July Progress Report

I’ve got a new build to share with you! Click here to download it!

Curious what’s new in this build? This video will help you out:

Sending a girl into depression over the death of her sister…a 37-second long murder-suicide animation…and even dead kittens! Wow, this might be the darkest video I’ve ever made!

Here’s a very long list of all the changes in this build:

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to halt their daily routine after having a conversation with Yandere-chan, if the student was investigating a sound before Yandere-chan began speaking to them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students’ textures to turn white when they changed their shoes, if the player had attended class extremely early in the morning (before all students had finished spawning).
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to move around while in the middle of a conversation with Yandere-chan, if the student was investigating a sound before Yandere-chan began speaking to them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause giggling nearby a student to interfere with that student’s “change shoes” animation, if the student heard the giggle before they entered school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s “talking on phone” event to behave improperly if the player took out their phone and snapped a picture of Kokona during the event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to stand in front of their locker indefinitely if they were interrupted on their way to their locker before entering the school.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to drop 10 FPS every time the player moved the protagonist or the camera.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to fail to investigate giggles before walking through the school entrance.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers’ pets to perform a running animation even when they were not moving.
  • Fixed bug that would make the laptop girl’s speech audible even outside of the Student Council room.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to gossip with a specific student more than once per day.
  • Fixed the two fire extinguisher signs in the school that were pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the prompt bar to appear on screenshots taken with the cell phone.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause students’ eyes to point in opposite directions.

Additions / Changes / Improvements

  • If you kill one Basu sister but let the other live, the surviving sister will perform a mourning animation on the school rooftop instead of performing the normal “social butterfly” animation set.
  • If two NPCs have a special relationship (lovers, family members) and you kill one of those NPCs in front of the other, the surviving NPC will attack you like a Heroic student would.
  • Mind-broken slaves will now spawn to the right of the school gate, behind some bushes, to provide an explanation as to why the gym teacher and other students don’t notice them.
  • Optimized numerous scripts in an attempt to improve the framerate. (Does anyone feel like doing a comparison with the last build?)
  • Now, whenever the player walks by a room, the name of the room will display in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Students now have lockers at different heights, instead of all having their lockers at the exact same height.
  • Gave the player the ability to use a shovel to dig a hole in any of the 9 plots in the Gardening Club.
  • Oka Ruto will no longer go to the rooftop to spy on the Basu sisters if the Basu sisters are dead.
  • Replaced the old Senpai Shrine model with a new one, and added more items to the Senpai Shrine.
  • Gave the player the ability to fill up a hole that has been dug in the Gardening Club.
  • Replaced the voiced lines in Saki and Kokona’s Monday rooftop conversation.
  • Implemented a much better “peek around corner” animation for Oka Ruto.
  • Gave the player the ability to bury a corpse in the Gardening Club.
  • Implemented a better walk animation for mind-broken slaves.
  • Added 1 new accessory and 1 new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Implemented 9 garden plots inside of the Gardening Club.
  • Implemented a new murder-suicide animation.
  • Updated the nurse’s character model.
  • Improved Ebola-chan’s face texture.

What’s next?

There are several things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Adding the Matchmaking elimination method.
  2. Implement sanity-based killing animations, now that I have all the animations I need.
  3. Allow the player to fight back against teachers, and kill them.
  4. Work on the “Rival Introduction” video so I can introduce all of rival girls who will be trying to steal Senpai’s heart,
  5. Take a day off to create a short, humorous video just for fun.

Realistically, I’ll probably create the short video first, then release a “combat” update that revolves around sanity-based killing animations and fighting back against teachers. The next thing I’ll do after that will be the rival introduction video, and then I’ll get to work on the Matchmaking elimination method.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

452 thoughts on “July Progress Report

  1. I’m actually really glad YandereDev is taking this game from a realistic standpoint when it comes to hiding and disposing of bodies. Actual murderers have killed animals such as dogs, cows, horses, and even cats to hide bodies and get away with murder. This game, of course, is far from being realistic, but it looks like he’s doing his research and is trying to make this game successful and forcing the player to think and weigh their options. He even said in the video that you can get away with burying the body but you have to be able to deal with killing a small animal. If you don’t want to kill the cat, then just don’t bury bodies in the gardening club garden. He’s not saying it’s required gameplay, and I doubt he’s gonna have a long, drawn out scene of Yan-chan slaughtering a kitten.

