Further Thoughts On The New Inventory Proposal

I’m relieved to see that 89% of the game’s userbase is okay with the skirt-based inventory that I proposed. Unfortunately, the other 11% have been very vocal in their disapproval of it. I don’t want to fill up this blog with posts about the subject, but I do want to clarify a few things about the matter.

My intention with the skirt-based inventory was not to be controversial just for the sake of having shock value, or be lewd just for the sake of fanservice, or be “random” just for the sake of humor. My goal was to invoke the idea that Yandere-chan has a “coat full of contraband” around her hips.

When I said that the inspiration for this feature was Resident Evil 4, I meant it. I wasn’t just thinking about the grid-based inventory, but I was also thinking specifically about this character from the game:

I was trying to portray Yandere-chan as being shady and sneaky, like a back-alley salesman with a coat full of stolen watches. As an added bonus, the exposed panties were perfectly consistent with the game’s visual themes, since multiple gameplay mechanics involve panties, and the game often utilizes anime tropes. This is why I felt – and still feel – that a skirt-based inventory makes the most sense out of all possible options.

Now, with all of that said, there is one thing that bothers me about the inventory I’ve proposed…the grids are separated. I would much rather have one continuous grid; it would be way easier to program, and way easier for the player to use.

I had an idea. What if Yandere-chan was wearing two skirts? That way, she could have one continuous “grid” instead of two separate grids.

(The above concept art represents the idea of wearing two skirts; it does not represent the actual appearance of the final inventory. The final inventory would have “generic” slots instead of 4 slots specifically for weapons, 4 slots specifically for rectangular objects, etc. Or, the final inventory might just use tape instead of pockets and Velcro straps.)

This solves the problem of having two separate grids, does a better job of depicting the character as a someone with a “coat full of contraband”, and may also appease the 11% of the fanbase who were uncomfortable with the previous inventory system.

Now, before I move on, let’s get one thing straight: I don’t intend to make a habit of appeasing people who are whining because that they think something is offensive. In this case, turning two grids into one continuous grid had the side effect of covering up the panties that were making some people feel uncomfortable.

  • Burning someone alive: OK!
  • Crushing someone’s skull: OK!
  • Stabbing someone to death: OK!
  • Pushing someone off a roof: OK!
  • Poisoning someone’s lunch: OK!
  • Framing someone for murder: OK!
  • Drowning someone in a toilet: OK!
  • Sabotaging someone’s love life: OK!
  • Electrocuting someone to death: OK!
  • Kidnapping, torture, mind-breaking: OK!
  • Seeing panties: Whoa! This is gross! I can’t support this game anymore!

I asked people to give me their feedback, and I got it. Many people had sensible, level-headed criticism that made perfect sense to me, and I even found myself agreeing with them. But some people were way more offended than I ever expected. If the prospect of panties on the inventory screen made you totally flip out, then it may actually be good idea for you to simply stop following the game’s development. It’s only going to get more and more deranged from here on out.

That inventory is too big! She can carry too much stuff! The game will be too easy!

The size of the inventory will be adjusted if it’s making the game too easy or too difficult.

Where would Yandere-chan get a custom skirt like that?

Her mother, who created the skirt herself in April of 1989.

Yandere-chan’s mother tried to give this skirt to her daughter last year, but Yandere-chan declined, seeing no use for it. After meeting Senpai, Yandere-chan suddenly imagined many uses for this skirt, so she began wearing it starting on the first day that the player gains control of the character.

That inventory is unrealistic, because…

Whoa, hold on. You didn’t actually expect to see a realistic inventory in a video game, did you? Inventories in video games are always unrealistic. If you try to reconcile how video game characters manage to carry around dozens of separate objects, you’ll go insane. Just look at all the stuff that Link is able to carry!

The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation for how Yandere-chan can carry everything she has; it’s to provide the player with a clear view of what they are currently carrying, and increase difficulty by placing limits on how many items the player can carry at one time.

Okay, with all of that said, let’s try another poll…


By the way, there is something worth mentioning: For the sake of a debug build, the only kind of inventory we need is a “functional” inventory. I will probably implement a ring-based inventory for the debug build, and won’t make any decisions regarding a grid-based inventory until at least 6 months from now, once I have taken care of other, higher-priority features.

604 thoughts on “Further Thoughts On The New Inventory Proposal

  1. Okay, so for having a legit reason to oppose the panties, you declare why and patronize them, you don’t even read any of the comments. So here’s a question: Why should I give you money or my opinion when you ask for it if all I’m going to get is a slap on the wrist when I don’t agree with you? If you didn’t want people to say no, don’t ask for an opinion, because some people are bound to say it. And this, “Zelda for example did it, as well as other games, so I can do it to.” Example is childish and completely unprofessional, you are literally getting everything you want and it’s spoiling you. I can’t support a game where the developer is constantly blinding himself just to make sure he gets what he wants. Instead maybe you should actually not lose sight of the overall game, and perhaps not ask for others opinions when you clearly couldn’t care less about the negative side.

