Friendship, Gossip, and Bullying

I’ve finally prepared a new build of the game! This build introduces the concepts of friendship, gossiping, and bullying to the game.

This video should explain everything:

In addition to those features, some other miscellaneous improvements were added to the game. Here’s a full list of everything that’s new in this build:


  • It is now possible to damage a student’s reputation by gossiping about them with other NPCs.
  • It is not possible to gossip if your reputation is “Bad”.
  • You cannot gossip with a student more than once per day.
  • Gossiping damages your own reputation.
  • Having a high reputation will enhance the effect of your gossip.
  • Wearing the right panties will enhance the effect of your gossip.
  • You can pay Info-chan for information that will enhance the effect of your gossip.
  • Being friends with a student will enhance the effect of your gossip with that student.
  • It is possible to damage a student’s reputation by badmouthing them on social media.
  • If you lie on the Internet, your reputation will drop.
  • If you expose your rival’s dirty secrets on the Internet, her reputation will drop.
  • You can check a student’s reputation on your smartphone’s “Student Info” screen.
  • If a student’s reputation drops low enough, they will no longer be welcome around other students, and will sit alone instead of socializing.
  • If a student’s reputation drops low enough, other students will begin to vandalize that student’s desk.
  • If a student’s reputation drops low enough, they will stop coming to school.

Yandere-chan’s Room

  • Added night and day to Yandere-chan’s room. Certain activities are only available during the day, others only available at night.
  • Added a bed for sleeping, a TV for gaming, a shelf for manga, and a computer for cyber-bullying.
  • Yandere-chan now gets her panties from a drawer instead of an armoire.
  • Replaced Yandere-chan’s room with a new environment model.
  • Added placeholder music tracks to Yandere-chan’s room.

Tasks and Friendship

  • It is now possible to use the “Task” option in the student interaction wheel to accept a task from a student. There is currently only one in the game.
  • If you complete a Task for a student, your reputation will improve, and that student will become your friend.
  • Being friends with a student enables you to access the Favors menu.
  • All of the options in the Favors menu are now operational. You can ask a friend to follow you, leave the area, or distract another NPC for you.
  • Being friends with a student also means that your compliments and gossip will have a stronger effect on that student.
  • You can check the status of all of your current Tasks on your smartphone’s “Task list” screen.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Senpai to have white hair and white eyes if the player made no selections whatsoever when customizing Senpai at the customization screen.
  • It is now possible to take photographs by aiming the camera and then pressing the CTRL button instead of the left mouse button. (“RB” for Xbox controller users.)
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause Yandere-chan and a student to freeze in place when Yandere-chan tried to interact with a student.
  • While speaking with an NPC, it is now possible to tap the “Confirm” button during a conversation to advance the text.
  • An audio clip now plays when trying to look up Info-chan’s information in the Student Info screen.
  • After you kidnap a girl, the girl who appears in your basement will have the correct hairstyle.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana Najimi to disappear under specific circumstances.
  • It is now possible to access the phone pause menu when in Yandere-chan’s room.
  • The “End-Of-Day Results” screen has been sped up to twice its previous speed.
  • There is now an operational vending machine on school grounds.
  • Added a new Easter egg.


  • Adjusted the contrast of the hair textures so that some hairstyles are not drastically darker than other hairstyles.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause Ryuto Ippongo’s bandana to appear black when viewed from a certain angle.
  • Gave the teachers unique hair and glasses so that they no longer look like clones of Yandere-chan.
  • Added three new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Gave Ryuto Ippongo some less-extreme hair.
  • Improved Pippi Osu’s hair.

If I’m still going by my “1st and 15th of every month” update schedule, then this update was 7 days late, and I only have 7 days to produce a new update. It would be impossible to implement something elaborate into the game in such a short span of time…but I can think of a few features that people have been begging for that wouldn’t take more than a few days to implement, so that might be the focus of the next build. However, I don’t want to make any promises just yet. We’ll just have to see how things turn out.

123 thoughts on “Friendship, Gossip, and Bullying

  1. is any one else having a problem taking koko picture? when it shows the student info screen i cant exit out of it.

  2. I don’t think I’ll be able to play this build due to this “not a bug” glitch causing text not to appear when I play the game..

    • Try deleting the copy you downloaded and re-downloading it. If that doesn’t work, then you can still play, you just have to know what they say when you select something.

  3. …Holy shit, that ending was dark.

