal method, like using a shovel that another gardening club member has touched while wearing gloves to bury the body.
      I also think the act of killing an animal with witnesses present should majorly decrease reputation, especially if it is a cute animal. And like someone else suggested, maybe animals could be used for other purposes (They suggested cuddling the kitten could increase reputation or sanity). Maybe a dog could be used to sniff out things for Yandere-chan, like poison.
      Also, why would house animals like cats be on school grounds? Maybe you have to sneak in an animal from the town, and being caught with a house animal in school in front of a teacher could have a penalty, while being caught around a mouse, classroom pet, bugs, etc. wouldn’t be suspicious, since those animals are susposed to be there or are natural, or live there.

      You probably didn’t read this, YandereDev, but if you did, thank you.

    • no ayano is really just that crazy of a girl. shes a yandere, thats what yanderes do, they kill anything or anyone who gets in their way of their love.

      • Me too. Im a little sad it wont, cus it sounded like something Ayano would do. I absolutely love animals, I feel bad every time i kill a musquito… waps are the only animal i kill, cus they are evil. But a Yandere do what a Yandere must, So i dont feel bad for killing in the name of yandere.

  1. Is everyone ignoring the fact that the kitten isn’t even implemented in the game YET? EVERYONE IS FUSSING OVER A THING THAT DOESNT EVEN EXIST IN GAMEPLAY, AND SOMETHING THAT MAY NOT EVEN BE ADDED.

    • I feel the same way, the kitten thing did make me sad since Im a huge animal lover and believe me I know yandere chans personality and its not real but I would still feel bad but just because I feel this way dosnt mean he shouldnt implement it because its still HIS game

  2. This is so awesome. As soon as I started playing this game I really wanted to bury someone, now we can.. YAY.. And the killing the kitten thing? Meh. I am a cat lover but it’s a game really and it’s Yandere Simulator soo I don’t care as long as I still have fun.

  3. YANDERE-DEV, YANDERE-DEV! I have a suggestion, that bothered me since yesterday. Well you see its about the kitten. I am a full blown crazy catwoman (lul) but what I can say, kitty killing is an okay thing in this game. At first I was really shocked about the kitty thing, but then I remembered that Yandere-chan is not a good person and killing the kitty is nothing for her. But the problem is the killing. Killing the animal by knife is a bit suspicious, and the case could turn into animal abuse and murder case. I want to suggest 2 other killing methods alongside with the knife. Why alongside? Well, you see, it matters what knife is used. The policemen would check the size and shape of the wound in the kitty and find out what knife what used. Now why does it matter. Occult club and cooking club have knifes too, ya know. If the cooking club knife (knife was picked with gloves) was used (that was touched by Kokona), the blame would go on Kokona, if the body was discovered too, alongside the kitty, she would be the biggest suspect in murder too. If Ritual knife was used (picked with gloves ofc), the blame for animal abuse and possibly murder would go to her. Two rivals in one shot, I can say. But now letsa go to another too. It would be poisoning the animal with food (requires Cooking club plus chemistry stat, stealing from chemistry classroom) and lethal injection (biology stat, plus chemistry stat, stealing the syringe from nurse and poisonous to animal chemical from chemistry classroom). Now why these. if the animal is dead, the police would brush it off as a roadkill or a death from illness, as the killing way wont be seen on animals body. It would make a lot sense, if somebody of this school saw a dead, poor, animal, and asked gardening club (or not) to give an animal a proper burial. Unlike crazy cooking chick and occult killing.
    P.S. The murder suicide animation sort of looks hilarious than horrible since that blood spray from the mind-broken person looks too cartoonish. but keep it like that if you want, who I am to tell you what to do.
    P.S.2. Dont get whiners in your way, do your thing. We are here to help you, not to rule you.

  4. “The player should have a variety of ways to dispose of a body.”
    You don’t need to use the fucking method so stop acting like it’s cancerous just for being in the game.
    I swear, this fandom is run by six-year olds.
    “Yeah, pewdiepie and markiplier and jacksepticeye played it and I like killing!!!! >:D (crying face emoji)”
    “What? Underwear? Disgusting! I’ll get cooties!”
    “Killing an animal? Are you crazy?!”
    “Hooray! gorier murder-suicide animation!!! >:D”
    You know how stupid you sound when you say “I HAVE TO KILL A KITTEN IN THE GAME?!?” There are going to be loads of ways to dispose of bodies in Yandere Simulator. Furthermore, saying “Can’t we just kill a rat or a mouse?” makes it sound even bitchier because you’re literally willing to kill another virtual animal but not kill one that’s also a domesticated animal that is kept as a pet.
    Once again, get it through your thick skulls that A. It’s not a real cat. and B. It’s optional and be completely avoided. So please shut the fuck up about it.

  5. I think that the cat may be a “rival”, you see, in december 2014, YandereDev posted a comic where yanchan is with a cat, than she asks someone “Do senpai have any allergies?” the girl replies “No, just cats” than she kills of her cat by throwing him off her room.
    If senpai sees there is a cat in the school, he may think it’s yours, so he would never date you becouse you have a cat! Well… It’s just a theory anyways, pretty sure the comic was just for fun, that it had nothing to do with the real gameplay

  6. Gotta love the Internet.
    In the Internet’s eyes, torturing a girl to insanity and then making her brutally murder another girl then herself is not nearly as bad as killing a kitten to throw off a dog’s scent. In real life, I love domestic animals. I literally cried in front of my friends, when I NEVER do that, after watching their dog die. I hate to see animals dying, if it’s REAL. But this is a video game about murdering, torturing, doing ANYTHING to get to the person you love. So why is it, that after all the gruesome, horrific ways of murdering someone that were added to the game, that all it takes is a kitten to throw people over the edge. Not only that, but most of the replies I see against it are people suggesting other animals, most popularly, dogs, mice and even bunnies, to kill instead. So from seeing that, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not about animal abuse. It’s probably because you cradle your adorable pet cat, Mittens, while you brutally slaughter people in this game, and the idea of another cat, just like little Mittens, being killed and buried, is too much for you. Whatever it is, I just want to know.