    • Your statement is equally childish. Yandere Dev’s goal is to make a game that he designed by himself, but he’s trying his best to ask for the player’s opinion. He tries to not to severely offend players and he tries to make a safe for work game for youtubers as well. But he wouldn’t change all of the game OR a major part just because a few chumps disagree. Personally I’m fine with panty-shots or “shady pockets” BUT wearing a skirt where you can store weaponry doesn’t seem realistic because in reality, the skirt obviously wouldn’t be able to support the items without falling off or losing shape. Now, Yandere Dev knows this, but he’s (probably) going to add it anyway, because indeed videogame inventory is not so realistic. This is a community, a community is a place where you can sound your opinions. But that means taking the responsibility for it. Because you sounded your opinion doesn’t mean the Dev or other people will agree with you at all times. It’s also not guaranteed that your suggestion will differ something. That goes for every community. If you can’t take disagreement, just a simple sentence of “I disagree with your opinion,” then fine. But please don’t whine about it.

      • Who said I couldn’t take disagreement? I can, but when he explicitly mocks part of his fans for not liking the idea, that’s where I start getting mad, please read before you type.

    • Look, he’s probably frustrated with the endless stupidity he has to deal with (email), and is probably sharper than he wants to be. To be honest though, the whole panties argument is stupid and he’s already found a way to appease these people anyway. As for realism, that’s also adressed as well.

      “The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation for how Yandere-chan can carry everything she has; it’s to provide the player with a clear view of what they are currently carrying,”

      Skirt inventory= not real time. ONLY players can see it. It’s a MENU
      In real time gaming, Yan-chan hides her weapons in PROPER hiding places.

      • “Yandere-chan’s mother tried to give this skirt to her daughter last year, but Yandere-chan declined, seeing no use for it. After meeting Senpai, Yandere-chan suddenly imagined many uses for this skirt, so she began wearing it starting on the first day that the player gains control of the character.”
        “So she began to wearing it starting on the first day that the player gains control of the character.”
        So your understanding is wrong because she does hide the weapons on her skirt.
        Next time read all the post.

      • None of your quotes negate mine. Where the hell does it say that yandere-chan put EVERYTHING in her skirt? Instead of ASSUMING something’s meaning, READ what’s actually being said. I’ll put down this quote again.

        “The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation for how Yandere-chan can carry everything she has; it’s to provide the player with a clear view of what they are currently carrying,”

        “The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation for how Yandere-chan can carry everything she has”

        “”The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation”


    • Thank you for dealing with it this way! I like this idea a lot! Dunno how you’re gonna please the ones who want the unmentionables back…

    • Listen, yandere dev doesn’t get what he wants all the time. He also makes sure he implements some characters, weapons, items, etc that peopl have in mind. Plus, last time i checked, this isn’t your game. Yandere dev wanted a game that was based off a japanese school and anime which means the panties, yandere, tsundere, kuudere, sucide flower, shoes, etc needs to stay. Hope you understand that yandere dev is not selfish or anything he just wants to code his own ideas. 😀😀😀😀😀

    • STFU RETARTED freak don’t you understand? He’s trying to get our opinions on it that’s why he’s asking us and if he doesn’t listen to us then why did he add the double skirts? He did that because he knew freak like you would be saying that that’s inappropriate even doe this game is not meant to be appropriate AT ALL

      • Yeah, and I didn’t say that I thought they were inappropriate, so I don’t know where you got that from.

    • Have you read anything?

      “I asked people to give me their feedback, and I got it. Many people had sensible, level-headed criticism that made perfect sense to me, and I even found myself agreeing to them. “

  2. I was looking through these comments and seeing how people are bashing the ones who reacted negatively to the previous skirt idea. Why would you guys do that? Almost everyone I’ve seen was giving fair reasons as to why they thought the skirt with the panties was a bad idea. There were some people who genuinely disliked the grid system altogether. Personally, I didn’t like the previous system because it just felt odd to me. Even if it isn’t happening in real time, I couldn’t get the image out of my head that Yandere-chan was pulling out weapons from her skirt for seemingly no reason for them to be there. Now I’m over it, but people who still dislike it are gonna voice their objections, whether you like it or not. **WARNING: RANT INCOMING** Yandere Dev could’ve handled this a lot better too. I know he’s trying to make something new and exciting for us, but if he didn’t like the feedback that he asked for, he shouldn’t ask. ”But how could he have known that the feedback would be negative?” You’re right, he couldn’t have known. However, he was so dead set on this idea that he still shouldn’t ask. He can’t just assume that he would be fine because everything else in the game is dark. Actually, that’s what bothers me the most, seeing people criticize those who are ”offended” because they have no right to be bothered about panties when you can literally KILL highschoolers.