    • Which murderers have gotten away with murder by burying an animal? I’ve seen and heard of a lot of murderers, yet I’ve never seen anybody bury an animal to detract from murder. Give me a specific name and I’ll think this disposal method is less stupid.

      I just don’t think a cop would be so stupid, especially one working with cadaver dogs, which have to be trained strictly and certified. From what research I could gather, in terms of cadaver dogs, the smell of decomposing human flesh is unique to humans. So if a dog indicates a dead body, any officer working with a dog should know that it wasn’t the kitten it was smelling. I mean, this is just the little research I’ve done, but it’s far different than what Yanderedev pulled. I don’t think he’s done any research on the abilities of a cadaver dog. It doesn’t have to realistic, but I feel like he’s making out the cops to be stupider than they should be, especially with the school’s history in consideration.

      • I don’t know about using an animal to cover up a murder, but serial killers have been shown to start off killing animals before humans so from that perspective Yan-Chan would still be indifferent to using a small animal.

      • It could work, if Yandere-chan dug a 12 foot hole, killed the student, then carried the student to the hole to bury them. Then she would fill the hole in until it could be used as a shallow-ish grave for the kitten. The dog would smell the kitten, and then the body, but the cops would only dig up the kitten, and a few extra feet, so they would miss the body.

      • I feel as if the dead cat scent is a bit…different, but it’s okay with me. I would suggest changing the animal, or atleast NOT kill a cat, dog or anything that’s not a rival, and leave a distraction for the guard dog by releasing something that would catch a dogs eyes, but as YandereDev likes to make things hard, you could keep trying with objects(inanimate and animate) until you catch the guard dogs eyes. I just don’t like the idea of animal abuse, yes, it is Yandere-Chan we’re talking about, but even then, I don’t like that idea as much as the other ideas YandereDev has had. Thank you

      • Oh my gosh, guess what? It’s a fucking video game! I don’t know if you realized this, but it’s not real. It’s not supposed to be THAT realistic. This shit hardly ever happens in actuality, so YandereDev doesn’t have to sink down to his knees as he tries to perfect every last detail. Now, if you prefer a 100% realistic game, then that’s your thing. Your argument is pretty sufficient for what you’re trying to say, but please try to take into account that this is a game inspired by anime… Which, by the way, tends to be overly-exaggerated half of the time.

  2. Even tho I love cats more than people (lmao xD) I’m fine with having to murder them in the game. But having only cats around a school is kinda boring, maybe there could be some mice in the gardening club shed too or some other small animals like that. I really love the way this game is going, I can’t wait for all the new updates! 😀

    • Same here! It’s going to be great I feel and I can’t wait. Mice might be too small and he might add more than just cats since there’s 9 lots and if there was just one kitten it wouldn’t do you much good to keep hiding bodies there….Maybe you could start trapping animals like raccoons and foxes and cats at home and bringing them to school? Eh who knows, we’ll see soon enough : 3

  3. I thhink instead of Cats/kittens yandere dev should use like mice or bunnies the idea of killing cats just doesnt settle (i have such a love for cats) and i play this game for the murder everyday otherwise the games coming together

    • well imm a bunny lover, seriously you are suggesting to kill another animal that some people prefer to die less than cats, your biased suggestion should be rejected a million times

  4. Ok, why only cats? I wanna to kill a puppies, rabbits and other small animal, who can live in gardening club.

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  6. Ive read that lots of people are getting mixed feelings about the idea of a cute, innocent kitten dying is far too brutal or nasty to think about.


