October 9th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! There were a lot of embarrassing bugs in the previous build of the game. A new build has been uploaded. You can grab it from the Downloads page.

Scroll down for a list of the bugs that I fixed in this build!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from selecting a student to distract when attempting to tell a friend to go distract someone.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to enter the “Distracted” state permanently if the student who was distracting them was killed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause controller buttons to appear on the social media website when the player was using a keyboard.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to gossip to a student about themself, under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to become unresponsive if the player attempted to apologize.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two text messages from Info-chan to overlay on top of each other.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Kokona from discovering a letter left inside of her locker.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to walk in place during her Wednesday lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai’s eyes to point in different directions…I think.
  • Fixed bug that would change the color of the letter left inside of Kokona’s locker.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the word “Sleep” above Yandere-chan’s bed to flicker.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to gossip about teachers.
  • Changed the cost of a girl’s dark secret from 10 panty shots to 8 panty shots.

Phew! Hopefully those were all of the major bugs. I hope that there aren’t any other game-breaking bugs left in the current build!

Also, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but it’s about time for me to remind people to read this blog post.

Thank you for following Yandere Simulator’s development!

48 thoughts on “October 9th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. x-x ainda bem que os bugs foram resolvidos, eu queria muito jogar ^-^ muito obrigada, Sou Brasileira e esse é o primeiro jogo que eu encontrei q realmente mexeu comigo e eu já estava procurando a décadas por um jogo realmente em desenvolvimento de anime e tipo uma vida escolar com seu senpai e as baranga pra te impedir e você sendo aquela psicopáta kawaii desu ~ ! se eu pudesse ajudar eu nem pensaria duas vezes. Mas infelizmente não tem como ;-;


    even though the bugs were resolved , I wanted to play thank you , I am Brazilian
    and this is the first game I found q really stuck with me and I was looking for decades for a game really into anime development and type a school life with his senpai and tatty to stop you and you being the one psychopath kawaii desu ~! if I could help I would not think twice. But unfortunately there is no way , – ;

  2. Quick question, I go up to the incinerator and can do nothing with it. Is the incinerator supposed to be locked, or only available by certain actions?

    • It’s only available with certain actions. Like when you’re disposing of corpses, a murder weapon, or a bloody uniform. They take about an hour in game to finish burning whatever’s inside, but about five minutes in real time to burn. You can’t do anything else with it other than that, like how you can’t dispose of an unused knife.

  3. I’ve downloaded it twice and tried to extract each one multiple times, and every single time it says “CRC failed in YanSimOctober9th\YanSimOctober9th_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll. The file is corrupt”
    Any way to fix this?

  4. As I have just found some exciting fan art, I wonder if Yandere-dev has any plan of providing an option for choosing Yandere-kun instead of Yandere-chan :3

  5. What is wrong with this build? The camera is not working so well right now; it clips through the ground then it followed Yandere-chan while she falls out of the map

  6. I tried to add in another student… Needless to say, a model showed up, but it was a thing of nightmares.
    … I think I’m going to stick with making skins for now.

    #qualitygameprogrammingrightthere x’)

  7. A different kind of idea to what everyone’s been saying
    If a girl is bullied so much there’s a chance she can “snap” and pulls out a weapon during class/lunch whatever. Depending on her personality she may attack a student, or be too scared to do anything at all and then the police come to arrest her.
    This would work great on a rival to get her arrested/expelled for pulling out a weapon during school. But if you wanted to go even further than that….
    If Yandere-chan is friends with the bullied girl, she may give Yandere-chan a warning a day/few hours before she is going to attack ( a text conversation like this maybe: http://i.imgur.com/mhnCq7C.jpg ) to show her gratuity towards you being her only friend.
    Then, you can ask her a favor before it happens. By sending her a picture of a student you wish for her to attack, disposing of both of them (attacked victim is killed/badly wounded and bullying victim is arrested/expelled). This would work in your favor since everyone thinks the psycho has been arrested and taken care of, school atmosphere is not affected.
    It would be somewhat similar to kidnapping, as I believe Yanderedev has said you can brainwash a girl into killing another student before (correct me if i’m wrong), but with this technique you can use bullying, the only drawback would be reputation loss, and there’s a chance that the student wouldn’t “snap” but rather commit suicide or stop going to school, therefore wasting your time. And of course for you to remain her friend, you couldn’t gossip on the internet or she would know you were apart of the bullying.
    It might be a little difficult to implement, but let me know what you think =)

    • I think he said you could eventually frame someone (by dumping blood on him/her)– not sure about make them kill someone though.