    The harsh reality is that murder is more acceptable in the gaming world. Mostly in action or adventure games, murder is something that even kids are familiar with in gaming. It’s just sugarcoated by having the thing you kill be a bad guy or some being of darkness. Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Hitman are all examples. Heck, Legend of Zelda and Mario games have you killing enemies. It’s just easier for kids to take in since in extremely friendly games like Mario, the ”corpse” disappears on contact. In games like LoZ, you are encouraged to kill since it makes enemies drop useful items. You could say you’re justified since ”the enemy attacked first” or ”I had no choice” But honestly, people kill for the sake of killing. That’s that. You don’t go around thinking about the enemies’ feelings do you? No, and that’s no different here. ”What about the panty shots?” Well, I didn’t have a problem with them, but if I had to list a reason it would probably be that people thought that it would be necessary for the game. Nobody thought about going pacifist and keeping all the rivals alive. Besides, who’s gonna give up on all the fun things you can do? You still have challenges in the final game, and there are people who wanna 100% this game. Another reason why people might be ”offended” is because they got the wrong idea about the inventory system. Yandere Dev gave a solid reason for panty shots, as they are basically your main form of currency. The panties in the inventory? People might’ve assumed that Yandere Dev was some pervert before he gave a real reason. Not ”the game would be boring without it” bs. Others may have just been bothered by it since the panties in the inventory screen are more ”in your face” even though they aren’t your main priority. They’re smack dab in the middle of the screen taking up a good portion of what could’ve been inventory space. (Until now)

    Now I say all of that to say this: No matter how you look at it, in the videogame world, killing is fun. I mean, throw Undertale at me all you want, I’m sticking to my claim. I get satisfaction knowing that I overcame an obstacle with skill and strength alone, even if all I did was poke said obstacle with my sword. It shouldn’t be any different here as people would say killing things is more fun than, say, looking under a girl’s skirt. You can argue that torture and bullying is bad and it’s going to get worse all you want, but it’s not going to do much. Curiosity is going to win in the end. Some people even want it that way. These supposedly innocent girls are all in the way of getting your Senpai. Eliminate them by any means necessary, no matter how nice they are to you or how gruesome the method is. Because in the end, it’s just a game right? Anyway~ I hope that this shed some light on the matter. To clarify, it isn’t my intention to just bash on people arguing with those who didn’t like the inventory. I just thought that if someone was actually offended, they deserve to be defended like everyone else. I hate seeing the fandom fight like this, and this isn’t a good thing to be fighting over anyway. I’m just gonna wait in the shadows for a while and see where this goes. Hopefully, a fair conclusion is reached and we won’t go through this again.

    P.S. I really hope that if this becomes a thing, that Yandere Dev implements a ”hot-bar” system, where people can select certain items to put in it for quicker access. The opening skirt animation still takes too long for me.

    • And how, might I ask, can YanDev handled the criticism and hate better? He’s probably very grumpy because idiots and kids kept sending him stupid emails, giving him idiotic ideas and suggestions, and sadly he needs to go through them daily. I would be grumpy too if I was him. I’m quite surprised he actually held out that long.

      • Honestly, I can understand the situation he’s in and how much it weighs on him. However, what I was getting at was that he shouldn’t have been so dismissive of some portion of the fandom because he thought that they were just offended. It’s nice to get the fans involved with the development of the game, but when he puts up a poll, and doesn’t address all of the problems people had and focuses on a problem that the minority had kinda bugged me.(when I say ‘minority’ I mean the people who might’ve found this offensive.) I just wished he addressed the problem head on in the beginning. I didn’t like how he basically shot down criticism in his previous blog post by saying that a purse or a backpack was a boring idea, when all people wanted was to keep the immersion of the game. I know he probably vented a little in his posts, and it could’ve been worse, but if this was my first impression of Yandere Dev, I’d never want to see him again. Couldn’t he at the very least consider multiple inventory options? He did better in this blog post as opposed to the last one though. I just didn’t like his tone and it felt disrespectful to everyone that gave fair reasons to be overshadowed by those who were mad for a reason that most people weren’t concerned with. You say that he is most likely upset over his emails, which I can agree on, but what can we do about that? Should we just stop criticizing him? You need to remember that despite whatever troubles he has, he’s still a developer and he needs to keep up a professional image. If he doesn’t, it just leads to more hate comments and less work being done. He is human, and he has a right to be angry, but he needs to avoid upsetting his fans too much. Personally, I think he is strong enough to continue despite the hate and criticism. If he wasn’t, then he would’ve stopped a long time ago.

      • @Scarlet Robin
        I don’t think he even realized it’s a big problem, or that there are people who are feeling ignored… I mean, he’s already addressed the realism argument, and probably thought that was a sufficient explanation. And then assumed most people are just upset about panties. lol

        “The purpose of the grid-based inventory isn’t to provide a realistic explanation for how Yandere-chan can carry everything she has; it’s to provide the player with a clear view of what they are currently carrying,”

        Skirt inventory= not real time. ONLY players can see it. It’s a MENU
        In real time gaming, Yan-chan hides her weapons in PROPER hiding places.