    This is far more brutal than a kitten being stabbed once and dying quickly. I mean each method is completely down to choice, so if you don’t like killing animals, don’t chose the method that needs them. After all, Yandere-Dev might implement in the future or even the second game, a more innocent, cute and positive light on the roles of the animals he places into the Yandere Simulator world – rather than killing a kitten, you pick it up and cuddle it to decrease your insanity meter or to boost seduction as he might include animations of the students stroking or responding to Yandere chan cuddling the animal, increasing their respect or reputation for Yandere chan.

    So guys, don’t think that the animal will be used ‘ONLY’ for hiding buried bodies from the police dogs. Bunnies, puppies and other small cute animals could also be placed in for cuteness and other more pleasant functions for the player to explore and enjoy.

  7. Will there be an option to dismember the corpse and then bury it? Or is that not a good idea? Because I imagine that digging a body sized hole would take a lot of time, and digging small shallow holes would be faster, but those are just some thoughts.

    • Digging a normal hole animation takes 5 seconds in game (might be changed to a longer animation, 15 in my opinion should be enough) if I remember good, and digging smaller holes would probably take 1 second in game (or changed to 5 secs animation) , but because the smaller holes are at different locations in the garden then to completely get away with murder you need to kill 6 little animals (like rats,mice,birds,not only kittens). So if you think this is a good idea ok, i don’t judge anyone for their opinions , but I think you’ll be able to dismember a corpse and put all the limbs in a single hole and then bury them. In my opinion the original method of body disposal:
      1. dig a hole
      2. put the body on the hole
      3.(optional)kill a small animal
      4.bury the corpse *and the animal
      -it’s just good

  8. Will there be an option to dismember the corpse and then bury it? Or is that not a good idea? Because I imagine that digging a body sized hole would take a lot of time, and digging small shallow holes would be faster.

  9. Oh I know! yandere chans rivals are
    (osana najimi) (cooking club president) (drama club president this may be kokona) (swim team captain) (occult club president it is oka ruto) (Substitute Nurse) (substitute Teacher) (delinquent leader) (Senpais sister she wants senpai to not have a girlfriend) (student council president hidden girl) Possible DLC rivals (A rookie police woman) (a pair of twins) (Another yandere girl) (A magical girl to save the world by kissing senpai) (Midori gurin with power of emailing yandere dev) Halloween DLC rivals (a succubus) (The phantom girl) and a (shapeshifter) DONEZ!!! Like if it helped ya

    • Maybe our devpai makes a poll about implement Kokona as a official rival in the game or do not implement her?

      Honestly, i don’t see Kokona as a official rival, is too “normal” in both her look and personality but maybe her look changes as the drama club president and the fact of doing disgusting things to help her father and trying to be popular only to be bullied (not by the player) does not fit with the snobbish and “less likable” personality planned to the drama club president (but, maybe he will change it in order to be an official rival).

      And, one last thing, every rival has a meaningful name and last name (even it sounds silly to anyone who understands japanese) Osana Najimi means literally childhood friend but Kokona Haruka is only a reference to the most popular female Japanese names, not having special meaning.

  10. Oh man, BRUTAL.
    I like this. Good work, Devpai.

    I probably won’t be killing the kitten, but I don’t want this idea removed. It’s very sensible for the character.
    In fact… I wonder if I could mix it with pre-existing elimination methods.
    Like framing a student in the gardening club by killing someone with gloves on, and using the shovel they last touched to bury the corpse.
    Just speculation, not suggestion. It’s fun to wonder…

    The reason I said I won’t be killing a kitten is because it hits too close to home for me. I love my cats. My fiancee loves her cats. I’d do anything for us to live happily together with our cats.
    I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to a cat, because that’s my bias. I’m a cat person. Love the furry balls of loving affection.