    I’ve found a CORRUPTED FILE within the file titled “YanSimOctober9th_Data”. Upon clicking it I found a file titled “CORRUPT.resources.assets”. This file alone is 423 MB and is only allowing half of the file to be downloaded. I had re downloaded the game file multiple times thinking It was just my computer so I began to click around to make sure everything was there as normal until, My computer had brought a “CORRUPTED File” notification on my screen. This is the first time I’ve had a serious problem downloading the game. It seems to be a file issue all in it’s own. I hope this helps as I see I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Also, When you go to click on the games “Shortcut” the game is titled as “configuration”. Why this is i’m not sure of but i’m hoping this helps.

    • I’ve been having the same corrupt file issue. I even tried downloading it with a different browser like someone suggested, and the new download wouldn’t even unzip! (to be fair, it was with internet explorer and we all know how much that sucks). I really hope he puts up a new debug build soon cause I didn’t get the oct 8th update 😦

  9. It doesn’t work,every time I click play,it just goes to pink screen.How do I fix this?:(P.S The September 20th one is fine,it’s just the October 8th & 9th update.

  10. How can you save the game? I quit once and lost two days worth of progress. Also, since there are only 7 or 8 girls to get a panty shot from, how can I get Info-Chan to do some of the more costly favors?

    Also, when will the orange haired girl (the major rival) be programmed? I love this game by the way and I can’t wait to see more of your work!

    • There’s no saving option just yet, since the game is just about 12% done. I’m pretty sure that YandereDev will be adding more NPCs later on, otherwise he’ll just bring the cost of favors from Info-chan down to 9 (Including the last rival). The girl standing next to the tree, the final rival, I doubt will be properly programmed into the game until it’s almost finished.
      I hope that this helped!

      • The girl standing next to the tree (Osana Najimi) is actually the first rival. YandereDev has said that the last rival will also be a yandere and will try to eliminate Yandere-Chan so she’ll probably be the last to be programmed. 🙂

  11. Has anyone else figured out that you can affect another student’s reputation (aside from Kokona, the purple-haired girl) through the Student Info screen? Although I don’t think it does much other than change the number from zero to (insert number here) through the plus and minus buttons.

  12. Hello, just found about the existence of this today (from Kongregate)! (this game is gonna be so awesome) I was wondering if there is any place with full info for gameplay, etc., because there is something with the weapons that I can’t tell if it’s a bug or designed that way. I’d appreciate any reply thxx


    This build does not work.
    When i download it, I get a corrupted file error. I also noticed that there is no “streaming assets” folder. The game will not start and the data is corrupted and only have installed YANDERE DEV READ THIS

  14. @YandereDev

    Awesome progress with the game. I love every update.

    Now, as per the users who keep nagging you with emails and comments and could not be bothered with reading your posts(known bugs, how to help, etc); please don’t let them bring you down. Just ignore these stu… these people. It must be annoying as hell but I hope they won’t bring you down.


  15. The game has an error at startup, bone, the file that gives you the boot image, the creation of senpai and, in general, everything appears as “broken” and leaves the game without access. As I understand, my computer is on the list that would have no problem in being used, thus this event is strange to me and I felt something acceptable comment it.

  16. The game loads perfectly but then… i get to Yandere-Chan’s room and go to school all i see is pink more pink, and did i mention… Pink! i reloaded the game many times! but all i see is Yandere-Chan’s leg and lower half of her skirt… And i waited for three hours for it to update! Kinda mad and disappointed and i hope this gets fixed soon… i’ve always admired and loved this game

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