Community Feedback Wanted: New Inventory System Proposal

Yandere Simulator’s current inventory system is terribly flawed, and needs to be replaced. I’ve designed a new inventory system, and I’d like to show you what it looks like:

Here’s a webm where you can see what the inventory system looks like in motion.

As you can see, it’s a grid-based inventory system, similar to the inventory system from Resident Evil 4. Before I proceed with this system, however, I want to find out if the community has any problems with the way that the inventory is presented to the player.

…to put it bluntly, I’d like to ask if you think it’s a bad idea for the inventory system to involve a schoolgirl opening up her skirt and exposing her panties right in the middle of the screen.

I can see three possible problems with this concept:

  1. Several YouTubers have stated that their Yandere Simulator gameplay videos were taken down if panties appeared onscreen. If I constantly force the player to see panties in the middle of the screen, it could become impossible to upload gameplay footage of Yandere Sim to YouTube.
  2. Showing a school-aged girl exposing her undergarments could be misconstrued as “sexualizing minors”, which may cause the game to be prohibited from being broadcasted on popular streaming sites, or cause platforms such as Steam to refuse to distribute the game.
  3. Some players might feel embarrassed to be seen playing a game where a schoolgirl’s panties are constantly displayed in the middle of the screen.

I personally don’t find the concept offensive at all, but I understand that it might be a pain in the ass for YouTubers, live-streamers, or anyone who has particularly judgemental friends/family members.

I may have a potential solution:

The panties could be covered up by an “Item Description” box that describes the currently-selected item, or something else along those lines. This might be enough to solve the potential problems of this inventory system. On the other hand, if the act of displaying a school-aged girl open up her skirt is unacceptable, regardless of whether or not the panties are censored, then this doesn’t solve anything.

Honestly, this shouldn’t really be an issue, because I can name numerous games with content comparable to Yandere Simulator that are not banned from YouTube or Twitch. If PewDiePie can upload a video where he plays Senran Kagura – a game about ripping clothing off of school-aged girls – then surely an inventory system that involves a view of a girl’s panties shouldn’t be considered “over the line”. However, Yandere Simulator has not been treated fairly by certain websites in the past, so even if Yandere Simulator contains content that is far less “offensive” than what you can see in numerous other video games, it might still get kicked off of certain platforms for any arbitrary reason whatsoever.

Anyway, before I pour hours into programming this inventory system, I’d like to ask the community what they think of this idea. Here’s a poll for you to vote on:

What should I do about the inventory system?

Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below; I’ll be reading every comment on this blog post for about 24 hours.

915 thoughts on “Community Feedback Wanted: New Inventory System Proposal

  1. I think the basic idea is great. The thing with the description in front of the panties is good. But why not use something else as an inventory? Like a view inside a bag or something.

  2. What if Yandere-chan is in her gym uniform? The gym uniform doesn’t have a skirt, so this inventory screen would only work if she was wearing the normal uniform. You could give Yandere-chan a bag that looks like a normal schoolbag on the outside, but it can be opened up like a suitcase to store weapons.

  3. What happens when you’re nude? Or in a bathing suit? Or a gym uniform?
    Honestly this entire system seems very unnecessary in nature and I don’t think it’s really going to be handled well by anyone. I appreciate the puzzle-like qualities from resident evil, but it’s really going to alienate audiences, and just make this game you want to be serious-yet-fun turn into a corpse party- and not in the good way. It’s going to be remembered for its panty-centered gameplay (which we already have with info-chan’s form of currency) and I just don’t think that’s the option you really want to take this. Corpse Party got away with their panty shots because they were used as something non-gameplay-centered, but this is just shoving it in the players face and I, again, don’t think it’s necessary. I know I’m just one voice among hundreds, but I hope this reaches you.

  4. As idea – to make a school bag under stock and to add realism – Ayano takes a bag = more objects with himself + then to think over new stylization of opening of stock, = a minimum of objects / we act with Ayano without bag on a situation.