  7. PEOPLE STOP SEND SHIT OF YANDERE DEV HE’S WORK HARD AND HE has all of we only for kill a simple animal don’t have you kill only of a distraction the dog but people don’t have idiot send stupids, idiots, bakas, CUNT, EMAIL it’s of curse of yandere dev work a lot and he’s great a good work you can do it yandere dev don’t lisent the people shit of defend the cat it’s a simple game don’t think of that real -_- about of a movie people stupid and sorry for my english

  8. The “dead animal over a corpse” sounds good.
    But it feels kind of strange finding a buried dead cat. That doesn’t happen normally.
    Also, if they remove the cat and another day the police does another search, there would be possibilities on finding the first corpse.

  9. Lmao. I like how when people see a graphic murder-suicide, the most sensitive topic for people, they’re just like “Oh nice”. But heaven forbid we kill a kitten! A kitten made completely out of light fragments reflected off a screen! Myself, I am a cat lover… Well, a huge fan of cats, but I would definitely still test out this elimination method. At least some of us can tell the difference between fiction and reality, something most of the 8-10 year-olds playing this game still can’t quite grasp. It’s funny, really, how big of a negative reaction this got. Could this be even worse than the skirt inventory? Wow, that’s… That’s messed up.

  10. Welp maybe you can add crafting in yandere sim in the next update,like crafting a Molotov cocktail from a disposed beer bottle found in the trash and some cloth in tha sewing room,then… you’ll need to light the Molotov cocktail using a match to light it but if you don’t throw it like say,in 1 minute,the molotov cocktail will explode and yandere chan will die,maybe adding a love bar(level of violence) like lv 1 nobody will bother but killing students infront of a crowd will increase the love bar until the love bar reaches tha serial killer rank,then SWAT will arrive at school instead of policemens and it becomes harder to dispose corpses,and add a disposal method for all students like a sacrifice to a demon. adda new wepon like those craftable wepons like slingshots,swords,and others,and last but not least add gaming easer eggs like an UT genocide game

  11. I support the game, guys: is a virtual damn cat! is not that great, I’m an animal lover but do not have to complain about is a virtual cat IS A GAME, THE gato NO LIFE no or anything, and you can restart the day and the cat will be there! will always be there! It is not that great, and also if you do not want to use it do not use! it is a game, it’s a game gore! do not ruin this game is very well done, put yanderev only because it is very logical! is the only way that the dog is distracted! or someone has more ideas? if so tell yanderev their idea!
                                          this is my opinion thank you very much

  12. I support the game, guys: is a virtual damn cat! is not that great, I’m an animal lover but do not have to complain about is a virtual cat IS A GAME, THE gato NO LIFE no or anything, and you can restart the day and the cat will be there! will always be there! It is not that great, and also if you do not want to use it do not use! it is a game, it’s a game gore! do not ruin this game is very well done, put yanderev only because it is very logical! is the only way that the dog is distracted! or someone has more ideas? if so tell yanderev their idea!
    this is my opinion thank you very much
    yandere is life!!!

  13. Hey Yandere dev,
    I was thinking about the bury method and I think the idea of burying a dead cat is just mehhhh…
    I don’t think it is a save method for hidding the corpse from the police:
    1. The police could miss the cat while burying
    2. The police wants to be sure and bury deeper because finding a missing student isn’t just a routine and will be processed serious.
    3. If someone in the garden club work on the ground he/she could find the cat and take it away/bury it somewhere else what can asolutly be possible before the police starts searching( start after 48h missing a person).

    My suggestion is maybe Yandere-chan have to train biology first to know exactly how to isolate a corpse so that a police dog wouldn’t be possible to find it. The corpse could be find by anyone of the gardening club so it must be a very deep hole. So maybe yandere-chan also have to train phyisical education first so she can bury deep enough. That would make the burying method also hard enough.

    By the way Iike the new suicide animation. it’s very violent like a splatter anime. Fits very well to this game.
    Keep your good work Yandere-dev

  14. If this says that a kitten was added how come NOBODY can find this kitten!!!!! :c I FEEL LIKE THIS “kitten” thing is just a CRUEL PRANK >:C :C and if the kitten IS IN THE GAME can you please inform us??

  15. if you were to allow the option of killing teachers, perhaps it should also be a thing to kidnap/mindbreak teachers as well. or if not that, at least blackmailing them. (since there’s a lot of things that can get teachers fired or arrested and it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with stuff) point being to have some way of controlling them to exploit some of their powers they have in the school to help you achieve your goals.

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  17. As a cat lover I can say that the cat method was a bit shocking, but people tend to be more dramatic when it comes to animals. It’s a game, it’s not like they’re killing an actual cat. I would definitely try out this method, as it’s the first I’ve seen in any game I’ve played – like this, that is.

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