    • “I just thought that if someone was actually offended, they deserve to be defended like everyone else.”

      No. They. Don’t. Panty shots are not fucking worse than killing, torturing, and bullying schoolgirls. IF YOU ARE OKAY with those last three, then you shouldn’t be offended by something COMPARATIVELY HARMLESS. It’s just BAD LOGIC, and should be criticized for what it is.

      • I guess I should rephrase that statement then. I’m assuming that you thought that I believed that these people were justified, which isn’t the case. I honestly don’t see how people could be offended by something like this. I’m just saying that if they were, there should be a reason. I’m trying to see the argument from both sides and give FAIR criticism. I’m not saying that panty shots are worse than killing. I’m not saying that these people are right for hating a relatively harmless feature in a game like this. I’m saying that people are used to seeing murder and that shoving something they have never seen before, and probably never wanted, down their throats is a lot to take in and can lead to many people just hating it. I don’t care what you say people do and don’t deserve. These people have opinions and I’d rather respect them than start more arguments. Criticism is fine, but you have to give more other than ”If you don’t like it, then leave.” or ignore them completely. But honestly my argument is nothing but a bunch of ”what if’s” and ”maybe’s” at best.

      • Scarlet Robin, if these people are offended by panties being up on there screen and a skirt open for inventory, then they obviously are not the target demographic. If they haven’t seen panty shots and such and are offended then this is not the game for them, end of discussion, they can go back to tumblr and be “superiority opinionated” there.

      • I get what you’re saying that people need a little more understanding in what they’re coming from, but there’s a difference between respecting people and respecting their opinions. One, ideally, shouldn’t affect the other in an argument.

        What I’m saying is, we shouldn’t ignore bad logic when we see it and neglect to point it out just for the sake of protecting people’s feelings.

  3. Those saying YanDev can handle the criticism and hate better, have you ever received tons, and I mean TONS of email per day? I pity him because stupid people kept sending him stupid ideas and suggestions that he probably couldn’t do his work properly. Some say people are “vocal” about it, here in the “comments” section? Or his email inbox? Ever thought of that? Even if those who commented logically here and didn’t have much objections are the majority, does that mean the same for what he receives in his inbox? He could be receiving thousands of hateful words on his email.

      • I feel the same way. Not about the secretary part. But I know that there’s some way to give people who are actually reading a notifier that they can leave in a subject so that he knows which ones to check. With each update the notifier can be changed. Even if it’s not that. I do find him to just be stubborn saying that there is absolutely 100% no way for him to handle his messages better. Unless the people who are sending him dumb messages(WHO AREN’T READING HIS UPDATES!) stop. It just sounds like he’s getting frustrated and giving up. The way he’s going at it he’ll be stressed the whole time. And now it’s only his fault in my opinion.

  4. Yanderedev’s original followers and fan base is otaku from 4 chan, people who enjoy anime, manga, doujinshi and Japanese culture. This group is okay with psychotic and sociopathic characters and plots. They enjoy the perverted panty shots, and the fun tropes and gimmicks seen through the anime and other mediums. This game was founded by Yanderedev, who very likely has the same views as these people. In this sense the panty+skirt based inventory is a no brainer that goes with the base fans. Take the fun debug build hidden menu where you can play as #9, this group is not an easily offended one and one that doesn’t care about offending others, it’s really disappointing to see this whole panty thing blown out of proportion. In yanderedev’s last idea where he wanted to add the action system thing, it made sense that it was rejected because it did not fall into the feel of the game and the character. However this feature for the inventory is new. I personally like the first panty skirt idea and think that if he decides to go with what everyone else wants for no panties, there should be an option to have it.

  5. Ok seriously I dont get it. If people are offended buy the inventory with visible panties, why did they even play the game if one of the main game mechanics involves the player taking panty shots of the girls at the school to get info/drops/schemes/etc. to make the game passable. And what is so bad about underwear, I mean we all wear it. You think its lewd to show the panties of a girl?-Grow up. It makes you uncomfortable?-Stop playing the game. You thik its too much for kids to be exposed to?-This game isnt tageted to children. Its disgusting and unacceptable?-What, and killing innocent people is kid friendly but panties aren’t? Just stop. If one aspect of the game is just to much for you then either suck it up or just stop playing once in for all, see simple as that. YandereDev works hard to develop Yandere Simulator and the very last thing he needs is for people to complain about a feature he created. YandereDev would be happy if you just stayed quiet

