September 20th Bug-Fixing Build

A new build is available! Click here to grab it!

You know the drill! Scroll down past the pretty fan-art by alicerbear to see a list of the latest bug-fixes.

  • Fixed bug that would cause puddles of water to count as puddles of blood, and require cleaning in order to fulfill the “mop up blood” objective for escaping arrest.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl to freeze in place when checking her locker for a note, unless the player was pointing the camera at her.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from interacting with other students after using a garbage bag to cover a corpse up with trash in the dumpster.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to freeze in place permanently if the player pressed the crouch button while simultaneously attacking an NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to dump water on the purple-haired girl’s head multiple times in a row, causing many buggy side-effects.
  • Now, when Senpai witnesses Yandere-chan commit murder, all students freeze in place and look at Yandere-chan with horror.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to laugh endlessly without ever stopping if she was laughing as the day ended.
  • Fixed bug that would cut off a character’s speech if Yandere-chan took a photograph while a character was speaking.
  • Fixed bug that would make the new student (Ryuto) appear bald after the witnessed murder.
  • Added cloth physics to Ryuto’s bandana, thanks to help from Saracen!

Unless some super serious bugs are discovered between now and October 1st, this is probably the last “bug fixing” update for now. I hope I took care of all the more noticeable problems!

56 thoughts on “September 20th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. idea! that you can feel free to ignore, of course!

    an interesting scenario would be if another yandere girl had a crush on yandere-chan herself, and the main mission of the week was either to protect senpai from her murder attempts, get her caught in an attempt, or outright kill her.


    im going to play the build now. thanks for working so hard, yandev. you bring light to my life.

  2. For some reason I can’t talk to certain people either when they’re walking or at all in certain times.

    Not sure if I didn’t download something or if I am experiencing a major bug. Help! D:

    • Budget and/or volunteers determines if those will happen.

      Should you wish to take a more proactive role in getting that sort of hair style in the game, then you might want to download the “Blender” 3D modeling program and learn how to:
      *use it to make 3D models
      *use UV mapping to apply a texture to the hair 3D model
      *make a texture with image editing and/or painting tools such as “GIMP” and/or “Inkscape”

      Then of course check the volunteers page for the basic instructions Yandere Dev has already provided regarding formatting a model for use in Yandere Simulator. He might want you to show him some previous work in order for him to give you a task, but he won’t reject your model if you send it to him just because you don’t show a portfolio. He might reject it because it is ugly and/or looks unfinished though so make sure it looks good before e-mailing him. Even if you do not plan on sending Yandere Dev anything, you might want to try and make the hair model just to learn a little bit about art, so you have that skill available to you.

      I mentioned the programs I mentioned because they are free to download, if you find a source that is asking for money then you are not downloading from their original source. If you have some extra money, I’d encourage you to donate to these software projects. They are doing great work for the world.

      • For whatever reason, I cannot directly reply to replies to my reply. Hopefully you all see this.

        “But which program is yandere dev using?”

        Yandere Dev uses Autodesk Maya. It is the industry standard, professional, but very expensive version of the kind of program that Blender is. I cannot really recommend Maya to just anyone I meet because it is costly. Similar reasoning for why I cannot recommend Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, so instead opt for GIMP and Inkscape.

        “Do you know how to make hairstyles with blender? You should try it!”

        I am already working on a task for Yandere Dev. It is quite a chuck to work on to. No, I won’t spoil.

        I think that a hairstyle is a pretty good starting point for someone to practice on as well. Being able to do It seems to be about the starting level that Yandere Dev will accept you as a modeler. That is just my opinion though, I don’t think Yandere Dev ever said that directly. I might even be a special case. I don’t even know.

        “He said he uses blender but he needs an blender animator as well for the hair.”

        Yandere Dev likes/wants/needs animations in Maya, not Bender. Blender is accepted as a tool for making the models, but since Yandere Dev is a Maya user, he does not know how to do animations in Blender and would rather not use up development time to learn Blender. This actually is something he talked about recently in a Twitter Conversation. I’d link to the conversation but then this would end up “Your comment is awaiting moderation” and Yandere Dev doesn’t seem to moderate these blog comments.

        Reading some of those tweets he wrote might sound like he would accept a Blender animation or two, if someone sent them to him, but I expect that such action would be met with a bit of frustration from Yandere Dev since he would have to explain what tweaks he’d want and Blender terminology can be a whole different language from Maya terminology. Ultimately he says he wants Maya animations.

        I don’t think the short hair would really need anymore work than what has already been done for much more demanding, longer, hairstyles though, in terms of animation. A Blender user would primarily focus on 1. Mesh, 2. UV Mapping, and 3. Texture work. After those that is pretty much where a Blender user would send it off in an e-mail. Make sure it is a “.fbx” file I guess.

  3. So far an issue I continue to see (I’m sure it has been said before) Kokona Haruka, glitches out when she is by the fountain, when I tried to drown her (Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ippongo
    , watched me drown her, but they could be taken care of) She caused Yandere-chan to glitched all over the map.

    • It happens to me on my other computer that is a Windows 8. But, for me, as asoon as I start to drown Kokona, or dump water on her, Yandere-chan glitches all over the map. Sometimes, it happens while throwing her over the roof.

  4. It would be nice if alongside the school atmosphere in relation, it would also rain more frequently or be more overcast the lower the school atmosphere was.

    I’m also sure that when the full game is out there would be well over a few weeks or more in the game itself? It would be nice if there were also seasonal changes? Perhaps adding that into a customisation option for the player (similarly to how you can change uniform, etc). It would be also nice once the game is further implemented, to have a mirror in Yandere-chan’s bedroom to change hairstyle/hair color/etc for the day.