    For everyone saying the cat didn’t do anything to deserve it, let me just remind you of the opening sequence:
    Yandere-chan would do ANYTHING to get her Senpai.
    She’s HURT anyone. She’d KILL anyone. A small animal is hardly any real work or pain to someone without a conscience or emotions.
    A kitten wouldn’t be a fuzzy ball of love and affection to her. It would be a tool to get Senpai. Its life wouldn’t matter to her.

    But, you don’t HAVE to kill the kitten OR use that elimination method.
    You’re the player. Everything you make Yandere-chan do, is your choice.

  11. I think that instead of killing a kitten (which is totally okay for me sry animal lovers), you should try to get a mouse or two from the science lab the same room where you get the poison and then kill them so that the police won’t find the buried corpses.

    • But you would have to find a way to duplicate or make clones of the mice so that nobody would find out that the mice just randomly disappeared idk how it would work but eh.

  12. The thing I don’t understand about the kitten method YandereDev was talking about is why he thinks the kitten body would deter police. Those police dogs are trained very well. The dog would keep digging around the cat’s body and find it. Unless the police were the stupidest, most incompetent people in the world, when they saw the dog kept digging, they’d let him and investigate further. Even with the events of the past, which makes them only investigate a couple hours and not want much to do with that school, I think they’d still find the body. That’s just my opinion, though.

    • To be fair, we currently have police officers that claim they were aiming at an autistic guy with a toy truck, missed every shot, and shot the man they were “trying to protect”, so is that level of stupidity really that unrealistic?

  13. Not sure how often cats would be wandering around the high school… what about squirrels? lab mice would also make sense or lab frogs, rats, cray fish etc.
    Also the hole should probably be deeper to decrease the probability of the police dogs finding it.

  14. To be honest I don’t think killing the cat is very realist, however perhaps I think it would be better if they try and distract the police in their one hour limited investigation and forced to leave with no results like maybe cat army to distract the dogs from sniffing or other stuff really. o.o

  15. I’m very impressed with this build so far! I don’t think I would take part in killing an animal, but I’m not opposed to the idea or ability existing in the game, but I would prefer the animals have a secondary purpose maybe sanity or seduction? Still supporting this game regardless.

  16. не отпровляйте мне никакие сообщения достали

    >Воскресенье, 24 июля 2016, 18:01 +03:00 от Game Development Blog : > >yanderedev posted: “I’ve got a new build to share with you! Click here to download it!

    Curious what’s new in this build? This video will help you out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOycJOmrlA4&feature=youtu.be Sending a girl into depression over the death of her sis” >

  17. I have always supported this game but I don’t want to kill kittens </3 and YES. I KNOW YANDERE-CHAN KILLS PEOPLE but tbh I'm an animal lover and I rescued kittens before. Can't imagine killing them even if it's just a game. I Will NOT use this method.

  18. You can torture, burn, bully, dismember, brain wash people… But god forbid a kitten dies if you so choose!
    With that said, I honestly would prefer it if we can’t see the murder, like the dismemberment cut-scene. Also, I’d honestly like to see more than just a cat. A squirrel would make sense… Or whatever animals can be commonly seen in Japan. Though I suppose it would make the most sense for a kitten to be buried.

  19. I find it interesting the idea of killing the kitten because it gives more realism to the game, I think we have to understand the fact that it is a game, what kind of game we are playing and personality of the main character, honestly i don’t know if i will use this method but I would not want it removed from the game, one of the things that I like about this game is that there are many options and ways to achieve the main goal, and well if someone doesn’t mind killing people, torturing or stuff like that I guess neither killing animals