  5. I like the idea of using the skirt kind of like A flasher trench coat full of stuff. maybe you could also use how girls put their phone in their bra and add a backpack or bookbag as a pick up / equippable item for bigger things like cloths and or a mask. And if all students had backpacks or bookbags you could frame them with bloody evidence.

    Ps. I love the game and your work processes its unique and inclusive of fans opinions wear ideas bounce around create new ideas.

  6. And what about just opened skirt on the screen? Without the Yandere-chan model, just opened skirt with a grid. Also there are no problems with censorship, bonds on a tvicha and YouTube, confusion of players.
    And it is strange, the fact that a cut skirt. To make a lightning on a skirt and norms will be. It, by the way, can be connected in sewing club.

  7. Yanderedev! maybe you can use others, i mean like u can change the view of yanchan from head to toe! then.. you can like insert the knife in the socks, hinde the poison in the pockets or in the shirt.. maybe..

  8. I have no idea if you’re still reading these comment but in case you are, here goes:

    I don’t think the concept is that offensive (though this obviously depends on the person lol) but I do believe that you could do better. It’s not even because of the system itself – I bet a lot of people (myself included) like the thought of optimizing your tools so you can make them fit in your inventory instead of having a weight limit, being only able to carry a low, set amount of items or just no limit at all.

    What makes me, personally, think the inventory is weird is the fact that she just keeps everything in her skirt. Sure, they’re not things that are usually too large even in real life, but the skirt would need some serious support to stay on with that added weight, you know what I mean? And the fact that the skirt opens up at the middle like that just looks really odd, but maybe that’s just me trying to reason it too much.
    I know, I know, there’s that “but it’s a game, it doesn’t have to be realistic!” argument, but people wanting it to be a bit realistic was the reason you scrapped that idea of Yandere-chan being able to straight up kick the loan sharks’ arses.

    I know you’ve probably already thought of this (and/or maybe it was suggested already): couldn’t you make Yandere-chan herself the inventory?
    What I mean is that maybe you could distribute the grids over her whole body. That way she could carry, for example, a knife up her sleeve (if she’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt), a pair of scissors in her stockings (which could also be hidden from sight by the skirt, if the stockings are long enough). Of course, the items wouldn’t be locked to those places – she could easily carry a syringe up her sleeve instead of her knife, etc.
    Some skirts in real life even have small pockets, so she could carry her phone (or a small bottle of poison/box of matches) in there. Heck, her shirt could even have a breast-pocket where she carries a couple of pens with an x-cutter hidden among them.

    You could probably come up with other creative ways to hide small weapons like these on her body without having to risk making YouTubers/Streamers get their stuff taken down for “indecency” or whatever reason the sites choose as excuse.

    As for larger items like the circular saw and katana…I guess those would require some kind of bag or backpack (or just the guitar case), since it would be a bit weird to make something like that fit in a pocket :p

    • I can’t edit my comment so I’ll have to leave this as a reply lol

      I just noticed a comment mentioning that this system won’t quite work if Yandere-chan isn’t wearing her normal school uniform, but I think that she should still be able to carry certain things. Of course, the number of grids would be reduced, and in the case of the gym uniform and swimming suit, maybe she would only be able to carry items that wouldn’t make bulges that are too obvious when hidden under the shirt / inside the one piece suit – like an x-cutter or syringe (though the syringe might be a bit of a stretch, at least with the swimsuit).

  9. And if it is serious, then at school there are wonderful and comfortable lockers. Why not to use them as the main storage of the necessary things? It would be possible to transfer objects from a loker in the hall in loker in shower if has examination of lockers of students (and if such counter appears in game in general, of course (as far as I know, such events are held at schools with similar system)). Any bag or a backpack and though a case from club of a light music, but it is obvious not a skirt, and especially will be suitable for transportation of concrete objects… not in such representation.

    Or to finish this initiative to perfection, considering all logical problems and possible situations, or to send it to pedestrian erotic. I incline closer to the second option.

