Further Thoughts On The New Inventory Proposal

I’m relieved to see that 89% of the game’s userbase is okay with the skirt-based inventory that I proposed. Unfortunately, the other 11% have been very vocal in their disapproval of it. I don’t want to fill up this blog with posts about the subject, but I do want to clarify a few things about the matter.

My intention with the skirt-based inventory was not to be controversial just for the sake of having shock value, or be lewd just for the sake of fanservice, or be “random” just for the sake of humor. My goal was to invoke the idea that Yandere-chan has a “coat full of contraband” around her hips.

When I said that the inspiration for this feature was Resident Evil 4, I meant it. I wasn’t just thinking about the grid-based inventory, but I was also thinking specifically about this character from the game:

I was trying to portray Yandere-chan as being shady and sneaky, like a back-alley salesman with a coat full of stolen watches. As an added bonus, the exposed panties were perfectly consistent with the game’s visual themes, since multiple gameplay mechanics involve panties, and the game often utilizes anime tropes. This is why I felt – and still feel – that a skirt-based inventory makes the most sense out of all possible options.

Now, with all of that said, there is one thing that bothers me about the inventory I’ve proposed…the grids are separated. I would much rather have one continuous grid; it would be way easier to program, and way easier for the player to use.

I had an idea. What if Yandere-chan was wearing two skirts? That way, she could have one continuous “grid” instead of two separate grids.

(The above concept art represents the idea of wearing two skirts; it does not represent the actual appearance of the final inventory. The final inventory would have “generic” slots instead of 4 slots specifically for weapons, 4 slots specifically for rectangular objects, etc. Or, the final inventory might just use tape instead of pockets and Velcro straps.)

This solves the problem of having two separate grids, does a better job of depicting the character as a someone with a “coat full of contraband”, and may also appease the 11% of the fanbase who were uncomfortable with the previous inventory system.

Now, before I move on, let’s get one thing straight: I don’t intend to make a habit of appeasing people who are whining because that they think something is offensive. In this case, turning two grids into one continuous grid had the side effect of covering up the panties that were making some people feel uncomfortable.

  • Burning someone alive: OK!
  • Crushing someone’s skull: OK!
  • Stabbing someone to death: OK!
  • Pushing someone off a roof: OK!
  • Poisoning someone’s lunch: OK!
  • Framing someone for murder: OK!
  • Drowning someone in a toilet: OK!
  • Sabotaging someone’s love life: OK!
  • Electrocuting someone to death: OK!
  • Kidnapping, torture, mind-breaking: OK!
  • Seeing panties: Whoa! This is gross! I can’t support this game anymore!

I asked people to give me their feedback, and I got it. Many people had sensible, level-headed criticism that made perfect sense to me, and I even found myself agreeing with them. But some people were way more offended than I ever expected. If the prospect of panties on the inventory screen made you totally flip out, then it may actually be good idea for you to simply stop following the game’s development. It’s only going to get more and more deranged from here on out.

That inventory is too big! She can carry too much stuff! The game will be too easy!

The size of the inventory will be adjusted if it’s making the game too easy or too difficult.

Where would Yandere-chan get a custom skirt like that?

Her mother, who created the skirt herself in April of 1989.

Yandere-chan’s mother tried to give this skirt to her daughter last year, but Yandere-chan declined, seeing no use for it. After meeting Senpai, Yandere-chan suddenly imagined many uses for this skirt, so she began wearing it starting on the first day that the player gains control of the character.

That inventory is unrealistic, because…

Whoa, hold on. You didn’t actually expect to see a realistic inventory in a video game, did you? Inventories in video games are always unrealistic. If you try to reconcile how video game characters manage to carry around dozens of separate objects, you’ll go insane. Just look at all the stuff that Link is able to carry!

The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation for how Yandere-chan can carry everything she has; it’s to provide the player with a clear view of what they are currently carrying, and increase difficulty by placing limits on how many items the player can carry at one time.

Okay, with all of that said, let’s try another poll…


By the way, there is something worth mentioning: For the sake of a debug build, the only kind of inventory we need is a “functional” inventory. I will probably implement a ring-based inventory for the debug build, and won’t make any decisions regarding a grid-based inventory until at least 6 months from now, once I have taken care of other, higher-priority features.

604 thoughts on “Further Thoughts On The New Inventory Proposal

  1. It should be able to expand your inventory by having a sewing skill! think about the Kokana task how does Yandere-Chan automatically just know how to resize a uniform there should be a skill levels to upgrade your inventory or use it for tasks or other things like make a spare uniform or make a costume/disguise!

  2. I know that YandereDev doesn´t want any suggestions & that this is an old post, but what if the panties that give you the ability to run faster also gives you a bigger inventary? It might be a bad idea to put two benefits to only one of the panties, but it could be a good idea.