    Though here’s a thought. Do you reckon it could be a possible idea to be able to damage a person’s reputation enough so that they get ostracized from the entire class, y’know, to around that point when they start sitting alone. Then you could swoop in and start being nice to them, befriending them, and making them feel absolutely dependent on you as their only friend in a hostile world, letting you groom them into your Dragon making them totally loyal and subservient to you. Then you could ask for more… unique favours. Normally other friends would only do things like leave or distract targets, but your Dragon would commit horrors, helping to commit kidnappings and even murders, or even committing them herself while you maintain an alibi. They’d never refuse, because if they did so then they’d lose their only friend and everyone would hate them again.

  4. So, you mention the flower on the desk when a student is being bullied as a way of saying, “I wish you were dead”. Does this mean that students who “stop coming to school” get flowers on their desks, too?

  5. I have two questions regarding this.

    So you “befriend” students by doing favors for them. I’d prefer calling it indebting them to you, it’s kind of shallow to call someone your friend just because he found your bra. But my question is…if that is the purpose of the favor, the favor itself is just odd. She asks because she doesn’t want just anyone to find it or because she doesnt want people to find out why she lost it, right?
    Yet before you befriend her, you are kinda exactly that for her: just anyone. Why’d she ask a random girl for such a private favor?
    I mean a certain prerequisite like a good reputation would do the job, but getting good reputation is also kind of the goal of befriending people like that, is it not? Might be you will have some extra work with this if you mind the inconsistencies.

    Second question, if a girl who gets bullied will stop coming to school, then how will she notice the vandalizing of her school desk to ultimately be driven to suicide? Or is that just a temporary solution? (If it is…I think it makes more sense for the girl to change schools rather than killing herself, but I am not sure thats just my Non-Japanese mentality).

    Done. I don’t want to make it sound like hating on this Update, the general idea of it is great, and the way it’s portrayed in this video packs a punch (I hope the suicide makes its way in there as a cutscene). I think this can turn out grandily with a bit of finetuning.

    • I noticed too. No matter how high your reputation is, the only person you can get to follow you now is your “friend.” This makes things really hard if you’re trying to be stealthy (my plan is lure a few victims away from the school then kill them quickly before they can run and get help). I hope Yanderedev either provides a task for each person so you can “befriend” more than one or makes it so that only friends can distract or go away, but anyone can be lured away if your reputation is high enough.

  6. Hey, first off, I’ll have to say I’m enjoying this update.

    Some note on the choice of Facebook as the social network…is there a particular reason why you chose it as the one to be depicted?

    I get that it’s fiction and the primary audience is Western, but social networking works differently in Japan, at least according to users’ tastes. Facebook is the “formal, stuffy, obsolete” site that people are careful to post on, so it feels a bit unnatural seeing a “By the way, this just happened” post and people earnestly engaging in a real-time gossipy discussion below it. Young people use Twitter more often than FB, and LINE in general is the “trendy,” easy-to-use app for communication. I would have suggested Mixi but in hindsight young women tend to be more private in their communications with each other on the network so that wouldn’t work for a Mixi Diary either.

    The short of it is, Japanese social media is not as open as Western interactions.

    Actually, it would be pretty neat for there to be a LINE-lookalike in the game, complete with stickers and students swapping IDs.

    I do admit the mechanic overall is going to remind me of Fukushuu Kyoushitsu an awful lot.

  7. Oh my goodness, I kinda felt bad for Kokona (thats her name right?). But like you said Yandere-chan’s not a good person. This was great, keep up the good work. :’)

  8. People have been saying lately that they don’t want to play the game anymore because driving Koko-chan to suicide is “too dark” or “too extreme”. Regarding this, there is something that I want to make VERY clear on behalf of YandereDev and the reputation of the game itself:

    This is a game about murder. You are required to eliminate your rival by any means necessary in order to meet the week-end deadline. This, in itself, is a very dark concept. However, may players are not a fan of direct contact with the rivals and bloodshed on behalf of Yandere-chan. Therefore, there are more ways than one to eliminate rivals, both passive AND aggressive. You have the option of bullying your rival to the point that she will no longer come to school. YandereDev has specifically stated that that is as far as you need to go to complete the objective. You do not have to drive her to suicide; the social humiliation will suffice.
    Only those who have a very clear distinction between fiction and reality should press the rival to the point of suicide. If you, like many others, believe that you cannot handle that, then please, by all means, avoid it altogether. In fact, I highly encourage you to avoid it all all costs, and possibly reconsider playing the game in general regards to your mental health. If you can, however, fully acknowledge that this in fact a game, and that your actions are not directly affecting you or your life, go ahead and take a crack at it and play the game to its full, bloody glory. (there are many people that I know irl who have problems with distinguishing reality and fiction, this is not a direct smite to people who are complaining about the new update; I am genuinely concerned and want to prevent any panic attacks or side affects of pushing your mental health to the point of strain).