  20. every other comment i’ve seen is I WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT A GAME THAT HARMS AN INNOCENT KITTEN!!!! and i’m all like SAME HERE!!! I’LL JUST STICK WIT MURDER, SUICIDE, BULLYING, TORTURING, MULCHING, “SUICIDE”, ELECTROCUTION, DISMEMBERING, FRAMING, EXPELLING, POISONING, DROWNING, KIDNAPPING, CRUSHING, AND ALL THE OTHER HEINOUS WAYS I KILL HUMAN BEINGS!!! btw this is sarcasm. everyone is okay with this list of things but when a kitten is thrown into the game people get all up in arms and it’s so pointless. the cat isn’t alive to begin with. this is a game and therefore has no bearing on the actual world we live in. if you are protesting the practical use of this method in a game where you’re supposed to be a psychopath hellbent on getting your senpai no matter what, than go pick up a copy of lego friends, dora, or the latest disney princess nonsense instead because it’s ridiculous to want to play a game that has all this other stuff in it and you stop liking it because of an animal. IT IS A GAME! IT IS NOT REAL! everyone is trying to be politically correct but this is a VIRTUAL cat. it is NOT alive and NEVER HAS BEEN! i’d kick the teeth in of a person who would do it in real life but you are playing a game where you are a mentally disturbed love struck high school girl and this is what a psychotic mind would think of. people need to hop off the fact that it’s a cat and hop on the fact that it’s not really happening or just say “hey i don’t like it but others may find it to be a realistic factor to the game and yanderedev should make his game in his vision because it’s his game.” i wish he would stop trying to cater to the public so much and just make the game. if people don’t like it because of controversial topics like this than they were never going to fully get into a game revolving around getting away with murder! if he thinks the idea is good than our approval shouldn’t be necessary. by trying to please everyone, he pleases no one and takes longer to finish the game. developing a game is an art form. if you think it’s good than that’s all that matters and people some are always going to have something to rally against you just need to believe in your own opinions and ignore the hype because it won’t be any fun for people if he tries to play it safe with a game centered around murder. still people are so blinded by a kitten getting caught in the crossfire that they just don’t see how many other things they have done in this game! it drives me crazy when people get upset for a game concept that has no real consequences in the real world! people need to see that there is a monumental difference between what’s on the screen and what is outside the window everyday. strays, homeless people, war, hunger, gang violence, theft, and so much more wrong in the real world and people stoop to protesting a video game concept and that’s a REAL BANG UP CAUSE CONGRATULATIONS! btw again, that was sarcasm. i know it’s called a GOOD cause but who is it really helping if your protesting this? find a better cause and rally for that!

  21. I don’t think people are understanding what Yanderedev’s intention for the animal + human dynamic. The goal isn’t to truly throw off the dog, it’s to throw off the POLICE. If you had paid specific attention to the video, or knew of anything about writing and story telling and general human bias, you’d know that he was insinuating humans to be very quick to assume wrongs of a trained animal when they do not give the results we as humans desire. There are cases of large animals being used to distract police from the corpse underneath; from personal life experience, I’ve had my military adviser speak of how people would use /pigs/ for this method of confusion. Do I agree with the kitten thing? Actually, no, because in fact, a kitten would not be large enough to make a difference unless the body was buried beneath a far deeper layer, and then planted directly in the middle of the covered body. What Yanderedev is trying to convey with this message is VERY intelligent, and VERY diversifying from a usual disposal method of grinding or burning. After all, ashes can be tested and DNA can be found on anything. If you’re going to dispose of something, do it in such a way that throws people off. And there are SO many ways he can make burial even more secure, so why get butt hurt over another plot amongst many? A lot of people also seem to be glossing over the fact that he merely used a kitten as an example. What would make you think that, “A small animal, such as a kitten?” directly means a kitten? Try opening your minds and realize that it’s just a game where you’re prompted to murder people. What’s sad–some of you have said that you enjoy killing the humans, and only play for the murder.

  22. So…why would a cat be in the school? Maybe a stray cat, but this school seems far too prestigious to allow stray animals into it. Maybe Yandere-chan could have a pet cat that she would need to bring to school and kill? Or maybe change the kitten to the turtle in the light music room.

    Plus, wouldn’t the police be more convinced that a murder took place if they found an eviscerated kitten buried in the school’s garden?