    • But have u seen someone saying that they were offended I´ve been reading the comments and other things and nobody is saying that they were offended and about the game mechanic of panty shots as yanderedev said it will be possible to beat the game whithout and I repeat WHITHOUT taking any panty shot and requesting favores from Info-chan people are just concerned that yandere sim gets banned from youtube and other streaming sites,it isnt realistic because the game up until now as a big focus on how realistic it is(like being hard to get away wnith murder),doesnt fit in the mood of the get because it is stealth game were u are a monster disguised as a teenage grill and some people would think that it is silly and also why would u need to carry 4 weapons when to comit murder/kidnap/frame who just need one? So yeah people are opposing not because they are offended, they are opposing for other reasons.Why they dont oppose also for murder and things like that well thing in a game that doesnt involves u killing someone,someone dying,killing monsters… if u notice there are just a few or almost no game that doesnt have that for exemple mario is family friendly game and u walk arond killing turtles(iven if it isnt graphical) and other things so its normal that people are fine with it because almost every single game as murder,u dying…If yanderedev wanted feedback about feature would have to be prepared that the comunity might not accept it.
      Tanks for readinng.

    • I’m glad finally there’s a people with good logic. I get a little sick watching all others offensive comments towards Yandev…like you said,it’s simple…leave the game if you don’t like it XD

    • “YandereDev works hard and the last thing he needs is criticism”
      When anyone says something this stupid I can only think of beat’em up combat proposal and how it ended up. YandereDev himself said – quote – “A developer who doesn’t listen to his fanbase is the developer who buries his own project” – unquote. He already proposed several other solutions and he listened to people who didn’t like the concept. He said himself – “I can’t deny the fact that X% of the fanbase doesn’t like the idea”. Seeing his fans attacking people who didn’t like the concept is ridiculous and says a lot about its fanbase. Honestly, when the game is finished, I can see its fans driving its reputation to the ground – a thing that already happened, say, to Minecraft and Undertale.

    • ~80% of the “fan base” are under 16 years old and over ~50% are female. Obviously thats why the majority doesn’t want to see panties in this game. But you know? Fuck them. This game is not for kids, and even less for females. This game is made by and for sick people who LIKE to see panties, who LIKE to see a girl murder highschoolers, who LIKE to see torture and gore, who LIKE to see a girl go full psycho because of some stupid dude that she happens to “love”.

      This game is NOT for pubescent teeny girls, who have a crush on a boy in their school and want to live out their hate for other girls who are after him / in a relationship with him, in a video game.

      I want to remind that the origin of this game was a website, that was usually browsed by psychopaths. By murderers, drug addicts, pedophiles, people with very bizzar fetishes and overall pretty mentally ill people. A place where kids are completely at the wrong place, except they want a psychotrauma for life.

      Whatever kids might find interesting in this game… Its not made for kids. And the fact that most of the fan base are under 16 years old… is very pathetic.

  6. I would like to question how Yandere-chan is going to have the same skirt (if it is in fact the one her mom let her use) if she has to burn her uniform every time?

  7. Sorry to give a suggestion since I know you have issues with that, but to help maintain game balance I have a couple of ideas. A weight system that if exceeded will cause the skirt to fall down since it is a skirt after all and/or if to objects of metal, glass, etc. are next to each other they will occasionally clang together as you walk or a lot as you run making it harder to stealth.

  8. if it helps, im a senior in highschool and our uniform has a sorta blazer with pockets, and my friend literally cut her pockets out so that she can reach right into her blazer(the blazer has a lining inside, so its basically a big pillowcase that you can store stuff in). she once snuck two pringles cans, a flip knife, a pencil case, and a chocolate bar into class and no one could tell that she had anything stored in her blazer.

  9. i like the idea of the skirt based design since allows player to hide things but what about a vest or t shirt created with pockets hidden under the top of her uniform to hold more items along with the skirt design.

  10. i love the new idea! I was okay with the panties but I think i like this even more. Of course it is not going to be realistic, i never expected that. I salute you for your patience, YandereDev. You can’t always please everyone and sometimes people look for reasons to be upset about.
    I trust you to choose the best option and I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will work out.

  11. And I still see some left overs of the “Yandere dev is so mean to us!” here, but it seems like it’s less, thank god. I still say screw the minority of your fanbase who got so offended, and I’ve clearly made my support for whatever you want known with that picture. Tis your game.

    And anyone who complained about practicality before was, obviously, an utter idiot trying to justify their offence that Senpai ignored them.

  12. What if Yandere-chan hides small items, like a knife, between her shirt and her skirt just as a small inventory. She can then use a shoulder bag or a backpack to hold more items in a larger inventory.