  10. I think this idea is good. First of all, I like this variant ’cause it’s humorous.
    Yes, it’s unrealistic BUT the game has ANIME theme!!! Anime! Where girls can hide guns in their boobs! 😀
    This idea’s as unrealistic as panties boosting your abilities, however I suppose that the vast majority of people like this feature.

    P. S.: Why not to make bag as an additional inventory? And skirt may be a smaller inventory. (I think, it’s not cool to make Yandere-chan run around the scool with bag all day!)

  11. Hmm…maybe you can make a setting that reduces quality/animations? That way, opening the skirt would still be in the game, but would be disable-able. And if you’re worried about Steam rejecting your game, well…just type “sakura” in their search bar.

    Now for some suggestions for the inventory system:

    1. Hmm…floating objects attached to a skirt…that doesn’t add up! Maybe it should have a graphic that would explain how it’s kept in place? Like a strap or a band, dynamically copy-pasted over the item on the grid?

    2. You know, it would be very bad if someone tried to take a panty-shot of Yandere-chan while she’s concealing sharp objects so suspiciously. In fact, simple stairs would become an obstacle. That adds a nice drawback to always having a weapon on hand.

    3. Maybe you can have the inventory system factor in the weight of the items? It would be bad if Yandere-chan made a wrong move while carrying a lot of items. She’d be CAUGHT WITH HER PANTS DOWN (ok I’m sorry I’ll leave now <3)!

  12. YandereDev!You Could create a jacket!Yandere-chan can wear the jacket at any time of the day and can insert inside of it weapons,poison,matches,etc.
    The jacket may be placed in Yandere-chan’s locker (or near it) in the shower room.
    What do you think?
    (If I writed something wrong it is because i’m Italian and I used Google Translate)

  13. Hi, YandereDev! I don’t really like this system, it looks way too unrealistic for me. I also think that the idea of distributing the weapons through Yandere-chan’s body would be smarter and more realistic. Somebody also said something about keeping the main weapons in lockers, and I agree with them.
    Otherwise, why have lockers at all if they don’t have a purpose?
    I’m really thankful for all the effort you’ve been putting into developing this game. It’s gonna be awesome!

  14. Obviously, Yandere-chan shouldn’t have to open up her skirt every time the player switches weapons; she would probably sneak her hand inside her skirt to grab them, so I definitely see where you’re going with this. Though, it feels a bit too forced, doesn’t it? Yan-chan being able to hide multiple weapons under her skirt? Wouldn’t they fall out? Is it custom made? Wouldn’t it be obvious? People would probably question it like how Link from the Legend of Zelda can carry so many items with him.

    Really, the most realistic idea would be to have Yan-chan carry a bag which I think makes more sense. After all, Yan-chan can’t be the only student in school who doesn’t carry one around. I’m really interested in the Tetris-style inventory system, I just think the skirt storage idea is the only thing that feels off about it.

    Of course, the bag would present some problems. Yan-chan wouldn’t be able to carry it all the time, it could weigh her down, and leaving it on the ground will require NPCs to be able to react to it.

    Well, we leave the decision to you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this comment and thank you – for continuing the development of Yandere Simulator.

  15. I think a bigger inventory should be unlockable. But another way should maybe be using her jacket of her uniform. It would not be interpreted as sexualization because there is still an undershirt covering her bra. Also it wouldn’t be as suspicious as reaching into her SKIRT

  16. Your idea of an inventory system that’s similar to RE4 is fantastic. (I loved that system ever since RE4)

    What could be done about YouTube and other websites being unfair and overall cancerous is the following.
    Once you press the inventory button, a 1.0-2.0 second animation that depicts Yandere Chan leaning a little to one side and reaching under her skirt (on the outher side of her thigh of course) could play. Once that animation played out, a screen (.jpg/.png) pops up showing the fabric of her skirt and all the items on it like above. When the player presses the inventory button again, the screen could disappear and an animation that depicts her straightening her skirt and returning back to her standard idle animation could play.