    • or maybe it could be this idea that i heard from a youtube commentor where the cat is midori’s and midori will change her lunch schedule to go and feed the cat. they share the same bond that the basu sisters and ryo/pippi share where if one see you kill the other the one watching will attack you and if they don’t see you than they will just mope and be sad and maybe that’s where my extention to the person’s idea for midori comes in. midori could be sad because she thinks the cat ran off and not know that it is dead so you now can go and invite her to your place under the pretense that you found a cat and that maybe it is hers. from there you can either kill her at your place or give her a cat that looks just like hers that you “acqiured” in a black market info-chan exchange. in exchange for the cat she now owes you a favor to be decided and collected at a later time and you’re now better friends which will greatly raise your reputation.

  23. I’m just so amazed at people’s logic here.

    Lowering a girl’s reputation to the point that she commits suicide: OK!
    Torturing a girl to the point that she does your bidding and is your mind slave: OK!
    Setting a girl up for ransom: OK!
    Kidnapping a girl: OK!
    Throwing a girl off of a roof: OK!
    Taking pictures of girls’ panties: OK!
    Faking a girl’s suicide: OK!
    Burying a corpse: OK!
    Burning someone to death: OK!
    Killing a small animal/kitten: OMG NO THIS GAME IS GOING TOO FAR BAD BAD BAD BAD BADDDD

    Seriously though, this is kind of annoying.
    Likewise, probably, for Yandere-dev. I can’t imagine the amount of hate mail he’s getting from all this.

    • It’s too diferent, you know?.
      I mean, it’s not the fact than: “You can Kill people, its great” and “You cannot kill a kitten, that’s awful”

      Honestly, it is new that you can Kill a person in the Videogames? of course not, there a hundred of Games that got the tematic to Kill people for free.
      and that controversial game called Hatred, it’s not a new thing…

      but, Killing animals in games… it’s too Different than Killing people, even that is murder, it’s different… there is no so much game where you can kill a dog, a cat, maybe a Bunny, a Horse, etc. You can kill ducks, or mooses, or cows, like Far Cry do it. but it’s a sport, and it’s a Survival Game, thing that ‘Yandere Simulator’ isn’t at all, you kill a bit for pleasure and for get the ‘Senpai’s heart’, but, you know, by the way this is too hard to explain all of this.
      That’s the fact than this is so controversial, it’s all about respect to the animals, ’cause.. seriously… Kill People in games and even in the Real Life, it’s not something that you can say… “That Shocked me..”

      Of course, it’s your opinion, i respect that.


      • I can respect that opinion. I just think people are overreacting a bit, especially since it’s a fact that Yandere-chan IS a psychopath. She won’t feel remorse for the kitten. I mean, no one’s forcing people to do it. There ARE other ways of getting away with murder in the game.

  24. I know this will be a Spanish commentary, but it is the only way that i can express me in all the sense againts “that” controversy:

    Ok, siendo sincero pienso que todo está muy bien en el juego, exceptuando el hecho de que debas asesinar a un gatito para poder continuar con el juego y no ser descubierto.
    Lo digo porque hay cierta sensibilidad entre “matar gente” y “matar animales indefensos”, y seamos realistas: Matar seres humanos en los videojuegos no es cosa nueva, ¿o me equivoco?…
    Tal vez asesinar a una Ardilla, una Rata, incluso un Topo, pero…. ¿Un gatito, enserio?, sé que es la verdadera personalidad de Yandere-Chan pero, sigue siendo bastante controversial sin contar que hay paises donde estas escenas en los videojuegos pueden prohibirse con facilidad, sin mencionar el hecho de que pueden banear el juego del país a pesar que se trata de “Asesinatos a sangre fria”.