    I think the double skirt thing looks a little weird. But my opinion doesn’t mean anything 🙂

  13. I applaud you for taking the minority’s opinions, whinings and bad attitudes aside, into consideration. I can’t help but always root for the underdogs myself, haha. I really like this double skirt inventory concept. It looks really badass! I would want to order a double pocketed skirt for myself; that’s how cool it is.
    There’s something about having a coat of contraband that makes you feel like you’ve successfully evaded the law somehow. You make your own rules. You make the calls. It gives a very powerful, shady, and dangerous vibe. T
    With this new proposed inventory concept, you can take Yandere-chan seriously. I think it should go in this direction because I like that feeling of being dangerous, sneaky, and just plain AWESOME. On a side note, grid-based inventory systems are really fun and cool.
    Thanks again Yanderedev. n-n

    • I don’t think he’s trying to get everyone to agree with him. He’s just trying to tell the complainers: “If you hate MY IDEAS for MY GAME, then please stop and simply leave.” After all, he made this game and he has all of the right to do whatever the hell he wants with it. Following the “proper procedure” of making a “good game” will just cause it’s slow, but steady downfall.

  14. I do not see why anyone would have objections to this. Considering the breakthrough of the clothing and style update, ( that has /not/ come out yet. ), Ayano could have a special inventory feature that could involve a cardigan. I am not here to make suggestions, I am here to tell you that this is your game and you can modify it however you would like. If the people do not agree, they will not play Yandere Simulator I guess.. ( which would loose popularity to Yandere Simulator. Then again, there are very little who disagree to your ideas. ) Or they could play the game and ignore the fact you’d see a girls panties for five to ten seconds. This is your idea and you’re the dev. If people refuse to use the inventory or panty features in Yandere Simulator due to a five second panty peek, they will have to play the hard way. Think about it. Info-Chan won’t be there to guide you through elimination methods and limit eliminations such as lighting a girl on fire because they will not take a panty shot(s) to use as payment. This inventory would not be the craziest idea ever. It’s not like you’re killing innocent girls in gruesome ways for having affection, friendship or relationship for a boy named Taro Yamada, right? Anyways, keep up the good work and happy developing.

  15. I think that you should just make the panties optional in order to appease both groups. The split inventory thing might be an issue and while I do not have a solution of my own (sorry), I don’t think your solution will work either because I think the double layered skirt will have one of two problems:
    1. It isn’t on the character model when we aren’t accessing the inventory and it just feels kinda cheap or
    2. The character model will permanently have this awkward double skirt thing on at all times.
    Thanks for all the hard work and for listening to the fans, we really appreciate it, YandereDev.

  16. Hey Eva! How about instead of throwing a really bad looking skirt design or an underaged schoolgirls crotch at our faces everytime we open an inventory, you add a blazer to the school uniform? My school blazer had loads of pockets on the inside, and even a zip all along the bottom of the blazer so you could put things literally inside the blazer. It wouldn’t interfere with the grid system, would still fit into the school theme and won’t make you look like a super perv! (Although, we all know it’s a bit late to take back the perv thing, right 😉 ?)

  17. I think this was a great way to deal with things, since she’s not showing her unmentionables at all (silouetted or not) and it also makes more sense!

  18. I can imagine this must be one of the most frustrating aspects of developing. I too am very perplexed at the criticism of certain concepts of this project. Honestly I am most excited about this games progress simply due to the fact of all the little things YandereDev is adding and fixing based on his own interests, with HELP from the community. I am actually glad YandereDev is being so vocal about why he does what he is doing and his intentions.

    It allows me to analyze his prospective and become even more excited about what he might add next. This game is going to be one of those games that offends because of the things players “MIGHT” do, as opposed to what they “ACTUALLY” do. Much like Grand Theft Auto or Postal. Yes, there are certain game mechanics that might be offensive that are unavoidable, but honestly you know what you are walking into when booting Yandere Sim.

    All I really want to say is keep doin you YandereDev! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  19. If you want a one grid system you could move the grid to one side and push the pantys to the right so not only can you see what you have inventory but also what panty you have on and what they do. Like this

    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] ) , (
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]( \_/ )

    • There could also be a settings switch to blur and cut out panty shots and with the one side grid. it would be easy to not show them at all.

  20. There could also be a settings switch to blur and cut out panty shots and with the one side grid in my other comment it would be easy to not show them at all.

  21. Damn, people these days just won’t keep their traps shut and leave a game if they don’t like its content. First of all, is this game made specifically for YOU? I could’ve sworn YandereDev wants to develop his game as he sees fit, and not how YOU want it to be. If you hate the content he adds to the game, then why not create YOUR OWN game? Now you’re probably thinking it’s hard to create a game, right? Then what makes YOU think it’s easy for YandereDev? Next, why are YOU making a fuss because of seeing underwear in this game? Is that really a big deal compared to a student killing other students inside a learning institution? Oh wait, maybe most of YOU who complained are trying to avoid getting a boner from seeing underwear. Regardless, complaining about something like this is like bringing someone to court for stepping on your foot by mistake. Unless someone has a really good reason, and I mean a REALLY GOOD ONE, you better whine about the game somewhere else and not bother YandereDev any longer because of underwear.

