September 19th Bug-Fixing and Framerate-Improving Build

There were some embarrassing bugs in the previous build (as usual) so I’ve prepared a new build with some fixes. I also found several ways to increase the framerate dramatically! I’m noticing a big improvement in the framerate, myself. Let me know if you get better performance out of this build!

As usual, scroll down past the awesome fan-art to read about what’s new in this build.

If that fan art isn’t your style, then maybe check out this short comic by SRealms!

  • Fixed bug that would screw up the subtitles of a cassette tape if the player pressed a directional button while simultaneously pressing “Play” on the tape recorder.
  • Modified cloth physics / hair physics code so that physics are not active if that character is far away from the camera. This should improve the framerate.
  • Modified the character animation code so that characters are not animating while they are not being rendered. This should improve the framerate.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a weapon’s button prompt to appear to its side rather than above it, after the weapon was dropped.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a girl’s textures to freak out if she was pushed off the school rooftop while in her gym uniform.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to disable the “Pass Time” feature on Yandere-chan’s phone at the wrong times.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the “Swap _____ for _____” text to appear above the knife on the school rooftop.
  • Made some corrections/additions to the Student Info pages.
  • Fixed bug that was causing errors during Titan Mode.
  • Added orange and brown hair colors for Senpai.

Don’t worry, I’m aware that there are still more bugs that need to be fixed in the game. There may be more bug-fix updates in the next few days. (I just hope that the tricks I’m using to improve the framerate don’t result in any new bugs!)

I believe that the next “big” update should arrive on October 1st. (…Unless I spend the majority of the next 11 days fixing bugs, that is…)

32 thoughts on “September 19th Bug-Fixing and Framerate-Improving Build

    • Yep! YandereDev has confirmed the game will have a story. The tape recordings scattered around school are our first taste 😀

  1. OK! So I tried dumping water on the purple haired girl. When I tried to, Yanderechan glitched out, to where she was flinging around when the dumping animation happened on the roof. The water missed, and the girl below was glitching in circles again. I’m not sure if you get that kind of bug notice, but I just wanted to let you know. I will keep going along to see what else is wrong. Great job though YandereDev

  2. So per last build (Sept 1st), I was able to either eavesdrop on Kokona’s phone conversation AND her chat with Saki, and would get the “learned new info” notification. Then I would be able to put a note in her locker.

    With this current build, I noticed I now only go the “learned new info” notification SOLELY upon listening to her phone conversation, and not also with her talk with Saki. I can now no longer have the option to leave a note in her locker despite getting the notification previously allowing me to do so in the last build.

    Also, I’m not sure as to whether this has been brought up, but starting a new week I found that I could not speak to any of the male students as well as Kokona, Pippi or Midori. Everyone else was fine. I tested resetting the day and found I was then able to talk to all students per normal.

    Just thought I would share my findings here, I’m still playing through the build as of now. Keep up the great work YandereDev!

      • Resetting the day seems to resolve the issue of not being able to talk to any particular students. I also noticed that from my previous day even before school started I could leave a note in Kokona’s locker which needs to be fixed since the EXACT SAME day reset itself.

        Another thing in regards to suddenly not being able to talk to ANY students at all. @7.30am I dropped a water bucket onto Kokona from the roof — she got changed and I followed everything up to leaving the note in her locker. Once we met up on the roof, I pushed her off and into the dumpster, hid her body and went to class per norm. I noticed that after I had done that, I couldn’t speak to ANY of the students during the SAME day.

        With pushing Kokona off of the rooftop, I think there should be a check for whether she fell in the dumpster or not, the latter being that you can then leave the shoes on the rooftop along with/without a suicide note. If she is in the dumpster I think there should be an option to remove the shoes. Because I found it particularly odd that with me pushing her off into the dumpster her shoes were still there and I wasn’t able to leave a note (despite having the necessary class points for it), and when I went home everything was normal. No “suspicion” at the fact there were a pair of shoes left on the rooftop. It would be great if the shoes left behind were also the gym shoes (if she was pushed off wearing her gym clothes — for me she was, but it left the normal uniform shoes).

    • As long as prominent Youtubers like Pewdiepie etc keep playing the various builds, he won’t be lacking in website hits/commenters 😉

  3. I downloaded the recent build, and every time I try to extract it, it says the file is corrupt and I have to break the operation. When I open it or try to run it, all it shows are a blank pink screen. Can anyone give me suggestions or help?

    Great game, I just wish I could play the newer builds..

  4. I might not be the only to notice but, if you go to class, then attempt to attack your teacher after putting in any one of the classes, if you load from a checkpoint you keep the points. This glitch makes it all too easy to max out all the classes.

    • It’s a common factor known that if you reset the day using the ~ key, if you had previously gotten study points in a particular subject that they are kept. Considering I think only the biology, chemistry and language subjects have been implemented in the game this early, it isn’t too much of an issue.

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    • Sure looks like spam to me. Clicking on your name leads to a website with no content. If you were serious about blogging you would have some material, anything even up.

  6. I was downloading it yesterday, and the only thing that comes up is a big pink picture. No music, no sponsors, nothing. I found this weird. All the other updates worked o.O

    • i have similar experience too.

      the sponsor thing worked, but the senpai customization was totally messed up.
      senpai became a pink * stuff * .


  7. It says the file is corrupt, and whenever I play and go to school it’s all a mess and freezes. Her room and intro and such works fine. Just the school itself having issues.

  8. Hey guys, I have a problem with the photo taking feature. I play the game on a laptop and the two mouse buttons are connected. If I press one of the buttons, I can’t press the other, so I can’t take photos. But I heard that you can change the controls if you go to “Input”, but I can’t figure out how.

  9. I see you added an osu tatakae oundan character in the game, why don’t add an elite beat agents character and make a love triangle?

  10. Welp, the .rar won’t seem to extract for me all the way. I can get the game open when it extracts, but I can’t seem to get it to start a game. It just freezes indefinitely. Any idea why?

  11. Even in fanart, Haruka gets the short end of the stick. Poor Teto clone. Even in runs where I kill all of the other rivals, I will always spare her.

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