I Want My Senpai Back

All work and no play makes YandereDev morbidly depressed, so I decided to make something fun with the help of several very talented volunteers:

Check out the video description for a list of everyone involved in the production of the video!

Would you like to see more “just for fun” videos like this in the future, or do you think that I should never do anything like this ever again? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

178 thoughts on “I Want My Senpai Back

  1. Based on the way you describe your workload, I’d like to see these “just for fun” things only as often as they’re needed to maintain a healthy state of mind on your part.

    Thanks for all of your hard work. I admire you.

  2. The way you described your workload, these “just for fun” things would be cool to see more often as long as it makes sure you don’t go mentally insane and add some really crazy updates to this game (although it seems you already have).

    • Nicely put! I also enjoyed this video. The characters eye well-drawn, and I liked the fact that a tsundere girl was included. 🙂

  3. DO MORE PLEASE!!! THIS VIDEO WAS SO FUNNY/ CUTE!! I was watching this video in my art class and at least half of my class was watching clueless behind me because I had my headphones on XD

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  5. Hey YandereDev hope I’m not intruding your hard work but i thought about a few ideas you may like! – Add InfoChan, if you do it would be pretty cool any WAY easier for the player for example if Yandere has a question they could meet up and some how or give her a hint – Add a persuasion talk button ( this will help you get two students to like each other ) – Stop posting ‘I’m sorry Videos” you have gone through ALOT to make this game possible for free so I’m pretty sure you can miss a few updates! YandereDev your game is amazing and i hope this email didn’t waste ur time! Hope you add this or at least take notice :)~ Donatella S. >

    • Fortunately, I guess Dev doesn’t listen to requests or ideas, but I guess and hope that he can add Info-chan to the game :v (Even though that ‘special’ girl named ‘P’-something… I forgot… >.>), totally look the same.

  6. as long as you enjoy making these you should keep making them! do whatever it takes to keep a healthy state of mind!

  7. pls tell me that at the end of the game u kill the main girl in a secluded room like this stabbing and cutting aa thousand times.

  8. Dear yandere dev, glad to hear your vacation was comfortable and pleasant. Sorry for being a bit behind, but straight to the point, please make more videos like “I Want My Senpai Back”. My coworkers and I find it HORRIFICALLY cute, and funny. Also, to all the idiots out there; ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID QUESTIONS!!!! AS MUCH OF BITCH AS IT IS CHECK OUT THE LIST OF WHAT PEOPLE ALREADY ASKED HIM THAT HE MADE, AND JUST STOP!!! With that said feel free to do whatever amuses you while developing the game. Sincerely your yet to be black king.

  9. I can’t answer on twitter but the lily flower in today’s photo must mean we finally can have a female senpai Yay!

    • Fuck you.

      You don’t deserve to even download the debugging builds you piece of shit. Acknowledge the fact he’s working alone or with a small volunteer force with no budget and no company behind him, and acknowledge the fact that he may want some time off from it all.

      How would you like it, if you had a huge, entire game to make, and you had people screaming at you to finish it?

      How dare you post shit like this and then actually have the fucking balls to call him lazy. How about you back the fuck off, acknowledge he doesn’t have to listen to any of you twat’s that demand new updates every three days and wait like the rest of us fans are. Patiently and with respect.

      People like you piss me off.

    • Hey, dude, relax. He’s not lazy.
      …he’s just dragging this out for as long as possible to rake in the dough with minimal effort. Wait, does that count as lazy? 😛

      Still, the above is pretty amusing. A meaningful update would have been better, but I suppose this is meant to demonstrate that he has some competent artists and voice actors helping.
      Besides, the game is already 5% done. Why, at this rate, we’ll be playing the finished product in…*grabs calculator*….
      …30 years X(

  10. Passing off the above

    More please! Only when you have the time though 😀 And feel up to it and all that 😀

    You’re a fantastic guy, go at what you feels best for you, screw everyone else 😀

    I wish I could help though ;-; Wouldn’t even mind sorting through emails xD

  11. I loved the video!

    And actually, if you shortened the black portion at the end down to like a second or two and maybe made the ending scene a little shorter it would be perfect for a “YouTube commercial” for the game if you ever wanted to do one.

  12. I think it’s a good idea to do more, because it gives your voice actors more of a chance to practice to better get to know their characters that way it won’t be so stiff. Not that I’m saying it isn’t good I loved it but you kinda get the vibe that they just read off a page um try having them improvise or have fun with it and then it won’t be just good it will be fun and amazing. And it’s nice seeing something uploaded while we check the site and wait

  13. I would love to see more of these! It’s nice to have fun once in a while especially that you’re working so hard. I enjoyed this video and I can’t wait to see more, if you’re going to keep doing it :>

  14. Yandere-chan’s voice actor is the only thing i dislike about this game. Her voice is irritating and the “acting” itself is off.

  15. Oh my gosh, that video was amazing. You should definitely do more. Hope your stress levels aren’t to high still. Good luck with the game development. It looks amazing and its not even done yet!!!

  16. Pippi Osu is a girl based on the beatmap game Osu! Her character and design can be seen on the site, as she is a sort of mascot. And Ryuta Ippongi is from the rhythm game Osu! Tatakae! Quendan! So that is why he is with Pippii Osu. So…I honestly, and highly doubt that Pippi is Info chan.

  17. According to YandereDev’s twitter, the next video will happen in approx 8 hours!
    I hope it turns out to be an update video!
    Btw is the game still only 5% done, or does the download page need correcting?

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