Community Feedback Wanted: New Inventory System Proposal

Yandere Simulator’s current inventory system is terribly flawed, and needs to be replaced. I’ve designed a new inventory system, and I’d like to show you what it looks like:

Here’s a webm where you can see what the inventory system looks like in motion.

As you can see, it’s a grid-based inventory system, similar to the inventory system from Resident Evil 4. Before I proceed with this system, however, I want to find out if the community has any problems with the way that the inventory is presented to the player.

…to put it bluntly, I’d like to ask if you think it’s a bad idea for the inventory system to involve a schoolgirl opening up her skirt and exposing her panties right in the middle of the screen.

I can see three possible problems with this concept:

  1. Several YouTubers have stated that their Yandere Simulator gameplay videos were taken down if panties appeared onscreen. If I constantly force the player to see panties in the middle of the screen, it could become impossible to upload gameplay footage of Yandere Sim to YouTube.
  2. Showing a school-aged girl exposing her undergarments could be misconstrued as “sexualizing minors”, which may cause the game to be prohibited from being broadcasted on popular streaming sites, or cause platforms such as Steam to refuse to distribute the game.
  3. Some players might feel embarrassed to be seen playing a game where a schoolgirl’s panties are constantly displayed in the middle of the screen.

I personally don’t find the concept offensive at all, but I understand that it might be a pain in the ass for YouTubers, live-streamers, or anyone who has particularly judgemental friends/family members.

I may have a potential solution:

The panties could be covered up by an “Item Description” box that describes the currently-selected item, or something else along those lines. This might be enough to solve the potential problems of this inventory system. On the other hand, if the act of displaying a school-aged girl open up her skirt is unacceptable, regardless of whether or not the panties are censored, then this doesn’t solve anything.

Honestly, this shouldn’t really be an issue, because I can name numerous games with content comparable to Yandere Simulator that are not banned from YouTube or Twitch. If PewDiePie can upload a video where he plays Senran Kagura – a game about ripping clothing off of school-aged girls – then surely an inventory system that involves a view of a girl’s panties shouldn’t be considered “over the line”. However, Yandere Simulator has not been treated fairly by certain websites in the past, so even if Yandere Simulator contains content that is far less “offensive” than what you can see in numerous other video games, it might still get kicked off of certain platforms for any arbitrary reason whatsoever.

Anyway, before I pour hours into programming this inventory system, I’d like to ask the community what they think of this idea. Here’s a poll for you to vote on:

What should I do about the inventory system?

Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below; I’ll be reading every comment on this blog post for about 24 hours.

915 thoughts on “Community Feedback Wanted: New Inventory System Proposal

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  2. I like the idea of the inventory being changed, but I’m not sure that having her remove her skirt would be a good idea. Some ideas could include

    1. Hiding a couple of small items in her bra.
    2. Having a few pockets in the skirt without having to take it off.
    3. A school bags to carry around or have strapped around your waist.

    Since everyone would technically have school bags, it would be fitting for the school bag. Maybe also having an ability to hide large weapons (Katana or Bat for an example) in your locker would be cool (just my opinion).

  3. +Yandere Dev and find ways to beat rivals and progress to story without killing or killing and make a big different to story mode? but I do wonder how long will it take u do all rivals? and mabe make different routes like what if she became a student council and is loyal to megami? or dating other guys and girls?

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