    Me encanta el juego pero a pesar de eso sigo pensando que es una mala idea poner el Gatito para asesinarlo, hablando de manera respetuosa, hay gente que ha perdido a sus mascotas y creo que la mayoría sabe que el juego tendría esa falta de sensibilidad si se implementa esto.
    Yandere Dev, no importa si lees esto o no, pero te aseguro que Yandere Simulator no será el éxito que tu quisieras si piensas en las consecuencias que el juego tendrá al pasar por manos de la “Sociedad Protectora de Animales” (por desgracia..) incluso si el juego ya es lo suficientemente violento y crudo.

    Sinceramente opino que quites eso de asesinar al Gatito y puedas implementar otro método, o sino que sea otro animal no común para ser mascota, esa es mi opinión, muchas gracias por leer.

    Thank You so much for reading.

    • No tiene sentido eso realmente, en el video de youtube un user puso la lista de muchos juegos donde matas animales:
      Minecraft Roblox Undertale Terraria Most RPG games And Animal killing in these games: Minecraft Zelda Megaman Duck Hunt GTA Mortal Kombat Action 52 DK DK JR DK Country Roblox Undertale AND KILLING HUMANS/ANIMALS IN THESE OTHER GAMES/OTHER THINGS: Eating Food like Chicken Homestuck Roblox Undertale Mario Turbo Dismount Futurama Family guy. BUT NOOOOO PEOPLE ARE NOT OKAY WITH Undertale FNAF MLP, y nadie ha dicho nada al respecto. En mucho mmos matamos animales y los carneamos como si nada, en especial en Monster Hunter y a la fecha PETA no ha dicho nada al respecto porque se sabe que son animales ficticios, no son reales, a algunas personas les chocaria, pero es obvio entonces que NO DEBERIAN JUGAR este juego si consideran que matar un gatito es mas cruel que matar a una chica prendiendole fuego o descuartizandola.

    • osea lo que dices es esto:
      matar animales que no sean mascotas está bien
      matar personas está bien
      pero matar gatos es el fin del mundo

      además no es obligatorio hacer ese método, si no quieres matar gatos simplemente no uses ese método
      y la sociedad protectora de animales defiende a TODOS los animales, no sólo a los gatos

  25. Maybe is time to Yandere have a follower a “disciple” to help her in his evil plans to obtain the love of the senpai….imagine training another student who have these murderous tendencies and turn him(her)to a partner in his murders, obviusly you need to find that person, and persuade him in a similar form to you tortured and forced other girls to kill rivals, but taking care to the guy or girl dont become more and more obssesive to kill random people only for fun, and having at the end two choices: Using him to a scapegoat in a emergency case and be killed for the police, or killed him before he(her) become a totally murder obssesed to kill senpai for you.

    • ive been tinking about this:
      as you know, you can’t have boy mind slaves, so you can use them in other way, very similar
      when you kill some one in front of a teacher pet, or even an heroic person (if he/she only sees the corpses, but don’t see the one that killed them) he will run and tell to the teacher, if you hide the corpse before the teacher comes, she will think it’s just a prank
      maybe the next day, he would be just afraid or everything, because he thinks that would happen again
      if you do that again, the next day he would be crazy and wont trust in anyone
      and if you do that again, he would be insane, at the point he would think that even a fly can kill him, but not at the point he would kill someone
      the next step yandere chan would do is attacking him, so she can kiddnap him, of course his sanity is very low, but anyway she has to torture that guy, but she has to decrease his sanity VERY LOW you know, like, I dont know……-100%? then he would kill a random girl, but he would like it, and then he would be like you say

      it´s just my thinking, and don´t know what you think about it

  26. I like this idea, I don’t know why people are like when you introduced the inventory idea – they’re totally okay with 37 sec. long murder-suicide, burning alive etc. and now they’re like “YOU MONSTER, how can you kill a little kitty-cat?” when it’s THEIR choice to do it or not, geez, we have lots of other methods to get away with murder.
    Game like this should be controversial.

  27. After i watched the video i have to ask. Are people playing this game because they dont want to kill in the real life and killing in the game is satisfying? I remember the video where Yandere dev said that women play game more then men. Is that really because they kinda symphatize with yandere-chan? This is just a question out of curiousity im playing this game too and will play it in the future.

