Midori Gurin Music Video

For those of you who don’t know, Midori Gurin is a character who represents fans of Yandere Simulator that e-mail me with silly questions.

The voice actress for Midori has created something amazing, and I’d love to share it with you!

I really love the style of this video! Asucchi did a great job with the animation! I hope that I can work with them on a similar type of video one day!

99 thoughts on “Midori Gurin Music Video

  1. Please YandereDev, I hope you read my comment…
    The inventory system concept, grid-based, is interesting, actually is awesome!, but the “opening up the skirt” is not realistic…
    – there are no skirts that open like that (never seen one! and it seem veeeeery unconfortable):
    unless we’re talking about an ENVELOPE SKIRT, is like the scottish skirt (kilt), and you can open up from one side and pull….well, is not easy for me to decribe it, it’s easier to see one…..an ENVELOPE SKIRT won’t show the girl’s panties and you’ll have the same grid size!! Besides the fact that Yan-chan can open it discretly in pubblic

    • He anticipated that, she doesn’t physically open up her skirt, it’s just an inventory screen that allows the player to see the inventory in a creative way.

      • Yes, I know, But I stil don’t like the “opening” method…idon’t know how to explain it…I think it make more sense an envelopeskirt, how the envelope skirts open…an dnot a “half-skirt-opening” thing…

      • You’re right, he’s right…I feel so stupid, I feel the cringe whenever I read my own dumb message…and I can’t delete it!

  2. I have an idea! If you run out of space or if you put in a option if people still dont like the new item thing, you should make an option to put it in the collar instead of the skirt since there is a white shirt underneath. So people won’t get “offended…” ❤ just an idea ❤ Love ya Yandere Dev ❤💌

  3. Question is… Why on Earth does Midori want to be a rival??? She said it herself, how do you stop her from killing??? 5 seconds later she’s like “When will I become a rival???” A thing she KNOWS will just get her killed!!!

  4. YandereChan: Don’t worry YandereDev.. she’ll stop bothering you soon enough.. *Laughs maniacally* Other than that, this video is cool and catchy.

  5. yanderedev yanderedev ! that you finish the game in 2019 ?
    please can you put more new things?
    Why we todabia not know about breast ayano ?
    there are so many questions that I put in the video YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV !!! ( Yandere Simulator Parody Song)

  6. I could see Midori being a rival. Hard to outright stab bc she’s always asking teachers questions, dumb enough to accidentally thwart many of Ayano’s plans, loud enough to alert people of Ayano being suspicious.

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