  17. Dear yandere dev it is my belief that if you ”cencor” the panties with the item displayed (item displayer) is the best idea because it would be offensive not to censor it but also i have a contrasting thought which is the following: how will yandere chan be able to ”open her skirt” when she has changed to the gym uniform or the swimsuit?

  18. How about you just add a “CENSORED” option like Rust has. On Rust you can turn on/off censorship. If its off the characters are totally nude (you see the you know what) and steam allows it. People who are bitchy about stuff like that can turn on censorship.

  19. I can deal with the panty shots. I really can. But this my friend, is far too much. I think it would be a good idea for her to have a bag like normal school students would. I hope that you do remove this feature or else this will be hard for me to support the future development of this game.

    • Can someone explain why seeing other people’s panties, murdering them, bullying them into suicide and blackmailing someone who’s participating in compensated dating is fine but seeing the protagonist’s panties is just unspeakable? You literally take pictures of other girls’ panties to use as currency, which in the real world would probably count as some sort of sexual harassment, but if it’s the player’s own panties it’s unacceptable?

  20. The inventory system concept is interesting but the “opening up the skirt” is not realistic…
    – there are no skirts that open like that (never seen one! and it seem veeeeery unconfortable)
    – no girl will open a skirt like that in public, so it would be suspicious if yan-chan does so and it will be unrealistic if there are no reaction to it.
    an “open” skirt might be the envelope skirt, never heard of it? is like the scottish skirt (kilt)

  21. Please YandereDev, I hope you read my comment…
    The inventory system concept, grid-based, is interesting, actually is awesome!, but the “opening up the skirt” is not realistic…
    – there are no skirts that open like that (never seen one! and it seem veeeeery unconfortable):
    unless we’re talking about an ENVELOPE SKIRT, is like the scottish skirt (kilt), and you can open up from one side and pull….well, is not easy for me to decribe it, it’s easier to see one… ENVELOPE SKIRT won’t show the girl’s panties and you’ll have the same grid size!! Besides the fact that Yan-chan can open it discretly in pubblic

  22. Your idea is very creative and I love that from a person. But, there’s still the chance. I think censoring the panties are a great idea. I think that it is a little odd how Pewdiepie can upload videos that clearly show girls ripping off their clothes and becomeing naked to the audience without being caught or warned. Therefore, you should be allowed to do what you want for the inventory system.

  23. It’s a great idea how you can now have an inventory, but I think the whole opening the skirt is a bit illogical, maybe a satchel bag or rucksack, maybe even sewing secret pockets in her jacket could be an option, but that’s just my suggestion. Keep up the great work Yandere Dev

    • I like the idea, actually I put stuff like make up in my bra sometimes when I’m in a hurry lol since I’m not a bag lover, so it’s kinda relatable for me at least I don’t know about others but it’s not offensive it kinda makes things “real” idk how to say it but it’s kinda of puts you into the character It’s Yandere-chan it’s not a normal school girl, it’s fun cuz it’s different also I think I’ll only really know once I try it out instead of judging just like that and I don’t think I’ll regret it. And don’t tell me you’ve never seen panties in anime before if it’s an anime girl on the beach wearing a mini bikini it’s ok but panties omg all of a sudden it’s so offensive. And yeah, having an option to not show them is also a good idea for the three mentioned reasons. 🙂

  24. It’s silly that a few people trying to censor a game that is known is for adults, if they do not like yandere show panties, I GO somewhere else brats simple game because censured a game show panties?

    I ask to be shown yandere simulator as it is, with violence, blood, torture, rape, sadomasochism, etc, because that is the grace of the game, if you censor, would lose much of the community (the ratings prove it) so children and who do not want yandere panties, simple this game is not for you.

    Because if not censor yandere simulator censor pornography?

    Children stupidities, we need to see yandere simulator as it is, no censorship.

    I speak for the whole community to vote because if yandere panties and possibly other display this censored.

    Greetings and look forward to the next update yandere chan !.