  3. I do think there is something a little different about the usual use of panties as a game mechanic versus the original idea here. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it seems a lot like the player making Yandere-chan flash them? I dunno why, but it is a little weird. Not to mention, having those items clunking against your thighs and bits would be REALLY uncomfortable.
    I do like this idea a lot more. Having her carry items in her bag would also be an idea, but I can see how the skirt thing addresses her having bag searched and that. But the skirt design is creative and I like the little backstory.
    I see the potential with a limited inventory for a secondary “storage” inventory as well.

  4. Opening the skirt only in one of the sides, making only one grid and doing in a way that will be of the same size (and will show the PANTU), how it sound?


  5. maybe it would be better (just my opinion) if yandere chan had a vest (or something), wich she could use to carry all her stuff under the shirt; so she could have the inventory with her also when she changes her clothes, or while using the “being a boy option” (etc)…. And…. the panties would stay invisible under the skirt

  6. I’m just going to point out that the option to brutally murder a rival in a specific ways is a bit different from having something literally shoved in your face every time you use a core gameplay feature. (The inventory) If a player feels that, for instance, drowning someone in a toilet bowl is too nauseating, they can look for alternative options, even if it’s a hit to their gameplay effectiveness to refuse to ever drown anyone in a toilet bowl. If they’re uncomfortable with having panties shoved in their face every time they open the inventory… well, that’s a core gameplay feature. It’s not really avoidable in realistic play.

    That said, I like the double-skirt option. I think it plays nicely into the “illicit activity” vibe, among other things.

  7. I’ve seen many comments about this, and I want to put my idea in on the issue. For one, I find it very disrespectful that Yandere Dev seems to be insulting people just because they disagree with his idea. That in my eyes seems very unprofessional. If I were a scout from some sort of company, and this was the first impression I got, I would instantly pass on this game, no matter how good the game itself is. In my eyes, its important for a game developer to be able to respectfully take account of others opinions and act on them, not to be stubborn and openly insult them. Many people I saw in the comments weren’t ‘offended,’ they just didn’t agree with it, but Yandere Dev simply takes it as whining, and insults them.

    The big problem is how people, including Yandere Dev are saying, “It’s a game about murder! Why are people offended about panties?” The problem with this, is people aren’t taking account that people have different lives and opinions. The glory of this game is that there is no one path that must be taken. For example, I used to be a bullying victim, so the bullying route makes me deeply uncomfortable. Because of that, I simply don’t take that route. Thats what I love about this game. People can take routes based on how they feel. If they don’t like murder, they can kidnap or bully. If they don’t like panty shots, they don’t have to take them. Based on ones life experience and teachings, one gets different opinions toward certain things. I find it completely acceptable for someone to be fine with murder, but not ok with panty shots. If someone who got panty shots shown all over school and got bullied because of that were to play this, I bet the panty shots would make them uncomfortable. But, the game has routes that don’t involve taking panty shots.

    The problem is, with putting inventory like that, it shoves this idea right in ones face, and it cannot be avoided. And then, Yandere Dev shoves it down ones throat more. Then, he openly insults those who dislike it, either because they have problems with the idea, or if they find it offensive, based on experiences they had in life, most likely ones they couldn’t have controlled. I don’t choose to find bullying uncomfortable to me, it just is due to my experiences, but to be insulted because of that, would be a very dick move. Basically, Yandere Dev is insulting people who simply disagree with his idea, without taking account into WHY they disagree. That is the most important part. Finding out WHY people dislike something, and trying to make it suitable to their wants, instead of just insulting them without thinking about WHY.

    Now, I think this wasn’t on purpose. I think he was just ventilating some anger that comes from constantly working on a game with little to no free time, and constantly getting useless emails. I do think he didn’t mean to offend, and it was just a burst of stress and anger. But the thing is, if bursts of anger like this happen more often, then I can guarantee that he will lose people who enjoy the game. No matter how much I love a game, if a developer turns sour and starts constantly insulting his loyal fans, then I would definitely stop supporting the game, along with many others. I love this game, and I think it takes lots of endurance to get through this all, but he needs to realize that what he says can be harmful to his fans and his reputation, along with his games reputation. No game developer wants to go down as “The Guy Who Got Mad Whenever Someone Shared Their Opinion.” I think Yandere Dev just needs to plain old take a break from the game. Just simply take a few weeks off the game, and have some extra fun. It must be stressful being locked away in a room all the time, trying to make a game. But with stress can come anger, and with anger can come outbursts. Taking a while off is probably a good idea to clear Yandere Dev’s head, and I’m sure its unhealthy to be shut away for so long making a game.

  8. I like the idea of a one grid system. Actually, the way she’s holding it makes me think of false panels like you would find on skorts (shorts with a panel in the front to look like a skirt) rather than two skirts. I did something similar to an oversize jacket I found when I was in high school. I got away with a lot of prohibited things thanks to that jacket, and eventually passed on to my little sister.

    I could see this as something she uses her sewing skill in order to increase her inventory. It doesn’t have to be two skirts, just one skirt, with false panels to hide things.

    However, I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to butt in, and no one is obligated in any way to listen to anything I say. I was just interpreting the concept art as I saw it, and what I thought would be an interesting way of making things just a bit more challenging.

    I hope everyone has a good day.

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