  22. I think seeing the panties would also serve to remember what especial attributes you are wearing. Maybe you can add an icon showing the panty and all that?
    And personally I find the double skirt to look a little silly. It would make sense instead if it wasn’t another skirt but shorts or yoga shorts. That way it makes sense that Yandere Chan is wearing it and you can keep the full grid without pissing off people.

  23. I wasn’t “offended” by the panties, but rather annoyed by the totally pointless and irrelevant sexualization, and the fact that it completely breaks suspension of disbelief because skirts don’t even remotely work like that. That said, I much prefer the concept now.

    • I wouldnt say its sexualization because same would go for panty shots but no one said anything about that feature. Even in the game Natsuiro high, no one said anything about sexualization about panty shots. The feature maybe pointless and irrelevant, but it cant hurt to have fun you know. Also you cant really say skirts dont work that way, in a game that has anime features. There was an anime character in the past who hid a lot of items in her skirt and was tough enough to shoot a guy in his mouth, so it wouldnt take away from any suspension and doesnt take away what her character is. Anyways iti is what it is. I dont really care what kind of inventory it is, panties, double skirt, silhouette, it all really doesnt matter and Im surpised at how much controversy this started. Its not really a big deal. Some people gave vaild reasons why they dont want it, some gave ideas that were nonsense. Same with people that agreed, some people gave vaild proof, some people didnt.
      Also I recall Yandere dev saying all characters in this game are over 18 so why is everyone saying she and the rest are 16+ not 18+? Unless Im remembering wrong.

  24. Why she cant have a normal backpack? You can have a smaller or bigger one, the resident evil inventory style would be logical for that. Also player would have options to customize that backpack etc. I also think that extra hidden skirt pockets would be great, they could be achieved in sewing/fashion club (maybe you could sew new outfits there as well?)

  25. No objection to the pantsu. I wonder what percentage of those offended are actually women/girls, cause I can see them being more than likely to get snippy over it than a man/boy would.

    Also, I could see another alternative for carrying many items or large items being maybe having Yandere-chan using backpack like school kids would have.

  26. It’s fucking pathetic how this toxic fanbase will defend anything the dev does by saying “o em gee if u dont like the game just leave” I don’t think anyone needs to know that. Criticism and opinions make a game better, not 12 years old weebs mindlessly defending it when it isn’t needed. “the dev wants to develop the game as he sees fit” But obviously, if everyone hates the game he’ll HAVE to make it better for the public. the whole point of buying this game is for it to be fun to the public, and not only to the dev. otherwise, why would he make polls? you fucking idiots.

  27. I honestly wouldn’t mind the skirt idea, but I don’t think it makes much sense. Wouldn’t a backpack or (since this a japanese school) a gymbag or ‘suitcase’ bag japanese students use be more appropriate. A skirt with pockets and straps sounds cool, but i definitely cannot see that being a thing in real life. Heavy items would end up dragging the skirt down.

    Anyway in terms of censorship, I honestly don’t care. Show her underwear, don’t show her underwear. Doesn’t personally matter to me. But in terms of realistic inventory mechanics, this is a little much.

  28. i’m personally fine with the panty shots because it’s meant to be about being a gross as fuck yandere girl who is willing to do awful shit to get where she needs to be. she is fucked up. but people are uncomfortable with it in comparison to violence because it feels like more of an invasion of privacy than physical attack.

    sexual harassment and sexual violence, especially when involving minors (even if you say ‘but they’re 18!’ they’re still technically meant to be younger than that – they’re schoolgirls) and especially when dealing with someone like kokona who is forced into such stuff, feels way grosser than ‘oh i killed him’. because everyone knows murder is awful and murderers get caught and dealt with, but rapists and sexual harassers DON’T. and not everybody looks at it and thinks, ‘wow this is fucked up. poor schoolkids. yandere-chan’s awful’. they might think, ‘nice! i get to look up these bitches’ skirts! get fucked’. so i can understand people being incredibly uncomfortable about it.

    i’m not asking you to change it, because it’s not your fault. you’re not portraying it as good. you’re portraying it as a shitty thing that this girl CAN do (it’s not necessary – though it does unlock a lot of the features and is a huge game mechanic.) but to talk about people being offended and ‘whining’ and ‘appeasing’ them, that’s disrespectful. certain things hit certain people’s nerves and they might love everything else but that one thing gets them just so, that they become upset and panicky and angered and want to correct it in any way possible.

    it might not be something you’ll ever change, and you can rightfully tell them that this isn’t the game for them, because it’s meant to be awful, and they should keep themselves safe and not expose themselves to something like this if they don’t agree with it. but it’s disrespectful and kind of gross to turn to them and tell them they’re whining (which has implications of ‘shut up and stop being offended! ugh!’) and almost laugh at them for finding fault with sexual harassment.

    you’re doing a really good job of everything with the game. even in regards to how sensitively issues are dealt with! even with the fact that you can contribute to those issues, nothing is portrayed as good or right, and people’s situations are serious and awful. but if you act like this, it’s going to make it seem like you actually hate people with such issues, and think of the panty shots and everything as good and right. please don’t do that. i’d love to play this game without feeling gross as a person as well as as a character.