    • A school bag would look, also if we are going to realistic skirt is more discreet, you must note that college entrance there is a guard who always check students, and more discreet to hide in a skirt? A watchman could not check there.

      Must be one of the group who wants to see a game +18 censored, knowing very well that it is +18, simple if you do not like violence, sadomasochism, rape, dismemberment, etc, this game is not for Mr. censorious you.


  25. Hi, anonymous person Yandere-Dev,
    I tell you this: the fact that “animated school-aged girl” (the name is a complish of posibilities, inside I have readed, understood for the moment) you have proposal a several years into different websites, incluying this one, is a person who acts as opposed to conventional and safe solutions, usually in line with what is represented as healthy for oneself as anothers, being these bizarre as harmful to couple in a person, example of this: the idea you actually have proposal, make that scenario a corroboration of her statement on the game, a unstable being… make sense, more if this application is a dispertion of ideas about the girl “generate” in her surroundings, and that she acomplied whit it, and the consecutive expectation over her presence, and what she proceed to want and take by “her porpuses”. A feature in where the character’s options aren’t the common, like exposed the “pantie section”, to give it a “properly faculties” to the game’s objectives is a interesting upgrade, also consistent with the present context: is correlative, dismated and agressive, like the protagonist of the story is created behind and below the development; however, there is a fragment that was exposed before: the offensive nature… it make sense with the story, but not by the corresponding public that, in desires terms, have to ascend, adapted in proportion to the actual resources (where I see a considerable support, but, actually, not enough), in the recognize it got, and the requeriments of a big, BIG fan base where you can realice and concret the options you considered ideal for your undertaking, and the follower’s instead… things that have to be uptated much than it do right now, in where I can verify that I say. I suspect and notice clearly you are in working on in more aspects than I explain, includying this feature, considered that you say part of that… even if there are fragments that can solve in the future and are explain like details. So, in order to performance the questions I dispose, I give you other idea, probably not spoke in the lines of commentaries I actually read: The bra section is a long and more expensive area where a person can save some objets, more than one, almost everybody know that, so, is a posibility to give the “school-aged girl”(yandere-chan ¬¬)’s seifuku the costumization to put in it the elements she have steal or hide when the player will be arround the inventory. You probably are thinking in that, so, I’m be hopeful, as you put a funtional and correlative feature to the development, as I don’t be the only one who speak up ideas like this, in waiting. Thank you, by the way.

    RE: also, the “bra section” will be considerate “less offensive” than the exposes panties, and more changeable, versatile… maybe it give more diversity in the game, I think, don’t you?

    • … And! the most important event, and reason for why I suggested the up clothing and the bra area, in many ways: IT has and had interactions in the game’s mechanics with the largest options this attribulated, all the time, also, probaly this section is the most affected in the progress of the gameplay, so it is very curious view and foment their beneficts and lacks. The skirt section will be less affected, give the opportunity to implement the panties and skirt section a “very heplful funcionalities” in the “Yandere situations”.

  26. nah i think the current inventory system is good enough
    1. carry shitload of thing is kinda unrealistic
    2. convenient
    -switch and view weapon by just pressing number
    -don’t have to waste the time to put weapon inside the grid
    -just pressing a key and weapon in your inventory is convenient for player
    3. this inventory system kinda look stupid “don’t mind me, just open up my skirt infront of everyone and grab mah weapon”

  27. She could open the skirt on only one side. The panty would Be coverd to 2/3. She would have a free hand to do stuff in the inventory (just makes sense) and she wouldn’t be completly exposed in public. The other side of the skirt could be used for another menu.