  28. 1. Police dogs are trained to smell multiple things at once, meaning they will smell the cat and the human body.
    2. It was proven on a myth busters episode that the dogs would just keep sniffing, therefor the police officers would keep digging (unless they’re extremely lazy in Japan lmao)

    I’m fine with killing a cat, but killing a cat to trick a police dog is unrealistic, and I have a problem with that.

  29. Try compensation.

    1) Easy burial method: Kill a fucking kitten.

    2) “Ethical” burial method:
    A) Exterminate individual
    B) Dismember individual
    C) Douse individual’s body parts heavily in disinfectant for designated period time
    D) Bury invidual’s body parts separately

  30. Do you think that the animation will eventually change for the person who is grieving? Like, they will walk slower/as if they don’t really want to go anywhere, and will always have their head down. Maybe their personality will change, and the reaction they have to having their picture changing will be different as well. Do you think that the aspect of putting a flower on the dead persons desk will be added? That would be cool

  31. honestly, I think my main problem with the cat thing is that it feels too much like a shock value thing and not something that seems important to the actual game. Plus, I sincerely doubt that a trained police dog would be fooled that easily.

  32. I just thought of a solution to the cat body hiding dilemma! Some japanese schools keep rabbits or chickens as class pets so theres usually a pet cemetery on campus so simply have yandere-chan grave rob a dead pet to hide the body! While I think this is mostly a grade school or middle school thing it might be a cleaner way of pulling this off!

    • But then you would have to add another club(some sort of animal care club) and that’s not really time effective… You probably could reuse most of the digging animations and possibly scale down the dig site to match the size of a grave. So that would save time but all the other stuff might be too much work…

  33. I think a better idea than killing a kitten or another animal to hide the body (which I think is fitting for the game since Yandere is a monster after all but I’m not a fan of animal abuse either) is to maybe use the forging skill and have it so that Yandere leaves maybe a note that says the victim has run away or that you plan some stuff so that it looks like they got involved in some bad stuff and that lead to them to disappearing. That way you use that skill for more than a suicide note. But for it to work of course you have to get rid of any evidence of a murder so that it’s just a student who disappeared. That or plant some very strong smelling vegetables or flowers (some that are already kind of grown in pots and need to be planted, not seedling) to cover the smell.
    All in all, I’m not against the idea since it’s a horror game and it’s a little hypocritical that it’s fine to torture school girls and kill them in all sorts of ways but kill an animal (nope!) given we are talking about a crazy love sick girl after all. I have no idea if Yanderedev will read this or not, but I think both aspects should be possible so that people can choose how dark to go, and maybe even make it so it’s hard to catch the animal. That, or have it so that the school as like a school animal pen (I’ve seen it in animes before where it’s like the class pet) and maybe do it so that you have to fine an animal that’s already passed away so that someone thinks it’s like the school pet cemetery or something (I admit it’s a weaker idea but who knows. Maybe he can tweek it so that it fits better). All in all, I just don’t want him to get flamed for trying to make the game realistic and at the same time stay true to what kind of person Yandere-chan is.

  34. The new mind slave animation is awesome but the blood fountain was a little comical

    Someone had an idea of getting Yan chan’s Chemistry or Biology stats maxed so that she could use some chemicals that would mask the scent of the body and I liked that idea a lot, especially since it would be more realistically able to fool the dogs into not even going near the corpse.

    Another thought; if the kitten were to be implemented perhaps it could serve a dual purpose. Cat’s are calming creatures that lower blood pressure when you pet them. Instead of the cat only being there to kill it, maybe Yan chan could also have the ability to hold and pet the cat to raise sanity.

  35. So everyone is okay with killing, torturing, kidnapping, manipulating, burying, drowning, etc but when it comes to killing an animal a lot of people are hating because it’s ‘animal abuse’. What’s the difference between a cat or a mice. Why kill one and not the other?

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