    Just throwing some ideas out there, regardless it’s nice to see how the game is slowly progressing. I’ll be sure to notify of any bugs I may run across if they aren’t known bugs already — keep up the great work YandereDev!

    • These are great ideas! I just wanted to say that and YandereDev mentioned that there’d be ten weeks, each with it’s own rival. It’s already hinted that the green-haired girl in Yandere-Chan’s class is going to be one of the rivals~

  5. YandereDev, I highly suggest you to watch an anime called Denpa Teki na Kanojo. It consists in two OVAs of 45 minutes each one. You won’t regret it, I assure you.

  6. I feel like the next fan art contest should be a skin contest. And the winner can have his/her skin become a new mode in the game as a hidden feature. I’m not sure how they would be ranked though,

      • True, but Yanderedev goes out of his way to mention as many runner ups and honourable mentions as he can. He also make the effort to link all the submissions back to their contestants. I think he should really consider a skin comp for the next contest

  7. I’m sorry to bother u but it possible that the full game will be realesed in 2016 because in the game the calender is April of 2016

  8. I have some suggestions that would make the game better.
    1.Make an art classroom with items that can easily become a weapon like a knife , a hammer and a grouper , a canvas over the students’ head would be really nice.
    2.Make more videos on youtube and a story behind all the students of yandere simulator
    3.Of course better graphics (I know you are gonna improve the game)
    4.More clothes and especialist haircuts.Don’t forget to make students’ faces look different each student.
    5.Struggling students’ neck is another death you can add and a power outage which is gonna make Yandere see with some glasses for the night and kill students and teachers in class and bathrooms.
    I hope I helped you! I really want to see these features in the game , please add them!!

  9. Why when i open the game it’s just pink screen and nothing alse? I tried to dowoland it twice and i didn’y work 😦 I’m sad, I wanted to play

  10. Hey Yandere-Dev,

    I’m super excited for your game. It’s amazing how much thought you’re putting into making this as enjoyable as possible and I’m totally sure the gameplay will be awesome.

    There’s really just one thing bothering me endlessly, and that’s the look of the other students. Yandere-chan is really cute imo, but the neon haircolors, some of the girls’ haircuts and almost all of the boys’ haircuts look pretty horrible … Not to mention the ridiculously humungous boobs that some females have.

    I know you said you want the graphics to look better in the finished game, but since I have no idea which things you mean by that and I don’t think more natural or at least prettier haircolours have anything to do with it I really wanted to let you know.

    What you’re doing is absolutely great but these small things make it look kinda cheap, like a hentai-browsergame or something.
    So, I hope you read this and please consider my criticism … and all the best to you! 🙂

    • The hair colours aren’t really neon, just unnatural.
      There will be better graphics, meaning that the designs for buildings, students pretty much almost everything will look more polished. Most of the current designs are placeholders, and most likely will be changed.

      Regarding the hairstyles and colours, while they are unnatural, are somewhat supposed to be. Yandere Simulator is very anime-esque. Hairstyles and colours in most anime are far from natural. some characters will be born with green or blue hair, or have hairstyles that you wouldn’t ever see in real life. The styles may change, but I wouldn’t count on the colours.

  11. I love playing this game and the customization so far is not that bad. I’m sure once you start adding more things as the progress of the game continues, the customization will have more options as far as hair and stuff for your senpai and yourself. Though I have a question, for those of us who are artistically challenged, is will there be an easier way to change yandere-chan’s skin tone in the furture? Like her own customization at the beginning of the game before you do your senpai’s or something?

    • You can actually change the original uniform and such :U You have to download a certain skin already [but there’s an example one already inside the folder], and make sure that you’ve extracted all of the files. Go inside the folder that says ‘YanSimSeptember20th_Data’, then go to ‘StreamingAssets’. You can read the little note that says ‘How to Add Custom Textures’. It also allows you to change the skin color also :3 I suppose when the game is complete it’ll be easier to do that.

  12. Idea: There is a school play in some part of the school year, and Senpai is assigned as the main character. A rival is assigned as the love interest for Senpai, and Yandere-chan is assigned as her backup. Yandere-chan must get rid of the rival without adding suspicions to herself.

    • Hahaha, yeah! Maybe she could pull that scene from the Phantom of the Opera, where the victim falls from the rafters with a makeshift noose around their neck, hanging in front of a live, horrified audience!
      Or you could sabotage the stage so that she ‘breaks a leg’ for real during a balcony scene!

    • These two suggestions are great! But YandereDev isn’t taking many more suggestions :/ Plus, I feel like there would be too many cutscenes [if there are actually cutscenes], and it probably won’t feel as free as it does now.
      But then again that’s just my opinion 😛

  13. Will there be any side character romances that will develop? Like Pippi Osu and Ryuto? If so, would some of them be different gender mixes? Just a thought, of course!

    Also is there a way we can suggest on different types of characters to add to the school?

    • You can make your rivals fall in love with someone else as a non lethal way to get rid of them. So I’m pretty sure you can do that with Pippi. 🙂

  14. so does this mean that Green-hair girl is a future rival?

    i like how–when school atmosphere is low–no one cares at all that Kokona is choking in the poison, and then they all suddenly scream when she’s dead XDDDDD it amuses me every time xD

  15. I’ve only had one bug, and that was when I drowned Kokona in the fountain, three boys and a girl all screamed but no one ran. They just stood static with their horrified poses their head following my movements when I tried to walk away. So I did a little experiment… I dragged her corpse all the way to the incinerator and activated it while they watched. Even after that they didn’t move. It was weird and creepy.

  16. I am soo excited for the new update! I know that it will probably be pushed a little but it’s okay, since I know it’s hard to develop a game and it takes A LOT of time!
    But I saw some anagrams on Yan Dev’s Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew what they were meant to be/mean?

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