  28. I think this is hilarious – it certainly shows how she carries things around! I laughed. And it does fit with the whole ‘panty shot’ thing. I like the grid design, too.
    Can’t you have a ‘youtube’ mode for the game, where everything is censored appropriately?
    Erm.. you wouldn’t have this permanently displayed, though? Seems silly, or would lose its impact, to me.
    Haha – looking at the other comments – since when did logic and realism come into Yandere Simulator? (I guess it does in the problem solving, but in other aspects, the game is removed from reality)

  29. Hi Yandere Dev ^^
    I think it’s a good idea, because I can carry way more things. But it’s a bit unrealistic: 1. If Yandere-chan opens up her skirt infront of everybody, her reputation would ease down a lot ( I think..), 2. if Yandere-chan runs, the stuff can fall out easily, and the students and teachers would probably see it, and 3. the poison or other big and heavy stuff could be seen through the skirt. (sorry if my english is bad, I’m hungarian >.< )
    So this system would be useful, but 1. you should put smaller or/and fewer pockets into the skirt or 2. a jacket with pockets would be a bit more veritable. c;

    Good luck for developing c:

  30. To be fairly honest I think it might be best if the inventory was presented as a backpack or purse, it would solve all issues and wont need to use panties at in in the screen shot

  31. Do you know the game called The Sim? If you do then you might know that when the characters in the sim is pooping or something there would be like a kind of small square that covers their privates..(Sorry I don’t know how to call it.)

  32. The pantie thing is stupid has youtube even seen hunipop where you see womens privates and yandere sim you see panties wow youtube needs to step up their game i think your game shouldn’t even be banned from twitch people are just un-acceptable

  33. I don’t mind the concept at all, but having the panties right in the center of the screen makes it seem like that’s what the player should be focusing on, and it also divides the screen in half. If she was off to the side, with the skirt opened in the center of the screen, then the inventory is what players would see first, rather than the panties.

  34. Just one question, what if yan-chan is a boy? I thought that was going to be an option? Plus, its not exactly inconspicuous to see a schoolgirl opening her skirt in public to retrieve an item.

    I’m in agreement with some of the other dissenters in the comments, a school bag would make much more sense. Not to mention, yan-chan could easily have pockets sewn into her skirts that should provide quick access to small weapons. Larger weapons should come with some sort of arming penalty (ie. having to go into your book bag to either retrieve or put away a weapon in real time).

    You may also add a sort of crafting/upgrading system that will allow yan-chan to craft suspended sheaths/scabbards for larger weapons as part of a benefit for the sewing club or leveling system to overcome an arming penalty.

  35. the double skirt idea is the best ! I’m already embarased of playing as a school girl that is killing other school girls. And if the protagonist is a boy you can apply the coat idea, Or if all people say its good change o the a bag idea.

  36. Couldn’t inventory be from a hang bag, a fanny pack or a ransel? Maybe even holsters strapped on thighs or waist. Using hairpins, needles or pencils in hair to use as weapons would give a nice assassination touch. Wristbands carrying needles, razors and other small items. If we mix poison on needles huehue or dip long fingernails in poison mixed finger polish; scratch once then wait for poison to kick in. Maybe implement some more ways to make use of the knowledge from classes, like certain chemicals to affect people in various ways, normal looking actions that are swift and accurate ways like bumping into rivals and using poison needles/fingernails to quickly scratch/stab or have them absorb cyanide somehow and wait for them to drink water. Putting poison tacks on their outdoors shoes with 50/50 success rate, spreading rumors to attract a delinquent group to actively bully the rival. Hmm.. can Yandere openly threaten rivals to keep them quiet while inflicting damage overtime?

    • Plus if it is in skirt pouches it would feel weird, no? Since she have to move around so much, the bumping would hinder movement. Plus lifting/opening the upper skirt every time would feel like a hassle. A belt with pouches under shirt might work, doesn’t have to show. Then could just make skirts only able to hold certain size weapons and use cases to hide bigger weapons like the cello case. Uniforms with jackets that can hide within sleeves or inside pockets would be good too.

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  40. I know why they wouldn’t take down pewdiepie’s videos that are basically girls ripping clothes off. Because he’s got so many viewers that if they did those fans would probably start a riot or because he has tons of subscribers so they let him do what he wants….god the internet is such a bitch to some people. but i do like the idea but i think using a bag would be a much safer approach. im not against this skirt inventory though, would make quite a unique inventory design.

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