    I did not write this comment to put anyone down or belittle them. I wrote this comment in regards to the people who have a very hazy borderline between what the believe to be their morals of right and wrong. The option of driving the rival to suicide is an option, but it is not required. YandereDev did not mean to make anyone uncomfortable with this update. He merely implemented this feature into the game for the aspect of variety and for the fans who want more ways to eliminate a rival in a non-aggressive fashion.
    If you don’t think you can handle the more aggressive and disturbing aspects of the game, please, for your own good, DO NOT play the game.

    Please keep the above message in mind when downloading and playing this debug build of Yandere Simulator, and thank you for your time. Well done on the progression of your game, YandereDev, you’re doing us proud with your hard work. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. ❤

  9. With this build, it seems to me that this game is going in the direction of “Reverse-Horror Game” as in, you’re the monster and everyone is your victim.
    Not many games do this and I personally can’t wait to see where the final version ends up. Whatever happens, this is going to be pretty fun to play.

    Keep up the good work, Yanderedev!
    P.S: I apologize for any grammatical mistakes I made.

  10. I think just based off the scene at the end shows that maybe having that be the overarching theme/story in the game might make it even more than it already is. You’d start the game by thinking “oh, this might be cool,” but depending on how you play, at the end/different points of the game, it would remind you of how dark the material actually is and in a way become more like an anti-Yandere/bullying/gossip game.

    Even if that’s not the intended message of the game or it’s systems, I think having some sort of “story” system in the game with that kind of thing could make the game that much more powerful and deliver a pretty important message. As is it might seem to be dissonant to the point of the game (being a Yandere, doing anything to keep senpai to yourself), but I think it could be a cool thing to see in a final/future build.

    As is though, I could never see myself following that method just based off gut reaction to how it was displayed in the walkthrough video…

  11. Very interesting. Like how you added the detail of putting a vase on a dead student’s desk. I know it’s a Japanese tradition, but it reminds me of Kagerou Daze. Anyways, I could only imagine how crazy the controversy will be involving this update when it comes to people who were bullied in the past. I wonder if Yandere-chan will develop dangerously-genre-savvy skills if she reads some manga. Imagine a dangerously-genre-savvy Yandere-chan… Flowey would be proud. Welp, that’s all I’ll have to say.

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  13. I ruined her reputation to -100 and then i was wanting to ruin her reputation all the way to see what would happen……But after seeing the horrible/upsetting thing the students did to her and how they pushed her to suicide….My heart literally broke and i feel bad for wanting to kill her 😦 I honestly don’t even care of she gets senpai…She can have him and anyone else she wants….Yandere-chan is better off without senpai and better off not being crazy like her mother…

  14. UMG! I Started playing Yandere Simulator at this version but i didin’t know from where to download it… well i ended up searching on google… It gave me this site but i didin’t press thinking: ”Maybe i have to do lots of stuff to download it…Surveys…Keys… Lets NO!”
    I downloaded from mega and it GAVE ME THE MOST OLD VERSION OF YANDERE SIM! Then i tryed from this site…Of course i didin’t know there is the developer on this site and i didin’t saw the videos…I didin’t know how to set traps…And i searched on YouTube…It gave me Yandere Dev and How to kidnap a girl… I wanted to KIDNAP A GIRL THEN!! of course I didin’t know that he’s the developer… I tought he was just a player that shows you how to do things in that Game…And now i’m here! Suporting this Cute/Creepy Killing Game know that Yandere Dev is the Developer!!! YAY!

    P.S. I forgot to tell… When i saw his videos on This site… i Knew that hes the developer and i watch his videos here

    Sorry for talking so long…

  15. This is so sad, and shouldn’t the teacher do something!!? I mean, I know this is just a game but seriously. Such mean teachers.
    Is her, staring at her seat, upset, a scene in the game? just wondering. T_T

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