    • It’s one thing if they decided to stop playing the game because they are “offended,” but the fact they think they can whine and demand changes about a game when obviously more horrible things have happened AND THEY ALREADY ACCEPTED THEM is just plain stupid.

      And YandereDev is no one’s mother. He shouldn’t be responsible for other people’s morality. They themselves are responsible for that. You seriously think people are going to turn into perverts because of this game? Darling, if they do, it’s because they already were. This games is not for young impressionable kids. This is for grown adults.

      One last thing. There’s already panty-shots in this game. How is an inventory worse? You know, one where the character doesn’t really give a shit? It’s not like you’re invading Yandere-chan privacy, not like when Yandere-chan is taking pictures of girls underwear without permission.

    • Right, not much we can do about that kind of complaining. But it’s irritating as fuck to read it.

  29. I can’t read all of the comments so I imagine someone else thought of this before me, but in the event no one has then I’ll say it myself. The idea of utilizing the skirt for the inventory is brilliant. I’m a fan of the first idea that was proposed and the two-skirts idea. I think that even though appeasing the people that get touchy about panties shouldn’t have to be what’s done. it might have to be because of the video and streaming sites that absolutely reject images of panties. To work around that, I started thinking about the longer skirt that’s been seen in the game and having Yandere-chan wear strapped pockets around her legs to the end of the skirt to hold items. It could be efficient depending on the skirt length, and it could be made a little more or less easy to pull off by setting different numbers of available pockets to wear around her legs with different skirt lengths. Maybe even further, way further, in development, laundry can be implemented so Yandere-chan can’t just wear the same long skirt every day or so.

  30. Yandere-Dev, this option is much better. Don’t listen to these drama starting individuals who can’t take a joke about their distaste for the previous idea. Now that I know that in reality, Ayano isn’t pulling her skirt full of weapons open, I’m really liking this inventory option. The double skirt thing is a smart addition to keep a clean and thorough inventory, much easier for players.

  31. the whole thing with the panties just seems like typical american prudish behavior to me. Mild sexual behavior is the devil, but chopping off heads and maximum gore is fun for the whole family!

    can i be as unpolitically correct as possible for just a second and just call these people a bunch of retarded faggots? cause I’d love to call them a bunch of retarded faggots.

  32. oh, and just because i had forgotten, wasn’t a whole part of the game dealing with the fact that you could give her a range of types of panties? if they are so offended by normal ones, couldn’t they just make Yandere-chan wear boyshorts underneath her skirt? PROBLEM SOLVED

  33. call me an idiot for asking.
    but can anyone please tell me why everyone is getting so easily offensive???
    if Yander-dev didn’t already point this out, i would.
    killing and SH#T no prob, but seeing a panty and everyone’s getting up-sad…

    it’s just Weird…
    again, sorry…

    this takes me back…
    remember lollipop chainsaw?
    i didn’t have nor played the game myself,
    but on youtube there was a count-down of funny and most embarrassing XBOX 360 Achievements.
    but anyway, you play as a teenage girl. waaay to *Cough dressed.
    you are able to turn the camera in the angle that you can see her panty.
    But you are the one turning the camera… not the game, YOU.

    funny fact, look at her panty for too long and you’ll be rewarded with a VERY AWKWARD ACHIEVEMENT.
    the achievement is:
    “I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!” XD

    and even worse, you aren’t able to deleted it from you List.
    that’s one hell of a way to be seen online…

  34. I feel much better about the double skirt version of the inventory system for two reasons.

    First: It allows for a continuous grid system and more maneuverability when placing items. I don’t give a fig about realistic inventory systems.

    Second: My issue was that it looked like Yandere-chan was stripping or purposefully flashing her panties to the player. It seemed out of character for her, as the only person she has ever felt anything towards was sempai. I never took her for a particularly lewd character given that she calls Info-chan a pervert in their introduction text exchange. The pantie shots of other students were gotten by being sneaky and they always seemed like a means to an end for Yandere-chan. It wasn’t something she necessarily approved of which is why I still feel like the pantie shot currency is different from the inventory. Yes, I know, Yandere-chan isn’t actually breaking the fourth wall and purposefully flashing the player but it doesn’t ring true with who I have perceived her to be so far.

    And yeah, I don’t want a schoolgirl intentionally flashing me.

    I didn’t leave a comment on it before, though I did take the poll, because (WHOA) people were getting extremely worked up about it.

  35. If it isn’t too difficult to program it, why not have both systems and let the user decide in the options?

  36. I have an idea… what if Yandere-chan’s school uniform had a jacket in it? I know that most of you will think I’m an idiot, but still, it was worth asking

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