Hey! Where’s the update?!

I always try to release a “major” update at least twice a month – on the first and fifteenth days of every month. For example, August 1st and August 15th. So…where’s the update?

The last “major” update was a mere week ago, on July 24th. I’m still going to aim for two major updates per month, but it looks like I’ve been thrown off of my “1st and 15th” schedule…so, when should you expect the next build?

I’d love to say that the next update will be ready by August 7th, but it’s possible that I might need more time than that. I really don’t want that to be the case, so I’m going to work extra hard to get this update out to you as soon as possible! I hope that you’re going to enjoy it once it’s ready!

Edit – August 1st 4:00 AM

Oh, boy! I learned a few things tonight!

My plan was to make the next update combat focused; I was planning to add the ability to fight against teachers, and add “sanity-based killing animations” – in order words, the lower your sanity, the more prolonged and brutal your killing animations would be.

I believed that I had all of the assets required to implement the new sanity-based combat system, but now that I’ve had a chance to review all of the animations that were delivered to me, I’ve come to realize that a few adjustments are required.

I feel 100% satisfied with the “short, bladed weapon” animations and circular saw animations, but I feel that the “long, blunt weapon” animations need some improvement. I’ve also learned that some of the “long, bladed weapon” animations use incorrect timing and will require adjustments. As a result, I can’t implement the sanity-based combat animations at this point in time. I can write the code and set up the system, but without a complete set of all required animations, the system can’t go live.

So, when will I have improved “long, blunt weapon” animations and fixed katana animations? It’s difficult to say; the animation volunteers have lives of their own. They have jobs, school, family, et cetera. I’ll just have to wait patiently until they become available to help me out.

On the plus side, I don’t think there is anything stopping me from adding the ability to fight back against teachers. I can also use this time to work on the rival introduction video. I can also use this time to implement Matchmaking.

In short, the new sanity-based combat system won’t be implemented as soon as I hoped it would, since I need to wait for animation adjustments. However, I’m still going to write the code for the new system, so that it can be activated as soon as I get the new assets. Additionally, the development of other new features will continue at full speed.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

187 thoughts on “Hey! Where’s the update?!

    • honestly I’m a bit scared yandere dev reads stuff like that.

      I mean he’s free to like what he wants but …. shit man I can tell just from that one image whatever it’s from is pretty messed up.

      • I like to read hentai doujin, even Kancolle ones (with all the characters they have)… but this one in particular, this has a thematic that i REALLY dislike at all, that include drugs and rape, in some cases, even death, that’s why i don’t want to read it, because i don’t like such sub-generes -_-.

      • If he’s reading hentai manga that focuses on pedophilia, rape, drug addictions, and certain fetishes…then yes, it’s considered creepy to most people. Please, dont defend someone just because they’re an adult. Their age doesn’t prevent them from doing bad things.

        (Dont look up the actual manga, the pictures are pretty disgusting.)

      • So many people freaking out on that image
        It’s a widespread and exploitable meme guys. Just because you make an exploitable meme, like say about Boku no Pico, it doesn’t mean you have furiously masturbated to it.
        Just chill out, it’s not even real

      • Who cares what people like? Its just a shitty hentai manga, they can like whatever they want as long as they dont go around actually killing or raping, if they do then you can hang them by a rope. This is not real, its just a story made by some dude.All this is just my opinion so dont go crazy and shit, good day 🙂

  1. Either Yandev reads crazy shit like this to keep his mind on the immoral side.

    Or all the fans driving him crazy has brought him to the point of needing depraved shit to get off.

    Or maybe he liked stuff like this before Yan Sim.

    Or all three.

    Regardless, I ain’t gonna judge. You’ve gotta desensitize yourself if you want to make a product who’s main concept is merciless killing~!

  2. Yandev, I have lost all respect I once had for you. Why on Earth would you include pedophilia in a blog update! Yandere-Chan isn’t the real monster here, you are. At least she doesn’t think raping a child is alright.

    • I believe it’s called shock/dark humour. Not to sound condescending but you do realise the entire game revolves around, torturing, mutilating and slaughtering high school children, in varying gorey fashions, for personal benefit … off-colour humour is kind of a given here. Granted the above i especially unsettling but it’s not the first time and certainly won’t be te last time someone uses an out of context hentai doujin as a reaction image.or the like.

  3. Okay, for everyone who thinks he’s a disgusting sick fuck: 1st: Just because you know about something, it doesn’t mean you like it. for example: I’ve seen Bondage Game and the even worse Boku no Pico (i don’t recommend watching any of these) and I was pretty close to burn my eyes after that. 2nd: A lot of people are offended because he posted this image from a manga, because they think it’s child pornography. It’s not even sure it’s a child. Search up Yoko on google. (she’s 14…..) And if it’s not enough, there ‘s not a single pixel of pornography on this image.

    • Oh please, i don’t fucking care if she’s have more than 18 years or not
      She’s looks like a really young girl
      You think pedophiles ask identity card before they fap ?!
      All that matters it’s girl looks like a child for them

      I’m wondering what weaboos miss in their education to defend that shitty things

  4. So many people freaking out on that image
    It’s a widespread and exploitable meme guys. Just because you make an exploitable meme, like say about Boku no Pico, it doesn’t mean you have furiously masturbated to it.
    Just chill out, it’s not even real

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